November 19th, 2011

Pokemon - Pikachu Pokedoll

Pikadolls and Green Blobs and Pokedolls and Kanto Starters GA

Huge collection update time! I've been promising to do this for weeks and now the time has come!

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Kanto Starters Pokedolls GA have finally reached me after getting stuck at a distrubution center for a while.
This only really applies to cyritic and [info]Jonathan Resendiz

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It was my birthday last July and jayceanime got me a pokedoll! Now gee, what pokedoll came out on my birthday (July 30th) that is something he loves and collect?Collapse )

I also had a little splurge and got myself the most epic non-pikadoll item I could ever get.
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Yep, that's all from me this time! I'll be doing sales with hundred of battrios (not even kidding about that, there's like 140 or something like that), projector film cells used in cinemas as well as a couple of pokedolls and items to keep an eye out!
Charizard Cooking

Collection Update #1!

Hey guys! It's been a great past month or so on the community, everybody here is so nice! <3
It's really cool to see everybody's collections grow, it's just amazing.

Anyway, here's my first collection update since I joined in October! :D

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That concludes my collection update, thanks for reading! <33

I'll be re-organizing many of my shelves this week, since I'm off school, so I'll probably do another update on or around Sunday!
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Quick Want Post

Sorry about the quick, boring wants post, but I am looking for a Ty Pikachu Beanie Babie!! It's going to be a last minute gift for someone so if you could get it shipped out asap I'd really appreciate it! Thank you to whoever has one! ^-^ Found~! Thank you!

Hopefully my next post isn't so boring! >.<
As always, thanks guys!
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Question Post

Sorry if this isn't allowed, I'll delete it if it's not.


I look on here everyday, and I hear about others getting the Black and White JAKKS plush (now up to the second evolution I've seen), and they look SO cute! But my local Target and Toys R Us aren't supplying them, and if they do, it's only for like a day. For example, whenever I go to Target, I go straight to the Pokemon section in the Toy area, but they still have out the previous set of JAKKS out (Togekiss, Teddiursa, Jirachi, etc.). Also, I've yet to see ANY of the Beanie Babies ANYWHERE! 

I was just wondering if others are experiencing this as well, or if I should go somewhere else...?
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A quick Want!

Does anyone have any rotom chous that they're willing to sell?

The ones X'd out are the ones i have already. I've been having a lot of trouble trying to find these lil guys :C any help finding them would be appreciated! :D

Zoro Derp

Some PokeCen Wants! And shipping update.

Hello PKMN Collectors! I have been so quiet lately... Work doesn't help because I sit at a computer alllll day, so by the time I get home, I don't really want to look at a computer anymore. XD;

I'll start with the quick thing known as a shipping update for my Pokedoll and PokeCen GAs.

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And now I have wants... Wants from me?! It's been so long! I have become much more stingy with my Pokemon money as of late, so not much has been spent on the comm... but there are a few things I've been looking out for and I was wondering if you guys could help!

Top of the list would be a 1:1 Scraggy PokeCen plush. I have been wanting one for quite some time now, but the time never seemed right to take the plunge and purchase one. There are some scattered around the internet for $160+, but I figured I would try checking the comm first to see if anyone had one for cheaper (and of course, I feel much safer buying from here than random sites <3). I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in trading a 1:1 Scraggy for my large fuzzy laying Pikachu plush MWT. If not, I will most definitely be putting that plush up for sale/auction soon, so stay tuned if you're on the lookout for one!

Next up would be a Canvas want! I have yet to make any purchases because I've been looking for one of the adorable Canvas mugs that appeared in the initial advertisement. I have no idea if they're available or anything since I've only looked for Canvas things briefly on other sites. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them in terms of availability and where I could get one. :)

And this is a really small random want, but does anyone have the large Darumakka decal sticker? And does anyone know of any other Pokemon decals that are available? I'm not big on stickers, but decals are awesome for being removable and on the bigger side, so I would love to have more Pokemon ones! >w<

That's all for now. I apologize for the really boring post... I plan on doing a massive weeding whenever I get off my lazy butt to take pictures and stuff, so hopefully I'll be back with a post sooner rather than later. :)
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Cleaning a beloved plush

Hey guys! I know this question gets thrown about every so often, but I was hoping for some advice since the plush I have in mind has longer "fur" than most. 

It's this guy I'm worried about: 

I sleep with him every night and his fur has gotten a bit oily because of it. It's still very soft, but not the same kind of fluffy as when I first got him. The tips of his ears and paws are starting to mat a bit too, though I admit I haven't tried brushing them out yet.

I was thinking about putting him in the washing machine while I'm home on a gentle cycle and then doing the same with a gentle setting in the dryer. My biggest worry about these is that the stuffing inside will ball up and become uneven. I can always hand-wash, but I'm not sure that'll penetrate the fur in the way that I think it needs.

Has anybody ever washed plush with longer fur? Should I take the risk with the washing machine? 

Once upon a time...

Today I bring you a story of mythical proportions.

A long time ago when Pokemon was in its infancy, there existed strange plush known only as mirage plush. These plush were so rare that only a few people know about them. They were said to orginate from a land known only as "Europe" One noble mod named denkimouse(Gin). decided to go on a quest to seek these myserious plush and learn more about them.

In a mysterious land known as " United Kingdom" two people called fizzycat and hebilea saw three of these "mirage plush" appear wild on the bay of E.
So they contacted a dragon lord called dragonrider49 to help them capture these creatures.

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I hope you enjoyed my story.

and I have JUST won my BIGGEST want yet! So in the words of Scar- be prepared! ( for my next update he's a big one- a point to anyone who can guess what he is!)
Touko // Hanging on
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whoa! 1/2 of a grail get!

Hey everyone! I'm back with a new update. I.....I should actually take a photo of my collection soon rather than just say I got something ._. 
Anyway, this get is actually part 1 out of I guess, 2 parts to my grail! 

I actually got her XD) on Wednesday but didn't update until now. 
Now then, just who is she?! 

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Misty and Psyduck
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So, the other day I was lurking here as I usually do (I swear, I stalk you people xD I feel like a creeper...) and it suddenly hit me that it's been over a year since I made my first and only post to this community. So I figured it was time for a collection update! Not that I have much of a collection to update, but... Woo? If it makes this post anymore interesting, I also have another custom plush I made that I wanted to share! 

Anyway, a year ago my collection looked like this:

Pretty small, huh? Well, thanks to the community, I've made a few additions to my collection! 

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Well, that's about it. =D I'm sorry I'm not more interesting... Thank you very much for your time! 

Awesome Battle Dice Get

So i recently jumped on a mysterious lot on Yahoo Japan. I had no idea what to expect and it's been a long week waiting for it to finally show up at my door.

and here it is finally! (and i know i was competing against one of you for this lot, come forth and reveal yourself!!!)

Warning: Lots of images under the cut!

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Noragami - Punk Yato
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Buying: Noble Victories

Noble Victories Cards Needed:
34/101 - Kyurem
47/101 - Cofagrigus
67/101 - Archeops
73/101 - Terrakion
97/101 - Virizion

99/101 - Terrakion
101/101 - N
102/101 - Meowth

I LOVE trading though I don't have much for trade at this time. If you need cards from this set, please let me know. I also have some other cards that I can trade so if you're interested in seeing those, let me know as well.
If you're not interested in trading, I can pay via paypal and I'm in the states. ;}
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Karoia GA payment #1 + coloured bats + happy birthday fizzy!

Okay guys, we won! :D
Thanks so much to Pokepalace and Karoia for hosting this GA, i finally got mah metal Golbat ;A;

The spreadsheet is located HERE
And you can send all payments to Pokepalace's papal which is
Please include your LJ user name and KAROIA GA in the memo please!

And im getting so lucky recently, all these coloured bats keep popping up and im just so happy im making a bigger collection for them xD I was wondering if anyone out there had more colours of these beautys. Also was there ever any metal Crobats? I can only seem to find Golbat :O And only ever found 1 Zubat.

Heres the coloured ones i have so far, and my metal ones!


Srsly you're such a bro ;A; I'm so upset I've had so many hours at work this month, and i haven't had time to make you anything amazing! But here, i know you're a HUGE BUTT for collecting games and sealed things, so I'm giving you my Leaf Green version, sealed <3


Possible Jakks Plush Pickups?

Found these at my local Target!

I didn't buy them because I had a bit of trouble selling the last set I got, but if anyone is interested, I could go back tomorrow and pick these up for people. Offering because some folk are having a real hard time finding these plush in their stores :x

There is only one of each though and Pignite is reserved for someone. Theres also a Sandile at a nearby store I could grab. They'd be $13 shipped in the USA, $14 international.

And of course they can be combined with my normal sales.

bad keychain GA news and stamp GA!

hey guys! Got good and bad news for you today...

firstly, this GA...

has become a bit of a mess :C

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and the good news is STAMP GA YAAAAY

Click the cut for bigger pics and info!

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Collection intro!

Hi community, I'm Toxicmouth! I've been lurking the comm for a good few months now, and I've finally decided to make a collection update, after obtaining a bunch of goodies at my local japanese re-sale store! :3

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pokemon: mamo!

(no subject)

Due for release on New Year's Day are these cute joined plushies of a female and male Pikachu!

(The things in the lower right corner are chocolates, and above it are can badges. One of the can badges is included randomly with the chocolates!)

A lot of Pikachu plush recently; these two are cute additions regardless. :D

EDIT: OOPS! Credit goes to AAPF for finding the info!

(By the way, those who participated in my group buys for Christmas charms and foam stamps: the package is here, but I cannot pick it up until tomorrow. I'll try and ship everything by Wednesday at the latest. Sorry for the delay!)


Due to the high volume of people trying to contact me via my last sales post, and the few opening disputes, I will post this again. Earlier this month (a couple of weeks ago) the majority of the packages that were sent out were returned to me due to my hand writing not being legible. I apologized for this once already, and I will apologize again. I hope that you all see this this time. To those who have opened disputes, I would kindly ask you to close them when you receive your items and to not push forward with them for now. More than half of these packages were sent again earlier this week, the rest will be sent on Monday. For those who tried to contact me via the post and did not receive a response until now, my internet has seriously been on the major fritz, and I have not had access to my e-mail or LJ at all for the most part, so I am getting back to you all as quickly as possible.
Thank you all for your continued patience, and I am again sorry about this whole incident :/
If anyone is worried, please see my feedback thread here: and you will see that I have a HIGH amount of positive feedback and am not running off with your money.
I will take a picture of the final receipt to prove I have sent everything out, and post it in the old sales post. Thank you all for your time, and happy holidays!

Pics of the receipt today can be found here:
^part with the date on it^

The ones that will go out (again) tomorrow or friday are as follows:
sorjei, furrettails, rainyan, and aarux (yours is going out for the first time)

and I will update then with a picture of that receipt as well.
Thank you all again for your continued patience :x