November 11th, 2011

PKMN: Sailingtoed

I want a Miju!

I guess this is a "help me with my wants" post, rather than specifically a wants post. I'm after a Takara Tomy talking Mijumaru plush (the big voice activated one) as a Christmas present to me (from my mommy ♥) and I'm not really sure what my options are. I'm not good at shopping online except at specific online stores I already know about. XD

I originally intended to get it from HLJ but now they've sold out. They say that if you place an order anyway they'll search for it for you -- BUT I found out they'll only ship via SAL to my area and that plus the time it would take to find it means it would arrive way after Christmas. ._. So I've been trying to check other places...

So you know what I'm talking about and pictures grab the eye. ;D Innee cuuute?

Like I said, I'm not very good at shopping online, so this is where I'd like your totally awesome help here. My budget is $65 shipped max since that's what HLJ would've had it for and that is what I advertised it to my mom as, so places like Hardrock are out of the question, and the accepted payment methods must be Paypal, so Amazon doesn't work either. I found this place called Rakuten Global Market and it SOUNDS legit (is it?) but I'm wary of sites I'm not familiar with. I went through checkout to see if it was even doable there anyway but Paypal wasn't a payment option (though it was listed in another part of the site, so I dunno).

So, I'm stuck! Do any of you know a place I could get this li'l guy for $65 shipped or less? Do YOU have one of these li'l guys you'd sell for $65 shipped or less? I'd ideally like a brand new in packaging one, but if I can shave off a fair amount of the cost by getting a secondhand one (that's as minty as possible) from one of you guys I'm perfectly willing. The catch with buying off the comm, though, is I can't pay for nearly 4 weeks (somewhere roughly around December 9th). XD; If you don't mind waiting that long I'd be cool with buying from someone here. But I'm posting so soon because 1. I need to know how much money to tell my mom to put in Paypal since transfers take ages, and 2. I'd like some time to shop around if any of you guys can suggest sites and whatnot, and if all else fails have enough time to find a backup present.

Thanks everyone. :)

looking to buy!

I'm looking to get these guys for a friend's birthday that's coming up! Ideally i'd like to get them together but we'll see what you've got. I don't care if they have tags or not but i'd like them to be in nice condition as they'll be gifts. I'm willing to spend about $12 or so for zorua and about $5-$9 for dribflim thanks guys!
jakks zoruajakks drifblim

i'd also potentially be interested in raikou figures...
Galvantula and Joltik
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Key holders Group Buy!

Hello there people!

So me and karoia are hosting this little group Buy!

- each of these will be 5$.
karoia will be doing the bidding and shipping and I do everything else.
- I am claiming the Mantyke key holders and karoia is claiming the Turtwig ones.
- There will be three payments. One is the price for each, the fees and shipping from seller to deputy service, second is from deputy service to karoia and lastly from her to you.


Manaphy/Pikachu: papaiyacoffee
Chatot: al_ecko
Pikachu: donny9
Piplup: larvitarscar
Mantyke: hebilea
Buizel: mandysaurus_rex
Chimchar: dragonrider49
Turtwig: karoia

Let's do this guys! <333


Looking for Stickers!

Hey everyone, I haven't been around much lately(there will be an update coming soon! I'm waiting on one more item.) but I've still been lurking.
Anyway, I just bought a 3DS with my birthday money, so now I'm looking to get a sticker or two to put on it. I'm not one to spend very much on flats, but I'd like to know what's out there. I'm mostly only looking for Pokedoll stickers and pan stickers right now.

Pokemon I like(In no particular order):
Shinx!(If you have a Shinx Pokedoll/Pan sticker, I would be willing to pay a little more.)

Also looking for any Dent/Cilan pan stickers!

Let me know what you have and what prices you're looking for! I'm only looking to buy one or two stickers, so please don't be offended if I end up turning you down!

Found some. Problem solved. :3
Biohazard: 狙撃兵

This Is What "Holy Grail" Means To Me

This post, for the sake of my own inability to describe what has just come into my collection, is going to be very simple. Pay attention.

It's a post which consists mainly of photos, and very, very little text. I do not want to describe what these are, simply because I feel the technicalities of them take away from their beauty. (If people are beyond lost, however, I will elaborate in the comments to the fullest extent of my abilities and knowledge.)

I want the community to gaze on these, wonder what their exact history is; if they know what they are, think about how surprisingly few owners these might have had, just how amazing they are in condition given their age and limited production. These are a permanent, sacred addition to the collectorviper trust. These will never leave my personal collection. You don't hear about these when you're a kid, grow up aspiring to get them one day, and then get them to only sell them down the track should interests wane.

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Thank you for walking the journey with me. If I stopped collecting now, I would genuinely be happy with the collection I have attained. I don't think I can really describe just how big a thing that is for me to say.

Some wants..

Hello, I'm looking for some Magikarp plush. c: Namely the Magikarp Pokedoll and Shiny Magikarp Plush. (So much more expensive then I heard it was. D: )


Okay. Maybe more like 1. Or 2.

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Payment for Motion/Diorama Figures + Oo new figure charms?

Hey guys, it's finally arrived. And I need payments ASAP. If you can't remember how it looks like it is actually this. Seriously, you'll jump for your when you receive it because they're just gorgeous. Sorry but I'll be keeping the Pikachu/Tepig and Samurott and Reshiram. Also the distribution was GOOD. 2 of EACH in each box

Payment Info:
- Send all payments to
- Add in the memo your username and item bought
- I will be flattening the box, if you would not like that, comment here and tell me.
- All items can be combined with items from my sales post here:, if you want an item, similarly, do not send payment yet and wait for me to calculate your new total

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There are also extras which you can add if you would like.
They are:

2 X Zekrom

They will be an additional $14 each (Open to non GB members)

Similarly, if you want one do not send payment yet and let me recalculate your total.

Also, does anyone know  where does this come from? I found it on the Pkm Center facebook page and it says it comes out tomorrow.

I apologise to those who didn't manage to get theirs :(
Well that's all from me. Thanks :)

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Custom question + giant lot

Okay I have a question! So custom items are just as much important collection items, as official items for most of us! My question is what is your custom GRAIL? We had a thread about this a couple years ago, but I don't think we have for awhile.

If you obtained your custom grail, show it to us!

For me? I hope to one day have a 1/1 Umbreon, with perhaps joined legs and head so he can be posed.

Here's my customs I currently have anyway XD


Okay and lastly, I have this lot of assorted goodies, that need a new home. They are on ebay, so give it a looksie :D


Pick-up offers

I am picking up the new Tomy and Banpresto arrivals this weekend >_<.

Anyone else want the following new releases?

Kyurem MC Figure + Battrio ($11 shipped to US)
Volcarona MC Figure + Battrio ($11 shipped to US)
Kyurem Sofubi "DX Figure" ($20 shipped to US)
Sewaddle Tomy Plush it's super cute! ($23 shipped to US)
Lillipup Tomy Plush ($23 shipped to US)

Banpresto X-Mas Witlick Plush ($22 shipped to US)
Banpresto X-Mas Lillipup Plush ($21 shipped to US)
Banpresto X-Mas Chuchoo/Pansage/Oshawott Plush ($20 each shipped to US)

Banpresto ball-chain key chain plush Audino/Cubchoo/Pansage/Pansear/Panpour ($11 each shipped to US)

Emolga Talkies are here too, please PM me if you have semi-reserved one from me.

Above are just all the new items.  Older Tomy/Banpresto releases are available for pick up too.

I don't have much time to ship stuff these days, so I will probably cut off the request list around 8 ppl. =(

Thanks for looking! ^_^

Hello all :)

So I'm pretty sure all of you are wondering who I am because I'm new here >___<
It has taken a lot of courage for me to finally introduce myself to everyone but here it goes!

My name is Juanita but you can call me pretty much anything (I have lots of nicknames) and I have been into Pokemon since I was 6-7. I remember saving up my allowance to go and buy a pokemon stadium game and set which was my first step towards collecting :D

I've always loved Arcanine but sadly am not collecting him haha. Instead I collect Pikachu(what a surprise I know :p),Groudon (I love his grumpy face), and Gliscor which is pretty much my favorite Pokemon but he has barely any merchandise!!!! Whats with that?!

I would also like some ideas from my fellow community members on ideas for pokemon art! I've been trying to draw as much as I can lately but can't really think of any cool ideas ;-; But I'm sure you guys will have some great ones so come and post some so I can draw them!

Thanks for reading my post and soon I'll post some pictures of my collection! ^-^
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So I actually never announced this...

But I'm actually collecting many side collections along with my main Minccino/Ciccino one!

So this post I guess is a wants for the top thing(s) I want for my side collections and what they are! \(^o^)/
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Yeah, a LOT of side collections |D But I'm working on them not nearly as concentrated as my Minccino/Ciccino main collection~ :3c 

And once again I SWEAR I think it'll be the end of the month almost or earlier, but I WILL DO A COLLECTION UPDATE and it will be most epic! :D

want: christmas/holiday pokemans!!!

Hi again wonderful community!

So I'm already starting my holiday decoration shopping and I realized I really don't have any Christmas/Holiday Pokemon!
I'm looking for my usual collections, but with some kind of xmas theme. Plush are the highest priority, but I do enjoy the household stuff too (such as plates, mugs, stationary, etc.)! One of my traditions is to wrap my frames in that years wrapping paper and hang them on the wall- so if anyone has some old pokemon themed wrap, that'd be great!

Specifically looking for:
-Pikachus (any!)
-Pichu sitting on a donut
-Mew (I already have the santa mew, and the keychain with the xmas tree. I saw a plush of Mew holding a wreath on SMJ- but forgot to put in my password to finalize the bid :'( I'll pay a wonderful amount for this if someone has it!)
-Oddish and/or Bellossom
-Any 1st Gen X-mas themed merch

If anyone's willing to sell their stuff, please post a picture or a link to a picture of what you're selling. Haha, I'm still getting used to the terminology and brand names and such- so pictures really help <3

I know ebay has a couple of pika things, but I honestly prefer to deal with you all instead of them :)

Also, if anyone can recommend search terms for SMJ in Japanese for christmas/holiday pokemon that'd be great. I can't seem to find more than 10 results when I type it in :\

Thanks guys!

New Pokedolls!

Hello everyone!

It's that time again...


Treecko (minky), Mudkip (a very soft velboa), Torchic (minky), Plusle (velboa), Minun (velboa), and Wobbuffet (also a very soft velboa)!

Skitty also came back! (Forgot to take a picture)

They will be $17.82 shipped to anywhere in the United States, and I ship internationally as well!

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Reminder & Want

I'd like to remind everyone that I still am in need of someone to claim a ducklett christmas charm for my group buy. Someone must want the little cutie, so please come take a look ;D Click Here or the image to check out the details of my group buy.


I also have a want. A few months ago, I lost my first pokedoll in the mail. I'd sent him away for repairs and the trip back, he got lost =;---;= It was no one's fault or anything, but I miss having him. So I think it's time I look into replacing him unfortunately.

I'm looking for an origin form giratina that came from epcot.

(no subject)

Hi! I found this website while searching for an Excadrill toy on google. It's very interesting! I love it already.

I am looking to buy toys of Excadrill, Umbreon, Sableye, Tabunne, Genesect, Tyranitar, Murkrow, Honchkrow, or Breloom. If you're selling any, please tell me how much they would be. I have about $20 to spend all together. 

(no subject)

I know there was a post a while ago about someone looking for LyndsaygoRAWR, has anything been discovered since then? I have a custom Hydreigon plush pending and my boyfriend ordered a sandslash, and its been well over 2 months since we've heard from her. I had to open a paypal dispute because it was nearing the 45 day mark. Will delete when answered.

First real pokemon!

So so so i got a super big suprise in the mail the other day AND MADE MY FIRST PHOTOSTORY EVA ;O; sorry if its all icky and stuff i never done one before ._.;;;; oh and @_@ also scanned something i dont know if anyone would want it but i thought some might...

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Alola Vulpix
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Plush Sales Ahoy!

Now that Starters Canvas are almost here, it's time for some plush sales!  Most of these are from Y!J, plush that are MWT are noted, as well as the few that are a bit loved.

Since I'm in need of money for the canvas promo, I'm not really looking to trade right now - but I may be will to trade for some starters merchandise.  You can check out my (obnoxiously long) wants list here :)

Sales Policies:
★ I ship from the US and will ship internationally
★ Paypal only for payment
★ Shipping insurance is available and recommended, I'm not responsible for lost mail
★ I ship once a week, depending on my schedule - if your order is time sensitive, please let me know beforehand
★ Any plush can be combined with my old sales here (although some pictures on that post are outdated)
★ Sales permission granted back in 2009

All sales moved to my permanent sales post:
pokemon: mamo!

(no subject)

Hey all!! Got the line up of the next series of Jakks plush! Source is from good ol'

- Deerling (Fall)
- Lillipup
- Panpour
- Patrat
- Victini
- Woobat (...again)

Panpour makes me happy, since that means they'll be making Pansear! :D How about you guys?