December 1st, 2011

Shipping Delayed and Movie Meet Up?

I apologize for falling behind on shipping. =(

Between holiday, business trips and family issues, I haven't had a chance to crank them out as fast as I'd like to. >_< 

If there is anything urgent, please let me know and I can take care of it right the way.

Also, has there been any meet-up organized for the LA / OC area for the Pokemon movie?  Please let me know because I can't find anyone who wants to go to "a POKEMON" movie with me. XD

Lastly, raichub your Wailord is here. =P


Hello Pkmncollectors Community,

My name is Andrew, and I am 18 years old. I am a huge Pokemon fan since, and I also love collecting Pokemon TCG cards, Plush, and anything that seems interesting. Also, I love playing pokemon ds/gamboy/gameboy advance games. In the past few months, I have stumbled upon this website, and thought that this community was a place that I need to a part of because its a great place for me to be more involved in my love for Pokemon. I've enjoyed many of the collections that people have posted up, and they have inspired me to further my collection. I've started collecting Pokemon cards ever since I was a little kid trying to save up money for booster packs, and just recently I have been collecting Pokemon Plush's. The reason why I got into the habit of collecting plush's was because my girlfriend saw how much I loved Pokemon, and for christmas she bought me a Aipom Plush. That started my addiction to collecting.  Overall, I hope to be more involved in the Pkmncollectors community in order to enhance my collection.

Also, just for fun here's a list of my favorite Pokemon:

1. Scraggy (He is amazing in the anime, and I feel like I connect with him the most lol)
2. Flygon 
3. Hydreigon
4. Aipom
5. Sceptile

And, here's my collection


Hi everyone

Hello every body. I am new to live journal.
I just found this community and wanted to join. My name is Carly and I am 15. I love pokemon to! My favorite is raichu hence the name ^_^ My brother got me into pokemon. He needs to join the community to! but he is shy about liking it.
I recently got pokemon black. Its so fun. My favorite pokemons so far! I do not have much pokemon stuff yet but i hope that will change soon. I have a raichu plush from wal mart way back. It is like a beanbag.
Hope to buy from everyone soon. Id sell but don't have anything to sell.
Yoshi! :)

Holiday shopping, sales, & movies

Hey guys!

I know this is late, but did anyone do any Black Friday shopping last Friday & Saturday (Or was it too hectic for some)? I know I tried going to Toys "R" Us at around 9:45 P.M., but there was a huge line in front of the TRU that spanned past about 3-4 other stores beside it! I know it was at least almost 100-200 people there (and they even had security guards there, which isn't the usual around here). All I wanted to do was go see what Pokemon stuff they has for sale (along with Mario & Sonic), but it was way too packed.

So in the end, I waited a while and then went to my local Target at around 1:00 A.M and got some card stuff from there I wanted for a while (like the TCG Reshiram Box)! I also wanted the Zekrom box too, but I couldn't afford it at the time, so I will be getting that hopefully for Christmas. :D

Here's a few pics of what I got:

(I took this photo at around 2:00 A.M., and my camera didn't want to work with me, so it's a little blurry. Sorry about that, lol.)

Collapse )

Collapse )

And that's all for now. I hope everyone is ready (or getting ready) for the Holidays! I know I'm not ready. We're actually not sure if we will be putting up a tree this year because of this little devil (& his brother)... but mainly him.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Is everybody going to see Pokemon The Movie White - Victini & Zekrom this weekend? There's two theaters showing it in Richmond for you "Richmonders" like me, as well as four others I think in Virginia (Not many)! My dad will be taking me (he wants to see it too since he said we haven't seen a Pokemon movie together since the third one a little over 9 years ago).
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(Also based on popular demand, I am re-opening the AIM chatroom to see how it goes for now and so we can all talk together in real time. Please do not bother trolling it, using offensive and racist language, or using it to insult or talk about specific members. This is why it was shut down before. Log onto AIM, add yourself to your own buddy list, then invite yourself to "pkmncollectors" chatroom. Enjoy!)

Let's discuss all the things together.

I've had some sneak peeks at preliminary 2011 PKMNcollectors census results, to get a feel for what sort of changes I ought to prepare the community for based on everyone's feedback. And wow there is a LOT of really positive, helpful, constructive criticisms from all of you so far, and I thank you all truely for thinking so critically about the community and some of its more difficult issues!

Some key points before we begin:
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Now let me break down some issues we can work on together.

-MORE MODS: Many folks think we need more mods, either because the ones we have are overworked, or that we miss too many rule breakers. Both are probably true. It's difficult for me to add mods on a whim as I usually watch people for a very VERY long time before deciding to mod them. But I agree -- we need a few more, especially those given specific tasks, such as...

-ORGANIZATION: We're not organized very well in some places!! Our layout and sidebar are always outdated. Links in the rules, tag lists, banned member lists, posts needing tagging, and even the rules themselves taking me a while to update -- all of this stuff is super easily fixable especially if we have one person focused solely on it along with myself and the other mods.

So what do you think of having a mod who's main job is the layout and sidebar (amongst the usual cleaning up off topic posts and broken LJ cuts)? I am just no good with LJ layouts or keeping the dang sidebar updated XD And my other mods are hard at work handling GA problems and sales permission. Stuff like rules needing updated and links being fixed -- that is my job, but I miss stuff sometimes, I am very scatterbrained.

IF YOU NOTICE SOMETHING NEEDS UPDATING, FIXING OR PROOFREADING, PLEASE TELL ME AT DENKIMOUSE (AT) GMAIL.COM!! You won't get in trouble -- and I am MUCH better at replying to all of my emails since my final move to this gmail address -- I promise! Hardly anything goes to spam either!

I would probably make an application form for the basic organization/layout job, and have folks send it in. Any other suggestions?

Stuff like The guide to PKMN Collecting which never was completed and is hard to keep updated by myself. There is a wiki in the works which could surely use more staff to help it out.

Some folks also complained of too much mini modding and still seeing people getting ganged up on for breaking a tiny rule. I am not sure if this is an outdated complaint or not, as I have not seen it personally, but our "mini modding" rules are clear: if you see someone has broken a rule, you may tell them by copying/pasting the rule to them to KINDLY and POLITELY let them know. Only ONE member need do this. If someone already said "cut your images please", ten others do not have to say it also. PLEASE do not gang up on ANYBODY no matter how serious the transgression. There is no excuse for being rude to new members who don't quite know the ropes yet (our rules ARE long and confusing if you are new) so be gentle and NO DOG PILES!

And again MODS CAN'T SEE EVERYTHING -- if you notice a rule being broken and no punishment being dished out, please please PLEASE tell us! Don't just say "huh, mods are letting this person slide!" or assume it's favouritism or something else -- give us the benefit of the doubt that we simply didn't see it. If you notice someone broke a rule without being corrected and tell nobody, that's your bad. Please let us know so we can help deal with the situation.

Along that line, some people complained mods don't reply -- but we find a LOT of folks send the same complaints to all three of us. What happens then is we don't know if someone replied to it already or not, and until we get to talk about it, we don't know what exactly is going on, and it's such a hassle to have to contact one another to see if someone replied or not to all the messages a member keeps sending all three of us at the same time -- aaaah!!! Just send your problem to one mod who is probably most fitted to solving it for you. Not all three at once, please! It will get you a reply more slowly, believe it or not.

Playing mommy and daddy is also a bad idea. Just because one of us gave you a reply you didn't like, doesn't mean you go ask a second mod hoping for a different reply. We mods actually DO communicate believe it or not and eventually will figure out who is playing mommy and daddy with us!


-THE FEEDBACK SYSTEM: It's super flawed... and we have to keep starting new posts every few years when the comments reach their limit. Some folks solve this by having feedback in their own journals, but people worry any feedback that wasn't A++ would be deleted, and it truthfully easily could be.

Problem is, as we ARE LJ-based, what do we do to fix this? Could anybody have the skills to PROGRAM a feedback system we could host off-LJ? I sure don't... but it is all I can think of right now! Luckily this would also allow for a final change to a "positive/neutral/negative" rating system rather than 5/5... which is all anyone ever leaves! 5/5! XD

-NOBODY LISTENS!!! us when we beg and beg for posts to be tagged properly and for you to LEAVE FEEDBACK when asked.

It's simply shameful how many messages I still get per week that say "I've asked # of sellers for feedback and only 1 left any, what do I do?". Then I have to go to the person and ask they leave feedback. Why should I have to be the one to ask -- why can't you guys take one second to leave feedback for your buyers and sellers, especially if they provided a link (which is required if you ask for feedback)?

People depend on that feedback to start their good reputations and gain trust. If you simply ignore them or refuse, you are the one who looks like a jerk, to that person and any mod who has to step in and ask you ourselves. LEAVE FEEDBACK...PLEASE!!

On that note, probably the NUMBER ONE ISSUE KEEPING THIS COMMUNITY FROM BEING ORGANIZED IS LACK OF TAGGING. If you can't be bothered to list every single Pokemon in your post, that's fine -- heck, I have such trouble with Gen5 names I have been very bad at it myself -- but certain tags are simply necessary for people to find posts they NEED to find.

This includes:
sales (for your sales!)
shipping status (for posts informing folks about any shipping status updates for your sales)
auction (for anything to do with an auction - group auctions included)
info (for news and generally informative posts!)
modpost (use this tag to search for posts by mods!)

We also have tons and tons and tons of tags to help keep posts organized listed on the rules page.

You CAN edit tags of other people's posts! There is a little button that looks like a tag where the edit button would be for a post of your own. You can help everyone out by making sure tags are observed!

Why are these under difficult to fix issues? Because the only real way I can see fixing them being easy is by implementing the same systems some other communities have, which is dishing out official warnings to people refusing to leave feedback and threatening to delete any post that is not properly tagged. Do you want this? Do I want this? NO!!!

Tag your posts and leave feedback. Help other people tag their posts. Don't make mods step in when it's time to leave feedback. Help everyone out!

There were many many other good comments and criticisms I plan to use to aid in my own betterment of community and administrator self, but these were some of the most important issues. If you have any questions, complaints, or anything else, PLEASE come along and comment! If you are concerned about arguments or being shot down by other members, you can always email me at denkimouse (AT), or IM me at "eelektross". Issues will be kept between us there.

I am only a regular person and wish I could please every single one of you here, but I can only hope to please a majority. I'll work hard as possible to keep the community and its members safe, happy and enjoying this incredibly fun hobby.

Again feel free to log into the good ol' "pkmncollectors" chatroom on AIM to talk to folks in real time ... if anyone comes along :)

Thanks so much to all who've read up to this point. :D
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Re-Intro and Huge Collection Update!

Hey guys! Long time no post! My activity here kind of failed earlier in the year due to a lot of bad RL happenings and starting university, but I am still around and have been commenting a bit/buying things still! :) Anyway I thought it was time for a big collection update from me and a re-intro since we have so many new members here now. ^^ Be warned this post will get big! XD

So yes, I tend to go by either Bratja or Sarah online, I'm a 23 year old lady-person from the UK currently studying Digital Arts at uni. o.o I was really into Pokemon when it first reached our shores, Blue is the only one to date that I completed 99.9% (I couldn't get Mew then but it was complete in the game anyway~ |3). I kind of fell out of it around the 3rd Gen and forgot about it since it 'wasn't cool' anymore but then later on down the line I started playing Crystal again and got hooked. >_>;; My dad bought me Emerald, then Platinum and I was HYPED for Black/White again (got White), then I found this place and decided to join and thus I am fully obsessed once more and broke! XD I also really love the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games and want more merch from it. ;w;

At the moment my main collection is Reshiram. I fell in love with the beast as soon as he was revealed and knew I had to collect him! ;; I also have side collections of N (who I like to pair with Reshi), Lugia, Riolu/Lucario, Mew, Wooper/Quagsire, Abra and Heracross along with a few items of other random favourites - I tend to fall for birds and dragons. XD Honourable mentions of favourite 'mons - Treecko line, Swablu/Altaria (esp. shiny!), Natu/Xatu, Flygon, Archen/Archeops and Rufflet/Braviary. X3 And for Lucario/Mew I am most interested in movie stuff even though I can't usually get it because it's too popular/expensive. ;^;

To see my collections look below the cut! :D Also pics of some of my latest gets including Mew stuff and Canvas Plush! ^^

Collapse )

Whew! Only thing I forgot to include was the Pokemotion! Maybe I'll try and get a vid of it sometime. :3 I'm also hoping to get a grail soon from the wonderful cyritic once my money gets in so I can pay the rest off <3 And a huge box of stuff from sorjei!

Thanks to everyone who has added to my collection over the months and sorry for my absence or if I missed anyone! ;o; <3
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Haruka/May wants!

Hi all-
As limited as her merch is, I've decided to try to start a May/Haruka & Torchic collection! She's my favourite character from Gen III, so I thought I would post a wants list here and see what people her. Also, I might be interested in customs (especially figures) and things not listed, so give me a shot if you have anything of her!

(Image credit to RocketHaruka!)

From this image:

(pic from absoln
  • ^^^ Keychain figure - big want!
  • "May's Torchic" Japanese TCG (Anyone know how rare this is?)
  • Advance generation postage stamp page (link:

  • May "diorama" figure. Very much a grail; not expecting to get this any time soon, but am willing to drain my wallet for the event that it comes up ;D
  • May stamp-block thingy: (pic from absoln
  • Jirachi and Manaphy movie flats
  • ... And any other Haruka-related merch!

Introduction + Wants

Hello everybody! I have been a member of this community for a while, but don't think I have actually posted myself! I became a fan of Pokemon when I was young, around 7, and collected the cards but that was about it and completely forgot about it. Then, I came across Snivy merchandise and completely fell in love again!

Here is my collection thus far:

As you can see, I L O V E Snivy :'3

Meanwhile, for Christmas I would love to get some people Pokemon stocking stuffers. I am currently looking for:
- Lapras Kid figure (not picky when it comes to which kind)
- Marill Kid figure
- Oshawott McDonalds Toy
To be shipped to California.

Thank you in advance! :3

So much want + Movie

-Banette Plush (massive)
-Banette charm
-Shuppet halloween keychain (to match my banette)

Pretty sure that's all the collection pieces I've been looking for and come up short.
(someone else's image/collection used)

And I bought a Banette Chess piece! I can't wait for it X3

I also got a mini Tynamo plushie I bought online. He's so cute! Sorry I don't have pictures but hes only a few inches long so he's teenie sized!

I found out the nearest premier of the Pokemon movie 14 is 5 hours away from me...why must I live in the boondocks? I really hope I don't miss any cool downloads or stuff. I might make my friend across the country go because he lives nearby a theatre XD

Minor Collection Update!

Pretty fast for an update from me, but I couldn't help but share some new gets that arrived early <3

Applause Pidgey, Slowpoke from [info]rally274's GA, and another applause Eevee!

Applause Eevee and Pidgey were from a lot on ebay, that I sniped at final few seconds. I was excited to get them <333

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Small wants post:

These are the LAST two applause that I need Koffing and Gastly, and I know they're the rarest. If you are considering of selling yours please contact me. I will throw money your way <333 Thanks!


Question about Suicine & Entei LEGEND Cards

Hi, Everyone!

I have a question that I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with:

On Black Friday, I bought this World Championship deck -

You can see my original post about that here -

I still haven't opened it. And I'm still debating on returning it. One of the main reasons I bought it was for the Suicine & Entei LEGEND cards. But, now I'm wondering if they're going to look different from the original Unleashed series release. Has anyone bought this deck and actually opened it? I tried looking for card scans but wasn't able to find anything. I know the pictures of Suicine and Entei will be the same, but I'm afraid the holographic-ness won't be there and what the border will look like.

So...can anybody help relieve my fears? ^^; If possible, I'd love to see scans or photos of the deck released version of the cards.

In case someone doesn't know what cards I'm talking about here's the Japanese Unleashed scan from Bulbapedia -

Thanks. ^^;

~ Risha
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Hi Everyone! (Introduction + my collection)

Hello everyone.  Just joined today and I'm loving this community already.  I thought I'd introduce myself before engaging in conversation, so people know who I am.  Anyways without further ado:

My name's Aaron.  I've been an avid Pokemon fan since I was introduced to the franchise in the late 1990's (I believe the year was 1998).  I was young and I didn't really understand the meaning of collecting things and usually threw away my things without much of a care, however just recently I've started collecting (March 2011) Pokemon plushies and such.  I don't really have a specific thing I collect, so my collection consist of my favorite Pokemon.  It's not very big compared to a lot of you, but I think it's a sizable amount.

I started off my Pokemon collecting with the launch of Black and White Tour introduced in North America.  My friend has been a lurker regarding plushies and wanted me to snipe her some, so I thought might as well buy some for myself.  I went to the tour both days they were hosting it near my area in South California so I managed to get plenty of things (to my standards that is).

I currently own a few Pokemon merchandise I thought I'd share with the community including a Pikachu cup that I haven't seen a lot of:

I bought this Pikachu cup during a trip to Japan with my family in which I believe the year was 2005.  It could have been 2006, but I distinctly remember Gale of Darkness just came out for the Gamecube in Japan and Sinnoh was yet to be on Television so it's more likely from 2005.
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Really Small Sales!

sup guys.

So I have a couple of things that I really want to get rid of, since I need room for SOMETHING AMAZING THAT IS COMING. Plus, I need some money for the holidays.

Collapse )

Remember I am up for haggling, because I just want these things gone ;o;

And for those who have won my auctions that ended yesterday, PLEASE pay for your items. I want to get these items shipped out ASAP and since finals are coming up, my shipping time will be very sporadic. Please check the comments here: CLICK ME

My first Sale featuring~Wailord! and Commissions?

Okay guys, I know I made a mistake earlier today by accidentally thinking it was a day later than it was and had to unpost a post of a GA that was up for like 5 seconds, so if this needs to go because of that, let me know. Thanks~

Today what I have for you guys is a single Pokemon Time Wailord cushion~! I have 5 coming into my possesion and I have 3/5 with me now. I gave one to my boyfriend for an anniverssary present and kept one for me, as we have a matching Wailord couple with a Skitty baby named Bubblegum~<3  This leaves one Wailord cushion in my home for sale! Of the other two coming in, I promised a sale to one person already, and the other goes to a close friend who couldn't get enough of my wail. ^^;

I don't have my camera on me right now, so this image I found on Google is there for those who forget what this lovely beast is!

The details are it's a fresh out of the box NWT mint Pokemon Time Wailord Plush!
I'm looking for 85-100 if that's a poor price...let me know guys!! I'm still new to pricing, I usually go too low, and I don't want to do that, so keep me in line if I'm out of it. :) Thanks everyone! 

EDIT: Okay so guys, I was looking around and was wondering if people would be interested in custom Pokemon ornaments, stickers, possibly coasters, or poster stamps? I've yet to make any yet, but I'm guessing I could gauge interest and also make some in bulk of popular Pokemon wants~! I was also thinking shoes, but they'd be REALLY expensive, and in a limited style choice until I can think of a more cost efficient way to do it ^^;
You can see examples of my artwork on my DA --->

applause collection and weird applause vulpix o-0

hi everyone this is my very first collection update for my applause plush collection. I would show a preview of it but my computer is being a butt :/ but in the link below you will see all the applause plushes that i have ( I have atleast 1 of each applause plush out of the 28/32 known applause plushes ) oh yes I have 4 vulpix applause plushes and 1 of them has different eyes out of the other 3 0-o I really think you may want to check it out.
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We Won Super Awesome GA! First Payments Needed

Hey everyone, I'm super excited and I just wanted to let you all know that we won this GA:

We received the invoice about two days ago, but I did the numbers and everyone's totals are up on the original page: Original GA Page There is a detailed chart with your total, where to send your payment to, as well as the actual invoice and the original GA link for everyone to see ;D So that means we need the first wave of payments!

I know I haven't answered some of your questions about this GA, but rest assured I have seen them.
- What will happen to the things without bids? We will probably resell them once the GA comes in from US storage. Last I heard, it was still in Japan storage, but it might be in transit to US storage =0w0=

Some of you have already sent payment, and I will cross you all off as payments are received! <33~

Looking for: Nidoking mini models

Okay well my boyfriend nearly peed himself when he saw okapifeathers' rainbow of Nidoking mini models, sooo..

Does anyone have any they'd be willing to part with? Any colors, and I'd prefer not to pay more than like $1 each...may go up to  $2. And I'm not sure if I'd want to pay shipping for just one :< So maybe if you had other sales, too?

I'd trade, too, though I don't have much in the way of that ^^; TCG cards and I might make a custom charm or two

So...let me throw monies at you! <3

A small Christmas wishlist

Hello again everyone! I've decided I'll be waiting until after the first of the year for one big update. That's because a) I just got a job (which means more money for pokemon XD) and b) I will be getting some good stuff for Christmas... well hopefully ;) Any help you could give concerning some wishlist items would make my Christmas sooo much better!

I've narrowed it down to two very important pieces for now. One being the DX Banpresto Charizard 

(For some reason I'm having a hard time uploading pictures to post, so I'm just adding the links of these pictures from PokePlushProject. Please forgive me!!!)

I have Blastoise and Venusaur is on his way, so this would be AMAZING to get and complete my set!

A few weeks ago I asked everyone if they had a favorite Pikachu and I've narrowed it down to one that I ABSOLUTELY must have soon!!!

This fella is calling my name. If anyone sees him or may be selling him please let me know. That goes for Charizard too. I'm willing to talk prices. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!
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If you haven't heard, the Pokemon Center is releasing all currently revealed Pokemon (all 646 of them) in metal charm form this winter in three waves, the first one being very soon (12/26!)

From the website, we have just confirmed they are all new poses!!

Here are 3 pics they posted of some of the new charms!

denkimouse WILL be picking these up, and I will be helping her by running the claims list. Gin still needs to figure out details (like we don't even know which Pokemon will be in the first wave; what a headache) so it's unknown when the post will go up. Please be patient! :D

Regardless, EXCITING, isn't it?? How do you guys feel?

GB - Black and White Stamps!!!

I deleted my last post, since it was only a little wants post, and now found the item... and it's in this set! I'm deciding to host a GB for it! I will be claiming Mienfoo!

The 13 small stamps will be $1.75 and the 4 larger stamps will be $2! If I can get enough interest, then I'll purchase it and be able to ship everything out over my winter break! :)

Let me know if you want to claim anything!

Scraggy: jeansama 

Lilligant: eternal_rena

Cubchoo: jeansama 

Lillipup: usagimakeup

Vanillice?: tsuki_no_eifie 

Joltik: darkangelilith 

Snivy: citrusleaf

Littwick: jeansama 

Reuniclus: papaiyacoffee

Audino: celestial_snake

Purrloin: tsuki_no_eifie 

Ducklett: pacificpikachu

Pikachu and Cinccino: papaiyacoffee

Emonga and Whimsicott: squalls_scar 

Oshawott, Cinccino, and Pikachu: papaiyacoffee

Pikachu, Whisicott and Emonga: squalls_scar 

Let me know if you have any questions or if I've done anything wrong! This will be my first GB!

Thanks guys :) And I hope everyone has changed their facebook profile pictures to a Pokemon due to December starting... :D

EDIT: EVERYTHING HAS BEEN CLAIMED and the set has been purchased! Thanks so much, guys! :) I didn't realize it would happen so quickly!