November 9th, 2011


Question about tcg cards

Hey guys,

My friend and I are trying to figure out which pokemon card is the most rare/popular out of all the cards so far.  I'm thinking a rare promo of some sorts, but was wondering what you guys would choose as the most raret/best/favorite pokemon card out there.

Update x2 for sales and collection

I have added new items into my sales journal, which is $1.00 each. Items include loose Zukan piece, MC figure, Suction Cup, and custom phone charm. Also, I have lowered down the price of my Stamp Retsuden, and there are still a bunch of choices. Please take a look at my shop.

Some preview for the items

That's for everything right now? Guess it is kind of boring without a collection update, um? I received this minky 10th anniversary Treecko Pokedoll from minhimalism !

He is so soft and adorable, with the biggest eyes among my Pokedolls. XD

Ryun - FNAF

Info On Pokemon Fishing Lures

A customer was asking in my sales about some items I had.
I kinda didn't know a lot about them and them asking sparked my interest.

Pokemon Fishing Lures, Slowpoke and Pikachu.
I bought them both on e-bay, they came as a set. The hooks on them are REAL and SHARP. They both came w/ red lure covers. But that's all I know.

Anyone have some info on these?? :3
Much appreciated!

Also my sales are here if anyone is interested, prices have also dropped for a few items.
Sales HERE
Pokemon - trans am
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quickie sales and offers! stamps, stickers and kids

Hello! I'm in the process of trying to clear some old sales items (as well as leftovers from a recent SMJ box and a very ancient pan sticker GA) from my inventory, and decided to start out with the little things. Included in the post are offers for chibi stampers as well as straight sales for even more chibi stampers, 60 pan stickers (most for $1.00 each), and miscellaneous kids figures (and an oddly placed Hasbro Aggron figure). Please check it out- after reading the sales guidelines, of course!

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Many items added to sales

As I am in need of funds (particularly to ship a very large Turtwig) I've added a lot to my sales, including stickers, B/W keychains, half a dozen B/W chupa surprise and more. I have dozens of freebies to choose from as well. :3

I am a very affordable shipper and almost always willing to compromise on prices. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

question about an item <3

ok i won this little guy from a GA a while back and got him in the mail today :3 (LOVE HIM) and he has this sticky candy in him (taste kinda like lemons...) with these green, yellow, and pink, jelly bean things, i broke the seal on it MYSELF, but before i ACTUALLY eat the candy (i did taste it tho haha)  i was wondering if anyone could give me information on the little guy... and how old it is, i would rather not get sick :) thanks <3

fire fury

Are These Rare?

I certainly would like to think that my stores provide at least semi rare merch! So I was wondering if these are rare or are they at every store in the country? If so, that makes me kind of sad, because I was really was hopeful for a little while Q_Q

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Charizard plush question

Hey guys,

I just got an item that I bought off of ebay today and was disappointed when it showed up different from the picture that they put up on the listing.  So, I was wondering if you guys would know if there was a difference between these two, like manufacturer or year.

The picture for the listing on ebay was this:

And this was what I got in the mail today:

Clearly the seller either took someone else's picture and used it as their own, or they have another charizard and sent me the wrong one.  At this point I'm not sure whether to return it or not since I feel like I've been tricked a lot lately about items on ebay or amazon.  I just hate bootleggers and fakes >.<  Oh and does anyone know how much the 1st picture usually costs?

**EDIT:  The seller gave me a full refund and apologized about the item.  Said that she thought it would be the same as the other charizard she sold.**

Offers/small sales, shipping status, hi!

Hello! So, it's been a little while since I last posted, and I know some people are probably wondering what's going on, so I'm going to go ahead and address that first.
Everyone who bought from me in the past month: The majority of your  packages got returned to me because of my chicken-scratch handwriting ._. I just got them a few days ago, and haven't had much time to post about it or anything. I'm really sorry about this, I should have written neater the first time, I was just in a hurry and I typically have bad handwriting as it is <.< Also the people at the post office here are totally incompetent 95% of the time, so that probably has something to do with it as well. I got a few things shipped back out today with the time I had, and the rest will go back out FRIDAY. Again, I do apologize for this whole ordeal >.<; and I am writing much neater this time, and will check with the people at the counter before I leave to make SURE it's legible this time.

In other news,
I have a few things for offers/sale this way, including (but not limited to) a Jakks Flareon and a Hitmontop Tomy plush!

1. I ship from the US to anywhere, usually around 4 days after receiving payment, or whenever I get the chance as I am a college student. (Not usually longer than a week though)
2. Paypal only please
3. Haggling is welcome on straight-sale items

4. Pet friendly but smoke free home!
5. Offers end on Friday November 11, 2011 at 10:00PM EST (or if I see an offer I like and decide to end it early)
6. Sales permission was granted by denkimouse</lj> sometime in 2009 (don't remember the exact date, sorry :x)

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aand that's it! thanks for looking!
Parfearie Sabi

My mixed lot GA has arrived!!! Final Payment Due! Update on Kid Lot GA

Firstly, you guys who participated in the kid GA, James is waiting for an invoice and will get back to me with any discounts or such. :) Anyways on to my mixed tomy lot GA. Shipping is as such: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! When you send your payment PLEASE include your username and what you purchased. A few of you didn't the first time and I have no idea who you are! XD Anyways, send as goods pleaze :D Send payment to

Beriel: Venasaur, Croconaw, and Pidgeotto Tomys: 3.40 US              4.40 International

Autumrain: Zapdos BK Card: 2.70 US          3.70 International

Jesslyra: Scyther BK Card: 2.70 US            3.70 International

Rypeltajaroll: Ponyta Tomy: 2.70 US            3.70 International

Angelfish3: Rapidash Tomy: 2.70 US          3.70 International

Mitgas: Lapras, Quilava, Magikarp, and Gyardos Tomys: 3.60 US            4.60 International

Rtrolezi: Poliwhirl, Weedle, Alakazam, and Togepi Tomys: 3.60 US        4.60 International

Jerybunny: Talking Psyduck figure, Wortortle, Ninetales, and Oddish tomys: 5.60 US (psyduck is really heavy and needs new batteries!)      6.60 International

Kevingeorgem: Large Hasbro Venasaur and Blastoise: 7.60 US            9.60 International (requires a larger package, also you were interested in Caterpie and Kingler but never sent another payment, if you still want them add an extra 2$ on to the payment you send please! :) thanks!)

I think I got everyone! When I receive payments, everything will be shipped ASAP. My computer just got sent out for fixing so I'm running off of my iPod for now to do things (please keep this in mind). Extras will be posted when my computer is back.

collection tiny figure, plush, mega blocks

Collapse )sorry if the pics are a bit blurry I have really shaky hands 

Some of my Hannaford gumball machine tiny pokemon figures and can someone tell me how rare these are?

A few of my plush including my three pokemon center NY plush of latias, mew, Natu that I got in Epicot in Disney World in Florida

Megablok Charizard and how rare/ valuable is it?

Pokemon center pillow

full plush photo

emolga love her afro

Sales, Questions, Updates Soon... The Usual!

Finally opened my sales page! Please keep in mind that everything is negotiable so offer if you think my pricing is off!
TCG and other flats are linked at the bottom of the page.

[I will make a banner one day.]

Secondly, would anybody be interested in buying this or know it's current worth? I got it for like $0.75 at TRU because they couldn't get rid of it.
It's kind of heavy but I haven't opened it yet to see how it could be shipped.

Thirdly, I was thinking about doing Jakks pick-ups for people outside of the US. In a fifteen mile radius, I have 4 Targets, 3 TRUs, 4 Walmarts, and 2 Meijers. All well stocked, with new stuff. If anybody is interested, I can drive around on my days off and pick things up and collect payments after I confirm they have it. Does that work? If so, let me know what you guys would be interested in!

Lastly, COLLECTION UPDATE... Coming soon! I keep buying things so I want to wait for them before I do pictures. So here is a teaser instead.
[Seriously, look at that beautiful, floppy neck.]

Thanks everyone and sorry for the boring post. I promise-- exciting one soon! Just need like 3 more things to show up in the mail.
Galvantula and Joltik
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The facepalm continues + question

Hi there people!

I thought I should let you know what happened to the Parade items I have bought from chi0911282133.

For those who don't know what I am talking about, here is the post I made a week or so ago:

I have purchased the Oshawott and Tepig parade items and this is what I have gotten after putting a Paypal dispute, Tepig missing the pretty stickers:

Well guess what. Even though I didn't know that if you want to claim your money back by putting the PP dispute as a claim, they said they will send the stickers as an extra to me. I had to give them my address again, which I did with no problem. So I am curious whether they will still send me the stickers with it. If not, I will have to leave a negative.

This is not the main thing though. Guess what I got yesterday in the mail. Another Oshawott and tepig parades. So I have two of each now. And GUESS WHAT. 
Tepig doesn't have the stickers included. AGAIN. Don't know if I should laugh or cry XD

Anyways, these ones I have gotten yesterday, they are from 24th of October. That means that chi actually did send out the first batch to me and that was the first Tepig and Oshawott parade I have gotten. The ones I have gotten from yesterday are the ones that were sent right after I have filled that Paypal dispute. 

Which means that I should still receive the stickers. So I will see.

So to all of you, who are trying to buy from chi, which is just my recommendation for you. This person sells great, cheap and official merchandise. I recommend getting items from them, but not items that require more pieces, because they might send you the items with some piece missing. Just like it's still happening to me :P

That's it for the first part! My second part is:

Would somebody be interested in getting these guys? Having some Pokemon on your keys? <3
I am not very fammiliar with YJ I am not sure if the seller lets services like Noppin or SMJ pay...could somebody help me out? Very appreciated! <3

Thank you for reading! <3
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Spinda collection!

After digging through every single box in my closet at least 5 times, I've finally found my Spinda collection!  Come take a look& enjoy the dizzy:)  I joined the community back in 2009 and went on a hiatus at the beginning of this year.  I have not collected a single Spinda item since then, but really, there isn't much out there that I don't have already.  ...Or so I hope not.

The only items I'm looking for are alternative colors
of these Wrapz (is that what they're called?) things...

And the Spinda Retsuden stamp, for sure...

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A Question About Merchandise for N, Gary Oak, James, Koga, and Volkner!

Hello all! I was wondering if there was any merchandise out there for N, Gary, James, Koga and Volkner! I did a quick search and found a couple James figures and one Gary, but I wondered if there was more out there(not just figures)! Especially of N x.x

So, if you have any information, I'd love to hear it! I really want to add these guys to my collection! :D
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