November 17th, 2011

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Jensoxen and Lifesize GA news..

Hi guys, sorry if you were waiting for news from me, or missed my previous update - I am very ill at the moment with flu which turned into a heavy chest infection. Don't worry, I haven't been coughing on your toys!
So the long and short of it is, I haven't been able to get out to the post office with anything, or been able to use the computer for more than half an hour or so daily because of the drowsy medicines I'm on.
I think it's easing off finally, and my course of medicine ends on Friday, so I shall start getting your stuff shipped out over the weekend with a little help.. "Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east."
Naw, it's not gonna take that long, I swear. Thanks for being patient with me, I'm as frustrated as you are - I want to get these toys to their homes.

And for Lifesize GA participants, I bring you this!

So basically Customs are inspecting the parcel, and may either release it immediately, or use it to support their wobbly desk for a week or two. I don't know! I don't know how it apparently was "presented" twice, either!
But I'll check daily and as soon as it arrives here (or I get a fine) I'll let you know.

On Noppin's invoice, they put, "Shopping/Auction Total (Declared Value for the Customs): 3,900 JPY"
Which I think may put us over the limit for a customs fee. I'm hoping not.
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Auction reminder !

Just a simple reminder for my auctions of the set 3 zukan.
Auctions will be ended on 17 November 2011 at 4pm GMT. Less than 24 hours!    - Timer here -
Most of the items only have a starting bid and the Elekid line zukan even doesn't have anyone started yet ;_;

Click the following pictures to the auction post :D

Thanks for reading! <3


Hello all. c: I just joined the community here a little around a week ago and would like to formally introduce myself.

I'm LaPopeArmadillo, or Tracey if you could ever remember that. My two main collections are Turtwig and Magikarps. c: I actually joined here hoping that I could acquire a whole bunch of magikarp plush so that I can eventually have enough that I may roll around in them, toss them in the air and make it joyously rain karp.

Magikarp's my favorite Pokemon ever, in case you can't tell. :'D

Of course I also collect a bunch of miscellaneous Pokemon stuff in general c: And I hope to one day be able to picture log it all and show everyone for posterity~

But! I do have some stuff I can show you now, as I attempt to make my first cut...

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Talking Zorua Plush

Hnnnng. These guys have gotten significantly harder to get a hold of, so I've noticed.

This is literally one of the few plushies I would probably end up ripping someone apart for. It's just fjkgshfkg so cute and obnoxious and perfect in every single way. If anyone knows where I could get one (the 12" one, not the 6" keychain) or has one that they would be willing to sell, I would totally appreciate if you could contact me. ; w;


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Auction reminders!

Just a heads up that these end Saturday at 5PM central time.


Includes Kyogre, Pikachu, Mantyke charms
and rubber spin toy characters. I am not sure what they are really.
Dialga, Palkia, Cresselia, Landmin, Skymin, Infernape, Rayquazza, Garchomp and Giratina

It was pointed out to me that those 2 are special metallic forms of the originals. So I wanted to point that out to everyone!
They are shiny...everyone loves shiny thing XD


Collection Update!

Ever been so close completing your collection, but yet you’re still so far away since the final plushies (or figures, whichever you collect) are considered to be the rarest? Who else has got the same situation?

Well, that’s how I’m in right now. I’ve been collecting the pokemon plushies of the Applause line for years, and of the 33 that were made, I only have 3 more left to collect <3 Noting can explain the excitement that a collection has been complete.

Oh and minor stuff: Updates at the Manor N Landfill and Plush Collection sites.

I’ve figured out html, if you have a link that you’d like advertised, please tell me so we could trade links <3

As for the applause, what are the last 3 that need to be collected?

Caterpie, Koffing, and Gastly.

For two on this list, I feel like I must ask a middleman for There is a seller that is selling two I need in a lot, but the seller only ships to the UK, and I’m in the US. I must ask, if there is anybody willing to help me for this please? Bidding ends in a week from now. (I'll reply when I get back from clas)

Well, this would be my latest additions to my collection, since my last collection update!

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Auction Reminder and Such.

Only reminder that my Registeel Pokedoll Charm is up for auction! He is at his starting bid of $10. This is a good chance to get a Pokedoll charm for cheap! Auction ends this Saturday at 6pm Central Time

Click the picture or here to go to the bidding thread.

I also have this summer Deerling Jakks plush that I would like to sell soon. If not, he'll go back to the store. :< I'd rather see him have a new owner! I was asking $13 + shipping for him but am willing to haggle down a bit.

Also added a few things and lowered prices on a few things on my regular sales. Click here to go to them!

Also, my card sales. I have loads of cards for sale and I'd love to see them go, so feel free to buy and haggle!

And a link to my wants list. Please PLEASE let me know if you have anything on that list you are willing to sell or possibly trade! I'm really looking for Audino Metal Collection figures, Mantyke retsuden stamp, Mantyke clear kid and Budew Pokedoll right now! Someone had a Mantyke retsuden stamp for sale a while back but their post disappeared so I never got a reply :<

To make this not entirely boring, here's a video of my ferret playing with a remote control Bidoof.
No Wai


Well, today wasn't my best day, I felt awful and sick, and I had to stay after school till 6 so it was just horrid. Then I thought about the wave of homework piled onto me that I must turn in tomorrow. So I wasn't expecting anything great. On the way home my mom decided to stop by the mailbox, when she opened it there was a package in there so I got the "What is this?" look. I looked at her and said "I didn't order anything" ._.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Pokemon - Quilava pokedoll
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I've been asked many times if I would open commission slots for my OOAK bell plushies, and because I find myself in need of Christmas shopping money, I figure that now is a better time than any other to open a few slots. :D As always, each slot will be auction style

This is the last time that I will take public commissions for a long time. Unless I find myself in an emergency, the next time I intend to open commissions will be around June or November of next year.

A few basic guidelines~
✖ There will be four slots, starting at $50.00 each.
✖ For examples of bell plush I've made, please refer to my gallery (click the "previous" button for older examples).
✖ I will use crushed panne fabric for the base body if available but will otherwise use felt; however, I have a variety of main colors in stock so the only case this will happen is if the Pokemon in question has a very obscure tertiary color, and I will let you know. Limbs, ears, etc will be made of felt or stiff felt and smaller details will be painted.
✖ I will only ever make one of each Pokemon (the only exceptions being differing formes, dramatic gender differences and other, special exceptions). I will also remake certain Pokemon I made when I first began making bell plushies because I believe there will be a significant difference in quality, but only once. They will be first come, first served based on who sends payment first so please have one or two backup options when you bid. I also reserve the right to make a shiny/non-shiny version of the same Pokemon for a future auction if I choose to, but I never recycle patterns for other plushies so it wouldn't be a 100% exact copy either.
✖ Please have at least three options in mind when you bid, as commission choices will be first come, first served.

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