November 18th, 2011

quick sales!

Hi all. My how-you-say "good income" was not so good this week. Good news for you, that means collection weeding sales!

Samples of what's under the cut!!! OMG is that an Espeon canvas and a Mew lot?! Yes. Yes it is :D

*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*Sales permission granted by dakajojo 09/03/11
*I ship from California, USA
*Once your item leaves my hands to ship, it is no longer my responsibility.
*I will not provide a tracking number for orders under $50 unless you ask. $50 and over gets mandatory delivery confirmation.
*Items come from cat and dog friendly home- but I do try to keep them away from my collections.
*Will trade for Mews only.

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Feel free to combine with my updated (sales)

Thanks guize :)

question for pikachu plush collectors

Hello everyone! I have a quick question for those who collect Pikachu plushies or even plushies in general. I'm looking into finally investing in a large sized Pikachu plushie but there's just so many out there! He hasn't been a top priority of mine for a while, but considering I've gotten some great finds from my wishlist lately, I'd like to start hunting a worthy one down.

I would love some input from the community, like which one is your personal favorite, which one you would recommend, or if there are any being sold on community member sales posts. I try to focus on large plushies (around 12" and over), and I know there are plenty of Pikachus that size, so any input on those would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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PKMN: Sailingtoed

calling non-u.s./canada collectors

I'm not really on any other international communities and frankly, I don't trust anyone not from here. XD So I come to you all. I have an unusual request for you, fellow members! Here's the deal:

My mom collects sand from around the world. She has sand from Hawaii, Jamaica, Israel, and... a couple of other places I forget. XD I think like, California and stuff. She puts them in little jars and labels them and puts them on display, and it looks really neat. So, it occurred to me a few nights ago -- you guys are from everywhere! In essence, I'm looking for someone who lives somewhere "exotic" (I use this term loosely XD) but excludes the places I already listed. Perhaps from somewhere in Europe? Asia? Do you live near a beach or lake or other area with sand? Just a spoonful or two or a small handful that won't be too heavy is fine! Not too little, but not a heavy amount, and shipped in any old thing that seals and will keep it inside (preferably unbreakable). I realize this isn't the easiest thing to do this time of year considering the weather in a lot of places. orz; I just thought it would make a nice Christmas present for her. We like adding to our collections on holidays too, right? :D

As for payment, I'm afraid I can only offer to pay for shipping, not any commission, as I'm really low on funds. I can actually only ask this of one person -- possibly two, if someone I've already asked is unable to get some from her area. This is assuming shipping to Canada would only cost around $3 as well. My Paypal literally only has CAD$7 in it, and currency conversions aren't always kind. XD

Like I said, I can only ask one person, so I'm very sorry if I have to decline people. ;_; I want to pick the place my mom might like the most. Please don't take it personally! I truly appreciate any offer, since this is basically me asking you to be a kind soul. XD


So that this post is on topic LOOK LOOK I GOT NEW STUFF!

This is the first addition to my Palpitoad collection and I am SO HAPPY. They're also my first Pokemon cards. Shame on me, huh? I got them all from jeansama, along with the teensy orange Politoed sticker. He passed along the shimmery Politoed sticker that I purchased from larvitarscar to save me some shipping, which was sweet. The two Bonslys are from poliwhirl! And... and... PALPITOAD! I love Palpitoad so. ;w; SO excited for the MPC.

And a bonus photo just because I thought it was cute:

I'm off to bed now so I'll get back to everyone when I can!
Parfearie Sabi

Looking to buy: Clipping figures and Shiny MC+ figures of Suicune and Raikou

Hey guys! Recently I received a clipping figure of Entei and his shiny MC+ figure and I need his buddies :) for the clipping figures I don't want the box or the card. Offers for these guys are <$10 (less than) And for the shiny MC+ please don't try to get me to buy them for 100+ dollars. My offers stand as such Suicune ($30-$35) and Raikou ($40-45). If you have them I'll offer but keep in mind I got the shiny entei MC+ for $25. My sales post is here so please offer me your doggies!

Sales post

Never thought I'd have to do this, but with no job I really don't have a choice. I am trimming my pokemon collection down quite a bit and only keeping the items that really mean a lot to me. My loss is your gain, come check out what stuff i have :)

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Paints for Pokémon KIDS!

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I've noticed that people have painted shiny versions of pokémon kids, and I was wondering what is the best paint to use? All I want it for is touching up some damaged kids. I have a few that I got cheap that are a bit bashed up, but would come up lovely with a lick of paint!  

So basically - What is the best paint to use for painting kid figures?

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Questions for commissioners

Soon I want to take commissions for potentially both keychains, and plush, cause I could really use some money (hooray for being a poor art student~). But I've never taken plush commissions before, and it's been a while since I sold keychains, so I have a few questions about how I should go about business. :P

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And to make this post a little less text-heavy, here's a very bad picture of my Groudon pokedoll riding my giant Toothless plush:

emmet and ingo anime identical twins

new pokecen plush announce!

whoaaaaaa nelly!!!! these big huge plush (same size as the pokecen dragons/final evo starter plush) come out at the pokemon center on december 16th!

okay, not a ton of folks like this trio -- even if you don't, you gotta admit these plush are BOSS!!!

and if you don't think they are BOSS, well, you can take it up with them, if you've got the guts!!! hoho!
pokemon cookie technap

moving day sale!

sup collectors! i'm moving to a new house, and that means clearing the closets of spare pokemon stuff.

check it out!

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i'm cool combining shipping and i'm cool with shipping internationally. if you're interested in a shipping quote just give me a buzz.

Silver Chikorita?

Found this at my local TRU and was wondering if that silver Chikorita is a hard to find item?

Nothing much really in this post and was just curious xD
Next time I promise to do a collection update :D
Pokemon - Buds


I added some stuff!
There are cards, but there are also some figures (Unowns! Charmeleon Bell Plush!)

Some Victini fan out there has got to want that poster!

But no, this post has no other neat content. It's quiet around these parts... Just waiting for all of the amazing things to come.

OH WAIT I do have a neat new get.

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  • firevie


Hello everyone. Like most, I've been lurking for some time before deciding to join the community. I've been collecting since around last February, although a number of my plush are bootlegs (I didn't really understand the difference at first). I don't collect merchandise of any one pokemon, my focus is just "pokemon plush". I hope to, some day, have at least one plush of every 649 pokemon. ^-^
Hopefully this works...

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Emonga/Emolga Talkie Plush Offers

I have 3 (maybe 4) talking Emonga/Emolga plush right now. =)

Each one is $80 shipped to US address with a box, or $74 shipped without a box.  It's $82 shipped internationally without a box (CAN is a little less). ^_^

Please let me know if anyone want one before they ended up on eBay/Amazon.
  • tooboo

Re-intro/First Collection Update...Sort of

Hi everyone.

I'm not super active on the community, so chances are most people have no idea who I am. I'd be more active if I could, but, you know, life kind of gets in the way and all...

Anyways, I mainly collect Pokedolls 'cos they're awesome. My collection is sort of shared with my brothers; one of them makes videos with our Pokedoll collection. My Pokedolls don't sit on shelves; they're loved and played with a lot, but kept in good condition. =)

I'm in a situation where I can't be with my family for prolonged periods of time.
My brother is in possession of our collection right now and he's been working on a video with primarily Pokedolls - a few of which I've gotten from community members here. So if I ever buy any Pokedolls from you, know that they'll be loved and put to good use. ^^

So rather than posting pictures of my collection, you can check out the trailer for my brother's video. It definitely brought a smile to my face, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Please pass it this trailer along to anyone you think might enjoy it, and stay tuned for the final video! If you have comments, you can post them on Youtube if you like, as I'm sure my brother would appreciate it.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

Galvantula and Joltik
  • hebilea

Quickie wants and need help/opinions!

Hi there people! <3

I am right now just quickly looking for a Servine kid (does not have to be MIB, but would be appreciated) and ANY Zorua MIB kid. If anyone has any of these two, please do let me know if you are willing to sell :)

And now something I need opinions or/and information on, because I cannot think of anybody/anyplace where I can ask. Most of you probably know I have moved back to my country in Europe, therefore I own an American Wii console. After going to so many game or any other electronic shops here, I had no luck finding a normal Power Adaptor/Cord for my Wii. As you probably know, we have a different electricity stream as in America, around 240 Volts and everytime I tried to connect my American Power Adapter to the electricity, it comes to a cut-out. When I borrowed my friend's Wii Power Adapter, which is obviously European, it worked with my Wii with no problem! Of course, I just cannot take my friend's adapter away, it's his. That why I wanted to ask you, where can I find a decent Power Adaptor on the Inet after not finding it in any normal shops? I don't know, is it true that if I do not use licensed adapters, it might shorten the life of my Wii? I think that is ridiculous, but I should ask anyways...

Also, I found this though:

As you can clearly see, this seller has so much positive feedback, but also it stupid to ask if that adapter is licensed by Nintendo? 

Or do you have something else you could show me and I could afford that is licensed by Nintendo? 

If I would not find a proper one....well, I would be upset if I could not play my Wii anymore, after buying so many games and my dad buying me Skyward Sword Collector's Edition and later Pokemon PokePark 2....

Your suggestions would be deeply appreciated! <33333

And last but not least, lookie what I got from chi0911282133:

Life is beautiful. I got the stickers! Now my Parade starters are all complete! <33333
If you don't know what I am talking about:

Now the Parade train is all happy! :D