November 27th, 2011

Pika question and possible GA?

Hey guys! I found this guy awhile ago and nabbed him! I thought he was normal at first until I realized that he had an orange tag, and the other regular one that I'm used to seeing has a blue one. I just wanna ask why he maybe has an orange tag, and what would his pricing be due to this different tag? :3 Help is appreciated! 

EDIT: Thanks guys! All the help is great! Finally got some answers :D

Here are some pictures as well (:

And on another note, does someone wanna maybe do bidding/shipping for this lot? :3

I'm interested in the Dragonite, but I'm not sure if my funds will allow it. :/ (I'm still saving to buy the new canvas :D) So I may not even claim anything lol. Just let me know if your interested in helping! It's an Ebay lot, and the asking price is really high, so I'm not sure if raising enough is even a question, but worth a shot! (: 
pika cap2

small holiday sales

Evening everyone hope everyone had a great thanksgiving so it's time for holiday shopping so I need
some money so I got some items for sale so check em out sorry for the picture quality to use 3DS camera

1.Paypal only please
2.I ship from the US
3.Can ship outside US
4.I hold up to two days

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thanks for viewing
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Banpresto Items Pickup/Pre-order Re-open

Hey guys, I would like to let you know that I will be opening my pre-orders again, since I've cleared all of the November Pre-orders. I will begin orders for January items (arrive in Feb) and this includes MPC Sets, DX Plush, I love Pikachu Keychain & DX Plush
Click this link to get there:
This round of pickups will be open until 6th December and all payments must be in by the 9th as I will be going on vacation from the 11th onwards

Just to end off, those who participated in the GSC Zukan Set 1 GA, be prepared for second payment anytime next week :)

minkey, shinee

Newbie Looking for Team Rocket Merchandise

Hi, I'm Dani, and I'm new here around these Pokemon collecting parts. My collection, as of now, is at about zero, not counting cards and homemade costumes. I would very much like to start a Pokemon collection, and I would like it to be themed around Team Rocket, which was really the only reason I ever watched Pokemon as a kid!  

The thing is, I can't find very much Team Rocket merchandise since I'm not very in the know right now. So I was wondering: Are any of you selling Team Rocket merchandise? I've been poking through the shops but I can't find very much merchandise dedicated to this crew. 

I don't have a Paypal yet, but I can make one if that is all you will take. I also don't know if I'm going to buy anything for sure yet; I just wanted to know what options I have for Team Rocket-themed merchandise at this point.

Thank you so much!
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Some quick wants

I want some (kinda cheap) Christmas presents for my friends! Here's what I'd like...
1. Gengar or Girafarig stuff. Kids would be nice.
2. Noble Victories Volcarona card

Also does anyone have the jewel case (or whatever it's called) for Heart Gold for sale? I don't care if you do or don't have the manuals with it, I just want the case.
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Tepig for sale/trade?

Really quick post for today
I just got the ~Terrific Tepig box~ but I already have the Kaiyodo figure for him

So, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade?

(Img from flickr and isn't mine, let me know if it's yours and want it taken down)

Basically I'm looking for any of these figures I don't have...all I have are the three Unova starters. So Entei, Victini, or something? Or Reshiram but I doubt anyone would trade that xD

If nobody wants to trade, I might just sell him. Shoot me an $3? I don't know how much these usually go for XD

Also, everything from my last post has been mailed with the exception of the payments that needed to clear--those will go out this week! And I AM working on commissions, slowly but surely =P

That's all for today <3

kabuto figure...?

I have never seen this figure before, does anyone know what it is or how could I get ahold of one? Sorry if I am doing anything wrong I am new, please let me know if I done anything wrong, I have read the rules.

i am also looking for this card, just recently found out my dog chewed it up...
Berry Vulpix


Hello Guys!

i am back from my trip. well, Tuesday 11/22 i was back and MAN was i tired. then the days that followed i was busy and that is why this post is later than planned......

ANYWAY i am so sorry for another new post about the meet up, but my last one's "cut" was messed up and i thought it easier to make a new post. the pokemon movie site has UPDATED with NEW theaters! HOORAY!! so we need to discuss where to have the meet up again. please click below for more info:

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Flygon Woosh

Reorganization, Gets, and Battrio Wants!

Hey everybody! I thought I'd post the progress I've made with reorganizing some of my collection shelves. c:

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That's it for my new gets and organized shelves! I hope you guys enjoyed looking at them. C:

I'd also like to leave my battrio wants list, since I've had a strange craving for coins lately.
Battrio wants here! <3
[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

Hello and welcome to POKEMON OF THE WEEK! Every sunday a random pokemon is chosen and we dedicate this post to them with stories, photos and collections!! So let's get to it. Randomizer says...!

#205, Forretress!! Which includes Pineco. :) Show us your Forretress items, don't be shy!! Fire up those digital cameras!!
Fofinho Flowers

Here, let me give you some money!

Hi pkmncollectors, I'm alive! Barely, haha. But still.

Christmas is coming and once again my parents have no idea what to give me. :D So it's time for another one of those want posts~ Below the cut is a list (neatly organized by pokedex number, unlike last time when it was by alphabetic order and generation =p) of pokemon I collect or plan to collect, as well as items I'm particularly interested in of said pokemon. Feel free to offer me stuff! Customs are okay too. o3o

Please don't be offended if I turn down any offers, I can't buy everything! I might be willing to buy some things for myself (rather than for my parents to give me), too, who knows. Also, when offering, I'd appreciate if you could name a price already~ I'm in Brazil, so if you can't ship internationally, don't post!

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tcg wants, tiny sales and gauging interest?

Okay, so three orders of business today. XD
First I'm looking to try and complete my Japanese BW sets before the next couple ones come out.
I'm looking for the following:

BW1 Zekrom SR
BW2 Victini SR / BW2 N SR
BW3 Kyogre SR / BW3 Mewtwo SR / BW3 Zoroark UR / BW3 Hydreigon UR
BW3 Emboar UR

If you have any of these in MINT condition and 1st ED, please post here with how much you're looking for.
I'll either accept or counter your offer.
If you would like to trade instead, please take a look at my sales thread and we can work out something that way (which would be better XD).
Sales post:
Thanks! =D


Next, I just found these four cards wrongly sorted, so rather than retaking pics to put them up in my sales, I'd rather just sell them.
These are Mew PRIME, Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND [Top], HGSS Arcanine and a Japanese NEO3 Crobat, all mint.

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Also, I'm thinking about putting my HGSS sets reverse holo collection up for sale, but I'd rather get them sold in one shot rather than selling them individually. I have around 200 reverse holos from the HGSS, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumpant and Call of Legends sets. About 150 are in truly MINT condition, meaning no scratches whatsoever, and the rest have very minimal scratches, which is what most people consider mint (why, I don't know XD). I would accept offers no less than $100 not including shipping and fees. If you're interested, comment below and we can talk more in detail about it. =3
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Dress your Pokemon up in silly accessories meme/wants list

I was in a silly mood today. While digging through all my old boxes from the move, I found quite a few things that would fit on my soon to be here grail! Damn holiday slowing it down. So I decided to test them out on the other Pokemon in my room!

I think raichu is gonna keep those glasses. He knows he's a bad ass.
Anyone else have any silly 'dress up your mons' pics?

Oh and I finally made a wants list. Not everything I want is on there, but a couple things. Check it out!
Hope someone has this stuff <3

Finally gathered up the courage...

Hello there everyone.

I am sort of new to the community, I have been lurking for a few months and never made a post before.. So hello and nice to meet you all. I am a bit shy so this is long overdue. I find all your collections amazing, and I have been able to see all the merchandise that is out there through this community. So many thanks to you guys.

I have played the Pokemon games since I was young, and I have been collecting for 5 years. I am an old school Pokemon fan. I really don't like Pokemon past the 3rd generation, and a very select few from the 3rd gen itself. As you can probably tell by my username my favorite Pokemon is Mewtwo. Sadly I do not have any Mewtwo merchandise as of right now.

 I Have many other merchandise and have already started collections of my other favorite Pokemon.

I also have a question about a Pokedoll? tag?.. I'm very confused so if any help I would appreciate it.

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