October 22nd, 2011

replacement Minccino Zukan figures are here

If you have previous PM'ed me for one, please PM me again for final instruction and cost.

I didn't get as many as I thought, so I am going to fulfill the PM requests first.  =(

I will get more later however.

Also, pictures of the PokeCenter Halloween stuff will be posted this weekend.

Included in the Halloween lot are:

Pikachu Plush ($28 shipped)
Ball-Chain Hang Plush (Joltik is $20 shipped, others are $16.50 shipped each, $37 shipped for the whole set)
Starters (and Pikachu) Charms ($10 shipped each, $25 for the whole set 'of starters', or $33 for all four)
Gothetelle Charm Set ($13 shipped)
Cofagrigus Charm Set ($13 shipped)
Clear Files ($8 for the first one, $5 for each additional)

Finally for random item there is a Emolga rubber stamp on wooden block if anyone is interested ($11.50 shipped to US).
  • psy_man

Couple of Things...

I know i just recently did a collection update, but he other day i had a whim and decided to build another custom shelf for my TFG's. i now have a slot for every one that should exist.
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Also i wanted to let people know about today's RIPT apparel T-shirt... they are a site like Tee-fury that has a new t-shirt design each day that's only available that day

I was considering getting one but haven't decided yet. let me know what you think.

Want: Settei, stickers, and other stuff.

Hi everyone,

This is my first entry here. I am on the hunt for Pokemon Settei, if you have any please let me know I will pay good money for them :) also if you have Japanese Pokemon stickers, particularly from 3rd generation i would be glad to buy those too. and lastly I'm looking for May/Haruka stuff as well.

thanks so much :)

  • mik4may

Turtle Collection + more Update #2!

Its been awhile since i updated... and even them im not sure if my old stuff was really shown too much, But i'll do an update on what i got recently after Anime Expo~! and some stuff i dont think i showed :D hehe

So Yeah.... if you don't know i'm a big turtle lover~ especially Turtle POKEMON~!! 亀がすき~~

These guys i just got recently :D one was from anime expo... the other two are ones that friends got me from here... :3 they're so loveable and they're like a FAMILY~~~~ 

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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


The October Kids have arrived! There are a ton of extras! ^_^

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Next, I have a ton of extras from the new set of kids. They are $9.50 SHIPPED EVERYWHERE each. I have:

2 Serperior
4 Duosion
1 Tynamo
2 Eelektross
0 Chandelure
1 Beheeyem
4 Shelmet
3 Gigalith
1 Mienfoo
3 Pawniard
6 Cubchoo
4 Autumn Deerling

Comment if interested!



I was working in the lab late one night.....

Evening everyone. I don't post often but I have been working on my Halloween contest entry.- in between univeristy work of course. With a little help from my halloween Pikachu! ( previously known as Count Sparky) 

Can anyone guess where the name of my title comes from? Its pretty old!

Greetings fellow pkmncollecters  and pokemon alike.  I am Boris and i'll be your host this evening. ....

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Of course thid time of year means one thing to me- my birthday! Expect a collection update of my pokemon so far on wednesday

Thank you and have a pleasent evening ( mad scientist laugh)

wants update and soon collections update

here is my updated wants list

Vaporeon items:
-vaporeon canvas
-vaporeon zukan piece (i will buy the whole zukan set if needed)
-vaporeon plush (not sure if i will need any of the official merch anymore bc i might have some coming but still shoot pics and links at me lol)

Non-vaporeon items:
-cubchoo pokedoll
-blitzle pokedoll (might be buying either one of these 2 but not sure yet)
-eeveelution canvas plush
-any pokemon canvas plush

i will have an updated collections post probably towards the end of the month as i will be expecting most or all of my items to come in but it will be a big collection update hehe =]

25 Shiny kids GA Payment 2

I was absent from the comm a while, 'cause of school, I have some hard work to do. So, sorry for the late reply to all PM. I hope I don't have late payment for Ga's... Please, thanks to send me a PM if i missed a payment !

Here come the 2nd Payment!

Remember ?

A small rules reminder  :
-This payment is for  the shipping from noppin to Paperoid
- Payment by Paypal only.
- Please made the payment ASAP.

So the Spreadsheet is here

Please send your payment to : paperdroid[at]gmail.com. And edit the spreadsheet once you've paid.
Also, remember to include your username, "Shiny kids GA" and what you're buying in the paypal memo please. =3

Thank you !
  • hebilea

Very small and quick auction!

Alrighty guys, we can now auction this now!

- This auction will end in about 20 hours from now, so countdown timer is here: http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/customcounter.html?msg=Mugs+GA&day=23&month=10&year=2011&hour=23&min=35&sec=00&p0=248
- Each of these start at 5$.
- I will be doing the calculations, threads and so on. roxiexcore will do the bidding and shipping.
- Please bid in increments of 1$ at least.
- I will be claiming the mug with Gold on it for 15$ and will be going much higher if needed!
- There will be three payments, one for your item, then the shipping from SMJ to roxie and finally from her to you.
- All other rules apply.

Let's do this guys, even though we don't have much time! <3

Quick TCG Wants + Unknown Figure?

Hello everyone! I'm here tonight with some quick TCG wants of mine, usually I'm not too big on flats but my OCD has gotten the better of me and I'd like to try and finish off my Swablu/Altaria card collection. These cards can be English or Japanese, it doesn't matter to me, as well as mint or a bend or two. I'm not that picky. :D

♥ Altaria - Triumphant
♥ Altaria - Supreme Victors
♥ Altaria ex - EX Emerald
♥ Altaria - EX Dragon

♥ Swablu - Platinum (Shiny)
♥ Swablu - EX Emerald

And finally, if anyone remembers the small AG figure GB I hosted a while ago, then you know it was a giant flop due to the lot being sold out long before I even found it. So I come asking questions, this is the Altaria figure that was in the lot, does anyone have ANY information about it at all? The translation was a little rough, but it looks like these figures were Gachapon Figures in a set called Pokemon Parade by Bandai. The only other thing I've found by searching ポケモン パレード (which is what was in the original lot) comes up with some AG figured that look like they attach together, but nothing on these! Anyone have any information about this Altaria sitting on a Luxury Ball? :(

Help identifying some figures please? ^^

Hello community! I recently purchased this lot of figures and was wondering if anyone could help me identify what they are.. I know that the Spinirak is the shiny Hasbro one (which is why I bought the lot to start with) but I don't really know what the other ones are, and if anyone could help identify that'd be great ^^ I don't have them on hand so here is a picture the seller gave me :o

link to a bigger picture: http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x33/heimdallinc/DSC03108.jpg

edit: thanks for all the help guys, you're the best<3

exclusive south america happy meal toy

Hey there community~
Not so long ago, a friend of mine told me they were bringing the B&W toys here and I was NO WAY D:
But indeed, they got here, blackdog666 and I were mega excited *O*

We couldn't organize to go together, but we've been talking about this matter a lot~
So I went today with friends, I haven't ordered a happy meal for so many years it was so embarrasing >___<
And good thing I ate something before, cause those kids should starve with the amount of food in the happy meal ¬o¬

Anyways, here's the special one:

(It's a pikachu throw thingie... and yeah I had to order an extra burger XD)
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kojowalkie- by tomokii

hibiki has (d)evolved into lurker.... and wants to learn fly!

hi everyone... I know I have been missing for awhile....I when to NDK (Denver anime con) and then kinda.... vanished.... my computer died..... completely... so I'm sorry I know these kinds of things are frowned upon.... but I lost record of who I owe payment to.... (although I'm pretty sure I'm caught up) so please let me know!

so I also didn't see anyone from PKMNCollectors at NDK as far as I know (boohoo were you all hiding?) I was dressed as Emolga... (sorry no photo right now!! >.<) I got some new things, serperior banpresto plush, mpc panpour, and tomy plush panpour. I was actually very surprised about how little of pokemon I got.... I normally splurge, but after joining pokemon collectors I thought more "oh I can get this later" or "this is really expensive... I can get it for cheaper on pokemon collectors..."

but for the main subject of this is, I'll be going to new york for the first time in less than a week! Thursday infact! other than nintendo world, are there any other good places for pokemon sightings?? I'll be staying with my sister in the Manhattan or maybe it was Harlem area ( I'll find out before I go...) but I must find many nice things to do as I may even move there, and I ought to know where to feed my addiction! thanks guys!!! I promise I'm not dead!