November 25th, 2011

Alola Vulpix
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More Pokemon Time Things

Wail Fans, the PokeCen is really loving you guys lately - check out these new Pokemon Time goodies (available this Saturday, I believe!)

For more information and pickups, head over to Sunyshore:

EDIT:  Looks like there will also be a Hoenn Starters mouse, a Milotic clip, USB memory sticks, and various bags and pouches.  No picture confirmation yet though - all the pictures are broken links!  Check back there or AAPF ( for more info when it comes in.

The Pokemon Center explicitly says that these are intended for adults.  I really hope they continue this trend :D 
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Extra Kids from August, September, October Sale! Prices/Shipping Reduced!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone in the USA had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Over the months that I've been doing claims for kids, I've had tons left over, but I wanted to wait until I had a sizable amount of kids to make a sales post. Now I have a whopping 47 extra kids that are just taking up space in my room, but I'm sure there are good homes for them somewhere. As such, I've reduced the price for these kids, as well as added shipping discounts for this weekend only! After this Monday, the price of the kids will go back up. Anyways, here is the breakdown.

The kids I have are as follows: 

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Now, please check which picture the kids you are interested in are on, and then comment below with the kids you want and your location to be given a PayPal quote! :D

If the kid you want comes off of this list, then it is priced at $4.00, plus shipping (see bottom).

If the kid you want comes off of this list, then it is priced at $7.50 plus shipping (see bottom).

If the kid you want comes off of this list, then it is $4.50 plus shipping! 


1-2 Kids: $2.50 DOMESTIC/$3.50 INTERNATIONAL 
5+ Kids: I will quote you! Give me your location!

Thanks guys, and Happy Black Friday Shopping! ;) I'm going to hit some local Anime Stores and Toys R Us to see if there are any good Pokemon deals later!
RAIRAI and surge searchin'


show me your rainbow of generation one colored mini models!

you know you've got them, i know you've got them!

feast your eyes upon my raichus. metallic sheen blue is the newest!

so post your rainbow! :D

not part of the japanese mini models series, but for fun in the same vein, check out these adorable little raichus from vietnam!

Introduction and Looking for Something

Hi guys. I'm new to the community, so I just thought that I'd give a short introduction and inquire about an item. I've been a fan of Pokemon for probably around 10 or so years. I first became a fan through the video games, starting with Red version. My favorite Pokemon has been Charizard for as long as I can remember, but I also love Weavile and Typhlosion. I am a huge fan of the TCG, and am interested in buying plushes of some of my favorite Pokemon when I aquire money.

I am currently looking for this deck box:

Charizard Sketch Deck Box  
I have Paypal and Pokemon cards, if you collect those. Thanks guys
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English TCG news: Next Destinies!

As many of you have probably heard, the next international TCG set will be titled Next Destinies, and will introduce the new EX Pokémon to non-Japanese territories (releasing February 2012). What you probably haven't heard...

Check-lane blister packs for Next Destinies include:
1 - Next Destinies booster pack
1 (of 2) - 2-Stage evolution chain (Zorua/Zoroark or Cubchoo/Beartic)
1 - Next Destinies 3-card sampling pack (3 commons)
1 - Additional TCGO card

...and three EX Collector's Tins will be releasing in mid- to late-March, in three varieties: Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.
Tin contents:
4 - Black & White series boosters
1 (of 3) - EX promo card
1 - Additional TCGO card

So that's the latest in TCG product news.

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Got some money and am looking to buy a couple things!

Hey, everyone! I just got my two red and green clear growlithe babies in and I totally love them! And since I heard that all of the first gen got these, I want to start a collection of all the first gen I collect!

So I'm searching for Pikachu, Raichu, Vulpix/Ninetails(possibly), Persian(maybe Meowth), Growlithe, Arcanine, Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Mew!

I may be possibly interested in others, but those are the ones I'm looking for most! Especially Pikachu, Growlithe/Arcanine, Eevee and Mew!

And here's a little picture of my two little ones beneath the cut~

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More of the same, haha

I've updated my sales with quite a few more chupa chups I picked up, Minccino stamp and new lower prices on kids and many other items. As always, let me know if any price seems unreasonable to you!

All orders have shipped (excluding one paid by e-check, as I had to wait for the e-check to clear, and the last order for which I received payment after my shipping day).

To make this post a bit more interesting, once I have examples to show, I will be offering figure commissions for anyone interested. Here's a preview of the Slowpoke I've been working on for Sam:

Completed figures will be painted, of course. ;) More on the subject soon!

Pokedoll... Battle Dice?

I got a lot of TOMY figures today and was sorting through the items when I came across what looks like a Clefairydoll Battle Dice. It has the "| _ |" face, so it doesn't look like a normal Clefairy. I'd like to know if it's rare or common (since I can't find any pictures of it with a Google search). 


Price Check? :3

Hey everyone~ I just recently tried out ShoppingMalljapan [Awesome yet not without wallet casualties] and bought a few listings for the weavile and sneasel merch. Now I have some leftover items of pokemon that I don't collect and I certainly believe other collectors would cherish and love much more than I x3. 

Sales permission granted on 03/17/11 by dakajojo.

So.....Price/Rarity Help?  Thanks guys!  I'm going to be auctioning the movie tomys along with the charms as soon as I get my SMJ package in the mail [a few days from now] so watch out for my next sales post! :]

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Collection Update (FINALLY!)

Hey guys, here is my collection update as I promised in my last few posts. My collection has indeed expanded a lot, especially on the figure side.

Here's a summary of what I'll be showing you all!

EDIT: My photos have been replaced with better quality ones. It seems the problem is with the LJ Scrapbook. So take a look again even if you had just now, it's much clearer now

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Well, I guess that's all from me, I hope you've enjoyed it and I'd like to thank you all for reading it as well as to thank the comm for the past one over year over greatness and good friends. I have really enjoyed my time here and hope to continue being here in the community.

I would lastly like to end off with a mini wants and sales post:

Sales Plug:

Edit: I've got one question, my reshiram lotto has gotten a bit dusty being displayed w/o a case. Does anyone know what I should use to clean him till hes brand new but won't eat off any paint of sort?

Curious Litwick

Wanted: Cherrim Pokedoll

Hello, all. :) I come looking for a plush today.
I'm looking for a Cherrim Pokedoll (open-version). I don't care if it has tags (although that WOULD be nice), just as long as it's minky and doesn't have any flaws such as stains, rips, threading, ect. I'm looking for the total to be $19 including shipping.
OP_Riolu [best combo]
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Super quick post + price check!

Hi guys! So I recently got this set of tomy round plushies in a lot, mostly because I wanted Buizel. They're shiny and fatty. ♥ It was a bit of an impulse buy though...

Could I perhaps get a price check on these guys, and see if there's any interest in Chatot and Mantyke (possibly Buizel)? I plan to sell them, but I haven't added them to my regular sales post since I'm currently in a different country from the rest of my stuff :'D
Thanks, sorry for the boring post! Any info is appreciated.
(Btw, sale permission from 06/7/11 by denkimouse)

Edit: they'll be 10$ each, Chatot is sold. :)

Wanted list!

Hi everyone, So down to the point I'm looking for a few items.

First and foremost, I collect Banettes/Shuppets, So I love them always!

Secondly, I want to get my friend the new Scrafty plush (there's an image further down this page) to go with her scraggy.

Thirdly, I saw a Joltik plush too, and he's uber cutes..

and lastly, there's *cough* a guy I know that likes Drifloon and Salamence, any good gift ideas?

I have paypal but currently my debit card isn't connected to it would be an eCheck.