November 16th, 2011

Kachiki Sabi

Updated Sales! Everything MUST Go!

Hey guys! I've finally managed to take some pictures and steal my boyfriends laptop and comprise a sales post! :D (I plan on doing an update when I get my laptop back! I am open to haggling within reason and keep in mind that prices don't include shipping (cost to ship it and cost of the package to ship it in!) or paypal fees! Please keep this in mind when buying. I got sales permission I believe on the 18th of August 2011 from denkimouse but I'm unsure of the exact date as it was saved on my laptop and well…I don't have it! I have Everything for sale from Jakks figures and plush to Tomys. I really want to only focus on the figures that really interest me and I need to condense down my collection by a lot! Please buy it up! Everything's at really low prices so take a look! and on another note I want Everything to Go! Also May sell a TON of pokemon cards. Need to take pics when I get home and my Shipping Day is Friday!

Here's a cute little sales banner I suppose (since my actual banner is on my lappy :C)

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Sorry to add yet another sales into the huge pile of sales posts ;A;


I've weeded out in my plushies collection since I can't keep up having so many.
I also have some rare in-case figures/dioramas as well as some zukans, cards, Vaporeon battrio, Zoroark figure and Minccino tin.

So check it out! :D

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It's been over a year since I last made a collection update, so I'm working on piling up all the items I've gotten this past year to show off XD So keep an eye out!

Thanks for looking!
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hello! ^_^

i've been lurking this for over a year now so i decided to finally join. :P for awhile i've just collected small pieces and parts of my favorite pokemon, but i've finally decided on what i want to collect so it seems a perfect time for me to join ^_^

anyways, my name is sam, im a girl, and i'm from california. i'm 19. i like to sew and draw. that's about it. :P

ive started a collection on the haxorus line (haxorus is my favorite, but i axew is adorable, and fraxure is pretty cool, so i wanna collect them all!) and the ninetales line. i also have an already somewhat decently sized charmander line collection.

my axew line collection currently only has 2 items, but i hope to make it huge. my first goals for my axew collection is the big shiny axew plush, and the haxorus kid figure. i also really want the buildable set!

anyways, i also JUST joined livejournal and would like to ask, how do i do cuts? help please! :P haha. anyways i look forward to meeting you all!

TCG Experts! Please answer a few general Questions! Collection & Wants!

So I have had an awesome first week here at Pokemon Collectors and have finally started my official collection. I want to collect every single set of TCGs! I also will be collecting some plushies and kids on the side - and there may be a possible fire collection in my distant future.

Thanks to the wonderfulI drag0n_aura will be VERY close to completing my very first set ever. HS unleashed! I actually had bought a booster box for these a while back but sold Crobat and Kingdra because I had one of those "Whats the point in collecting these - I never get the ones I need" moments. I also pulled each top half but i have never in all my pack opening ever opened a bottom half so I am missing these:


   and a Charmander Pokedoll... but thats probably not going to happen anytime soon XD.   
I'd really like to get a good deal for these because 10 dollars each is close to the cost of a booster box - so yeah. Also I don't have much to spend at the moment because I have set up a budget for myself.Condition isn't that important - I prefer mint/near mint but I'll take what I can get! I am also currently working on some other sets, So please contact me if you have cards to get rid of. I WILL BUY YOUR COMMONS :)
     General TCG Questions:     
- Why was there a second base set released? Does it have cards that the original set doesn't?
- What is POPs series mean?
- Why can't I seem to pull any bottoms to the legends cards? Were they released in something else?
- What is the best way to keep pokemon cards in there pages. They always fall out :(
- What is the best place to buy booster boxes and singles? (in your opinion)
- What boost box should I buy next? Like any that will be shooting up in price and now is a good time to get them?
- I got a fake booster box of cards and have virtually no use for them ( I got ripped off). I dont want to put them with my other nice real cards but I don't like to waste... Any neat ideas?
I also got a very lovely Vulpix Canvas plush in the mail today (woot!) Hope to post pics of her later : 3

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Incredible $1 sales!

Hi again~ It's sales post time! I just went through all my extra stickers, figures and other random things and I really have way too many things I don't need at all... So help me get rid of them!

Everything in this post is just $1 each!
Also, lot discounts: 6 for $5, 13 for $10 and 30 for $20!
Other kinds of discounts might be possible as well, feel free to try x3
Since there's so much stuff, please make clear which items are talking about. You can just post the url of the picture or something.

- sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland
- Paypal only
- feedback thread here

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Everything can be combined with items from my permanent sales post! And if you see any items for $1 there, the same lot discounts also apply to them :3
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boring wants list + Tomy UK NEWS

Okay, firstly (:

I got into a bit of money, so i'm going to be treating myself to any zorua or eevee merch going around. I am expecially looking for the talking Zorua plush  ( which I used to own ;_; ) aannnd a eevee pokedoll ( minky ) I don't want to deal with hardrock ;___; 
I don't collect flats, please remember this! <:!  But I'll be intreasted in the original tomy zorua plush, and many little others! Feel free to offer me anything. 


In the UK, in GAME. You can buy new tomy pokemon plush, they are £10 a go.. And I got my forbidden planet magazine come in and it confirms large tomy pokemon plush ( They say 2 foot tall ) And talking plush.. They used stock photos of the japanese talking ones. Pikachus due for November release, the rest are 2012 jan.. Anyone else have any more information on them? 

they retailed them for £29.99! Just thought the com should know. :D

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Small quick sales and other stuff!

Hi there!

After a lot of thinking, I decided to get rid of my Whimsicott collection I have so far.

Simply because Whimsicott is getting so much merchandise I can't keep up if I collect two starters :P

I have also added some pan stickers to my sales, so take a look here:

And to make this post a little less boring, my question to you is, what is the most expensive Pokemon item you have ever bought? How much? (answering this second question is optional) Do you regret paying so much for the item? 

For myself, it is the big talking Snivy plush!

It cost me 100$ plus 40$ express shipping. I didn't know you could have gotten it for much less, but even though I have bought it for that much, it is worth every penny and it is one of my most cherished pokemon items I own! <333

Price interest.+ebay lot

Hello everyone. I am sorry to post again so soon but now i have time i might as well ask.

First remember my Large Jakks Palkia? Would anyone be intertested in him if i put him up for auction. I have no where to keep him. ATM he just sits at the bottom of my wardrobe which isn't the best place to keep him. I don't really collect palkia. I decided to stick to my main dragons Drgaonite, Flygon and Salamence- plus axew and Hydreigon.   I have the DX kid palkia and regular kid whch is enough for me.

here is a pic of him

I have also put up a small lot of sale items lon ebay if anyone is intertested in any of my stuff. I have no room for them any more.

link is here

Edit question - I have a problem. I have got to a link to a Y!J auction and it looks good to GA. I would like to find someone to help me. I would do threads and such. I just need someone with GA experience to help.If you can help me with it i'll be very grateful. It contains a grail for me. .   99 reddriffloons is GAing it.  

 thanks for reading.
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Some quick questions and...what would you trade your collection for?

- I wanted to get the "talk together with victini" plush, actually, i was just about to buy une from HobbyLink...but then i started getting paranoid about the taxes. I started making resarch...and wow, those people are some rats!! The plush is $41, and SAL shipping is $15, so, in an fair world, i'll be getting it for $56. BUT!!! i've seen that those taxes are around 60%...or even 77%!!  (a friend was charged that amount *gulp) and i seriously don't want to spend around 30 extra bucks in it... i was wondering, does anyone here has one for sale for around $60 shipped? (which was the original amount i was planning to spend) Or i'm asking for impossibles?

- Something much is the shining charizard card worth? its one of my grails, but it always seems to slip away from me, and in ebay it can reach the non-high-at-all amount of $1,000 (srsly?)
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- last thing, is there something you wish, you'd trade your entire collection for?

Y'know, that kind of wishes like "i'll give everything up to get________" but in this case...your pokemon collection.

I personally would trade every pokemon item i have, if i could be in the recording sessions of She & Him...with Zooey Deschanel. Man, i love that girl's voice. So pretty. Her band its just awesooome...i love it. Ward's guitar arrangements are also a delight, so i think...if it was possible, i would happily do the 'trade'

What do you think? anything worth your collection?

EDIT: I' very sorry guys, i've never meant to make anyone sad, or to bring memories. Buts nice to know e all here want a better world :)

I was thinking something like the aspirations each oe of us have. Something you really want to achieve or get...that sometimes in your mind seems extra-hard or impossible

TCG questions

When i started my collecting, i started with tcg, and they remain my biggest collection.

That being said, i've been having trouble with organizing my spares. im trying to keep one of each card of each pokemon i own in the binder, with the spares somewhere else. but i feel bad just keeping them in the box. ( plus sorting them at this point is a right pain in the butt) Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do?

And to make this post less boring, a picture and a question~

My collection! skyrim box there for size reference.

and my question is this: How do YOU keep your card collection? I do my cards by dex number, with alternate forms having their own spot.

edit: also, does anyone know how much a corsola pokedoll is worth, and how rare they are?

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Hello everyone! I recently made a 1:1 dratini plushie for a friend (it's 5' 11'' in length) and thought someone might appreciate one of their own!

This is an auction for a "made to order" plushie. I will be making a replica of this plushie for the auction's winner.

Bidding begins now and will end November 23, 2011 at 11:00 p.m. central stanard time. Please wait for me to start a "bid here" thread in the comments before bidding.

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Happy bidding! :)
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Very Quick sales

My wal mart has been on the ball lately XD

I bring you two plush today for straight sale. They are $15 shipped anywhere in the USA. International is $17 :)
If they don't sell in a couple days I'll take em back to the store <3 So get em now ^__^

Prices above

All $1 each. (holo Axew too)

All $0.25 each (codes are free with purchase. One per purchase please)


I got lucky on him. He had his tush and hang tag cut off so I got him for $23 after being shipped and fees from Y!J! I bid 300 and the seller ended it after I bid! Talk about awesome!

Another awesome get. See the zukans? They are missing bases and pegs so I got the ENTIRE eevee line for $64 in the end! All I am missing is the running eevee from the F/J/V set. So if anyone wants to sell me it...HINT HINT.
The little figures are new gets too. So cute ^^

I bought the set cause it came with the victini coin I was after. But look at my great pull!

Seeking: Corsola UFO plush used/new

This is the cutest corsola plush I've ever seen and she has been on my want list forever, probably one of the first ones.
I saw her on ebay but she's wayy too much plus they wanted me to buy EMS shipping which I couldn't do.
If you have one, post your offers, $30 was my limit^^;
thanks! ^__^

A price check...and a little story/pic request thing??

Hi everyone! :D Very sorry to make such a boring post but I was hoping you guys could help me out! You see, my ultimate biggest grail is the DX wailord pokedoll (....DX....wailord...BIGGEST GRAIL.... D'OHOHOHOHO *shot*) (....that wasn't even an intentional bad pun, I'm just lame by accident ;u;). I don't know how many people have one but to those who do would you mind maybe telling me how much you paid for it? I want to know how much I need to save up/set aside to be extra sure I'll have enough if perchance I catch one for sale some time ;u; <3
(...also, very unlikely I know, but if anyone happens to have one they're considering parting with..... :'D)

So...that's that! But I'll add on a little thing, in the hopes of making this post slightly less dull, and maybe cheering myself up some. If you've had a MAJOR GRAIL and had success obtaining it tell me your stories! And I'd love to see pictures of your beautiful grails! It's always so uplifting hearing about things that bring happiness to my fellow collectors <3