October 27th, 2011

Wailord getting obsessed ;O;

Hiyo ;O;! im new to this community .-. and a tiney tiney bit new to pokemon as well XD;...  my friend toedychan introduced me more into it o 3o anyway ^___^ i has a big obsession with wailord and i was woundering if anyone had anything of wailord for sell ^w^!! Sadly i got so caught up wanting wailord now i made clay ds charm xD

I cans tell now why everyone likes pokemon ;O;
Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian and Betty

Sales post for you.

Hello everyone how are you all doing to day? I hope all is well. :3 

Today I come to you with sales. I found something awesome that I need in my life and as a result some of my other things have to go. I have lots of nice goodies including some zukans, stickers, art folios and quite a few pluhies. I'm sure you'll find something that will catch your eye. 

Here's the link, 


I seriously need a banner. XD so Instead have a teaser pic. X3  

~As always, thanks for your time. :3~
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Hey everyone! :D Just some quick things!

Is anyone interested in these foam stamps? They are a little over an inch on both sides. Scraggy and Snivy are claimed, but the rest are up for grabs for $5 SHIPPED.
If you have an open order with denkimouse or plan to order from her soon, though, then it is only $3!

So yeah, comment if you'd like one! :D Pikachu, Tepig, Victini, and Oshawott are available.

Next order of business, I put the remaining things I have lying around up in a lot on Ebay:


That is all!!
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Mystery Dungeon House Auction!

Hey guys, I come to you with a mini auction - The Mystery Dungeon houses. All are up for auction except for the Pikachu house which is MINE XD

5 Houses for Auction: Chikorita House (with Chikorita and Cydaquil), Mudkip House (With Mudkip and Charmander),
Torchic House (With Torchic and Squirtle, Pelipper House (With Pelipper and Totodile),
Kangaskhan House (With Treeko and Kangaskhan)
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All Auctions start at $10.
Please do not bid until all threads are up. All threads are up! Go!


sup guys.

So basically, I need money. THUS, auctions and sales!

First off, I'm putting up an amigurumi (knitted) Piplup pokedoll up for auction. I was fortunate to run into two of them, so I decided to part with one. These are very rare, and I've only seen them up for sale/auction a couple of times.

Here's a shot of what he looks like! He is mint with tags!

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Next up is my sales. They're very small, and fairly cheap!

However, these sales will only be open for around 24 hours. After that, they will be closed.

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Introduction and collection :)

hello to everyone, i just joined a few weeks ago and im still pretty new to the pkmn community but i would like to say hi :) I would also like to share my collection with u guys, i got some more coming so maybe when i get them all ill post more pics :)

Jumbo Card Question

Sup everybody!! So after a lovely day at the Pokemon Center in Osaka I have returned with a little surprise:

Last Friday was my b-day so naturally I had to stop by ^^ Somehow I ended up with 2 so I'll be auctioning this one off if there is interest which leads to my questions:

Would anyone be interested in the card if I put it up for auction?
How much do you think it's worth?

They are exclusive to the Pokemon Centers here in Japan this year only (they change each year) and you can only get one for your birthday so it's pretty special. The space at the top is for your name so I've left it blank.

My Raikou buddy is just there for size reference. The Kyoto skyline is there to make it look pretty.