November 21st, 2011

happy Ritsuka

tcg sales!

Hi all! I decided to grab all the extras I have and finally make a decent card post about them... almost a week later. x_x

Anyway! Need any cards? Go ahead and poke around. :3
Warning: Image heavy!

See all those tins? It's all up! (minus one, but only because it has trainers XD)

(Click this rather cliche fake cut XD)

As for a collection update, that'll have to wait until I have time later in the week. x_x Last week my time was incredibly taken up by work and trying to make the TCG post.
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sorry i haven't yet posted my big photo of all the FOUR HUNDRED!!! canvas i have for you guys, but it's been a craaaaaazy weekend!!

for the record i WILL be stocking the other canvas items AND the darumaka promo AND the new phone strap figures! i just need to get most of these canvas on their way before i can bring more goodies into my teensy apartment, simple as that.


thanks comrades!
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GA lost+new lot

Hi everyone, I'm afraid this GA has been lost:

There was unfortunately a technical glitch with SMJ when Megu was bidding which caused the bid not to be put in. I know there was a lot of nice stuff in here people wanted--including myself--but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Still, I would like to give Megu a hand for volunteering to bid; using a middleman can be a challenge, especially late at night with a large lot. 

On a lighter note: I found a new R/S/E lot with some nice MIP Zukans on Y!J. Would anyone be interested in hosting this with me? I would be doing threads and spreadsheets. 

Edit: The above lot is ending pretty soon, so if you're interested in hosting please speak now! It includes Seviper/Zangoose, Mudkip line, Ludicolo line, Medicham line, Glalie line, Golem line, and Ninjask/Shedninja/Nicicada.
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Buy all the things! See how this works?
This stuff is really just sitting about and being unappreciated, so I'd love to find some loving new home for them! I'm selling them in lots because individually their shipping would simply be too much. Therefore:


Jakks Flareon is like new, but the binder shows some signs of wear. See scans:
$75 shipped


Many, many cards, including some old promos. Mostly D/P HG/SS and B/W sets, however.
Also has both versions of Red Gyarados! Please enquire about state of individual cards.
$60 shipped

Got this in a lot, and is unwanted. Lining has cute silhouettes of the starters!
$10 with either of the above lots
$17 shipped

Purchase for resale is welcome!
Thanks everyone!

Awesome get; collection update & reduced Sales

NB: Tags refer to collection- not Sales

I went to pick up something really awesome from the Sorting Office this weekend:

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And now for my Sales. I have added an Abra line Zukan, and reduced prices on flats and some figures. I still have Pikachu & Pansage TY beanies too. Please note that my shipping prices have gone up due to exchange rates etc. I know it sucks.
I was granted Sales Permission by Denkimouse back in 2008:

candle line
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Plush Commissions Open

Alright, so I've just about finished up things from my last round of slots and I'm ready to take on more just in time for the holidays ;D I still have quite a good deal of yarn and even some new colors, so the discount for materials still stands! [It will probably stand till I start running out of some colors xD] So come have a look, get quotes, and all that lovely jazz below the cut ;D I just updated my gallery with all the new plush I've made recently too <3~

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1. lucachan - leafeon - pending

Also, I still have two plush for sale, please give them good homes!

Jumpluff is $20 and Petilil is $15

Art Trades & Commissions Updates
1. Lileep - 100% complete, Cradily - 15% complete
2. Giratina - 35% compelte
3. Derpy Hooves - 15% complete

Any questions or concerns you may have for me about anything, post them here ;D
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Stopped by Target today, and lookie here!

Yay new Jakks and new Scraggy for me! He's so cute, I really adore this figure.

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I also picked up a Dewott and I'm selling him for $8 +shipping. :D

If anyone wants any others from the set or a Scraggy and another Dewott, feel free to ask! I'm willing to go pick more up.

IN OTHER NEWS, look! New puppets at the Pokemon Center!

So cute! I've been told they're not hand puppet size, but you can put some fingers in there! Look out for them on Sunyshore later if you want one! :D/ (I know I want Pansage, sooo cute!) Here they are!

Any Common Cards that nobody wants?

EDIT: Still looking at all the sales posts - may take a while to respond to those who have already sent me links but I will get back to all of you and hopefully buy a little from all of you! New people seeing this I'm still open to the following...

So I have gotten about half way through my checklists of what cards I do an don't have for my collection. And so many sets are still completely empty! Therefore if anyone has any extra commons they want to throw in lot for me and sell them to me I would greatly appreciate it :)
I'd  love to get some awesome deals on the cards that you would have trouble getting rid off. If you can offer extra rares you may have too that would be great! Just tell me what sets the cards are, how many there are, and your price!
So feel free to let me know what sets you have, the rough amount of cards you have and your offer. I would prefer no duplicates - but I'll take them off your hands if you want :) 

Condition does not matter : I prefer near mint or slight wear but am happy with anything!
Sets I am looking for in particular: Neo -everything! Ruby &Saphire, Ex Delta, Gym Challenge and Heroes, and Diamond & Pearl
Remember I am looking for deals so don't be offended if I shoot you down! XD

Also seeking a Houndour Pokedoll :)  GAH!!!!!!! GOTIT THANKS!