November 10th, 2011

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Hey guys, I'm sorry if you were epcteding a PM from me today about shipping for Jensoxen's GA, I have been hit with a chest infection that's left my brain in a sort of puffy cotton wool state. I can't concentrate fully (e.g. Earlier I came upstairs with a drink and some Paracetamol to lower my temperature, promptly lost the tablets, couldn't remember if I'd taken them or not. So I had to wait 4 hours to try again). I can ramble though.
So uh.. You really don't want me doing your sums (or maybe you do...!) So rather than try than today and endue pith completely wrong totals, I'm going to try and get it done tomorrow!, This wasn't' intended to be some kind of pity post, but I wanted to explain.

On a plus note, I have paid for the Lifesize GA (link) that technicolorcage has been co-organising, and it has left Noppin's depot yesterday.
I have had to cover Jazzbie's non-payment. I am out of pocket, and considering Jazzbie's plush was a 1:1 Turtwig that probably accounts for a large smack of the total postage.
I want to apologise to the participants who have done their best to pay on time, or who paid when reminded. You guys are awesome, and you make running GAs a rewarding experience through your enthusiasm.

To lighten to mood, here's some random snappy snaps of my recent gets and collection, but firstly some bootlegs that roughly reflect how I feel right now:

Look at those feeble acrylic shelves bulge under the weight of the Pikachu kids that I do not collect. I don't have normal pikachu, dittochu, facepulling chu or one of the sitting pikas. So obviously I'm not a collector. </stealth wants post>
Hilariously that stand was sold as a shelving unit for die cast metal buses. Can you even imagine how hilariously badly that would end.

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big macintosh eeeyup =\


and now... there are sales! pickups! and auctions! including plush by the amazing BABY LONDON STAR!!

all of my sales policies can be seen here.

first off, two new pickups added to sunyshore (canvas will be up soon too, don't fret!) please note i can also combine anything in this sales post with upcoming canvas orders or previous pepsi figure orders. just ask!

three auctions: for a rare and official shiny lucario MC+ and two BABY LONDON STAR raikou custom plush.

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and now...for random things sales!

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thanks for looking guys!
PS: do feel free to haggle :)
PPS: still need PEPSI FIGURE PAYMENTS from the following folks. be sure to click the link to see your totals!


If you sold me this...

I am still looking for the person that sold me these! I accidentally deleted whom it was from. Normally I keep all the usernames and items written down, but when I was cleaning up the list, I accidentally deleted this one.

Also! As you may (or may not) know, I am an electric collector. Pikachu being my main, and Shinx in close second, followed by Jolteon. BUT! I have decided to start a new collection: Emolga! So please, bring me your Emolga items. Thank you! =]
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Pokemon Beanie babies

Hey everyone, it's been while since I've been here.

I was surfing ebay for Snivy merchandise and I discovered Pokemon beanie babies! I must have them! I collect beanie babies and naturally I need Pokemon beanie babies.

I want the full set ideally. But if that proves to be too expensive for me right now I might have to narrow it down to the three starters, or just a single Snivy.

And I guess while I'm here, I know a long while ago an N tcg card came out. I really need this in my life. What other official N merchandise are there? I haven't been following the community lately so I really don't know what I've been missing.

One more question...Jakks Pacific Plushies...I haven't seen the new set that includes Chillarmy, Pansage, Kibago, at my local stores. How long has it been since that came out? I hope my walmarts and toys r us get them soon =( This is the second B/W set of Jakks right? I have the first set. I feel like I'm missing out on so much lately!

Thanks everyone!

Price Checks

Hello everyone, I have a few items to add to my shop and I just wanted to do a quick price check on them.

I am looking to sell the Lugia pre-order figure as well as the Giratina Origin Form Pre-order figure. They have been opened but they come with the original black package and the box. About how much do they go for?

Also, I have a Yellow Pikachu " gotta catch 'em all" gameboy color case I am looking to sell. A link to a picture can be found here...

I washed it and it looks great!

If you have any information please let me know!

  • frugrow

Legendary Musketeers Trio + Looking for proxy bidder in the US!

Hey guys! I am looking for a member who is reliable, based in the US and has previous experience with shipping to Canada to bid on something on Ebay for me. The auction ends in a couple hours so please let me know if you would like to help out!  Found one. Thanks!

In other news, here are the first bit of Musketeers Trio merch. Not very super exciting stuff but it's something!

Backpacks, pouches, bags.

Notebook featuring the Musketeers Trio, Kami Trio and Unova starters.

Sticker pad featuring a variety of Unova region Pokemon


So a few things arrived in the mail for me today~ |D 
SO happy to get them! ^o^ These will be, teasers I guess, since I'm not doing a collection update until all these things I've ordered come in ^^;;

Also, a want that JUST slipped from my hands a few minutes ago...
Anyone know where and how much this Dragonite is worth? It can't be cheap I'm guessing, but I am in a dire search for it! Thanks in advance~! :D

  • oi_m

Price check?

Hello everyone!

I have these two Japanese cards. They are promo cards from Corocoro magazine in 2003 and 2004.

Does anyone know how much do they worth? I am going to sell them because I don't collect cards, but I have no idea on the pricing ^^"

Thanks in advance !

small wants

If anyone has these items, please let me know in the comments below! ^^ 

-<s>litwick line charm set</s>
 (Found thanks to chaos_21)

-Metagross Chess figure

-<s>Darkrai 10th anniversary movie zukan</s>
Darkrai 10th anniversary movie zukan (Found thanks to cheeseyspoot)
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Gets, sales and Christmas charm GB!!!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great week! I just wanted to show you some neat things I got :D

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So I haven't seen anyone do a group buy for this set yet, and I would really like reuniclus. So here we go!

Each charm will be $8 shipped. I'm planning on buying these when the canvas promotion becomes available. (charmander :D) But yeah, payment will be expected when they're all claimed. So be ready! :D

Image from Sunyshore :)

Claims: All Claimed!!!
: [info]jeansama paid
Dwebble: sheriphie paid
Foongus: zeldana paid
Gothitelle: usagimakeup paid
Reuniclus: neeko48 paid
Lots of neat stuff in my sales! Stuff bought last week will be shipped out Saturday :D

A Apology for all <3 + karoia GA


Okay *achkem*

I just wanted to say a big sorry to everyone, really <3 I've been really slow here and there, and delayed with things recently, and you know I didn't even notice I was that bad until some great people and friends on here sort of pointed that out to me. I feel, upset that i had gotten this way <:( And i've only just stopped and sort of realized it!

I'm putting a stop to this though. A fresh start is in order. I'm never going to be late with anything again.
I'm NOT giving up. I'm putting all the time i have outside my full time job to go though my remaining 50 messages and finish off a few trades and send out packages from the GA and everything.

All the GA items from the Fluffbat and Flats have been packaged and payment #3 requests have been sent out to you all.

I'm not even going to think about or touch selling/postage business here at the moment. All i care about is making up for my bit of mess </3

I can't tell you all how much i love you guys, i've made some truly amazing friends here and i just love the comm.
Its why i've been feeling so upset, and im going to be a better member and person in general :( <3

Thank you guys, so much for being so calm with me, and again i am just so sorry.
I'm trying my absolute hardest.
I love you all, you deserve the best <33333


I'm doing the threads and Pokepalace is dealing with shipping/bidding.

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