October 20th, 2011


Hello everyone I've been watching the community for a while + purchasing some stuff and I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Ihara but you can call me Zee. I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I mostly collect Zoruas but there are many other Pokemon I do enjoy collecting. Hopefully I'll be able to show you my collection sooner than later and  make some friends here in the community.

As for my want, I've been searching for a talking Zorua plush. I'm not sure how common or uncommon they are but I haven’t seen him around much online, though I did recently miss my chance on one ;3; but I'm not giving up.  I was wondering if anyone is selling one for a reasonable price or know where I can purchase one? Thank you for read

Parfearie Sabi

Bad News on the GA from Larvitarscar and Want

Sorry guys but this GA got BIN'd. I'll keep you posted if the buyer doesn't pay him or not and if we still got a chance to get all those items!

And does anyone have this pencil case for sale? I currently have an issue with carrying around all my pens and pencils and I'd like this to be my flashy solution!:

Picture from DA
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Payment for October Kids Set

Hey guys, the October Kids set has arrived, if you've forgotten what they look like. It's this!

Well, I'll be collecting payment for them, so click on the cut to see if you got your items and how much you have to pay:
Collapse )

This includes materials and fees
MOST IMPORtANTLY, Please pay within 48 HOURS or you will be left negative feedback. If you can't pay now, PM me i'll work things out with you

I apologise to the following people as I am unable to get all the kids you wanted due to the weird distribution in the box
Mienfoo hibikitikibi (You still got one though!), jerybunny, myvampirelust19, kriscarmi
Pawniard: myvampirelust19, paperoid

EDIT: If anyone of the people who still wants a Mienfoo please reply to denkimouse comment below, it'll be $10 shipped to get one from her.

If you don't wish to add anything to your purchase. Please send your payment to minun_pro@hotmail.com . As these boxes are smaller than that of the 15th Anniversary Kids, I won't be flattening it, if you want me to do so, please add it in the memo(However, note it can get damaged in transit) . In addition to this, add your username and items purchased to the memo.

If any of you would like to combine anything from my sales post
or from the extras which are as follows:
Duosion X 2
Serperior X 1
Shelmet X 1
Gigalith X 1
Deerling X 2
It will be $8 shipped, not including materials and fees
Please do not send me money yet, comment here and wait for me to calculate your new total.

Sales Post: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

PS: Can anyone who can read japanese tell me what this means? I only found this in one out of 4 of the boxes I opened. Is it just an information booklet? or is it something significant. Thanks a lot in advance. If you need a better picture of the 2nd one I can do it.

Also, whoever who did October Pre-orders with me. They'll be arriving tomorrow at the shop and I'll likely start collecting shipping payments tmr, so stay tuned!

One and only reminder

Ment to put this up yesterday, but got distracted.   So here is the one and only reminder for this hotplate with pokecenter box offers. Offers end Tomorrow the 21st at 11 pm Central US time.

Click the image to be transproted!  Thank you!


Hey PkmnCollectors!  Since most of you don't remember me, considering I only made one post and then disappeared forever, I may as well introduce myself again!  I've been collecting since Pokemon came out in the 90's, when I was pretty little.  Me and my sister collected a LOT of stuff over the years, and when she gave it up I inherited most of it.  I fell out of pokemon around the diamond/pearl era, but got back into it a year or so ago.  :3

I don't collect any specific pokemon right now, but my favorite pokemon is SNUBBULL!  Gosh, ever since I played Pokemon Gold I was in love with that derpy bulldog.  :'D  When I get enough money to start buying things from the comm again, I'd love to start collecting him.  But for now, I collect any johto pokemon that doesn't have crazy popular merch like Lugia and the ledgendary dogs...maybe I'll side collect Celebi in the future.  

Anyways, sorry for boring you guys without a collection update :(  It's grown like crazy since I've first joined and I promise to upload some pictures soon!  <3
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A few things going on here!

What I was waiting on finally arrived, I can finally do a collection update~

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I'm looking for some cards now to build a deck. I only want to buy cards if I can get a few from the same person.

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I'm still looking for the Ambipom Battrio Pucks... I would love to add them to my collection~

Since the Slakoth Zukan has once again slipped though my fingers, I'm going to take a more drastic approach. I'd like to try to trade one of my Zukans for it.

I have Ponyta and Rapidash, the Nidoran Male line, or the Egg,Togepi, and Togetic (on the incorrect base, though). Would anyone be interested in making a trade? I have enough positive feedback to allow trading.

My feedback is located here.

Chandelure GRAIL//and updated pokemon wishlists

YAYY I got my Chandelure plushie today from Soji(black-wolfheart) in teh mail today. He is soooo perfect, and stitched very nice, omgg i just love him ^__^ This is my second plushie from Soji! He was $50 USD. He is my favorite pokemon from black/white and is on my team. I'm just gahh loove him!!

Here is my updated wishlist of things I'm mainly after. The celebi and lampent I'm most likely getting for my bday at the end of the month. :3 But i have no idea how much the dratini plush, koffing, mareep,butterfree,the cute bouffalant ufo is.


poképin commissions!

Today I bring to you all, PokéPin commissions!
I have previously made a couple for a friend's birthday and a few for myself.
To show you all a preview of what the pins look like, here are a few photos of the style I do and their applications. =D

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I have one shiny Raikou pin and one shiny Suicune pin for straight up sale for $3.00 each.
Prices do not include shipping and fees.

I also have 5 slots open for commissions. Slots are now closed! New commissions will be taken next weekend. =3
You can ask for as many pins as you want, regular or shiny Pokémon, characters, badges, items, with either a default Pokédoll background, shiny Pokédoll background or a custom colored background!
The prices are as follows:
One pin: $3.00 | Three pins: $8.00 | Six pins: $15.00 | Eight pins: $20.00
Prices do not include shipping and fees.
Payments are due after I design your pins to your liking, before physically making them.

PokéPin Commission Slots:
01. sketchies - Ambipom (F), Scizor (F), Tranquill (F) - $9.50 Total - designs approved and paid
02. fizzycat - Gible, Shiny Gible - $8.66 Total - designs approved but not paid for
03. kriscarmi - Girafarig, Growlithe, Arcanine, Espeon, Mienfoo, Mienshao - $17.52 Total - redesigns sent
04. pantherotter - Electabuzz - $4.15 Total - designs approved and paid
05. tyltalis - Swablu, Altaria, Luxio - designs approved and paid

If you're interested in a slot, just list the Pokémon/Character/Badge/Item and the kind of background you would like next to them.
If your Pokémon has gender differences, please state which gender you would like designed or else I will design the one Ken Sugimori illustrates! XD
I'll get back to you within a day or two with the designs in a private message, and we will go from there. =3
I really hope to make some cool stuff for your guys!
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A Want<3

Is it on your shelf perhaps?  Would you like money for it ? ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
Because I am dying to get one of these! D:
Give me a ballpark price range and I'm sure we can work something out
Be it loved, tag detached or no tag at all.
Please let me know ! I can pay tomorrow afternoon (payday! booya)

Also interested in custom commissions for a certain pokemon human
Mr. Steven stone. +w+ he's my favorite <3 I need stuff with him D: !! So tell me what you can do~!
(interested in like custom plush figures and stuff swoon~)
Also, did you ever have a crush on someone from pokemon? Like not a weird kind of one but a character you really
admired? I'd love to here the details. XD
that's enough for today! Look forward to a collection update I've ordered so much <3


Offeres ending

Just to let you know that this is my quick reminder on the items I have up for offers.
This includes Mareep DX Banpresto Plush, Mew TFG, Mew Bottlecap, Mew banpresto plush. And the mindless plug for my sales which are also in this journal, including a Team Rocket Zukan! (the price may be a bit high so people, please, make an offer on them! :D )

Any questions and ill get back to you tomorrow as im now off to work. Offers end when interest dies down :)


And remember, Anything over $30 gets free standard worldwide shipping (airmail)