November 22nd, 2011

Pokemon//Pokabu derp

Reintro, sorta, I guess~

Hey guys :D

It's been a long time! I guess I'll do a quick reintro. My name is Carly, I'm 24, and my favorite Pokemon is Pokabu/Tepig! Now that I have a minute, I thought I'd do a collection update. I'm sure you've seen me around buying stuff here and there~!

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to New York City (for Comic Con) in October, and go to Nintendo World for the first time!

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Comic Con was AWESOME, and Nintedo World was AWESOME, though they were sadly lacking in stock at the time ;_; I was hoping to get a Piplup DX plush, a large Zekrom, and a large Reshiram, but sadly the only thing of the 3 that they had was the Zekky. At least I can say that I went there, though, it was really fun, especially being there with other Pokemon fans :D

Now, a collection update!

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Hope you're all doing well and have a great day <3
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I just won my ultimate grail and need money to pay for it sales

Guys...Guys....GUYS! Guess what?! I won my grail. It hasn't sunk in yet. It won't until I get to hold it and oogle at its awesomeness.
It needs accessories. Getting ahead of myself.
I can't tell anyone what it is yet. That will be saved for later :D *squeeeeeeeee* Along with my adorably sweet xmas gift from Pantherotter!
Help the Aleyina needs her grail in her arms fund!

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Squirtle Family

Sales Post time + Finally my first Pokedoll(s)!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! Just a quick post from me. I am broke as heck, and really want that new Squirtle Canvas XD so...Sales post time! Lol.

Of course my main TCG shop which can be accessed by clicking the banner or link. I have a ton more than what is pictured, so please feel free to ask for cards you may need!  (Warning!! Image Heavy) :

Or click this!:

And here is my Plush, figures, etc sales, (I am very ignorant in these things, so feel free to haggle or tell me prices are too high, etc.):

 I added in more DS Skins, Extra Kids, and misc. figures. Lowered Prices as well on most things!

Now that is out of the way, I finally got something special in the mail, my first ever Pokedolls!

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As always thanks a bunch for reading/comment/viewing/posting/whatever! 

mars is bright tonight...

Hey, how is everyone? I've decided that it's time for a teensy update! My Reshis are just dying to be seen, as well as a few other growing collections.

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Also, does anyone want a Meowth clip plush, Meowth walkie talkie or a Sandile Jakks plush? I'd love to find them new homes, where they'll be loved a bit more!

*edit- cut fixed, sorry!

Lots of Auctions! Knitted Pokedoll, HUGE Custom Plushes and Inflatables!

sup guys.

I'm here with some goodies to auction off! Auctions include my rare knitted Piplup pokedoll (I forgot to post a reminder last time I had it up for auction ;o;), some inflatable toys from the set below and some of my custom plushes!


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Thank you everyone for taking a look! :) Give my items a good home ;o;
linoone fluffy

looking for wants:

Hey guys I know I don't post often but im looking for these:
snover pokedoll
shiftry line zukan
furret kid
Natu pokedoll
Tomy suicune
aggron zukan
flygon zukan
staraptor zukan
Cubchoo pokedoll
Cubchoo christmas plush
Delibird christmas plush
cyndaquil christmas plush
Aggron kid
Shiftry kid
Seedot kid
sentret bound ball
sentret kutakutaplush


Scraggy Stamper Question

I have a question about this stamper I just got. Is it supposed to be self inking? There's no ink pad in the base.

If anyone has one they can compare to mine, please let me know. More pics are behind the cut.

Just want to make sure I didn't get a booty or something weird.

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Custom Christmas Ornaments + Sales

Hello everyone! Happy almost Thanksgiving! I thought since I have a little time during the break that I'd love to do some ornament commissions for people :D
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And I got this on Saturday! :D I can't sop hugging her XD So soft!!!

Offers end on Saturday, the 26th
Offers on Charizard Jakks, Dratini bell plush and Charizard V-Trainer

Hello There!

Hello! I'm new to this community and new to Live Journal in general. Truthfully I joined just so I could join this community lol. XD But Hello I'm Cara. I've been collecting Pokemon since I was four years old and I have a pretty big collection even though I've never purchased anything off of the internet. My favorite Pokemon are Eevee(Even though I have virtually nothing of it...) Pikachu, Eeveelutions, Skitty, and pretty much all the cute ones. I'd love to show you my collection but I lack a digital camera so the only pics I can take are from a DSi and are a tad bit blurry. I apologise. =( Also I can't buy or sell anything over the internet so pretty much I'm here to show off my collection. (Though I really wish I could buy things!) Here's a little shot of some of the Pikachus I own. (Pichu and Raichu too.) The second biggest Pikachu is a bootleg I'm sure because it looks like the mouth was markered on and its made of really shoddy materials...not to mention the lack of a tail. I didn't know about bootlegs though when I bought it from a Secondhand shop.
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Jensoxen GA payment 3! Also Lifesize GA news

Hi guys! I am now recovered from a chest infection (mostly), and have spent this evening weighing and packaging up your GA items!
The spreadsheet for Payment 3 is here: CLICK

The Journal post with photographs is here:
The extras are here:

Payments to please - I'll PM everyone tomorrow about this so we all know.

Please check the spreadsheet carefully! If I've forgotten an extra you wanted, let me know.
It will not affect shipping as long as your weight is under 100g (noted on the sheet).
I will begin shipping this Thursday, as the post office is shut on Wednesdays.

Hokay! Lifesize GA!
We incurred a customs fee, which I have paid for sake of speed. It was £33.33 (lol), and the parcel is scheduled to arrive with me on THURSDAY! Pics and hugging to come! :D
I've asked Gin what to do with Jazzbie's plush.