December 2nd, 2011

Emergancy GA Post!!!!

Oh jeez guys! I messed up with the times... QAQ

I meant Dec. 3, 2011 @ Midnight (12AM) My brain clicked with it turning 12AM after Dec. daytime...


So that means bidding on the Giant Plush GA is extended until Dec. 3 @ 12AM
So once again, that's another 24 hours for bidding guys!!

I apologize so much, and sorry it's a double post, but I needed to inform everyone ;A;
[PKMN] wooper I wuv you <3

Looking for card to complete promo collection

Hey poke-collectors, I'm trying to complete all the current black star promo cards for a collection of mine, but I'm missing one elusive card. Specifically, this one:

Yes, I'm on the hunt for Tropical Beach. I'd like a legit, non-worlds deck, English one. I know this card is going up in price, but I'm hopefully looking for a seller who might do a payment plan or take other English pokemon cards for it. This might be a long shot, but I figure someone here might have one! Thanks everybody!

weeding + customs + regular sales

Hi guys. I'm needing a little extra spending money for the holidays, so that means it's sales time. Below are links to my customs sales and regular sales pages. I have these guys up for quick sale also:

Lugia Kid x1 - Has very minor discoloring

Lugia SoulSilver Pre-order x1 - In perfect condition

Ruby and Sapphire Tin

Combine these with my other sales. :)
Regular :
Customs :
  • nyukins

Wanting Kaiyodo bottle cap Figures

I have the 10th Anniversary case, and some others, but these are the ones I need to complete my collection (I think this is all of them!). I know some go for more money, but I am looking for them for as CHEAP as possible!

Pikachu on a branch with grass.

Attack Plusle and Minun
Minun in a tree
Entei with ENTEI printed on the base, I have the Japanese one.
The three black and white stater evolutions.
Zekrom and Reshiram.
table throw!

plush sales!

a reminder: pickups for these items start tomorrow! :D

i have plush for sale -- customs, and officials, a couple for shelf price or LESS than shelf price!! seriously!

customs from my personal collection... goodbye sweet princes :( someday, i will have a BIG house! all customs are in perfect shape and beautifully made by great artists i highly admire!

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official plushies! most mint with tags, extra stuff i accidentally amassed over the years!

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finally: i have one final snaptoys prototype venusaur. it is the last prototype plush my source had in store. you can find more info about this plush's incredible rarity here on the old auction post for the other. he is one of only 3 known to exist in the entire world, a prototype used for shows, mint condition, and waiting for a venusaur lover to love him!

he is 150$. EMS shipping for him is 15$.

comment if interested in anything -- haggling is welcome :)
thanks guys :)
  • shiny_s

What is this?/gauging interest

Someone told me this was a somewhat rare mewtwo figure and that it's worth a bit, but I was wondering if anybody had details about it. Official name, when it came out, etc... Also, anybody know how much it's worth? I'm thinking of selling/auctioning/taking offers on it.

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Thanks in advance, guys!
  • donny9

Small Sales - Zukans, Kids, Xmas Charms, Motion Toy

Hey guys just some mini sales today.

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Well, that's all from me. Just an update on the GSC Zukan 1 GA, noppin's really taking their time in packing my stuff so sorry for the delayed payment 2.

What is this Gengar + Happy mail day <3

So when I woke up this morning my Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle Canvas plushes had come in <33

I went to a mall later today and found this Gengar, he kind of looks like the pokedoll only WAY bigger >.< I have no clue what he is, but he is soft and amazing =D

I have never seen one before...


Auction reminder!

Hey guys Just a reminder for my HUGE jakks palkia/mirage pikachu auction.The auction ends tomorrow at 6.30pm (18.30) GMT That is less then 24hrs away. Palkia has no bids yet Mirage piachu is at the starting bid- this is your chance to get a rare mirage plush!

Click on the link to go to the auction.

News!!! My big want has arrived ( and survived uk customs with only a sqaushed box) so expect an update this weekend.

I can't upload any pics tonight sadly.

Thats all for tonight!

Auction ended!

EDIT: I will post my update when LJ lets me upload some pictures. You can't have an update  without pictures!
  • psy_man

Looking for...

Hey all, been a while since i posted so i don't feel too bad about bugging people with a wants post.

I got some loose zukans in the mail today from pokepalace and i figured i take a moment to ask if anyone has some loose zukans (or cheap sets) they are willing to part with. i'm dreaming of catching all original 151 in zukan form. so if you got some good ones feel free to pitch them too me, but the ones i'm most after right now are:

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again there are certainly more i'd be interested in, but if you are looking for a few extra bucks in Christmas cash for some tiny figures you don't look at anymore than hit me up.


sparkly new gets! and small sales!

Yesterday night I arrived to a large package on my doorstep... inside was THIS!:

The cards look amazing; I really love Victini, Zekrom and Reshiram's artwork.
The Landorus full art card is also amazing.
The holofoil pattern on the cards is similar to the Victini Half Decks, but not identical as originally reported.
I prefer these though, as perfect five pointed stars aren't really my thing. XD
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This product was a gift box, and it certainly had other things that I'm not really interested in keeping. XD
So with this, I bring you mini sales with extra cards, a deck box, coin boxy thing, and some flats. =3

Click the banner below to go to them!
Click on Japanese TCG for the extra cards and Plush, Figures, More for the rest of the goodies!