November 1st, 2011

Question about HardRock & Sneasel/Weavile Wants List

Happy Halloween !  Hope all of you had a good one.  Here's a creepy looking Mew just for you.

Her eyes will pierce into your soul....

Also, has anyone ever ordered from  There are some items I'd like to buy from there but I'm a bit wary about online sites besides Ebay and Amazon.

Annddd I thought I'd put up my wants list again haha, as I haven't seen any new Sneasel/Weavile Merch in quite awhile [My collection has gotten quite fat] ^^;  I would have done a collection update as well but I'm still waiting for a few things in the mail.

Wanted: Sneasel + Weavile Merch

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question about the Victory Cup promo cards?

Although I know it's almost impossible to collect every english printed card, I still decided to try and collect promos and POP cards. I'm way behind though, but since I'm doing well with the BW promos, things look good for that collection^^ ...and then a few days ago (because I'm behind on the news...) I heard about the Victory Cup cards being promos... Something about the winners getting cards instead of medals this year. So, my question is to assume that just ONE of each of these cards will be printed? Or is the Battle Road in different areas, thus having other copies of the card printed?

I know the winning cards for the Worlds are one-of-a-kind, but I'm curious on this... If they are as well, I'll be super sad, knowing I'll ALWAYS have those 3 promo cards missing, and so will other collectors! Either way, they will probably be ALOT more pricey than the Worlds promos that get given out :/

Japan TCG pickup?

Is there a possibility that anyone would be able to pick-up this Thundrus VS Tornadus Giftset anywhere to send to Canada? I have yet to see it for pre-order on AmiAmi so I doubt they will have it since it is out somewhat soon.

Also still on the lookout for Neo Genesis and Legendary Collection english packs foils (wrappers/call em what you wish) along with japanese Neo3 up to Temple of Anger expansion and BW Alomomola card (need it in japanese! somehow it's the only english card in my all-japanese pokedex card binder and it stings to see x.x; )

Thank you in advance :D
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Reminder: Mystery Dungeon House Auction + some wants

Hey guys, just a reminder about the Mystery Dungeon houses I am auctioning off. All of them are still at their starting bids, dont miss your chance to get this awesome Mystery Dungeon merchandise in your home. The auction will be ending this Friday (Singapore time). Countdown can be found at the auction. Click any of the pictures to get to the auction and get your bids in!

This is a picture of it fully set up. (Seriously, eevee and Pikachu are adorable XD)
Just to end off with some Wants (Especially from the TCG Box Sets)
  1. Samurott, Serperior, Emboar, Reshiram, Zekrom Bottlecap figures
  2. Outstanding Oshawott Jumbo Card
  3. Rolly-Polly Minun/Plusles (They're on the pokeballs)
  4. Minun/Plusle on Stump Zukan, All diorama zukans except Celebi/Piplup/Pikachu, sinnoh starters and victini one.
  5. Minun (alone) Dex Figure
  6. Minun Canvas Plush
  7. Want to trade my Regigigas EX SR for a Kyurem EX SR card

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.


I still have my 1:1 pokabu up for sale/offers, and im on the hunt for the 1:1 scraggy. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to sell and what price? Im within the US so shipping shouldnt be horrendous heh. Most of the ones on ebay are all in japan so shipping is too much. Im also up for a trade, pokabu=scraggy if possible. thanks all and happy November 1st :)

also, would anyone be interested in my Zekrom Pokedoll or Raichu friends plush? Zekky would be $50shipped anywhere, and Raichu has some loved wear to him, his stripes need some superglue attention, but thats how i received him from ebay a while ago. Is $30shipped fair for that rare plush? heres some pics of both:
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interesting TCG find

I recently purchased a d/p trainer kit ( the one featuring lucario and manaphy). upon opening it, i realized that the entire lucario deck was in dutch ( i think ). Is this normal? or really rare? and would anyone be interested in the cards once i get sales permission?

this is what one of the cards looks like
i cant find my camera, so the picture isnt mine.
Edit: cards are apparently GERMAN, not Dutch. I am a derp who doesn't know languages at all :p

Looking =]

Hey everyone! Short post this time. (I'm going to post a collection update tomorrow most likely. ^^) I am facing myself wanting to add more to my collection. What I want now is both Lugia and Latias Pokedolls. I REALLY would like to get the ones from Japan. This is fairly important that they are the Japanese ones.

I am also looking for a Jolteon Pokedoll from Japan as well. I know these are hard to come across, but I'm hoping someone can help me out. So let me know if you know where I can get them.


Group auction arrived!

Finally, these Zukan have come in, actually just after three weeks. I adore the shipping speed of EMS but it matches what it costs. Still we have so many people here to share it, so... Back to the business, it means I need your payment for the final shipping, which will be $2.50 evenly for each person. It's just the minimum shipping cost plus the material cost and fees. No extra fees. Why not? Stupid question because no one likes it. LOL

So, please send your payment to:
And as usual, leave your LJ name, and what you won for. Please let me know if you need them sent to a different address other than your shipping address on Paypal profile. You have time to pay for it till this time next Tuesday. If you are able to send it before this Friday, I can get your items shipped out this weekend. Sounds awesome, right?

I take a picture for everyone's Zukan. Generally they're in acceptable to good condition. (Poor<Acceptable<Good<Excellent<New) with just a tiny scuff or dirt. But some have bigger one or are slightly damaged. I feel sorry about it but there is nothing I can do right now. These Zukan are so small and delicate so I am afraid that it will be broken so easily if I apply a magic eraser to it. So take care if you decide to clean them up. EDIT: I've managed to clean up most of the dirt, but I can not erase the paint. That's it.

There're some leftovers at the bottom of the page. Each piece will be US $1 except for Surskit and Masquerain which will only be US $0.50. Lines will be US $3 each. I will combine them to what you won for. EDIT: GA participants only before all payments clear. I will list the leftovers in my sales post if they're not claimed.

Alright alright, it's feast time!
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Green lizards say "Thank you for reading!"

snif snif
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Cards for Trade and Sale

I'm looking for these four cards:

I'm only interested in the Enlish non-first edition versions.
7/62 Hitmonlee, 24/62 Kabutops, 31/62 Arbok, 47/62 Geodude.
I would like to trade for them. All the cards I have for sale can be found here:  <-- list of all the cards + the condition <-- pictures of all the cards
I would also like to trade for Arcanine and Flareon cards.
Here are my normal sales and the info about buying from me

cute pokedoll style altaria
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Pick ups #2 and Pikachu pokedolls for acutions !

Hello communtiy for those who have bought from I have shipped them all. :D I will doing canvas plush pick up once more this will be my last pick up for this month and not to mention that raichu canvas plush is decreasing fast so first come first serve. :)

To reserve a spot you must pay first however If you could let me know when you could pay and work it out I will reserve a spot for you. :)

- Canvas plush in stock : Raichu, Drifloon, Vulpix, pichu. will be $33 SHIPPED 
                                             Growlithe, dragonite, lapras, shaymin (land), Riolu, Jirachi, Ampharos will be $26 SHIPPED

- Japanese re-release Pokedoll : Lapras, snorlax, Tokegkiss,Cresselia,Delibird, Pichu norched ear $36 SHIPPED
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CLOSED Thank you all !!

Pikadolls Aution HERE

Thank you <3

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Looking for Pokemon clearfiles!

Hey guys!

I have some money set aside for Pokemon merch and am looking to add new Pokemon clearfiles to my collection! Doesn't matter what generation or Pokemon the clearfiles feature; basically if it looks nice then I'll probably buy it. The clearfiles should be in pristine condition with no bends or marks on it.

As a note, I'm in Canada and require that the clearfiles be shipped on top of a piece of cardboard or sturdy paper.

Alright, please link me to your clearfiles you have for sale!

By the way, I'm not looking for any of the clearfiles from the recent Sugimori set because I have them already.

poképin commissions for early november!

A few weeks ago I did my first round of PokéPin commissions.
For the members who paid, your pins are currently being made.
I am still needing payment from two members; if this is YOU please review your designs and pay asap!

Anyway, I am here to offer another round of PokéPin commissions!
Click the (fail) banner below to be taken to my LJ page with information on the pins and how it all works!
I have five slots open for the first half of November!

All the slots have been taken up for early November, but please if you're interested, please take a minute to view some examples and get some ideas ready for the next round! =D

Pokemon - Jigglypuff&#39;s balloon

Xmas Charms Group Buy

Hello all,

I can't resist the cute that is the Blitzle Charm in the new xmas sets :) so I'm doing a GB from Sunyshore, as it's the only one from the set I would like.

Cost includes charm + postage to me + postage to you (I ship from the UK).
UK residents - $8
Non-UK residents (EU, USA, AU etc.) - $9

Pikachu in wreath: mizuhokusanagi
Blitzle: lunglock
Pansage: jayceanime
Vanillite: clairefable
Pikachu with present: skysailing

Once all charms have been claimed & paid for I shall buy the set off of Sunyshore. All updates on this GB will be in the post (I'll comment you when they arrive and when they're sent off etc.).

All paid
Charms ordered
nobody loves weedle ;_;

New collection and PC pickup!

Hello! :D First of all, I gave all the buyers from my last sales post a link to my feedback, but of course that link is no longer good with the new directory and all! I had a few confused messages about it, so please leave feedback for me on my new thread here. Thanks.

Next, a quick collection update (start?)! I'm starting a collection of my favorite line from the B/W series. Given my love for weedle, this probably isn't very surprising but...


Ta-dah! Very small and unimposing so far, I know. Still missing the MPC plush! But it's a start.

Lastly, some unexpected medical bills have popped up that I'd like to try to make up for a bit if possible, so I'm going to do some PC pokedoll/pokemon time pickups this weekend while I'm out there to get some clearfiles for myself! Details under the cut!

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