November 12th, 2011

(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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(Photostory) Cubchoo in Korea + November customs!

First off--everything from me has been shipped as of Monday! Mail from my country generally takes a while, but please let me know if you have any concerns. I'm very easy to talk to. :)♥

Next, customs! It's been a while since I last opened these, and I didn't want to re-open until I finally got everything ~life related~ sorted out. XD I'm all ready for commissions again, both for keychains and watercolor arts! This might be the last time I do keychains though, as I really do not have easy access to a laminating shop and the HQ printers anymore. ;A; I really enjoy doing watercolor work though, so I opened an extra two slots for this batch! Yay! Like before, slots are available in auction-style. :3

Please click
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~~ ~ HERE ~ ~~
for keychain commissions, and
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~~ ~ HERE ~ ~~
for watercolor commissions!♥
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going on a trip to Korea--and I did! I brought my travel buddy Rin the Cubchoo Pokedoll with me, and we had lots of adventures! Fans of K-drama would like this post, as we visited a few shooting areas during the tour. Warning: This post is veeeery image-heavy!

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Thanks for looking! :D
vaporeon and charizard

Pokemon Pepsi strap GB + Possible Nintendo World pick-ups?

Hey everyone, I hope it's okay to post this seeing as there are already some related posts on the front page. BUT this is a little different since I am hosting this group buy style. :)

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Also, I will be visiting Nintendo World on the 21st of this month... would anybody be interested in pick-ups for DX dolls (or normal size dolls/Pokemon Center plush for that matter)? There doesn't seem to be a whole lost of interest in Nintendo World runs but since I'll be there anyway, I'm just throwing it out there. As per puyro's last post (here), they have all the Sinnoh starters and Pikachu. I could probably pick up at least 5 at $30 each plus shipping if anyone wants? If anyone is interested in smaller plush (I don't expect the stock to be much different than what Puyro posted), I could do $17 each but... it seems like the DX guys are more popular. :p Let me know what you guys think!


Hey guys :) it's been a looong time since my last post :( unfortunalty the real world is leaving me with very little time for myself so making regular posts has became incredibly hard (even now i'm rushing to write this before work D:)
It's also thanks to the real world that i'm having to do what no collector likes doing and sell of a few items from my main collections ;_;
so yep, for those that know me, that does mean there will be a couple of fire foxes in there ;_;

Prices on custom plush have been lowered.

I'm due a MASSIVE collection update soon xD since my last one  (roughly 5 months i've had two boxes from Shopping Mall Japan and a heck of a load of  commissions turn up xD so watch this space ;)

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Oooh -awe-

Zappy splash!

I figure it is worth a shot to ask, but I am in love with two pokemon...
Like.. I'm worried with how much of a huge want they are.

Wailord and Joltik.

If anyone has any 'lords doing a cushion pick up maybe? or any lovely joltiks, please let me know! No flats though, I'm just horrible with them. ;3;

(On a side note, I've been trying to get way over due stuff out, please let me know if you are still waiting through email please. 6reycat[at]gmail[dot]com)

Currently heading to bed, be back in a few hours to respond! <3

Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


(First off, if you commented on the December post, you've been put on the list. Keep in mind I can only guarantee the first 2-3 claims of any given Pokemon, and the rest, there is a chance, so be prepared! They come out in LATE DECEMBER!)

Furthermore, I am opening reservations for the February set of kids! :D This set will be coming in FEBRUARY 2012.

(Picture Courtesy of Anime Raro via AAPF's blog)

As usual, kids will go for $9.50 SHIPPED, anywhere in the world! Shipping discounts depend on what kind of mailers I am using when the kids come in, so as of right now, for 2 kids there will be no price break, but for 3 there will be, and so on. So basically, if you order an odd number of kids after 1, expect shipping discounts. XD

I will be taking 5 orders per kid. The first 2-3 are guaranteed, and then the other 2 are about 50% sure of happening. Please note that these kids come in FEBRUARY 2012. Since that's relatively far off, please mark your calendar if you reserve! (NOTE: If you've posted here about February Kids, you're on the list! :D)

Thanks guys!

black friday pokemon sales at tru!

Ah yes, Black Friday... that magical day in America for just ONE day, the holiday cheer dies and people go nuts trying to grab sale items as fast as they can! Unlike Boxing Day, it's practically a competitive sport!
Anyhow, I've been poking around to see if there's any Pokemon deals, and with Toys r Us's flyer just put up, there is!

Since I already have those figures, I'm going for the cards! 0_0 TRU does price them high, but $20 for 2 is a great deal!! Hope they still have the ones I'm still looking for when I get there!

...happy shopping, and try not to get trampled >_<
happy Ritsuka

sales and payment reminder

Updated my sales with some cards from Emerging Power, a bunch of stuff for offer including code cards and monopoly pieces. X3 Over this way to go to my sales:

Also, a bit of a reminder. Just missing payments from dewott and shortcakemiddy on the GA that Rally and I held. The post is over this way:

And if you need a reminder of what GA this is, here's the pic:

Thanks all.

Edit: I didn't noticed the image link failed me. :x Sorry about that.
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Sharing some Custom Love - Auction + New get

Hi guys, I'll be auctioning off some custom cards that I saw at a local anime festival. I bought 2 sets as I though it was totally adorable and I'll be auctioning one set off here.

Before that let me show you something I'll be keeping from that buy :)

Adorable isn't it?

On to the auction:

These are small illustrations (14cm X 10cm) with all the starters of the respective types. They're on very nice material (Like good quality poker cards of material)
Each start at $8

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in case you didn't know...

For all of you in America (I think they are only in the USA?)

I was browsing Spencer Gift's online site, looking for some winter apparel and stumbled upon this:

It's basically a Pikachu baseball cap. I find it really cute, but I personally do not wear any type of baseball caps.

Here is the link if you want to buy it, or you can run to your local mall and hit up Spencer's.

Wasn't sure if any of you knew about this, I figured I'd share it anyway. =] If you do know, just ignore this.


in three separate waves, pokemon center is releasing every single pokemon currently "known" -- from bulbasaur to kyurem -- as metal charms.

it's like johto metal charms only well... plus five hundred more pokemon.

the waves are...
wave 1: december 26th
wave 2: january 14th
wave 3: february 4th

so, yep. there's that. enjoy. XD

i will be doing pickups... but very limited ones. johto charm collection opening day is to date the only time i have ever broken down into tears at the pokemon center (because of too much physical violence @_@) so we'll see....

note! i don't say this to try to get pity or anything, i say it as a warning that i now know from expierience i will not be able to get as big a capacity as i did last time, so be prepared for that!

My pocket can take no more!

Hi guys~! 
So this might be the last post by me for a while until all my shipments come in~ |D 
I have my bids on GA's to close up, and after that, I'm done buying for a while unless it's a really rare find. 
The only thing as of right now that I'll spend good money on if anyone is offering it for sale that I'd pay an amazingly high price for (It's highest I've seen is 250$) is this Pika Pillow and then my life is complete for a while. It's a sort of mini-grail thing I guess.  So anyone selling/offering or know where I can get this baby?

Thanks everyone! ^o^/

Semi-month collection update

It made me a magic day when I noticed that my roommate picked a "package with manager" paper slip. As usual, I tried my key to open the box, which I found to be much easier than to applied scissors. And ... WOW! There lied so many delicate Kaiyodo figures right before my eyes. Besides, I took two photos for all my figure collection so far. Feast your eyes.


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P.S. In case someone participating in my recent RSE Set 8 Zukan GB missed my updated post, I just want to let you know that ... WE WON! Excuse my being excited still, especially after receiving the "magic" package today. I will let you as soon as possible when the invoice comes out. Seize your money tightly, ladies and gentlemen.

Your one and only reminder: Final mana_mihara GA!

This is your one and only reminder for the Final mana_mihara GA!
We are doing quite well, but we are far from home and dry and we still need loads of bids!
We have just under a day and a half to get this one wrapped up.

There are tonnes of figures with NO BIDS, including most of the stamps and retsudens and plenty of kids! Most start at just $2, so grab a bargain and get bidding, people!
We can do this, I know it! XD

This way~