October 25th, 2011

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Reminder: Motion Figure Figure Group Buy + Some Wants

Hey guys, the first and only reminder about the following Group Buy. I will be ordering it in 2 days. One box has been confirmed if you want 2 boxes to be bought, I will need at least 16 claims (We have 13 now) with an even distribution (Zekrom and reshiram needs some love =/) Good NEWS gonna get 2 boxes as we have enough claims for it.

They're only $16 Shipped and so... CLICK the picture to get there!
Note that I also have some MIB kids for sale and similarly click the picture to get there.

Also I am looking for the following items:

Reshiram, Zekrom TCG Bottlecap Figure
Samurott, Emboar, Serperior TCG Bottlecap Figure
Jumbo Oshawott Card
(From Outstanding Oshawott)

PS: All I Love Pikachu Pre-orders have been mailed out. All Kids and everyone who bought from me in the last week or two will be mailed out tomorrow.
RAISPARK! i own this cel.



today i come with a question and a price check for YOU.

you might know i have a very famously extensive collection of production art from the pokemon anime past and present. in my quest to obtain these arts, i have ended up with a few "flops" at least in my view... production art of characters i am not collecting, or who, due to space issues, i just can't keep lots of art of them around.

my question is, are you, the community, interested in these genga? they are real pencil drawings used to create the diamond and pearl anime ... specifically episodes starring cynthia, darkrai and team galactic.

-they are hand drawn
-they are authentic
-they are one of a kind
-they are impossible to find nowadays
-they are the coolest collector's item around
-but they ARE EXPENSIVE be forewarned!

collecting production art is not a cheap hobby.

i am just not sure if enough community members are interested in the anime/these characters to want to own these genga. i would prefer not to take them to ebay, but so be it if it must be so.

for now, please take a look at these sets of genga! they would indeed be sold as five sets you can see in five photos down below.

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thanks for looking guys~

GA#21 by couchpotatonet - 200+ Pan Stickers

GA#21 by couchpotatonet
5 day for this auction
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You may bid as I create threads, there are over 200 so please be patient.  I will be putting them up in alphabetical order
Okay, threads are up.

We won.  Payment list can be found at this post http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10617073.html
Leftovers here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10687708.html
Everyones stickers have been shipped out (11/22/11)

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  • dezchu

oh my ga is in

My computer died so I'm only able to get on a phone and it won't let me post the pictures from my phone. Ill be going to the post office tomorrow so let me know if you want anything c: sales ~ Dezchu.ecrater.com. everything in GA 1 that doesn't have a bid is up for grabs,ga participents take half off of the starting bid.everyone else its whatever the starting bid is :). Gone: reshiram mcdonalds toy palkia pokedoll,pikachu/vigoroth hasbro,mudkip/absolute hasbro and pikachu top. Jadekitty777 posted the link below <3 This concerns pokepalace,myvampirelust19,eeveelu,jazzbie,growly,and umbreongirl.

Kids and Shirts for sale!

If only Pokemon would run my car for me and make sure it didn't break down. I have a major repair that needs done to my car, and I want to try and see if I can fund some of it through sales of extra Pokemon stuff. I have some shirts from US Nationals, and some kids figures from the two newest sets! Everything is under the cut!

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question and update for collections and mini collections

hey i have a question for everyone. i will be getting the winking UFO pikachu plush and i was wondering how rare they are and what they are usually worth. i will most likely keep it but just wondering
it is this plush here http://www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/4764721079/

also update for collection and mini collection wants

Vaporeon collection:
-canvas vaporeon
-any vaporeon plush
-any vaporeon figure (zukan, chou, tomy, custom clay, etc)

Cubchoo mini collection:
-cubchoo pokedoll
-custom cubchoo plush
-cubchoo figures (already have cubchoo kid)

Emolga mini collection:
-emolga pokedoll
-custom plush
-figures (custom, anything not sure what figures cubchoo has)

other random wants (mainly plush but if you have some cute figures let me know)
-starter plush

i will be making a collections update in about a week or a little bit after that because i am going to wait until i get all of the things i bought recently and im going to do a huge photostory =] and there will be a lot of things hehe
(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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Pokemon Center in Korea? + small dot sprite tin sale

Hi community, it's been a while! Stuff happened. XD

First, a question~

My family will be leaving for a trip to Korea on Thursday, and I remember someone here saying that there is a Pokemon Center-like store there! Unfortunately, I can't understand the map, and I can't seem to find anything else about it besides being inside a department store. I will only be around the Myeongdong area (the top map with blue line, I believe) for an afternoon, so does anyone know the exact location of this store? It's been a childhood dream to visit a PC, and while this isn't the Japan ones...it's close enough. XD Any landmarks I need to look for, the name of the department store, floor, etc would be super helpful!

I'll be bringing my travel buddy Cubchoo, so there might be a photostory coming if I find it! :3

Next, some sales!

1x Axew sold, 1x Axew on hold

I completed my dot sprite tin collection by buying lots, so I had some extras arrive. I'm asking for $11 shipped each to anywhere in the world! ^^ Since I am leaving for a trip soon, I won't be able to ship these out until the first week of November. ;A; I'll let you know though!

To end this post, here's a preview of my collection progress with the dot sprite series~

Right when I thought I was almost done, my savings started to cry over the dot sprite series getting a part 2 soon. XD I'm super excited!

Thank you as always, comm~ ♥

do people in stores ever comment about your purchauses?

Haven't made a question topic for a while, but here's a new one because of an amusing event tonight :p
A while ago, I posted the topic "do you ever get embarassed by your Pokemon collecting hobby?", but this time is slightly different: do you ever get remarks when you buy your pokemon stuff? Usually I don't and I just get rung up at Target, TRU, etc and go on my way (or in TRU's case if I need a gift receipt, but I think they ask everyone anyways), or once some guy at Target was like "Pokemon! Awesome! Haven't played the games for a while!" Today though, was interesting...

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