November 6th, 2011


Self Intro

Hey fellow pokemon lovers!

Geez I've been following this community for awhile now and have only recently joined.  I dunno if i should have though because now I'm all getting back into pokemon and bought a few plushes too! lol  Too bad I just moved back from Japan though D:  I only went to the Pokemon center once too and I've lived there for 4 years!

I don't really have a lot of pokemon stuff, but I do like 1st and 2nd gen pokemons the most, only because I stopped watching after that.

My most prized possession would probably be winning these two guys at the UFO catchers.  I also have the Pichu one but just not in this pic.  Looking forward to pokemon collecting even though i spend too much money collecting other stuff D:  

** edit: I decided to put up a pick of all 3 **


Halp! Me I need advice

Hello collectors! Spideyroxas here making a post all the way fro
Singapore, now this question is mainly for Singaporean members here, I've asked before but I thought it would hurt to get more insight, now I'm staying in Aspen Heights with Family at their apartment, I believe Llang Court is the closest mall to me, but I may be mistaken, so I know there's basically only Gachapon machines on the 1st floor there for anime/basic Pokemerch. I also went to one of my favourite places China Town Plaza and picked a few things up, but again barley any Pokemon.
Is there anywhere that may have a few more things than a single figure, I believe Donny9? Lives in Singapore and picks up imported goods like MPCs, so is there anywhere to find anything Pokemon or even DBZ or One piece??
Thanks guys hopefully I spot one of you somewhere
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Banpresto Items Pickup/Pre-order Re-open

Hey guys, I would like to let you know that I will be opening my pre-orders again, since I've cleared all of the October Pre-orders and stuff. I have created a Permanent Pickup/Pre-order page with all the stock that is available to be ordered and the dates it is released/will be arriving. It will be updated over time so bookmark/Note it down, w/e. This pre-orders will be for items spanning from arrivals in November(This month) to Jan 2012, and they include MPC, Round Head, Christmas, DX and I <3 Pikachu Plush. Just a short list of photos to give you a sneak peak of what it consists of. I noticed quite a few people asking for prices and stuff on their facebook page so I thought I better order what the comm wants early or else they may go out of stock. (Pokemon revived in Singapore? DOUBT SO...)
Preorders will be open until 18th November 2011

Click this link to get there:

Just to end off, I've created a wants post too, take a look here:


Taking Offers!

I would like to have a bigger sales post, but due to my lack of organization I'm going to simply attempt to make a tiny offers post~


I've got some good prices, so come take advantage of them!

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Wanna try and haggle me down? GO FOR IT!

I ship from the US to ANYWHERE. :D I will be taking offers until Wednesday, November 9th, at 5PM EST, or until I get an offer I really like.

I have sales permission since years ago, and I will gladly link anyone to my ebay account for feedback, since I believe I do not yet have a feedback thread on the new feedback topic here at pkmncollectors.
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Pokemon of the Week!

Here we go again!

This week's pokemon IS.....

#544, Whirlipede!! Which of course includes Venipede and Scolipede. There's likely not that much merch out there for this line, but post what you've got!! I wish I had a Scolipede kid, he's easily one of my fav gen 5 pokemon. :) Post your photos and collections!!

As with any other 5th gen pokemon, if their number is pulled for a second time in the future they will still be featured since we're still going through the merch releases for gen 5 right now. :)

Few questions....

how much does the magikarp pokedoll go for? I just recently spotted him and want him but not sure how much he is...

Also does anyone have a totodile canvas plush for less than $20? used/new is fine, along with tagless.(and the old one, not the new one coming out)

Also, anyone have him for less than $20?
Boufalant plush
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Smallish Sales and Auctions from Japan!!

Sup everybody! So being in Japan has unfortunately put quite a big hole in my pocket XP therefore I will be selling and auctioning off some of
the great finds Ive collected over here!

I only accept Paypal.
All prices are in USD.
I ship from Japan.
  Holds are available upon request but for no longer than 24 hours.
Shipping varies so please ask before committing to buy.
 Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 7/20/11 (under my Facebook account as Stacey LaValle).
 Not open for trades atm unless its something of high priority from my Wants List:
Once and item has left my hands (as in shipped) I am no longer responsible for it. All sales are final.
All feedback can be left here:

Auction will end Sunday November 13th at 10 PM Japan time. (Will add a coundown clock soon!) Community rules apply, no snipping!

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Harry Potter - Plz

Re-Intro, Sales, Reminder & Want!

Hello pkmncollectors!

It's been a while since I've made a collection post here so I decided to do a re-intro with my main collections. I have accumulated a lot of merch since first joining in 2007 (and then rejoining in 2010), so much so a lot have not been pictured. I'm making this post as a focus on my main collections - Pokemon I actively set out to buy and collect :)

My main collections are:

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I've not updated or posted about my sale in a while, so today I dedicated a couple hours of taking new pics, adding new items and editing prices. So my sales are definitely worth a look as they're rather different from what they were a few months ago :)


The other day I set up a GB of the xmas charms set with Blitzle in it. We have just one charm left that needs a claim - Pansage! I know that cute green monkey is loved here, so someone must want him right? Please click on the pic below to be transported to the post to claim him!

Finally, tomorrow is my birthday (I'll be 22 woo!) so I wanna see if I can make my birthday perfect by obtaining this big want. And I mean big, in every sense of the word! As everyone here must know by now, Pokemon Time released a mahoosive Wailord pillow plush.

Unfortunately, as I was umming and ahhing over getting one from Gin, I missed out on getting on the list. I cannot afford the big prices on hardrock or eBay T_T I was wondering if anyone who can access a Pokemon Center with Wailord in stock could maybe, possibly pick one up for me? If anyone can, please drop me a comment or PM and state your price (I'm able to pay up to $100 with shipping, but can go a bit over if necessary). Also, sorry if this request is not allowed :O I have tried to find it off the community but I can't afford the ones I've found T_T
Yoshi! :)

Finishing sales & dragons

Hi all,

I'm just here posting up some items from my previous sales (with some new things), & that's really it. XD

I'll also put up some pics of two recent gets (I've actually had them since October) so that this post won't look that barren...

(Metallic Paint Reshiram & Zekrom Overdrive Tomy Figures)

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New plush shelf,Sales,and a GA

So I got a new temporary computer to use for internet :3 and I reorganized my shelves so I was able to fit all of my plush on to one shelf ^^.
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I've added everything leftover from my last couple group auctions into my sales :3

I'm lazy so I didn't want to add all the stickers one by one XD so I figured I'd just offer them in a lot,the least amount I'll take is 5.00 but I might lower if there isn't any interest. Sold :3
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and last but not least a new GA :3

Bidding ends November 10th at 6:30 pm PST Bidding has ended :)
(Used but very good condition (no page is missing to the book). Smoke free house.)

I will be claiming all of the pikachus for 5.00+ :3.
1.Paypal only please :)
2.I will need payment within 3 days of receiving the invoice
3.All Community Auction Rules apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction
4.Non payers will have negative feedback left :( 
5. Please bid in increments of 1.00
6. There will be 2 payments.

Collapse )We won the auction :3

looking for Pre order bonus figures!

Hello everyone, i am on the hunt for 4 of the pokemon pre order bonus figures! I'm wondering if have any of them and if their willing to sell it to me :) if not i'm wondering if anyone could help me find these guys on y!j since i don't know how to navigate it! thank you for your time! :)




Starter trio (this isn't that big on my want list)

Sales Update!

Added a bunch of stuff to my main sales and got my TCG up for sale too! Here's a preview of what was added for sale:

Along with a bunch of burgerking toys and hasbro weather trio action figures.

Click here or the banner for my main sales!

Card Sales are here! Don't have a banner for it yet haha

I still have a ton of topps cards to post for sale but that's gonna take a while.

Also, heres my wants list. If you have anything on there, show me! I'm willing to buy or trade.
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Kids GA

Hey to all who participated recently in the kids GA I co-hosted. Yes we won! Sorry my computer is getting sent out tomorrow because my poor baby has a virus or it's host processing units are broken. I'm going to be using my boyfriend's computer tomorrow after my 10am class so I should have the spreadsheet up then around 11ish (I don't want to use my computer for a spreadsheet because I don't want others to open up documents from my comp due to the fact that it might be infected) But yes we won and yes extra kids will be open for sale once James receives them! Thank you all for your patience and for bidding! As far as those who participated in my small tomy lot GA, that should be arriving to me either tomorrow or Tuesday! :D Hooray!