November 24th, 2011

Parfearie Sabi

My Sales in one lot!

Hey guys, I really just want this stuff out of my house so I've posted it to eBay as one whole lot. Full of jakks plush, figures, and such. Link under the cut. (P.S. am I allowed to do this???) take a look under the cut for something interesting as well :D

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Sales Updated!

Happy Thanksgiving LJ community! Hope you all enjoy your day off (I sure am :))!
I've updated my sales post with some more unique TCG Promos and still have worlds promos, pokedolls amongst other neat items!

Click the Tropical Beach below or here to be transported to my sales thread
Pokemon - TR - James - Koffing Luv

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I just wanted to point out quickly about a lot I have for sale on eBay:

The lot has a little over one day left and is still at the starting bid of $19.98!

For those unsure of buying from me, I have been a member of the community since the end of August 2007 and here is my spiffy feedback:

My community feedback thread!

Next, we have my older the the hills community feedback thread!

Third, my ever growing eBay feedback!

While I am at it, my eCrater feedback too!

I know that I have not been posting much anymore, but I hope that will be changing real soon. Right now I am redoing my Team Rocket collection display. Since I had to part with the majority of my Suicune collection, I moved Team Rocket to where my Cunes (aka buttribbons) use to dwell.  Once done, I hope to put together a reinto post and I will also have a very small collection update!

Before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Oh, I just saw the Pikachu float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!! :3

Edit - I feel like a dummy, I should probably point out my other eBay auction too! It is Pokemon related after all:

Good luck!!

My Whismur collection!

I just got a huge package of whismur goodies recently! but got lazy and didnt have time to post it so here i go~!!!! XD!! This is my first time getting whismur and i got so lucky running into a former whismur collector so im so happy i cant wait for my collection to grow *_*! and mini photostory because they are fun xD.all my whismurs from [info]psychtiger was a wounderful seller and added some free goodies which i had fun playing with ;O;

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Pokemon Stores in Hawaii - Honolulu or near it?


So I am in Hawaii with my boyfriend, sister, and her boyfriend! It is incredibly beautiful here, but as always my mind is on Pokemon!
I have some extra cash to spend here and was wondering if there were any good Pokemon shops or things to do here? If anyone has any information please let me know!

I just thought this pic from the 2010 VGC in hawaii was cute :3 Btw if anyone is interested I think that pikachu mascot suit - yeah a real one - was on ebay a week ago and maybe still there. I found that the price was quite good and was tempted to get it but I don't think I'd have anything to wear it too lol. 

Also I am working on my card collection and have a lot of people that have been so kind and helped so much! I will be posting my list of wants for everyone so you can finally get rid of those old commons you don't need! Anyone who has any cards for sale (especially commons) from SkyRidge or RubySaphireEx please let em know as I have none of those cards XD

I can't wait to post my plushie collection! As it has grown dramatically within the 2 weeks of me being here. When I return I will have  Houndour and Charmander pokedolls waiting for me which I thought would never happen so thank guys!

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Quick Draw!

Small Weeding Sales

I am just posting a quick small sales of some items I'm weeding.
There will probably be more in the next few weeks, but for now this is all I'm posting.
 I hate doing it, as I really like them, just there are reasons behind it and it must be done :<

I was granted sales permission by Denkimouse on Jan 2, 2011

Remember, I can be a slow shipper, as I depend on others for a ride. Please be patient with me > x<;
Paypal only

Kyogre TOMY Recall Plush - $70 OBO
Kyogre mint with all tags - $30 OBO
Kyogre DX Kid - $2
Kyogre Hasbro Toy - $5

Buizel/Buneary/Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape/Kricketot Plush Dice - $20 OBO

pics of other sides:
jan and raichu &gt;&gt; BFFs
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Looking for a Raichu!

Hi guys! I've been looking for this springy cord Raichu plush for a while, and since I saw it in a plush lot recently, I figured there might be more people out there that would let theirs go too. Please let me know if you would sell me yours. :) I'm looking for one in minty condition, but if no one has one with a tag, I don't mind.

Here's a picture if you don't know what plush I'm talking about. :P

Sorry if I stole your picture. I just found it in a Google search. :3

Thanks for your help! And Happy Thanksgiving!!


EDIT// Also~ Anyone selling this Raichu Kid? :3


updated sales!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :3
I have updated my sales post with a lot of new MWT Pokédolls.
As always I have a ton of Japanese cards, English TCG cards, some Banpresto plush and other collectibles.

I also have a sale going on for all Japanese BW Era cards! Buy 5 cards and get 1 free! (The lowest-priced out of the six will be free)
The sale ends this Friday at 11:59PM EST, meaning payment must be made by then.

Here's a preview of what you'll find in my sales:

Click the banner below to go to my sales!:

Introductory Hello

Hello everyone^^

Joined this community properly today; after half heartedly popping in every so often, i felt obliged to become a more established member. I'm sure you're all a friendly bunch and i can't wait to start engaging in activities with you all. Going under the name of Shrimposaur, though on other sites i'm more commonly known as shazy.

I am somewhat of a fossil maniac, and enjoy collecting pretty much anything linked with fossil/dinosaur/ancient pokemon, so you'll probably see me asking about those such items more than anything else. Of course, the ultimate favourite is Anorith. It's a shame the fossils are not very well merchandised. I shall just have to be speedy whenever something new appears. 

I am also fond of anything to do with pokemon trainers (the official characters, both game and anime); very much an Ash Ketchum fangirl, etc etc

Anyway, just an opening post to introduce myself^^
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Eevee Dangle

Australian Members, Get Down to JayJays! + GA Question

Hey, guys!

I went to JayJay's today and saw their new pokemon shirts X3 I hadn't seen anyone post them yet, apologise if they have already *o*. Anyway, three styles are only available in men's cuts/sizes, but I bought all three anyway XD 

You can also buy them on the JayJay's website =)

Also, I don't know if this is everywhere, but I went into my local EB Games and the pokemon card portfolio was reduced to $13 for Christmas. Woo!

Also, just a small question: Why are posts in GAs being hidden upon the end of bidding in a lot of GAs? It makes it really difficult to budget when I can't go and see if I am the winner of anything >_<; Can replies not just be frozen? Of course, if there is a reason, fair enough =)
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Zukan GSC set 5 Auction

Hi comm! Today I bring you a new auction of another rare zukan set :D
It's the GSC set 5 zukan, which includes Lapras, Zapdos ... etc.

Auctions will be ended on 29/11/2011 (Tuesday) 12noon GMT+8.  Countdown timer here

Auction ends! Thank you for bidding :D

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Also a small reminder for zukan set 3 auction participants, I have packed the zukan and will ship them out tomorrow, except the Dragonite line zukan as I still have to find a box to put it in XD

Finally a sales plug to end this post XD  

Seeking Cyndaquil

How much does the HG/SS Tomy (I think) Cyndaquil tend to go for? Do you have one for sale or know someone who does? (I am not really concerned about tags.) I'd rather buy in the community! Thank you!

Picture from pokeplushproject

And if you have any $16 or under Pikachu plush, let me see them and possibly throw money at you!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

First ever sales post

Dear God this sales banner is awful XD But better than nothing I suppose. Click the picture to enter my sales. Happy Shopping<3
P.S.: I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11

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want to buy/question :3

hello everyone~  
I am on the hunt for a Charmander Walkie towel, along with a Raichu plushie.  If anyone can help me, that'd be great.  Also, what is the search term for the walkie collection for Japanese auction sites?  I looked around but couldn't find it (if it's there and I'm just blind, please forgive me. ._.) Also if anyone could help me with finding a peg that'd fit the Flygon zukan (I have the Flygon piece/base, but not the peg) that'd also be awesome.
Thank you! :D