October 24th, 2011

pokemon: mamo!

Next Attack Kids!

Thanks to AAPF, we have the next installment of Attack Kids, yay! Attacks and picture to be posted later when it comes. Out in January!

- Pikachu
- Victini
- Oshawott
- Pansear
- Zebstrika
- Excadrill
- Scolipede
- Zoroark
- Emolga
- Klinklang
- Chandelure
- Haxorus
- Beartic
- Zekrom

LF: Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur Pokedolls

[i posted like 27 hours ago, so this isn't against the rules, even if I am still on the front page, right? ^^']

As if you couldn't tell from the subject, I'm looking for these three after missing out on ebay last night 
Preferably the miniPokedolls, though I'm more than willing to consider the regular ones :)

Won't post my price range for obvious semi-haggling reasons, but I will say I care little for condition, hang tags (did they ever have them?) are unwanted, loved is encouraged!

image from the mentioned *ended* ebay :)

emmet and ingo anime identical twins

pokemon time and christmas plushies!

pokemon time and christmas plushie preorders are up!!

Edit: PLease place strap and clearfile orders on the site by clicking the links below!

please note there will also be ONE style of memo pad, TWO styles of cushion, and a handful of pencils and perhaps other goodies along with the pokemon time things we know for sure all pokemon are getting (straps and clearfiles, which i have listed for preorder on the pokemart). on saturday i will come home and list all the other items with photos! however, you can give me an idea of what you might want, so i can get it for you right away in case you think you'll like it... make sense?

for example:
"i'd like the memo pad and the bag if it has all eleven pokemon on it (probably the case) and one of the pens if it has mudkip on it."

cushions (2 kinds to be announced): would be 45$
bag (1 kind): 40$
mechanical pencils (4 kinds): 10.50$
memo pad (1 kind): 10.50$
stickers (3 kinds): 10.50$

thanks guys!

Pre-ordering... and TCG NEWS :D

Since I read long ago that this gift set was coming on No 18th, I wanted it. Thought AmiAmi would ahve it up for pre-orders but..seems not.
Is my best bet to wait and see if I can't get it on ebay...?

Also: New TCG expansion coming early next year: Dragon Selection ooooh~ Yeah I already pre-ordered~
Not sure what Kira cards means though.. does it means all the 5 cards are shiny/foil? Strange to get 15 packs per box since I am used to 10. I like the pretty slim box format.

But YAY dragons <3
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Is anyone looking for this? I found this set :D

I <3 Yahoo Japan
I got a Luxray plush for $33 and an Arcanine for $24! <3 <3
I thought Luxray would be bigger but..oh well :D
Grumpy lion face is adorable

Auction Time:
All community rules apply
Sniping adds 10 minutes.
Auction will end on Friday Oct. 28th at 12:01 PM Central time
Countdown timer is here:
Reserve is the price listed
All are new/mint unless otherwise stated

Sales are here:

Brand new ornaments. Hard rubber material (cept pokeball)

New and mint as well


So i really want one of those 1:1 pantslizard(scraggy) plushies, but with christmas coming up i dont have enough cash to cover it :/ So im curious, would anyone who has one be willing to trade for the 1:1 pokabu/tepig?

I also have a raichu friends plush i'm debating on selling. What do they go for generally? Mine needs some superglue repairs, but i heard thats common with the way the plush were made.
And have my typhlosion hoodie up on ebay if anyone's interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/190591488321?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 as well as a zekrom pokedoll and kibago UFO plushie.

I MIGHT consider trading my 1:1 cynda, but that is still pending.
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Collection Post!

Hey guys, I have yet to post my Scraggy/Scrafty collection and just got some additions today so I thought I would post.

Just one picture, but it is all of it.

I have:

Custom Scrafty plush my girlfriend bought me for our anniversary.
Regular and attack kid
Tomy figure
MPC plushie
Plushie my friend got me in Japan (not sure which one it is)
2 Key chain,
Custom beanie
and finally the scared figure.

Also there is a random Darkrai (My second favorite pokemon.)....and ZOMBIE DICE!!!!!!!!
un tsk un tsk

Looking for; Pokemon DSi and games~

Hi guyysssss, me again. <3

Sooo I just kinda wanna throw this out there. I lost my brand new DSi (including it's case, and oh, all my games) over the summer. I have no BLOODY CLUE where it is, though I somehow doubt I lost it anywhere else then in my own home, I've kinda given up hope. It was a brand new Pokemon Black DSi too. So I'm wondering, do any of you have one for sale? I'm not really high on cash but I'd really like one to take with me during my travels. I'd prefer the Pokemon Black DSi, but I'd look at White version too. I'm hoping someone had one, then bought a 3DS  and no longer needs it. xDD Honestly though, any DSi with Pokemon games (Like, any and all POKEMON DS GAMES) I'd love to see what you have. (Games MUST have cases though and be as minty as possible.)

Hit me up, fools! <3
Also, what are you guys dressing up as for Halloween? Any Poke-dressup or geeky costumes? <333

sales and re-intro!

First off, ~*sales post*~ update! Dropped prices on old things, took new pictures of most things, and added in leftovers from my auctions a while back! Haggling and trades are totally accepted :D

I forget if I've done a re-introduction before.. oh well! Hello I'm ShinyV and I collect Vulpix! I've been here for a few years now, wow! I actually had Vulpix merch before I had much of an idea what Pokemon even was - I can't believe that silly KFC Pokemon promo was what launched me into this fandom/collection craze xD Blah blah blah I'm bad at talking about myself, so click the cut for collection photos!!

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lovely arbok&lt;3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

collection weeding sales/auctions!

Hello! I bring to you today some interesting sales and auctions! I made the extremely difficult decision to sell off my side collections, which consist of Swablu, Altaria, Sceptile, and Ludicolo. I also have some pretty interesting stuff under the cut to include a snazzy balloon promo clearfile, MWT UFOs, and old school holographic pokemon cards!

Please read the rules before purchasing/bidding!! :]

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Anything in this post can be combined with my normal sales here!

Thanks for looking! <333


another amazing get + halloween entry + updates

So last week I got one of, if not the holy, grail of my collection : the large talking Lugia figure. Well, just two days later he got a buddy even larger than he. I think they'll get along well. :) I'm so tempted to let this be my bed buddy, but I'm too afraid of messing it or the tag up. Humph. >:/

Yesterday I was finishing up my pumpkin for my library's pumpkin decorating contest. I had to take a picture of it today before I sent it off - a friend wanted to see it - so I got in the mood take some photos and put together my Halloween Contest entry. It's completely different than what I had planned, but I love it. Photos are under the cut.

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Now an update: All of my orders have been shipped or are packaged and waiting to be shipped. I have a few folks asking for feedback, and I promise to get to those really soon. :) College life has been super busy lately. >_>

My Rapidash

       I spent most of my day creating Wildfire! I pooled many different resources to perfect her :)  She is a figure that is now my biggest in my collection, she talks, is very movable, and trots too! She has both tack and class! I present to you...

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A Sought Get and Some Questions!

Hey, community! One of my favourite things to collect is zukan, especially zukan of my favourite Pokemon. Especially zukan of my favourite Pokemon in cool poses or that are in any way different. So I've been drooling over this girl, and I was SO excited when she finally arrived in the mail...

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Thanks for looking, and any answers would be much appreciated!

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