October 26th, 2011

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A giant Mamath TFG update /phew

Giant TFG collection update! GIANT.

Check out all those crazy GROUNDBREAKERS! 80

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So yeah. I took the best pics I could but I'm afraid my camera is of the uncooperative variety. One day I'll do better. :U

Also, small announcement: I managed to get some doubles of rare Groundbreakers and will be auctioning off a few to make back some of the costs of getting them in the first place! I bought multiples of figures whenever I could get them! Which wasn't all the time, alas. I will probably offer at least a Zubat and FurretLinoone. :3 Anyway, that's something to look for in coming weeks.

And now I'm exhausted. G'night, pkmncollectors! I hope you enjoyed this update!
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Quick Plush Offers, and GA status(es?)

Okay, some statuses!
Jensoxen GA: I have everything separated and bagged, and photographed the leftovers, but I'm going on holiday over this weekend.. So sorting out, weighing and spread-sheeting for literally over 30 parcels is gonna wait until I get home. Sorry chaps and chapettes.
Beanie Baby Pickups: If you've bought one, it's been posted. You should have got an email notification via paypal to say which day. One exception is where I'm combining a Snivy with a GA zukan. Thanks for being great guys!
Masseeve GA: If you've paid me, it's posted. All done.
Lifesize GA: Postage payment post from Technicolorcage coming soon. Very hefty postage I'm afraid.

I have a huge crate of stuff I need to clear out, so let's start with these plush! Offers end in 24hrs (7am GMT) for quick sale. Plush will be posted Friday this week. Shipping will be $3-4 to pretty much anywhere. Sales permission granted by Dakajojo in June this year.

Zorua DX Banpresto Plush - MWT - Starts at $25
Pikachu Banpresto - Tush tags only - Starts at $10
Pachirisu Banpresto Hand Puppet - Tush tags only - Starts at $8
jakks Shinx - Tush Tags only - Offers over $5?

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Question: What the heck is this guy?  He's from Hong Kong, so my guess is that he's not official, but his pattern doesn't copy any other Mudkip plush that I know of... so I bought him.  He's nearly a foot tall and made out of some minky-type fabric with embroidered eyes and nose holes.  Also, he has a hard felt tail with stitching for the lines.  So adorable asdfjkl.  The crease in his face is actually nearly invisible, stupid camera.

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Also, get ready for a collection update... someday when I'm not completely lazy and the camera isn't dead.  So a long time from now, probably. 8l

Thanks, guys!

quick question

I've been eyeing one of the giant Pokemon Center legendary dog plushes, and I'm wondering how much they tend to go for on auction. PokePlushProject says that they usually go from $600 to $1500, but can anyone who owns one/has bid on one give some more specific prices?
Parfearie Sabi

Small Tomy and Mixed Lot GA

He guys today I bring you this small GA:

Sales permission granted:  8/4/11 by denkimouse.

I mainly just want the hasbro Charizard and the Stantler tomys everything else is up for the taking!
  1. All community rules apply. Thus, it means no sniping/ retracting bid is allowed. Most
    importantly, show your respect to the other members.
  2. There will be two payments. One for the winning price. Second for the shipping from me to you. Shipping to me from seller is free! :D
    Prepare to pay your part as soon as I notify you.
  3. I will claim the Charizard, and the Stantler tomys for 6$ will increase if need be later on.
  4. Every piece will have a starting price for $1. Minimum increment is $1.
  5. The ending time is Sunday, Oct 30th, 18:29:22 PM PDT
You may bid as soon as your thread is up. I'll will post when all threads are up!
All threads are up! Bid Away!

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Pokemon ornaments and Vaporeon reminder

Just a heads up that this ends Friday at noon. :)

Get down with ya bad self


Is it Halloween yet?! I want candy!! *flips table*

My sales are here:



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Tiny Sales Post!

Hey I went to target today and look what i found!


So I'm gonna sell them to you guys! (I was given sales permission on April 2011 by dakajojo)

Each is $13 shipped US, $15.50 shipped International!

I have:

Edit: Had someone buy these all from me for a price i couldnt say no to. sorry folks

Also Here's My regular sales if you wanna check'em out! CLICK THE BANNER PLEASE! (or Here)


Thanks everyone!

Zorua Lottery!?

Me again!

I have this Zorua Lottery Plush what I brought some time ago and i've looked everywhere to try and get a rough estimate on how much this would go for? Does anyone know roughly how much this is worth? Thanks! :D
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Hello Everyone. Its time for an official apology

Alright, so some of you may be wondering where I've been, the status of your commissions, have your items been shipped, etc. Well, recently, I haven't been motivated at all to do any art or even ship out packages. I will get them all done though. I promise you that everyone. It may take longer than I'd want you to wait but they'll be done when I can motivate myself. I'm just not interested in this hobby anymore. I will be doing some collection weeding sales after I have gotten everything finished and mailed out the stuff I need to. I used to get commissions done in a day, but when it starts taking months to finish, I know I need a break and need to end this cycle.

So the list is as follows:
-Needle Felted Dratini and Dragonair
-Needle Felted Pikmin (3 colors)
-Vulpix and Ninetales Sculpture
-Slowpoke Fishing Sculpture
-Whiscash Sculpture
-Needle Felted Eevee and Flareon Sculpture
-3 Needle Felted Deoxys
-Bellossom Sculpture
-Bellossom Needle Felt
-Togepi Sculpture
-Togepi Needle felt
-Mew Sculpture
-Mew Needle Felt

If there is anyone I missed PLEASE tell me straight away. By saying I'm not motivated, I mean I can't get myself started. Not that I don't care and will be slapping together clay and calling it a pokemon. I will be putting in as much effort as any others. I just figured the community as a whole deserved an update from me concerning this.

Unfortunately, I've been taking on too much to be able to do in reasonable amounts of time. This has also become more of an unjoyful job, than a fun happy hobby. Another reason is I've become more interested in Amphibians and spend a lot of the time caring for the many I have aqcuired. I have since decided I want to make that my career. Working to conserve amphibians.

Fianlly, I'm sorry everyone, I did everything I disliked. Procrastinating, slow shipping and from time to time even lying about commission status. But that ends now. After all of these have been finished, I will be taking a hiatus from the community. Possibly a permanent one but if I do, I wish you all the best in your collecting and hope you can forgive me for the way I've behaved. I hope you all understand and can find it in your hearts to forgive me. Thank you everyone. Feel free to comment below with any questions or etc.

In the Land Where Dragons Rule- a Dragon collection update.

Good Evening Everyone. Its my birthday today. How does Dragonrider send their birthday? working and studing However I have found time for an update. ( yes another random title)

First up I have wanted one of these for AGES. So mum decided to buy it for my birthday

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PHEW! I think i'm done

One last thing. I have set up a small sales post to weed some of my non- dragon pokemon I am running out of room and I need the space I haven't got a fancy banner yet. link is here:
http://dragonrider49.livejournal.com/1582.html ( Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 16/10/11.
Thats all for now!


here's my entry for the halloween contest. i know the photo isn't great nor does it have pokemon plushies. but hay, it's cut and shaped as a pokeball~

i did this at my boyfriend's house, so sorry again for the fuzzy photo. he took it off his I-touch.

Happy Halloween~

New member here!

  Hello there members! I am absolutely thrilled to become a member here.
  I've been lurking this community since about June, plotting my evil plans.
  No, but seriously, I hope to post, sell (with permission), etc. in this community among fellow collectors.
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