November 7th, 2011


Okies ;o; so lately iv gotton addicted to wailord and whismur xD drew that ;o; couldnt help it~~ anywayyyyy

I have a couple questions >W<

What merchandise of whismur is there out there? and im looking for this whismur plushie~ its a UFO plush and are there any more plushies out there of him?

Thankies so much ^__^!!
jolteon game ani


::::Looking for this plush for like ever!!!! If any one is selling or seen it being sold please let me know!!! I am willing to put down serious money for it!!!! Its a huge want for me so keep me posted if you guys ever find one ^.^ ty so much guys!
Custom Trainer and Miju

re-intro post :)

Hello! It's been quite some time since I've posted about my collection and because I've done alot of weeding recently I figured I'd do a re-intro post. I joined the community in March of 2010. I'm just coming back from a several month long hiatus, and it's so nice to see everyone's pokemon collections again. My favorite pokemon are Chikorita, Blitzle, Oshawott, Eevee and her evolutions, and Lilligant. I've also really fallen for many of the trainers in gen5, specifically N, Touko/Hilda and Cilan. I've cut my collection down to my favorite items mainly because of space and money issues.

Collapse )And speaking of weeding, I do have some more items I put on my sales post. I'm going to the post office tomorrow to mail the most recent sales out. Click the link to be transported:

I also just put up a final lot on eBay:

Thanks so much for looking! :)


Looking for UK middleman

Well I was actually planning a re-intro/collection update post but that can hold off for now.  As one of my highest priority items, a graily grail of mine has shown up and in a place that requires me to inquire help from somebody on the community. Now this is coming right off the heels of me losing one (and to a snipping program) and for a second one to pop up so soon afterwards, kinda didn't expect that. But I guess that is how rare items work. You go months without seeing one and then in less then two weeks two pop up.

So yeah, its on UK ebay and unlike the last one, doesn't come with an international shipping option. So I'm looking for a UK member to help me out with bidding for this item. :3  I also don't mind paying commission fee's either for helping me out on this.

So as to add a bit of something a bit more to this post, here is a sneak peek at my next post:

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Final Auction Reminder!

Just posting to let ya'll know that my auction for Espeon and Umbreon Canvas plush and the Arcanine UFO catcher ends tonight!

For those of you trying to snag these plush for a decent price, they're all still under $55 so this could be your chance c: I know I've seen the canvas go as high as $200 (holy crap) on ebay @_@

They're all mint condition (with the exception of Umbreon who's missing his tag, but is still perfect otherwise). Please take a look c:

Click here to go to the auction!
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question reguarding paypal

i hope this is on topic enough to post here... i hope one of you guys can help me.
is it technically against paypal acceptable use policy to use paypal for customs? in this case custom plush? have any of you plush makers run into any problem using paypal and getting payments up front before you make the plush? i'll put the rest of the details under a cut, so read on if you think you can help!
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thank you so much for reading! and i'll definitely delete this post if it's too off topic :P
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Reminder: Leafeon hoodie for sale.

My second and last post about this since I did the first one on a Friday night, when there seems to be the least amount of activity, here, oops!  Just in case any potentially interested parties didn't see this. :)  

I'm selling this never worn, one-of-a-kind machine embroidered Leafeon hoodie I made, size mens/unisex medium.  As much as I adore how this one came out, it's just too big for my scrawny self and I don't really won't have room for it after my upcoming move, so I'm hoping it will find a home with a dedicated Leafeon collector.  I don't take commissions nor do I have any plans to do so in the future, so this may be the last opportunity to get one of my hoodies first hand.

Click the picture for link to dA jounral with info and bigger pictures.

The sale doesn't have to be through dA, I just have more luck with viewing things on my Android phone while at work there than LJ, which loads stunningly slowly.  I can be reached much more quickly via email than here or dA though at

Sales permission granted by Gin in June of 2009.

what was your first piece of Pokemon merch?

It's time for story time (because it just popped into my head and I'm curious :p)
What was your first piece of Pokemon merch, do you still have it, and do you still collect that line/Pokemon?

Before I even got Pokemon Blue, I remembered seeing the first set of Hasbro figures in stores... Actually, I remember I was only in that store since my mom was trying to win a raffle to be able to get a Furby for me for Christmas. I guess they only had so many in, so had to do a drawing (and yes, I did get one in the colour I wanted too!)
Anyways, I had just started watching Pokemon on tv, and thought the Hasbro Tomy figures looked neat! At the time I thought Wartortle looked so cool with his ears, so I got the Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise line with the coins and little ball blaster thingie :p My friend that was with me got the 3-piece Pikachu set.
I still own them and love them, but since their merch is a little hard to find now, it's all I have of them besides TCG... Although I am considering the Squirtle canvas!

Now time for all your stories of your first :) Storytime is always fun here! :D

(Also, here's a quick plug to my sales... I still need to make a permanent sales post but I just haven't had the time lately :/)
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Interested in Monopoly Pieces? and Price Check!

I was wanting to sell my monopoly piece set since I have another set for my collection, but I was wanting to know how many people really wanted them to see if they are worth selling.

If I get enough interest ill set up a sales post with them and some other weeding sales from my collection! Before I sell them I will have to get sales permission but I have the feedback so it wont take to long to get them up on the community. So tell me what your thoughts are community! And also should I do an auction or sell em as a set or individually and how much are they worth? Help me out ^.^ thanks!
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(no subject)

Hi there! I am looking for a small Blitzle strap plush. If someone has it for sale for a reasonable price or knows where I can buy it (expect Noppin etc. please), I would like to take it! :D Also I prefer to have both his tags. :)

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SHINY PIKACHU PLUSH! and more pikachu stuff...


wait no...

i meant, some original pikachu stuff! never before made pikachu stuff?!

how about the very first shiny pikachu plush ever, a collaboration with the Beams company in japan. notice the tiny shopping bag is full of a mini pikachu pokedoll! the doll can be reserved or will be sold in pokemon centers and beams stores in early december. i will pick them up if i can!

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thank you AAPF for this info!

in other pikanews, pokemon center tokyo opened a facebook and has goods in honor of it. who knew! check them out here:

and finally, i have begun collecting pepsi figures from stores around my area. i only have about 1/3rd of the requested ones, but once i have all or most, i will post for payments! please check to remind yourself if you're on the pepsi list and i am sorry but i can't take any more pepsi figures requests right now! ;_;

though i do have a tsunbear i accidentally picked up, if anyone wants to claim him :)

thanks guys!
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(no subject)

Hi all, hope everyone is having a great night! Just checking to see if anyone was selling this Breloom Zukan:

(image by

My regular Zukan wants are also under the cut (I'm really interested in most Hoenn Zukans, so give me a shot! As always, I'm looking for dark red bases as well):

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Thanks as always guys!
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Pokepin sales!

Hey guys, it's been a while! =) I'm back again sellin' pins (both premade&custom ones) to the comm. <3

Click here, or click the sales banner to be transported to sales info&details!

Please have a look inside if you're interested in some buttons like these!

Thanks for reading! <3

(p.s. I'll be afk for about 45 minutes, but I'll reply the minute I get back!)
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Reminder and jakks plush sales

Just a reminder on this little guy
2003 Raichu bean ends tomorrow ^__^

I also found these today!!!
They are
$15 shipped for 1
$25 shipped for 2
$35 shipped for 3
etc etc
US only. Let me know if you are international ^^
New with tags and oh so cute!


Cousin's Collection

So my girlfriend and I were house-sitting for my aunt, so we took a look at all of my cousin's toys. He's got a whole bunch of stuff, I don't know even know where they came from. There are some jakks, tomy, and kids, and more. Have fun with all the pictures :D

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PKMN: Sailingtoed

love is in the air?

A simple and somewhat short photostory for you all today because I got something special in the mail~!♥

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So, yeah! Lots of goodness and I am a happy person today.

While I'm here, I guess I'll try again for this:

Does anyone happen to have that hang tag on the top right? I think more plush than just the Politoed UFO have it considering there are other pokemon on it, so it doesn't HAVE to be from a Politoed. I don't mind if it's bent or anything, just as long as it's not really badly damaged. I'd really rather not spend a whole lot on just a hang tag, but tell me what you'd like for it. <3 And if you have it but don't want to sell it, can you at least take a photo for me? That picture isn't good. XD

Thanks everyone! I hope your weekends were good ones. ♥

Turtles <3

Whee! After waiting for two weeks, my DX Turtwig pokedoll finally arrives <3
<s>And it is much bigger than I expected too</s>
I didn't even know it is still in stock in Nintendo World at first until korth was doing a run and has this on the list!

My little turwig is so happy to see it too!

And I can't resist doing a picture like this xP

And lastly some Small plush sales. I will willing to haggle too if you think price is a bit high. Thanks!

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Re-Intro and Sales

Now that I have sales permission I can properly introduce myself! :D Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11

I would have never found this place if it wasn't for a few members who found my Etsy shop Geeky Cute Crochet and ordered custom Pokemon amigurumi from me. I'd like to thank a few people, and forgive me if I leave anyone out! Thank you pantsu_kudasai, 3kame, nagaineko, no_pizzazz, and nightmare_chan2 ! YOU GUYS ROCK! If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have found my way here.

Feel free to check out my Etsy shop Geeky Cute Crochet, but right now due to high demand for the holiday season I am not taking custom orders right now! I will let you guys know when I am ready for custom orders, I just really can't take any on at the moment. I do have some Pokemon necklaces and pins ready to ship for $5 and under! Go check it out!

You can check out past custom orders I've made in my gallery!

Click HERE or the banner to go to my sales!
Slowpoke Sales Click Here
Right now I am offering TCG, a Victini Kid, and some stickers and erasers.

Touko // Hanging on
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re-introduction + a monstro-sity of a get!

Hey everyone! I'm re-introducing myself (but I seriously look new)! I'm Eunhee*, nice to meet to everyone! :) 
I found the community while looking for Lati@s plush in late 2008 (for reasons I forgot why...) and joined in early 2009! I pretty much disappeared late 2009 though but I've been checking back occasionally! I kind of jumped back into collecting after seeing Gin/denkimouse's post on the Wailords (I'm so...shallow XD) and so here I am again! I most likely may be lurking again, but I think you will see me from time to time! Again, nice to meet you! 

Now for an interesting get! :D under the cut~ 

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Flaafy merch!

Howdy community!
I have a question; Christmas is coming up, and my dearest friend has an absolute LOVE for Flaafy!

I want to get her some sort of Flaafy merch, but I can't find anything!!

Does anyone know where I can snag some Flaffy merch, if it even exists? I'm looking for something along the lines of a plush or a kid, not so much TCG.

Thanks everyone!