November 20th, 2011


CoroCoro Shining Mew Card Question

Just had a quick question and will probably delete this post tomorrow.

Does anyone know if the CoroCoro Shining Mew card has glitter all over the front? I've been browsing and I've seen closeups that appear to be with and I was wondering which are real and which are fake.

Talking about this card -

Image taken from Bulbapedia.

Also, if anyone has this card and are willing to trade it for other cards...I'd be interested.


~ Risha
Alola Vulpix
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Additional Canvas Promo Goods

As they promised, the PokeCen has more canvas goodies for us!  We already knew about the plush, keychains, and mugs - but there are also notepads, clearfiles, and a few other fun things. 


A4 Clear File (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) 210円 each

And some close up pictures:
Kanto (front | back)
Johto (front | back)
Hoenn (front | back)
Sinnoh (front | back)

Tote Bag 2300円
Pouch 1200円
Sweet Wafers Tin 800円
Mini Easel & Memo Pad 580円
F2 Sketch Book 480円

There are also stickers (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) 250円 each.

Also, the Canvas Plush tags have a different style!  For the super completionists, that means these re-releases of the Johto and Sinnoh starters are ever so slightly different.  (You can see shots of the new tags here and here)


(Sources:,, and Hardrock-Pokemon)


Looks like I have more things to ask Santa to bring this year ♥

Collection update and New York questions

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I am going to New York City this Saturday, and there's a few places I'd like to go:
*Nintendo World of course... Have they added any Poké merch in the past few weeks (specifically plushies)
*Image Anime. What kinds of stuff do they have here, and how far is it from Nintendo World?

Thank you, and have a nice afternoon ^^

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custom minky pokemon plush auction

Greetings! I haven't posted here since this summer, but I have a very special treat for some of you custom collectors! I have a new line of mini-minky pokemon plush that I am going to be auctioning off. They are an inch or two larger than pokedolls. More information, individual photos and auction rules under the cut ^^

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In addition to the minky Umbreon, Rattata, Jolteon, Flareon, Raichu, Eevee and Vaporeon, I also have a small Jessie and James plush set!! Please take a look, Id love some feedback on my new plush ^^
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It has arrived XD

Hey guys, for those who participated in my pre-orders just to let you know the November stuff have arrived. It's here:

And yes we did wipe their shelves of Oshawotts, Lillipups and Litwicks. I have already packed it and it will be sent out first thing next week.

Also, all those who placed your pre-orders with me in the last 2-3 weeks, I have successfully ordered all of yours so don't fret.

HOWEVER, I'm sorry to say they're only bringing in 0.5 sets of the February MPC plushies, so for those cryogonal lovers I'm sorry but they're only bringing in 2 :(

Moving on...
This is what they had left ><

If anyone would like anything from this pile I could call them and try to get them to hold it for you, just comment here. From my recollection this is what they had left:

MPC: Victini, Emboar, Dewott, alomomola, samurott, basculin, amoonguss, Scraggy, cottonnee
Christmas Plush: Pansage, Cubchoo
Stampers: Tepig, Minccino, Munna, Snivy, Pikachu
Pencil Box
Water Bottle Holder
(With Victini Movie art - this one here:

That's all from me. I'm currently rearranging my room after my exams and will get a collection update done after that :)

Chara-bottlin Blaziken auction!

So yeah guys, This is about an auction of a very rare thing, A chara-bottlin figure of blaziken!

Good stuff to know! :
File:Ani386DMS.png Was granted sales permish by dakajojo some months ago.
File:Ani386DMS.pngI ship from sweden.
File:Ani386DMS.pngI accept PAYPAL ONLY.
File:Ani386DMS.pngI ship all the stuff in bubblemailers.
File:Ani386DMS.pngi will ship max a week after payment.
File:Ani386DMS.pngCAN do holds!

ALL community rules apply!!!

This auction will end in about 6 days!! Timer:

Lil' blaze starts at $10!
Hes totally PERFECT condition!

Pics! (sorry for bad pictures ;n;)..

Hope you enjoy this auction, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
new Flareon

re-intro!! plus update

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted on here so I felt I needed to re-introduce myself to the community. So hi, my name is Jessica, I'm 16 years old, and from Missouri in the US. I joined the community over a year ago and I havn't made a post in months. I collect eevee, flareon, tepig, nido male line, sandshrew line, charmander line, bulbasaur line, and squirtle line. And my favorite pokemon are flareon and tepig.

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Pokemon of the Week!

LET'S DO THIS! This week's pokemon of the week is....!!

#122, Mr. Mime!! which includes Mime Jr. of course! :) Share your Mr. Mime collections and photos!! Bonus points for pics!! (As an added note, the first random number drawn was 372, which was exactly the same number as last week!! WEIRD RIGHT?)

Plushies GA arrived + Wantlist

It's been a while I didn't post here. So, good news for the GA participants, the plushies are here !

I get many new stuff since september but I'm too lazy tu made an update post, I'll probably make a collection post soon + a cleaning sales post.
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I've updated my wantlist today about my wants for my mains collections, you can found it here.
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Small sales post~

Hello everyone!
I haven't posted anything in a while so I decided to make my first sales post, since I got my permission just few days ago! :3
There's nothing much yet tho, but I hope people want to buy~

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011
Feedback thread located here. I will leave you feedback if you ask
Payment with PayPal only
I ship from Finland, so shipping might me little high, sorry about that!
I prefer money over trades, but I accept Hoothoot/ Noctowl, Dialga and Panpour/ Simipour items as a trade

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