December 3rd, 2011

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Sales post~

Hey everyone who has bought from me, your packages will be sent out tomorrow or on Sunday, I'm very sorry for delay. ;o;

But here's small updated sales post

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011
Feedback thread located here. I will leave you feedback if you ask
Payment with PayPal only
I ship from Finland and ship worldwide
I prefer money over trades, but I accept Hoothoot/ Noctowl, Dialga and Panpour/ Simipour items as a trade

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Christmas shopping

I'm trying to figure out what to get my sister for Christmas. Her favourite Pokemon are Gear/Klink and Rankursuru/Reuniclus.

I'm not looking to spend over $30.

What merchandise is out there of either of these Pokemon? Is anyone selling anything? Thanks!

I know I'm only ever here to sell now ): sorry!

tl;dr student/money/can't get overtime problems etc, we all know the drill (': either way, a large percentage of my Raichu collection is going (which is sad, Rai Rai :<) and is now in my sales post, plus a few Pokédolls (: I'm pretty vague with my Rai pricings etc because I have no idea how much they're supposed to go for (: thanks guys <3

oh, and an auction for this little guy (suction cuppy)!

u mad? maggyo


WE HAVE....blind sprite....can badges....

FORTY VARIETIES!! (and three varieties of stickers also now on sunyshore :D)

in two sets of twenty!!!

you can buy the blind packages straight on sunyshore, but MY EXAMPLES ARE FOR SALE!!!! if you want one of the outed badges without having to buy some blindies, then... check the cut!!!

Thanks everyone!

HAVE FUN GUYS! gosh i love badges!!! there were none i wanted last time!!

big collection update next week!!!
emolga love her afro

zekrom movie goodies!

Heyllo everyone! Just a fyi/quick question!! I got an e-mail yesterday saing that there will be "gift bags" available to people going to see the Zekrom movie! My question is for those who have seen it: what's in it? (I can't see it until tomorrow) and how much of a limited quantity was it? The theater by me is only showing it at 11am and I had to work today so the anticipation is getting to me! My boyfriend is coming with me so hopefully I will get at last two of them~ [And also random sales can be found in my journal] Thanks everyone! <3<3

My first sales post!!

Okay guys, so this is the hardest thing I've done in a while. I have decided I will allow the people of this community to have the chance to own my precious collections. Before I joined pkmncollectors, I just collected Pokemon in general. They are all my pride and joy, the only thing I ever collected. Today, I've decided to sell the Jakks and other plushies that don't belong to either my heart or my collections, side and main. Also, this should be my last post other than a GA reminder soon tomorrow, for a while until I'm ready for a collection update that will be HUGE.

Anyways, on to the sales!

This is my first time selling things, so if I overprice them, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ^^;

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I saw the Zekrom Movie today! + Collection Update

My most local movie theater didn't air the movie but one about 45 mins from here did,so I went there. I kept the movie tickets we got to put on my memo board:

I liked the movie,although I had always wanted to see the Black version the most of the two, but I can watch that on Cartoon Network when it comes on later this month. There was a mention on the official Pokemon site of some kind of gift given to those who saw the film, but whatever it was-I didn't get it. Bit disappointing,but it was still nice to see a Pokemon film in theaters again. (Last one I saw that way was the first movie!)

Aki came with me. <3

And here is my little collection update:

All  of my starter canvas plush except Oshawott who is on the way. I only got the starters that I had in game, Charmander (named Sora after my in-game one) is the cutest.

Taking requests for Japanese McDonalds toys

So LJ is all screwed up and I can't make a post how I want to.... sorry for that!

However I don't wanna wait to take requests for the new Japanese McDonald's toys coming out in 2 weeks!
Here is the lineup:

and there is information on this blog post:

The toys will cost $11 each, shipped worldwide. Payment will be collected after I have your item in hand.
The requests will be taken on a "first to comment" basis, and will NOT be based on character, rather, based on the wave they are released in. So basically, in wave 1, if 3 people ask for Pikachu, then person #4 asks for Zekrom, I will get the 3 Pikachu first. (Hope this makes sense).
Also, there is a limit. I don't want to gain lots of weight from eating too many Happy Sets, so I will likely be able to get only 4-5 from each wave. I will take requests beyond that, but remember: nothing is guaranteed!

Wave 1 (Pikachu, Victini, Zekrom, Thunderus) released December 16th:
1. azureyoshi Zekrom
2. eternal_rena Victini
3. chibi_flare Pikachu
4. chibi_flare Victini
5. orangegarchomp Zekrom
6. bluehyaku Victini

Wave 2 (Oshawott, Tornadus, Reshiram, Landorus) released December 23rd:
1. tamago226 Oshawott
2. jadekitty777 Reshiram
3. krista0000 Oshawott
4. papaiyacoffee Oshawott
5. eternal_rena Reshiram

*****EDIT***** Feel free to comment with interest, but I most likely won't be able to fill anymore requests past the above list.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 3/17/11
Please bookmark this post if you are requesting!!!

(no subject)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for this boring post, but what happened is I recently bought some figures, but now I think I might have paid too much for them.
And since I am still kinda new around here and have no sales permission, I can't ask for price check on this community.
So I was wondering if there's any websites with info. or something that can let me check the worth/value of Pokemon figures?

Thank you! :D
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Middleman required!

Edit: All worked out!

I'm looking for somebody in the US who'd be willing to middle a couple of items for me. :) One is from a seller on Amazon, the other up on eBay (with a BIN). Shipping would be to the UK.

Curently waiting for my box of awesome to clear customs, but I should have an update full of Chatot-y goodness within the next week. <3

a ultimate dragonite get

I have finally got one that was within my budget a 60 dollar shiped Brand New with Tags Giant 2 foot tall dragonite pillow plush :) only a few more days until it should finally arrive and I will update this with some of my own pics not the sellers when it arrives

  • eledora

Small sales: Chou gets, clipping figures, and poseable figures :D

[Edited on 3.1.2012] This sales post is closed! Please visit here to find the remaining items ;3c

Hello everyone! I have some tiny yet detailed painted stuff for sell—no they are not zukans, they are chou gets and clipping figures! (Which are sometimes even prettier than zukans if you ask me OwO)

Well since these are all very tiny things, most items are around $2-3, and nothing is above $5~

Here are the official pictures for the sets that I’m selling:

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Last but not least, I also have some poseable figures for sale :3c

(Lucario is not for sell >v>)
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question for you all

alright i was thinking of doing something like a raffle for one of my custom plush. it would last about a week.

i dont have sales permission but it would be free so no one would be losing any money. so my question would be is this allowed? if not i will take this down.


I was wondering if these hoodies were out yet and how much they'd cost to order one? I'm interested in the black #4 and hoping to find someone willing to do pick-ups:
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Does anyone know if these are baggy or form fitting? I'm hoping a large might fit me but i'm not totally sure about this(i'm 5'6, 130lbs)

Kyurem Plush is HUGE!!

Hey everyone, I happen to go to hardrockpokemon to do check some plushies out and it looks like Brian has his hands on the new Kyurem Plush that comes out this month! From what i can tell this thing is massive! For anyone who was curious on the size here it is.

Height: 9" (22cm) from feet to tip of wings

Length: 17" (43cm) from nose to tail

Width: 13" (34cm) at widest part (wing to wing)

He may not be tall but he sure is long O.O
Anywho you guys can take a closer look at his website for more pictures :)


more wants and reminder

Firstly, i forgot about my offers on my Braviary plush so this is my final reminder!
They will end in 24 hours so that will be 22:00 pm UK time on sunday!

Heres the link -

Also some wants!
Theres 3 TFG im after and hopefully I can get them all pretty cheap

Im after a charizard, surge and gyarados TFGs, I dont care if the charizard is official or bootleg and would like these as cheap as possible as im going to be editing them. Id like to offer about $10 shipped for each (hope that offer is ok!)
So please get in touch!
(and yes, i know theyre all on ebay but ebay overcharges SO MUCH!)

Pokemon Movie Goodies Up for Grabs!

sup guys.

So today, instead of studying for finals, I went with my brother, cardwhale, and some other family to go see the Pokemon Movie. I REGRET NOTHING.

Unfortunately, we got there a little late, and the theater was PACKED. I was genuinely surprised, but it was nice seeing a bunch of Pokemon fans there. Since we were late, we were stuck sitting in the absolute front row. It's okay though; I still enjoyed the movie. Was anyone there at the 2:15 PM showing at the theater in Folsom? Maybe you saw us or we saw you. :D Apparently, a bunch of people had a problem with the pronunciation of "macarons" instead of "macaroons". lolololol.

ANYWAY, as you all know, if you went to the movie, you got a bag of free goodies. I've seen other posts with them, BUT I SHALL SHOW STUFF ANYWAY.
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So, I'm not really a Victini/TCG collector, so I'm putting this gift bag up for sale! Most of my other family members are not really collectors either, so I will potentially have three other gift bags up for sale either.

I'm selling my gift bag, mint with everything in it for $12! SOLD!

If this first one sells, and you are interested in one yourself, just drop a comment here, and I will go see if I can grab them (but this is not a promise since they may want to keep them!).

Also, please check my really small sales here: CLICK ME!

There is only the Pikachu inflatable and the Shiny Sandile custom plush by LyndsayGoRawr. Give them good homes! ;o;
dragon shoe
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Groundbreakers and metal figures and auctions, oh my!


I have been sitting on these for a while and finally have the time and motivation to host these auctions, hooray! Check 'em out! *v*

Everything is hella rare and this'll be the first Zubat TFG on the comm besides my own. :D

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Special thanks to a friend of mine for helping me get these photos. They are much better than anything my camera could pick up. :D;;

Happy bidding and best of luck!
snivy, heart, cute

New Wants and some questions! :D

Hey friends, it's that time of year where I've saved up just so I can throw money at you! :D I have some new wants that are at the highest of my priority right now!

The character mug (left) from the new Dot Promo 2.

N Clearfile and Reshiram Clearfile from the new Dot Promo 2. Does anyone know if there's a matching Zekrom clearfile? And does anyone have any info/bigger (close-up) pictures of the bags, pouches, and other matching things on the left, or of the golf balls?

I'm also looking for the button pin with N!

Now I have a question to those who saw the Pokemon movie and got the goodie bag--I didn't receive one even though I went, and I wanted to know if the manga included is just the regular Black & White Adventures volume 1, or if it's got anything that makes it different. Also, if anyone has the jumbo Victini card that they're willing to part with, I wouldn't mind buying it or trading some tournament-legal cards for it c:

My wants list is here if you're interested, because there are some other things I'm looking to buy, too :3

Thanks for looking, everyone! :D