November 28th, 2011

  • eeveez

Mewtwo help? :]

Hey! I was wondering if anyone on the com could help me, only a quickie really. 
I am aware this art came out on deck sleeves but I am SO badly after a poster print of it, does anyone know if it come out on poster size? ;w; - 

Now I know it didn't come out, does anyone have a good scan of the clearfile OR The clearfile for sale? I want to hang it in a frame in my room! :) 

Also, I would love to know the rarity of this toy, and how much it goes for -

Thank you so much allinia for helping me out over mewtwo!! I am forever happy >w<!! 

.. If you have any super cute looking mews or mewtwos let me know, I kinda want a mini side collection of them both <3 Thanks so much com!
EDIT : So sorry for all the edits on this one, but thank you all so much for all your help! - I am looking for any joint mewtwo and mew merch, for example

Garchomp Apple
  • kiwi3

(no subject)

Hello Pokemon Community,
I am relatively new to this community and am catching up
with many of your collections. As I see it, many of you post a want list.
And well, I guess this is my First Wants List since joining the community

Well In am Currently looking for 
Garchomp and Lugia items
(more Specifically, Clear/ Non-Clear Garchomp and Lugia Kids)

So if anyone out there with one would be willing to sell it to me, 
There is Money waiting for you, From Me :)

If you guys have some please let me know and comment below 

Thank You all! and be sure to notice my development in this community ^_^

On a mission!!

So, christmas is coming up and I'm on a mission to find two of my favorite kids at work a gift (but they both love pokemon).
One is a boy and he loves Celebi and im mainly seeking celebi stuff for him or this keychain, can be figure or plushi.
dont want the gifts to be too extravagant/big or expensive xD

and the girl loves ponyta/rapidash/deerling OR (if you have seperate sales of horses she loves them)

ohh and also looking for pokemon phone charms for me and possibly few other friends :)
  • brin073

Pipulp Pokedoll want

Hello hello!
I am seeking some assistance. I managed to acquire the Chimchar and Turtwig Japanese release pokedolls when I went on a trip to Japan a couple of years ago, but alas, never managed to get the Piplup. The time has come to try an complete this trio.
So, I suppose I am wondering if anyone is selling one, a New w/ Tags is preferable, but please let me know either way. :]
determined dragonite

foaming at the mouth

Oh hey its that one chick who collects dragonites-
I know I have a GA post still on the front page (From yesterday mind you,) and you'll see another post from me tomorrow reminding for that same GA BUTTTTTTTTT. I just could not. not. Share. What. is. HERE. In my ROOM.
QWQ <3

If even though its the next day I am not allowed to post again I guess just tell me and I will regretfully take this down. D: But it is the next day! XD And Im just using my one post a day for three days in a row. >_>
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Also has anyone heard from  [info]darkfaeprincess or gotten something from the Elisha1288 GA? I never got my stuff... QQ I replied to their last message sent to me but have gotten nothing so I was just wondering. Still havent heard from [info]krokorok but I hate giving negative feedback- but I hate not getting my stuff more <_<
Normal GrassPatch ; u ;

Oh Hai

I figured it was about time for an official community introduction! So hey, I'm Grasspatch~ :D
I've been watching Pokemon Collectors for a while, but I only recently started really getting into it. It started with some pencil purchases, and OH MAN, it went downhill fast.
It's okay, though. I've met some super nice people! SO WORTH EMPTY POCKETS. <3

As far as collecting goes, I don't have very much of the older merchandise. My mom decided between 1999 and 2004 that it was evil, which made things a bit difficult. Thus, most of what I have are some of the Jakks plush you find at Target among some miscellaneous items.

In general, I prefer plush. Pokedoll are MY FAVORITESSS, but I've taken quite a liking to the original Hasbro plush. I've decided to try and collect them all. ONE OF THESE DAYS, IT WILL HAPPEN. <3

(If my cuts don't work, sorry. I've never had luck with HTML code...)

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While I'm at it, I also have this question.
I got this curious little Snorlax from a friend last year. It didn't occur to me until recently that I have no idea what he is.
I've found some photos on Google that look similar, but they both look different. And weird. Sadly, I can't find any info either.

Here he is:

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Yay, he's been identified! Thank you everyone! ~

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to meeting many of you! :D

Sales, Victini Movie, GA Update!

hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have updated my sales! Now including a Glaceon pokedoll, and a lot of Zorua/Victini items!

follow pikachu to the sales!

Also, who in the US will be going to go see the victini movie in theaters this weekend? :) mizuhokusanagi and I will be! :)

info HERE, if you didn't know about it!

ALSO: Don't forget to download Victini via nintendo wifi! It knows the signature moves of Zekrom & Reshiram! info HERE. Thanks waspxbee!

EDIT: Mana_Mihara GA participants, I shipped out all of the items last Wednesday, so be expecting them if you have not received them already! :)
emolga love her afro


[I accidentally deleted this whole entry.]


I thought I would re-introduce myself since I made my first ever post like, over a year ago and thought maybe you guys would think it's cool to see my stuff!

To those of you that don't know me - Hi!! My name is Ashley and I am a 22 year old chick from Chicagoland. I've seriously loved Pokemon sense like, the day I was born. Or since blue version came out. I've been on and off in Pokemon tcg and I've finally started collecting that again too! And with the help of this community in the past year, my shelves have blossomed! Most of you probably know me as a Dragonite collector but I also collect Phanpy, Emolga, and Ekans/Arbok/Seviper. Plus a lot of spontaneous collections.
It's kind of funny that my favorite type is STEEL and I only one ONE STEEL THING. I am a SLOW collector. Like, serious. I'M ALWAYS BROKE OKAY. But ya know what, I feel like I have the most perfect collection in the world AND I LOVE IT. SO ONTO THE SHOW.

[I bet you can see my grail get from here. And that's my snake's, Roofie, cage.]

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Now random things:
If you want to entertain my wants or are selling things I don't already have, please see my wanted list here!
If we have made a purchase to/from eachother and we haven't exchanged feedback, please go here and link me yours!
And all posts need a random sales plug here! HAGGLE AND OFFER AND THINGS I JUST WANT IT TO GO AWAY.

(And also, to the two GAs I owe money in that I just saw, I'll send it over tomorrow. Black Friday killed my wallet. Sorry. ;-;)

R E D ♦ P O K E M O N
  • pattsun

Quickie Poke☆Sweet Parfait Commissions + Holiday Exchanges Anyone?

Everyone who has commissioned from me, they'll all be sent out tomorrow! :) I'll notify each of you again to confirm it <3 Thank you so much you all!

Now a quickie short Slots for my Poke Parfaits! And only parfaits, since...I'm actually retiring poke cookies ^^ ~

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/sort of unrelated picture from my itouch, but I felt like I should add more pictures 8D

I've seen some other users do this - so I hope it's alright? But I was wondering if anyone was interested in a either holiday card exchange, or a mini gift (randommm, though - as in cheap low priced $1 cute nick naks exchange like Ichiban Kan/DAISO such haha ?)

Since I'm picking up cute cheap stuff at Ichiban Kan to do some exchanges with some other friends. Or something simple as just a holiday card exchange <3 ? 

If it's the later, you can check my feedback though and everything ^^ I just thought it'd be fun to do with more people too.

Edit: Thank you! I didn't think that many people would be interested haha, but I'll be keeping the cap low. So if you're seeing this edit - please pm me your information...but I might have a bit too much to handle right now ; o ;

taking offers for reverse holo collection!

Hi everyone!
I'm taking offers for what remains of my English TCG collection.
There are 210 reverse holo cards from the HGSS, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant and Call of Legends cards.
There are commons, uncommons, rares, rare-holos and special energies that are all RH's.
Most of these are in truly mint condition meaning no scratches., while the rest have minor scratches on them (what most people call mint...).
There are a few doubles of Trainer cards; there are no doubles of Pokémon.

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I will stop taking offers by this weekend. :3

(no subject)

Hello! :D Everything from my PC run a few weeks ago has been mailed out, and all packages except for 2 from my other sales have been mailed out (and the remaining ones will be out by the end of this week). Buyers, if you have any questions, let me know! And please let me know when your items arrive/leave me feedback here if you get the chance. Thank you!

Wants: Quick wants! I am looking for flats (TCG/stickers/whatnot) of any of the Sewaddle line! I'm also after the weedle card that was from the vending machine set. Let me know if you have any of these for sale, prz!

Since I'll be stuck in Tokyo this weekend for a doctor's appointment, I'll be heading in to do another small Pokemon Center run. This time I'll be picking up some Pokemon Canvas series stuff and things from the new Pixel series coming out this Saturday.

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