November 13th, 2011

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Package Today!

Well, Got a Package today, Did not expect it, Since its only been 2 days, I was expecting it some time next week. It usualy takes my packages 3-4 days to get here. So I was overjoyed when I got home and had a little package waiting for me.

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New gets today!

I went to the Toys R Us in Nashville today. So much Pokemon stuff!
I saw a deerling jakks figure, the pikachu DSi charger, and soooooooooooo much more! It was magic.
I thought ok ok I'll buy something. So I did....I bought a Miles "Tails" toy and a Venom bank haha. On my way to the check out I saw some Pokemon cards. I am not that into collecting them, but this adorable face stared at me and said, take me with you!
I couldn't just leave him there D:
What luck...I got 2!! :)

I'm not a big fan of the 5th gen. But some Pokemon are REALLY growing on me. Like Oshawott, Victini, Emolga and Minccino.
I have two words for you collector's. BUTT WINGS! Victini is my favorite out of this gen <3 But for some reason my Minccino collection has surpassed my Victini collection :/
LJ stop trying to spell check Victini. I don't mean victim, thanks tho!

Wook at da wittle face awwwwwwww

My other card pulls are for sale here:
Got Pansear, Thunderus, Joltik, etc :D

My Eevee/Umbreon charm was a giant surprise from the talented reilaa
I did not expect my strap to be in yet and wahlah! I love it. So well made and professional. I hope they open commissions again cause I want another one!

I am scared about this every Pokemon being released as charms thing coming up. I am gonna buy probably 200 of them D: WHY SO MANY FAVORITES?!?!

Hello from a Newbie

Hello everyone, my name is Laura. I have been browsing pictures and posts on pkmncollectors for months now but I have finally decided to join in. Right now I have an assorted collection of Pokemon plush and figures, as well as a huge card collection. I am hoping to meet some nice people on here and some great sales too.

At the moment I am currently trying to find anything (mostly plush) that has to do with Cacnea, Mime Jr, Espeon, Umbreon and Zorua. I am especially trying to continue my (starting to grow) Cacnea collection. I am glad to be apart of the site and I look forward to meeting all of you at some point!  =D

noppin question, collection update, small wants

hey everyone i have a question. i want to bid on something on noppin but i was wondering how much shipping usually costs and how long they usually take to ship items?

also collection update time!!! i was going to wait for more things to come but i think it is time for an update =]

first my vaporeons =]

the plushie is from PancakeLulu, the charm is from SalamenceClaw, the paperchild is from a member on DA

size comparison for the plushie. she is about 4 inches and can fit right in my hand hehe.

next are all the kids that i have obtained. Cubchoo is from donny09, and the Totodiles, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Turtwig and Torchic are from shininmew. the Unova starter shiny coin was a freebie gift from SalamenceClaw that came with the vaporeon cell charm.

lastly are my plushies hehe. Sandile i got from target i couldn't resist his adorable face!! and Pikachu got from cyritic

thats my collection so far and here are a few wants
-vaporeon zukan piece (any condition)
also sorry for the long post LJ is being weird when i try to post something and LJ cut isnt working for me

Auction remainder and sales!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that theres about 10 hours left on my giant UFO Totodile and Jumbo Pokemon Center B-day card auction! I've lowered the starting price on the card and as well. Click the link below to be taken to the auction and the remaining sales!

[Pokemon] Derpsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

It's that time again! Let's see what today's random number is:

#372, Shelgon!! Which includes Bagon and Salamence too! Post photos of your items, stories, or entire collections of these guys! Show your dragon love! c: Pictures always make these posts fun too, so try to take pictures!!
Red Dead - Mister John Marston

Apple A Day! Sales

Alrighty, folks! Doing a massive collection sweep. This is the first of two waves of stuff that I will be selling off. I may do a third if need be. So let's get down to this!


Apple a Day Sales Rules :

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 05/08/2011

* I reserve to the right to refuse sale to anyone, for any reason, at any point before sale is final. This includes personal auctions that I run.

* I ship items out on Friday's ONLY. Please keep this in mind when buying from me.

* I am may ship internationally but please note that shipping costs will likely be higher.

* Prices do not include shipping and fees.

* Paypal is the only payment method that I accept. I will attempt, to the best of my ability, to respond to any inquiries as soon as I am able. I am easily reached by both private message and email.

* I will not do holds and I require payment within twenty four hours of confirmed purchase. If twenty four hours has passed without payment being sent, unless I have been informed otherwise, negative feedback will be left and the item will be relisted.

* Once the item leaves my hands, it is no longer my responsibility. If you would like insurance and / or tracking, please tell me what you would like, and I will add it accordingly.

* I may haggle, and I don't mind if you ask, but please be reasonable.

* Feedback thread is here :

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maractus 2, cute

get this stuff out! \o/

Hi all!
So my crazy father apparently decided I'm not allowed to have extra stuff in my all my Pokemon sales items have to go!
I am open to haggling and trading (ONLY TCG for TCG or pan stickers), I just need this stuff GONE!
Everything is priced to sell and there are lots of free things! Figures, stickers, mac and cheese, flat lots, and more!

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(Fake cut to card sales)

And to anyone waiting on a quote or custom from me: I am slowly getting to everything x_X My life has been pretty stupid & crazy lately but I haven't forgotten about anything!

more collection weeding sales!

I'm continuing to give up on my English TCG, so I have put up all of the HGSS set cards that I had in my collection up for sale.
This includes a lot of PRIMEs, a full Lugia LEGEND, an Alph Lithograph, and a ton of holos, rares, and trainers including DCC, Rare Candy, and Pokemon Catcher.
I have also consolidated all of my sales into my main post so if you've seen my separate sales posts on here before, they're all in my main sales now. =3

Click the button directly below to be taken to the HGSS cards!:

And click below here to the main page of my shop where I have a TON of Japanese Cards, a lot of English Cards and some Pokédolls and other stuff for sale. =3


Mini Pokedoll Collection Update (and Wanted post!)

Hey all!~ 

It's been a while since I made a post so I thought I'd make one to share the lovely new addition to my Pokedoll collection that I've received recently! A huge thanks go to cyritic and mellow_candy for this update! <3

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As well as posting a little collection update, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a quick wanted post too! I'm currently looking to add more Pokedoll merchandise to my collection! If you have any for sale, or are thinking about parting with any, please let me know!~ (Most of the things I already have are up on my website, Amity Square)

I'm also on the hunt for the last two Pokedoll variation I need for my collection! I'm currently looking for a Clefairy Pokedoll (not the Plushplush, but the fuzzier verboa Pokedoll), and one of the Spinda Pokedolls (the same pattern as the one below <3) Please let me know if you're willing to part with either - Im VERY interested!~

I'm hoping to get the Pokedoll wiki I've been working on up and running in the next month or two :)

Happy collecting everyone!~

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Banpresto Items Pickup/Pre-order Reminder

Hey guys just to remind you of the Banpresto pre-orders I will be taking until this Friday 18th October. Just to let you know these items are brought in/imported only once once it's out of stock it's out of stock. I do offer payment plans or staggered payment so do enquire.

Click this link to get there:

Just to end off,  a wants post too, take a look here:

Hello from a new(ish) member!

I've been a member for a while, but this is my first post, for whatever reason. 
I stalk through posts from time to time admiring all the lovely collections and I'm finally deciding to post mine.
I look forward to getting to know you guys, and hopefully making some friends!
I also look forward to hopefully getting some good deals in the future, and maybe selling some of my own stuff some time!

Here are some pictures of a collection put together by my boyfriend and I!

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Parfearie Sabi

A Piplup Question

Hello community (I'm dying to post a collection update but without my computer I'm stuck :C) Anyways, everyone knows Christmas is coming and my boyfriend LOVES Adelie Penguins and Piplup is the closest to em! So I want to get him a 1:1 plup (if it exists) but only if it be in my price range. Also his penguin mug just broke so if a Piplup coffee mug exists...Please tell meh!!! Anyways I'd love to get him a Pluppy plushie and I rather it be something larger (I see there is a 7"ish Tomy plush) If push comes to shove a canvas will have to do -_-" Anyways, lookin around trying to find the right price or even a trade perhaps?

Offers post~

Hi guys! I have two things up for offers today :D UFO Groudon and Mudkip Friends plush! :D Both are in like-new condition and include their tush tags.


  • I will only accept Paypal as payments. E-checks may be accepted, ask first!
  • I ship from Texas, USA.
  • Please allow me up to one week to ship your items out.
  • I am open to haggling for sales.
  • If you would like shipping insurance, please ask!
  • Sniping (bidding within the last five minutes) will extend the offer at hand by ten minutes.
  • My starting prices are the minimum offers I'll accept; sorry for the confusion guys!
  • I am open to payment plans! Just ask beforehand.

  • Offers end on Wednesday, November 16th @ 11.59 PM! Countdown: HERE :D

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Also sales plug: I still have a crapload of TFG to unload :p

Sales permission granted on 9/25/11 by dakajojo

Eevee Dangle

Fire Lizard + Piggy Wants!

Hello, pkmncollectors!

First of all, I just wanted to apologise for some late replies from me recently ><; I have my own mail box and it's been a little odd with it's spam filter these last few weeks, so if I forget to look specifically for something, I end up missing quite a few replies from people. Sorry about that!

Next, I have some wants! =D My mum has been awesome and offered to buy me some pokemon stuff for Christmas <3

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BW2 girl&lt;3

(no subject)

Hi there. Just want to put up a quick sales reminder. I still have stuff avaliable that I'd like to sell. Including a fluffy DX Gizamimi Pichu Plush, Raikou Pokedoll, Chikorita Pokedoll and more.

Go here for my sales:

Also has anyone used HobbyLink Japan before? I would like to use it purchase a talky plush for myself there and some other pokemon stuff as christmas presents, but would like to know what people think of them as I've never used them before. How reliable are they overall, and how good is their shipping? :'D

Thank you!
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Tomy plush for sale! Plus kids and figures

Hello, I came across some Gen V Tomy plush in my local supermarket today and picked some up for you guys. Plus all kids in this post are just $3 (minus p&p ofc).

Click the banner or the cut to take a look!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on September 3rd 2011

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OH and I have to enquire about this guy~
I bought him on impulse a couple of weeks ago and am regretting it. At almost 2ft tall he's just too big for my room! He's made by Banpresto; he has a tush tag, no hang tag and he's in excellent condition. How much might he be worth? Is anyone interested in him?