December 4th, 2011


Introduction time!

Hellloooo Pokemon Community!!,

I'm Rebecca and I'm 23 years old. Must likely older than you all, right? Been a fan since it came out in 1998. I'm still lovin' Pokemon- just can't stop >.<  I actually joined 2 years ago in 2009 but I never actually did anything here or bought anything...til now!
I've had alot of pokemon toys 'n stuff over the years. Some have come and gone, and my whole Burger King collection even got stolen once. I of course got it back(at least most of it).

I've JUST started collecting again, with only my favorites this time. Mostly hoping to work on my Nidoran(male) collection a bit since I'm oh-so-obsessed with the little poisonous bunny. So cute <3
My other favorites include:

Click under cut thing for my very small collection

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adeku uguuu kawaii

pokemon center tohoku!

Congrats to Pokemon Center Tohoku, the new Pokemon Center in Sendai, one of the main cities in the midst of the wreckage of the region hit hardest by March's tsunami. Today is this Center's grand opening! It officially opened just under an hour ago.

Junichi Masuda, head of Game Freak, had this to say on Twitter:
"Everyone in Tohoku, thanks for all your congrats and messages!! Pokemon Center Tohoku is there together with you all. Best regards from here on in! Pokemon Centers throughout the country, let's support Tohoku!! Japan will not lose. With Pokemon Japan can become one. Let's keep going and do our best!"

People in Japan are certainly becoming one -- because I think ALL OF JAPAN is there at the new Center right now. Current wait time to get inside is 5+ hours!

In the first photo in the very very bottom left corner you can see new Tohoku Victini and Pikachu plushies. This will mean Snivy also. What will their designs be? Fans of those Pokemon, be excited!

Congrats Tohoku :)

EDIT: a new pic in which you can see some of the new plush and goods!

these children were orphaned in the tsunami. it is heartening to see smiles on their faces.
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Banpresto Items Pickup/Pre-order Reminder

Hi guys just a reminder of the Banpresto Pre-orders I will taking until this Wednesday (US Time). I'll be going on vacation the week after so if you want something tell me fast :) I may do payment plans for a few weeks to january if needed (especially in this crazy christmas period)
Click this link to get there:

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Just to end off, just a reminder for some sales I am doing - Includes kids (+ DX), zukans, metal coins and many other. You can see it in the two seprate links here: and . Check both out XD

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Auction and sales reminder!

Hey all! This is just a friendly reminder that my auctions will be ending at 9pm PST today.

Here's a count-down for members who are not familiar with PST: Count-down

Btw, due to lack of interest in my figures lot, I have decided to lower the amount to $165. There are lots of rare and uncommon Chou Gets, Footprint figures and other miscellaneous figures up for grabs.

Click on the image to be redirected to the original auction and sales page:

Pokemon - Zorgneko - Grooming

Some Quick Butt Ribbon Sales!

Alright, for straight sale I have to following Suicune plush:

(do ignore the candy topper figure)

This is a US vending kiosk PokeDoll, which comes mint and complete with hang tag. The tag does have a couple creases, so if you are worried about a mint tag please note that. I am looking to get $15.00, that is before shipping and fees! No, I will not sell the plush for $15.00 shipped, so please do not ask. Also, I am not open to trading at this time!

As for shipping costs, if you are in the US it will run $2.87 (that includes fees). If you are in the UK you are looking at a shipping cost of $6.32 (that includes fees.) If you live elsewhere, just let me know and I can get you a quick quote. Shipping does not include tracking or insurance, those of course would be extra.

The PokeDoll is SOLD!!

Up for auction today I have something I am very hesitant on selling:

Yes, this is the Tomy Shiny Suicune MC+ figure!

Starting Bid - $15.00
"Buy It Now" - $50.00

 I am really wanting no less then $40.00 for the figure, before shipping/fees! Of course, I a still willing to consider the highest bid...

The Tomy MC+ figure is SOLD!!

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I also have some TCG auctions coming to an end on eBay:

One card up for auction is the rare Japanese Shiny Suicune, only 1,000 were made of the card in question! The current bid is way less then what I originally paid for the card too!!

Collection Updates and Sales

Hey member’s I’m back and I’ve got some new gets and sales for you! <3

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FOR SALES (including new Victini merchandise from the movie)(plus looking for trades for some Atsuko Nishida TCG’s):
Christmas Shimama

small sales

Hi guys! I have some small sales today.

Sales permission granted by lineaalba.- I ship from the United States. I can ship internationally.

- I only accept PAYPAL.
- Prices are all in USD. Prices do not include shipping or fees.
- Payment is expected within 24 hours of confirmation that you would like the item.
- I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages and cannot provide a refund. I would be happy to have the package insured and/or tracked if you are worried about risk.
- I allow holds only up to 24 hours.
- I will not do transactions via PM. Please only comment here.
- I reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason.
- All items come from a pet friendly home.
- It may take 2 weeks for me to ship out your items.

MWT Pansear MPC - $10
MWT Mudkip Canvas - $20
Shiny Suicune Charm - $12
Shiny Blastoise Kid - $10
Shiny Grovyle Kid - $10
Shiny Flygon Kid - $45

MWT Large Pokemon Center Mijumaru (prefer to ship him only within the US) - $120

I also have these eBay auctions running:

Grails + First Sales Post!

Hei guys! Yesterday I got my very first SMJ box in the mail and my very first grail! :D  And when I opened it I found these beauties!

Eeee! I paced around the front door all day waiting for this!

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And now...It's time for some auctions!

Up for auction are rare 4th movie tomys and 8th movie metal swings!

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Thanks for looking!  Look for a sneasel/weavile collection update coming soon to a post near you!

Please wait until all threads are up to post.  Thank you. Ready. Set. Go.
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Card sales

Greetings everyone got more cards for sale so check em out

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 3 days
Sales permission granted by Gin and lineaalba
 back in 09

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thanks for looking
giratina, origin

Introducing Frenchies

Hello !

I'm a member of this community a little time ago, but I never introducing my little personnality !
I'm Noctie (here and on DeviantArt, I'm UmbreoNoctie). I'm a french girl and I collect... Giratina Origiiiiiiiiin >o<
I would like to introduce me with the best of my collection. I receive recently a BEAU-TI-FUL Lotto Figure... You know its...

"Hello girls and boys, would you like a French Kiss ?"

Since I'm on Pkmn Collectors, a buy a little lot of Gigi stuffs ! To [info]mizuhokusanagi, [info]nameless5555 first, and other buyer ! It's very cool <3 I buy lugia stuff for a friend too, and mareep's familly for my boyfriend.

P.-S. Can you say me how I can make a cuting post ? o/ It's ok, thx !
Sorry for bad English :(

To see all object of my collection, click here !

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Looking for Treecko stuff!

I'm a Treecko collector looking to expand my threadbare shelves. If you have any Wood Gecko merchandice that you can't seem to unload or think is good for a collector just post a description, or picture, or even a link in your comment and I'll take a look. Thanks Pokemon Collectors! -Mobileboots

Some simple human/misc. questions and possible wants.

How much does the Prof. Oak zukan go for? It has been on my indirect wants list for quite a while. Other Oak merchandise is welcome as well.

Second, what all is out there for Team Rocket merchandise? I'm pretty sure Jessie and James got most of the love, but did any other members? Figures and plushes are my main focus.

And finally, PokeMotion is pretty cool, but I am pretty sure it is rare, how much does it go for?

updated want list and questions)

im again here with my wants list) my last updated list was a bit too big and too much:( so i took out what i dont need now and put in the main ones:

my offers would be:
-Shiny Noctowl TOMY $15-$50
-Shiny Magikarp TOMY $20-$150
-Clear Suicune TOMY $15-$40
-Clear Entei TOMY $15-$30
-Shiny Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar $10-$35 or for all of them $30-$80

(thats if u have any of them and want to sell any)

if any body has any of these and wants to sell it or youve just seen it some where please message me (incase e-mail me:

and heres my questions:
1. when is the next diorama contest?
2. would you like The Pokemon Company making merch for some Shiny Pokemon in the anime like Shiny Metagross, Dustox, Ditto and maybe merch for the Crystal Onyx?

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