November 2nd, 2011

Galvantula and Joltik
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My Snivy line collection so far!

I am reconstructing my room and it will take a while still. Still, I thought I might show you my Snivy line collection so far. There is SO MUCH MORE STUFF that has arrive to my home still, so...yeah. And a lot of stuff I have is still in the US T___T
This is my collection EXCLUDING flats. So far, I have a lot of flats, especially TCGs in different languages! I will probably post them later on.

This is what I have overall so far! <3

Apologize for non cuts, because this computer doesn't want to work with them for some reason :(
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New Kyurem and Musketeers Trio merch + 2 Unknown Pokemon

Thought I'd post this up in case some members here do not visit AAPF.

New Metal Collection featuring a bunch of basic Pokemon (who cares!) Most important ones are the Musketeers Trio! AAPF said the flier also mentions that the Musketeers Trio will be heavily focused in 2012!

Second merchandise news is a new keychain or charms set? No picture available but there's a listing on an online Japanese hobby store:

This set incudes the Musketeers Trio, Kyurem and two secret Pokemon. Keldeo and.....something new?


Time to speculate!

Quick Pokemon beanie sales

Good afternoon community . I have a very quick sale today involving the new Ty pokemon beanies.
At the weekend I bought a pikachu off ebay and then yesterday my mother bought me the last Pikachu in Tesco along with an Oshawott. Since I don't need two, I am offering them up for sale along with my Pansage. They are NWT though Oshawotts tag has a slight bend in it. All will come with tag protecters donated form my old beanie baby collection.

I was given sale permission from Dakajojo on 16/10/11.
I wil not sell to anyone banned from PKMNcollecters
I accept paypal only.
I ship from the UK and will ship internationally.
I will usually post within a couple of days of receiving cleared payment- you will be notified! I always keep recipts and proof of posting

here we go.. .

all are $10 + shipping which varies from country to country.

Oshawott has been sold!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!
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Collection update!

I posted my collection and intro about a month or so ago, and I have an update of things I have accumulated over the last couple of months!

 I have also updated my journal part so if anyone is interested in my Blastoise, Raichu or Bottlecap collection please click HERE

I am looking for the bottlecaps that I don't have if anyone has any knocking about :)

There is also a wants post in my journal.. just in case :D Thanks for looking!

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Looking to buy: Jolteon pokedoll.

Hey everyone,

  I know I'm new here so I'll introduce myself. I'm an active casual collector of mostly Johto and Kanto based pokemon plushes and whatnot. I've been following this site for about a year now and I've made a few comments here or there but to cut to the chase, I'm looking for a Jolteon pokedoll. It can be either the older release, the more recent one, or even a bootie(but please state it is) with the hang tag or without (but I do prefer the tush tag, but may overlook it missing). if you think you're willing to to do business just post and the price with shipping to 01867 and
and I'll try to respond. I'm not 100% i want 0ne so be patient (im indecisive). Also, because I'm new if I'm violating anything politely let me know and I'll work to fix the issue. thanks veryone

Still looking

Hey everyone, just posting again about me looking for some Pokedolls. Want: Lugia, Latias, and Jolteon. PREFERABLY Japanese versions, but show me what you have to offer.

I am also still looking for stickers too! (I love to decorate my laptop)!
Lastly, I am still looking for the people that sold me these, as I would love to exchange feedback. I left a post about it a while back, but the only reply I got on it was that the stickers were most likely from ditto9 is this true? Regardless, sellers please step forward? You deserve your good feedback.

Here is my feedback thread, so you can leave feedback about them from my purchase.

Thanks! =]
PKMN: Sailingtoed

Sit down and focus 'cause it's November♪

So, you guys. It's November. That won't mean much to some of you, but to others it means... NaNoWriMo. Come on, Pokemon collectors! I know there are fellow Wrimos lurking in our midst! Come out, come out, wherever you are! If you're interested, I'd totally love to be writing buddies. (<- This is a link.) How did your first day go? What's your word count? :D

Since I love NaNoWriMo so much (and to make this post not off topic), have a little photostory!

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Meowth :&#39;)

I've returned after a 5 month break, collection post

Hello. I've taken a 5 month break from PkmnCollectors and I'm returning starting today. I'm just introducing myself again and I hope to have fun here. :D  I collect mostly rare plushes, but I don't have many plushes yet.  I plan to get some more in the future. Here is a picture of my favorite of all the plushes I've collected so far.  

Here's some other pictures of my collection.

Here's a Pikachu plush from Nintendo World. I got it when I went to New York.  I also picked up a Snivy Pokecenter plush, and also a Servine plush, as well.

I have others, but I don't have pictures for them. :(
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Because you haven't seen one of these today...

SALES POST! Huzzah! :D

I also have 2 lots on ebay. Prices lowered (and negotiable)
mini cots, cards, stickers, figures, metal charms, etc
Plush, kids, figures, cards, etc

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I hope everyone had a great Halloween! ...gimme candy

My want list

So after browsing and doing a tad bit of shopping, I've decided to post a semi-complete want list~! Since I'm just starting my actual collection, it's a tad large, and I'm not sure of the official naming to some, and if I even found the tip of the iceberg for the Minccino merchandise. I would welcome any help to finding more things to add to my list~ I also am not sure how much of the I ♥ Pikachu line I have covered, but I always thought it was really soft and cute looking. :3c So here it is!
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Collapse )Collapse )And finally....MY GRAILS!

This Lugia plush from what I know, is a very rare find, but I might be wrong D; If I am, please don't hesitate to correct me. I just remember years when this was a new product, my sister and I set our goal to getting him, and we never did, and PC shut down their online sales. So now that I'm in a place I might come across one, here goes to my second try! This lapras, I also remember seeing alongside that Lugia plush, but I had seen no posts in my recent future of it ever since then, and I finally have to confirm my memory. Now it too is on my Grail list, when it comes to my grails I guess I go big or go home. 'o'

Does anyone have this mareep plush for sale?

I've been searching high and low for these plush on my wishlist. I was able to buy a few other plushes from my check, and updated pictures will come as soon as i get them^^ I was actually pretty down that I recently lost a auction bid for this lovley mareep banpresto plush, I was off by 5 seconds, I didn't relaly think anyone would bid. :(  I also don't really care about if the tags are on it, and the condition as long as it's acceptable. Also i just bought the dratini plush, THANK YOU FOR THE LINK!!^^


kids question

I've been thinking of repainting kids, as i love the shiny versions of some. What would be the best paint to use? I've tried acrylic, but it didnt work as well as i had hoped.
I'm also wondering if anyone was selling some scuffed up kids cheap, so i can practice.
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I'm going to be on a big eevee spending splurge to treat myself before Xmas - so before I try ebay and hardrock, best to ask you guys <3! 

I'm looking for - Mainly! minky pokedoll
Jakks eevee figure. Mini walky - Flower mascot plush ( the one with the odd colours )  - Attract kids figure

But if you can show me any eevees that would be awesome!

Glaceon MC Plus figure

Any condition for any of it is okay (:! But no flats, unless the art is SUPER pretty 

and I'm looking for a entei pokedoll, this is a christmas pressie for my boyfriend. 

to make this post a bit more err.. alive, BLING UP YOUR POKEMON AND TAKE PHOTOS 8)!

Hipster yo'

Lugia Sky

GA reminder, gets, tiny sales


This is my first and last BW Battrio GA reminder! It will end tomorrow at 6:00 PM PDT time!
A lot of them are still at there starting bid! Come on, just a bit more, lets win this! Aren't there any Snivy line, Tepig line, elemental monkies, Accelgor, Togekiss, Garchomp, Golurk and Eevee collectors out there? :3


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Shuckle updaate and help! O:

Soo I got some shuckle stuffs in the mail recently! :D

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Andd this is where I want help. D: Do I open it? It's been sealed all this time but I wanna rescue the poor Shuckle from there. x.x you can barely even see him in the package. :( So I want to open it, unless someone has a used/opened Shuckle Tomy to sell me? D: The only problem is I might damage the packaging because it's taped shut, and surely if I open it it won't be worth so much. x.x

I'm also looking for the Shuckle swing charm/dex charm, or any other random Shuckle stuffs. o: He's so cute.

Thanks! <3