November 8th, 2011


Shipping Update and Wants

Hello community! I hope you are all well today.

I will keep this short because i am very tired lol.

Anyone who i have sold to within the past week, your packages were dropped at the post office today and will make there way to you soon. Thank you for your business and enjoy your items. If you need feedback left, feel free to post me the link and i would be happy to. :) If you could please let me know when your packages arrive with feedback as well it can be found in my profile.

Okay, onto the wants. I am just listing 2 for the moment.
(no pics due to phone posting)

1. Articuno Bell Plush.... One can dream...right?
2. I am looking for an articuno stamp. If you have one for sale please let me know.

Shameless sales plug!
( just click my username to be transported )

With that, I'm off to bed.
Thanks and Goodnight to you all!

GA#21 by couchpotatonet - 200+ Pan Stickers - leftovers

The stickers have arrived and here are the leftovers (and extras from another ga).

Mommymoose - Eevee 5 did not have a sticker.  Please choose two stickers below to replace it.

Stickers are $.50 to participants & $1 for everyone else.
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Sold: Sandshrew, Carvanha, Pelipper, Skarmory, Slowking, Bulbasaur 1, Wobbuffet 1, Togepi, Togepi & Wynaut, James, Delbird 2, Zangoose, Bellossom, Xatu, Marill 1, Phanpy 1, Phanpy 2, Natu 2, Growlithe, Spinda, Jirachi, Manaphy 1, Baltoy, Claydol, Jigglypuff, Gulpin, slugma, magcargo, psyduck 3, Beautifly, krikitune, sudowoodo, tangrowth, lickilicky, wailord, wailmer, bonsly 1, bonsly 2, Brock/Croagunk, Whiscash, Grumpig, Ledian, Smoochum 1, Smoochum 2, Lotad, Ludicolo, Slakoth, Misdreavus 1, Misdreavus 2, Aron, Venonat 1, Bulbasaur 2, Duskull 2, Duskull 3, Togetic, Natu 1, Natu 3, Psyduck 1, Psyduck 2, Wobbuffet 3, Manaphy 2, Azumarill, Marill 2, Pichu 1, Pichu 2, Pichu 3, Pikachu, Teddiursa 1, Meowth 5, Meowth 6,

Original GA Link:

applejack and rarity uhh ok



payments are OWED!!! i have got ALL THE THINGS!!

i am not taking any more pepsi figure reservations! i have too much pepsi :( i have an extra -tsunbear if anyone wants him. just comment to buy or add to your others!

please pay for your figures ASAP! :D list under the cut!

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Two cards needed? :3

Remember the Pokemon Black and White toys and cards from Mcdonalds from what seems like forever ago?

I got all the cards except for two.. The Zorua and the Sandile. 

I'd really like to complete this set, so if you have one that you don't want, please let me know!

(no subject)

If this isn't an appropriate post I will change the topic just let me know<3
Has anyone heard from the user Krokorok?
I tried contacting them on some things I bought a loooong time ago (July actually)
and never received but they haven't replied back to me. I've tried twice now. Does anyone know if they are okay? Or did you yourself ever receive items from this users last sales post, if you purchased anything?
I was just curious before I leave a negative feedback T ^ T
Also a want: for someone else to please do wailord pick ups. I need that wailord in my life. I made a mistake. I need youuu orz.XD
so yeah. >O> Wailord plush cushion is my want right now. I have plenty others but, this one takes the cake at the moment. :3
So in the odd case that you ordered one and it wasn't satisfactory ;o; hit me up please. :)


To be honest I've been lurking pkmncollectors for the past year or so before I decided to get the guts and join!

I've been collecting for about three years now, and my main collections are mew, eevee, and latios/latias. 

Somehow I've also ended up with tons of lucario stuff as well, which in a few months I will hopefully be selling!

I look forward to doing business with you all and making lots of awesome pokemon friends!

I also hope to start a few new collections; milotic, frosslass, and espeon.


Here's a not so good photo of my mew collection! It's probably my favorite collection, probably because of all the work I put into finding everything in it! I've always loved mew, ever since I was little. I mean who doesn't have a soft spot for the little guy? 

apple sisters snuggle!

pokemon kids february ~cobalion set~!

EDIT: added more details!

pardon another of mine post folks :) got some pokekids news for all us pokekids lovers.

the february set, the ~cobalion set~ list is here! :D

・Unfezant (♂)
・Jellicent (♂)

This will be the first Cobalion merch I think I'll be buying... hope it's cute!
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Jensoxen GA Extras, TY Beanies and Info

I have returned from vacation, and have started packaging up the Jensoxen GA.
Lifesize GA: I am just finishing checking over who has paid and who has not for Payment #2, I will update the spreadsheet in the next hour, and pay the middleman service, even if we're out a payment or two. Eeek! Exciting!

All but two TY Beanies were posted well over a week ago, with the exception of donny9 and breethezebra. Yours will go out with some super shiny stickers on Friday. I am very sorry for your wait, I just didn't get them sent in time before my holiday.

Jensoxen GA extras! These are for participants only for 24hrs - I will have PMed every participant with a link to this post, and first come first served. If you did not participate you may put your name down for an item IF it does not get claimed.
The prices include any change they make to postage, so they are cheapy cheap! Be reasonable in your claims, please.

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Also! I have one last lot of TY Beanie Babies up for direct sale.
This is your last chance to definitely grab some from me in time for Christmas.
Each beanie is $10 plus postage - $4 to outside Europe and $3.50 to Europe. Postage discount applies for multiple beanies.

3 x Pikachu 2 x Pikachu
4 x Snivy 3 x Snivy
5 x Oshawott 3 Oshawott
2 x Axew
2 x Pansage
1 x Tepig
2 x Cardboard tray with full art on the sides - Make an offer, they are ridiculously sturdy.
Sales permission granted by Dakajojo in June 2011


hello everyone, i just joined this community and wanted to introduce myself! i don't get a lot of chances to collect pokemon paraphernalia, but hopefully i'll be able to find some things through here. : ) 
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New Here

I'm Netherzard. I'm new here and don't have much of a collection, but I hope to soon! I'm a long time lurker, and finally made a livejournal account!

As of now, the rarest plush I have is an Umbreon Canvas Plush. I also have a few less rare plushies  as well as a few kids figures. I have a rather large card collection too (but I'm getting quite bored with those ) lol.
I really want to have a focus for my future collection- and am struggling to determine what that focus will be. I think I want to collect kids figures but there doesn't seem to be that many on ebay. I love the plush but they seem a bit expensive- especially the canvas ones which are my favorite! I'm not a huge fan of Pokedolls or UFOs. I'm very tempted to begin collecting canvas plush. So yeah, I'm not sure what I want to collect yet! But after browsing all of your collections I may have an idea!

I love fire type pokemon, especially Houndoom, Charizard, and Ninetales.

I have one random question, Why doesn't Pokemon Collectors have it's own site? I have designed websites and it would be so easy to create a website like livejournal just for collectors. I was just wondering why nobody has done it yet?

So yeah! Not much to say but hello Pokemon Collectors! I hope to get to know you all very well!

japanese tcg sales!

So today I received quite a few packages, two of which were from AmiAmi and SMJ! =3
I got the Japanese Zekrom EX and Reshiram EX decks and a few promos and BW3 SRs.
I sifted through the packages and with me here are the extras.
They include cards from the Zekrom/Reshiram decks, BW3 EX cards, and promos ranging from the L-P era to the BW-P era, and some other cards as well as the coins from the decks!
This is just a few of the cards that are for sale in this post:

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on August 3, 2011.

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Also take a look at my regular sales post here:

Here you'll find a TON more Japanese cards, English TCG, Pokédolls, figures, and more! :3

Identify this please?!

Hi, could anyone tell me what this blastoise figure is please?
 I know the pictures aren't too good sorry :|

Also, if anyone wants close up pics of the pokemon master trainer board game, then let me know. i bought it a few weeks back :)

Just joined here and its awesome! Thank You!

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Wants! and quick plush sale

These 3 are still available! Get 'em now or they go back to the store! XD


Angry Victini tomy!

Any of these Pokemon time charms:
Pikachu, Cubone, Mareep, Sneasel, Slowpoke

Glameow tomy

Arcanine kid

sitting luxio and angry laying shinx kids

I stole these pics from everyone hahaha
pokemon: mamo!

Upcoming MPCs!

Wonderful AAPF has gotten us a report and picture of upcoming MPC sets for next year! :D

Dates are educated guesses!

March 2012
#586 Sawsbuck (Spring), #541 Swadloon, #592 Frillish (Female), #632 Durant, #536 Palpitoad, #584 Vanilluxe

April 2012
#585 Deerling (Spring), #619 Mienfoo, #633 Deino, #524 Roggenrola, #611 Fraxure, #569 Garbodor

May 2012
#507 Herdier(?), #592 Frillish (Male), #620 Mienshao, #636 Larvesta, #597 Ferroseed, #521 Unfezant (Male)

What's exciting for you?

EDIT: Just found more news! Namco only set! (Like the Hydreigon set last summer, if you can recall how hard those were to get...) Comes out in December! Thanks to denkimouse for seeking this out!

Conkeldurr, Purrloin, Tranquill, Krookodile, Tympole

Pics behind cut~
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Stickers 3 for 2!

Hi again!
I'm back! With a new offer this time - I have a 3 for the price of 2 on all premade single stickers! Terms and conditions are inside the cut, as are all the usual details.
Not open for customs right now, sorry!
Thank you, by the way, for all the kind people on this community, you're all really lovely to work with!
I'm moving home soon, so there will probably be some Pokémon merch coming your way! I just have so much to SORT THROUGH (and sadly part ways with). =n=

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