November 3rd, 2011

Berry Vulpix

Arizona Members: Meet Up???

Hey Guys!

This post is pointing toward Arizona members mainly(although of course anyone is welcome to read it :D)

i just found out about this website about the upcoming limited release of the newest pokemon movie:

as of right now, it is only being shown in i think 3 places in Arizona. i think more will be added.

I WANT TO SEE IT IN THEATERS!! but, not alone. i don't think my mom and brother would sit through anyone interested in making this a meet up to see the movie and hang out? :)

i missed the meet up that was held last July(2010) and i am not sure if any have been held since. i know the one in July was held at Arizona Mills Mall(which would work great for me!). i hope the movie is going to be shown there.

this post is just to put the idea out there and see what interest there is. we can plan more if people are interested:)

let me know!

going to bed. night guys!

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I need your help!

Hey guys,
I'm currently working on a design for a pair of fully covered (yes, I must be mad) Pokedoll headphones (will be for auction later ;) ) but I noticed that there is quite a lack in any kind of definitive site or database for pokedoll designs!

So I decided to make one. Again, I must have gone crazy.

But I need your help! You guys are the ones with the pokedolls, after all. I need good quality images of as many pokedoll art as you can throw at me!
By this, I mean the actual official pokedoll image, not like custom work or anything. (so pokedoll tags, stickers, mousepads, hankerchieves, anything)

It's on ~
o6. n-n-ninfia!
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Looking for a few things...

Hi, I'll make this short and simple~

I'm looking for a few PKMN items [Not just plush for once!] I'm trying to look for them cheap and mostly from sellers in America, but if you have the items I want, feel free to drop me some info! Doesn't hurt to try, right?

I'm looking for some Pokemon Posters, no wallscrolls or anything silky. Please no Ash/Satoshi. My two favorite regions are Sinnoh and Unova, though I do have a softside for Hoenn. So anything related to those three regions would be nice!

I'm looking for some Pokedolls as well! Once again, I would prefer the sellers to be from America. Canada and UK are secondary and will be considered. I'll prefer them new, but if you have something that's not mint and has at least tush tag, I'll be okay with.

Pokedolls I'm looking for:
Bisharp - I would rather have a new one with this.

I'm also looking for Happy and Relaxed Piplup to complete my collection. New or with at least tush tag would be nice. :]

Oops! I should also add in... I am also looking for a shiny PRINPLUP DX Banpresto plush to complete my collection, LOL.

Bring me your furrets! =]

So, recently, we had a new little girl join the family. Her name is Trixie-Doll and she is ferret #6! =] (I know, I'm crazy! But my PJ is 7 years old so sadly I might be down to 5 again soon. T.T) In celebration of the newest addition to my little/big business (If you don't know, a group of ferrets is called a business.) I have decided to officially start a Furret collection!  Let get real ok, weasels are my favorite animals of all time, and I HAVE had and WILL have ferrets my whole life. When I saw little Trixie there saying "take me home!" I just couldn't resist. So why deny it any longer, I MUST have a Furret collection!

So! Bring me your Furret items! I really have NO Furret stuff yet.

Also! I was wondering if anyone was selling this Pikachu Pokemon Time sticker?

Don't forget! I'm also an electric Pokemon lover! (So you can offer up electric items too!)

Thanks! =]
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The People at the Post Office Love Me...

because I help keep them in business. =) 

Prawnographer GA is in and ready to go! I need some shipping payments asap- these items are hugeeee and are taking up a lot of space in my room. XD

Prawnographer GA spreadsheet-pikaquil 

Please send all payments to and make sure you include your username and what GA you participated in somewhere in the memo. If you would like feedback, please comment with a link. If you would like to leave me feedback my new thread is located here!

I am also still waiting on final payments from the following individuals from other GAs. Follow the same directions above, please!

Shiny DX GA-  oshawut (Does anyone know another way I can contact them?)

Giant irethsune GA- jeansama lunglock mandyseley pikaquil (Your combined total is in the prawnographer spreadsheet.)

Thanks for participating, everybody! If you have any concerns please let me know. <3 While I'm here I might as well post a quick wants plug:

Cresselia pokedoll why do you have to be so cute and avoid me like no other. ;_; I almost had one two weeks ago but things happen, so I'm still looking if anyone is selling!
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Collection weeding sales!

Howdy Folks! I'm running out of room here with all of my TCG and all of my new plush (Including my super awesome Timburr pokedoll I got from _____!)

So To make room I'm getting rid of a lot of the kids i have and some new stuff that i thought i would have room for but dont :O
Its mostly Kids and a couple of Rotom Items, so if you're a rotom collector you should definitely take a look!
So here it goes!

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And as always, there's my permanent sales post!


Just some pricing help again

Hey guys.  I was going through my storage and found a bunch of the older burgerking promo toys from the 1st movie (and a few from the second movie). What would be a fair price to sell these individually for?

I also have loads of Topps cards that I need to sell as well. What would be a fair price for the cards?

I know it won't be much as both the bk toys and topps cards are super easy to find, but I'm sure some people still want them haha.

I'll also be putting my large dragonite pillow and my pokedoll charms up for auctions or offers sometime soon, so be on the look out for those!

Also sales plug. (if this isn't allowed, ask me and I'll remove the link)

Customs, Sales and Possible Trades?

hey guys my custom pokemon candle slots close tomorrow at 4 and theirs still no bids :c

***NEW*** these candles are now able to have scents! on hand i have some berry blossom candles that can be yours! i can also get ciddammon and pumpkin, etc.


My TCG's have also been reduced to $0.20!!!! i am willing to haggle so if you feel like the price is still too high we can haggle!

*all links below!*

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Just a Get

As most of you are unaware, I posted a want for the Kanto Starters pokedolls a couple of weeks ago.  I found a Bulbasaur all by his lonesome and had him sent to me <3 

My parents asked why I screamed.

I'm considering naming him Tom, still undecided :D



My website is updated - 2011 promotion page is GO. Click the banner below to check it out!

As some of you may or may not know, Pokemon Time is my main collection! So this time of year is very special for me - and also the time when I go really really crazy!  BUY ALL THE THINGS. You know, I'M NOT LIKE YOU GUYS. My collection doesn't grow slowly over time - it bursts with growth immensely and literally overnight, once every year! And it's that time of year now.

Most of my update you can see on my website, but under the cut  are some choice photos and other fun things! Also, if you have any questions about my site or PT generally, now would be a fantastic time to ask them!

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Thanks for looking!

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Help identifying a few things please!

I finally got approved to sell, so I am working on making a sales post. I just have a few questions about these erasers and stickers I got a while ago at the mall. Any info is appreciated! :3 THANKS EVERYONE <3 <3 <3

I know the monkey is Chimichar, but who is the birdie? Is there a name for these guys or just pink erasers?

Name these Pokemon! I have no idea who they are ;__;
Also, is that Korean? It doesn't look like Japanese, but I could be wrong!
Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie

Question regarding pricing...

Hello, all!

I'm thinking of selling several of my Eevee and Flareon items to finance my rabbit's surgery to get "fixed." I was wondering how much these things were going for:

-Pokedolls: Eevee and Flareon (like new w/ tags)
-JAKKS: Eeeve and Flareon (still in package)
-Canvas Plushies: Eevee and Flareon (like new w/ tags, stored in covered case)
-TOMYS: Eevee and Flareon (out of package, but like new)
-Kids: Eevee (x2, 1 attack, 1 sitting) and Flareon (attack) (like new)

Thanks for your help. :)

Sales from Japan

It's been awhile! I've been hoarding stuff for a few months now, so here it is!

NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.
Shipping will be from Japan, and my shipping day is Thursday only.

If you are definitely buying, SAY SO, because often there are other buyers interested in the same items. If you just ask for a shipping
quote, I will assume you have not yet committed to the sale, and your item will be open to another buyer. Please respond within 24 hours if
you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.
Shipping on small items will most likely be $2.50-$3.50.

Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo  on 3/17/11
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NOTE: I have very few small boxes, so people who are buying a lot will get priority!! Most items will have to be shipped in bubble wrap, in an envelope. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Youmacon anyone??? + wants

I'm going to Youmacon this weekend (it's in Detroit). Is anyone else planning to go? If there's a decent amount of people going we should try and arrange a way to all meet up! :) I'm going to be bringing my Mienfoo Pokedoll!

And to just add a little something to the post... ('cause Growlithe is the cutest.)

As of now, I just really want the 1/1 Chikorita. Please let me know if you're willing to sell that cutie!

ANDDD. Does anyone know how much merch Mienfoo/Mienshao have at the moment?