October 21st, 2011

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Such a dazzling post of many colours...

It was! Red and yellow and green and brown...

MOAR TY BEANIES?! More TY beanies. $10 + Shipping.
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meeee...
3 yellow Pikachus  
2 1 orange Tepig
2 blue-white Oshawotts 
2 green Snivys 
4 3 olive Axeeeews…
(And 1 Pansage in a pear tree)
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Masseeeeve GA: All paid for items are packaged up, and mailed out today or tomorrow. Spreadsheet is HERE.
Lifesize GA: I have paid for Payment 1. Thanks to all that have paid their part. I'll be sending out reminders in the next 24hrs and anyone who fails to pay me by the time stuff is shipping out of Japan, will have their plush offered to the comm. Spreadsheet HERE
Tesco TY Beanie previous pickups: All paid participants are either shipped or waiting to go out tomorrow.
Jensoxen GA: Arrived! TIME FOR PHOTOS! (Click HERE - Photos are being added alphabetically)


Unfortunately most of the custom sculpts (and one Zukan) has been broken due to not being protected. Luckily I have fixed everything (very neatly).  I can offer any repaired custom a complimentary spray of enamel gloss varnish to cover up the minute cracks. Let me know.
However if this disappoints you, I suggest you aim your questions at Jensoxen. I will get packaging for your items tomorrow, so I will post a payment post then. x

Espeon Wants + eBay Lot

I know it's a little early to start thinking about this... BUT. For Christmas, I want to be able to help my boyfriend jumpstart his collection, which happens to be Espeon since he loves that psychic cat so much! :3 Do you guys have any little Espeon related things for sale? He already has the Tomy and Megablok, but that's really all.

List of things that would be oh so totally awesome if you're willing to sell to me:
- Kid figures
- Pokedoll... or any plush
- TCG (in good condition)
- And then anything else Espeon-Related

ALSO. I have a huge lot up on eBay that would easily be GA-able:


Anyway, thanks in advance guys! My boyfriend will be so excited :)
Pokemon - Zorgneko - Grooming

I honestly can't recall the last time I did a collection update post!

It is terrible when one can't recall the last time they posted a collection update to this very community!! My collection update is not very big I'm afraid, money has been tight. So, I have had to be very selective about what new items to add. My main focus, ever since Black & White came out has been purple kittehs as some may know...:3

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So, that is it for my collection update. While I am at it, I might as well point out my big Pokemon lot auction up on eBay:


This particular lot is filled with some rare "goodies!" :3


Would anybody be interested in helping me run a GA for mana_mihara's ebay lot shown here? I REALLY want that Minccino tin. ;w; I've never ran a GA before, so I'd just like someone for guidance and to help with spreadsheets.. I could handle bidding/shipping and threads!

EDIT: Co-runner found, GA coming soon!
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PKMNCOLLECTORS 1" Silicone Wristbands

Hello people, I'm here with an idea that was brought up a while ago by shadoweon</lj> but dropped soon after.
I'm really interested in going through with this, and was wondering if the Pokemon crowd felt the same way!

The pitch:

Y'know those neat-o silicone bracelets that everyone wears that say "BOOBIES" or "BAND NAME HERE" or "SMILEY" or something like that?
Well, what if the Pokemon Collectors had their own?
I'm thinking a white band with red ink-injected lettering, and a Pokeball (a very simple one) right after.

The price:
The wristbands would be about $2 each + shipping.

The minimum order is 100 wristbands, which is where the problem begins. If we do, in fact, get 100 collectors to order, I don't think I'd be able to ship out 100 bracelets (or even 50, for that matter). If anyone would want to split the shipping job, that would be pretty awesome. Teamwork!

Y'know, these things, except more Pokemon-y

I forgot to mention-- It would be awesome if the other shippers lived outside of the USA, so that the people being shipped to didn't have to pay as much :o
I could easily cover the split shipping (shipping from me to the other shippers)

--another edit--
Do we have anyone here who can vector an image?

I'm going to go ahead and say that this Pokeball is hideous and we need it to be neat and clean rather than pixelated sloppy goodness.
-awesome artistry skills by me-

Thanks to dewottroxiired, and quackamajackers</lj> for these gorgeous Pokeballs!
Gintoki ♥
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Super small sales

Hello pkmncollectors, I just have some really SMALL sales here. You'll find Flygon plush, Hasbro Articuno Figure, and some Jakks plush.

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Ah, and I'm so excited for Halloween! I'm almost done with my photo entry. The contest should be super fun!
Is anybody going as a Pokemon for Halloween? I'm a little old for trick-or-treating, but I still LOVE dressing up!

As always, thanks guys!

First and only reminder! Offers posts~


Hey guys~ Just a heads up, my offers for the full set of Kanto and Johto 10th Anniversary Pokedolls end in about a day! This is the only reminder I'll be posting so yeah! :D Chikorita, Totodile, and Espeon are all still without bids, so head on over and see what's going on! I also accept payment plans, which seems like an important thing to people so I figure I'd mention it here too ;]

All are minky of course and all have their hangtags attached! :D Don't miss your chance to get these little cuties xP Click through any of the pictures to land in the offers!

That's all for now! Thanks everyone, have a lovely day. ^^

Sales permission granted on 9/25/11 by dakajojo !

Just a Quick Question

Not that you guys really know me or anything, but good it's good to be here again! And even when I was a little more "active," I just stayed in the shadows, making small Pokedoll purchases here and there.

Anyways, recently, I found out about those Hilbert and Hilda trainer dot-sprite charms (or key chains?). I kind of, somewhat, sort of MUST have them. How much would they go for? Would I have any luck finding them around the ten dollar range? Thanks, guys.
adeku wave it off!

two newses

SPECIAL NOTICE! Did you know you can edit the tags of ANYONE'S post?? If someone's post is NOT properly tagged, just add it for them!

ALSO!! THIS "INFO" TAG! Is ONLY for news and information on goods releases! Don't keep tagging your random posts as "info"! If you can see yourselves in the info tag with your not-info posts, be sure to keep watch next time!

You should also remember to USE the Info tag when APPROPRIATE! People are having a hard time finding the new Canvas line info... amongst other things. Use the info tag!

So two newses.

ONE, on December 3rd, "Dot" Sprite Series PART 2! Comes out. It will feature Bianca, Cheren, and N, and the lineup will have new additions on top of what Part 1 had:

There are apparently photos of these things in a magazine...which I will go buy... but I just came from the store... oh what a world!!

November 26th is one year since Osaka Pokemon Center moved. For their anniversary they are making a NEWWW PIKACHUUU POKEDOLLLLL!!! He is a 12 inch Doll, a full DX size, and comes with a mini version keychain!! This is the first Pikachu full 12 inch DX doll release since the ORIGINAL back during RSE, and the second "celebratory" Pikadoll, the first being Pokemon's 10th anniversary. It's also the second with a CUTE little bowtie.

Check him out! Pikachu Pokedoll and other Pokedoll collectors, cheer!
houndoom and slowpoke

Jolteon Jakks Auction Reminder

Hey guys! Just sending out a quick reminder post here: I still have offers going on for my Jakks Jolteon figure! Still close to the starting price, too, so feel free to get in on some Jolteon action. :) The auction will end Monday night at 11:59 pm EST, so you only have a few more days to send in your offers!

Here's the link to the auction; you can click the picture to go there, too. <3

(I also have one slot still available for Crochet Plush commissions! You can find more information on the most recent post in my LJ.)

Have fun and happy bidding, folks! ^_^

Halloween 2011 Contest Entry

Hello everyone!

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I have decided to enter the Halloween contest. =) At first, I was not sure if I would have time, but as luck would have it, I finished in time. I am terrible at making photo stories, so I decided to just post a picture or two. My camera was dying, so I only have the one picture at the moment, so I will upload the other picture later. =)

Without further hesitation, I give you...... ..... ..... ....

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Legendary Dog+Pikachu Tshirts

Hi LJ Community! I was just at Nintendo World and saw they have legendary dog+pikachu shirts. Would anyone here be interested in them? They would cost $30+shipping. However they only have youth sizes (Small/Medium/Large)
I took some pictures of them below. All of the shirts have similar designs in the back, such as the picture of the back of the Raikou shirt. And yes I would also be able to ship them internationally :)
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rill pd

Pokedoll Charm Collection Site

Hey everyone! I've been working so hard on my collection website and its finally ready for the public. ^_^_^ Please come check it out- I've uploaded pictures of all my own charms as well as documented a collective history of all things pokedoll-charm related! There are individual shots, pictures of complete sets, and much much much more!

Click the image or here to check it out and leave a comment here with what you thought! 

If anyone is interested in sharing links, please put your banner and site into a comment and I'd love to add you to my site! I made a banner just for this occasion. <3

Actually... while we're at it... we could all do a massive community link exchange once again- I don't mind if anyone else takes part in the link-sharing fun! =D 

And a quick wants plug in case you don't check out the site- I am looking for more charms to add to my collection. ^_^ I'm 1/5 of the way to my goal to have one of each charm (oh gosh there goes all my savings), but if anyone has some charms they may part with I would love to find out and be a potential buyer! Also looking for a Cresselia pokedoll... [/not charm related but figured I'd ask anyway]

Thanks so much for all of your support and especially to those who have let me add these beauties to my collection. snowball21 , allinia, omgitslph, unknownrevenge have been such wonderful sellers.
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Payment for I <3 Pikachu Shipping. + NEW Banpresto Merchandise

Hey everyone! BEHOLD! Sorry for having 2 posts on the front page but I need to get this done asap as my exams start soon.

They has arrived!!
BUT I Need payment for shipping. For those who ordered MPC Plush, no worries they'll just be shipped out as everything has been paid for.

For those who purchased the cushions and pouch, these is the payment info: Please send it to minun_pro@hotmail.com and add in the memo your item bought and username. Fortunately everyone is from the USA so it makes my life sooo much easier.

These prices are for SAL Shipping, if you would like Airmail (Which I warn you is about 3 times more expensive), please comment here.
$9.68 - pakajunatufty, roxiired
$18 - tsuiling
$4.47 - esotu
$61.71 - tortoises

Well yup, that's all.

January(Arrive in Feb) -  I <3 Pikachu Keychain finally found a better picture.

Feb Plush (Arrive in March):

32cm I Love Pikachu laying Plush - The sleeping one's so mine it looks so cuddly XD

MPC Plush: Cubchoo, Darumaka, Simisage, Swanna (LOL I almost put Swanling), Gurdurr, Crynogal

I am taking reserves for Crynogal and Gurdurr as they are only bringing in two of each. Get yours fast! You will not have to pay until I have confirmed the order. Also I will be doing the other pre-orders in November as they are less urgent.

Well that's all from me! Look what they gave me because I emptied their shelves of cushions:

An I LOVE PIKACHU POSTER! These were meant to be pasted at arcades, but now its mine XD

END OFF WITH A RANDOM SALES PLUG: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

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Updates + Sales + any intrest..? ;o

I got more shucklees! :D Look under the cut to seee. <3
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I was also wondering if people are interested in needle felted stuffs at all. I needle felted a shuckle onto a blank tote bag I'd bought to decorate (And never got round to doing. :x)
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Andd finally, I updated my sales a bit, completely retook photos but then I had to go to work so I'm still missing a few things. It bugged me the the pics were so huge so I spent a while retaking/uploading/typing it all. x.x I've also added quite a bit. :D These can be found *here* or by clicking my banner below. =]

Thanks for looking! :3