December 5th, 2011

  • cluw

Looking for some TCG's

Hello commu!

I'm looking to buy these three JAPANESE Panpour cards (1st edition and unlimited, or what ever they are called)!

I'm not really familiar with prices of cards, but I don't wish to pay more than 3 dollars for each card!
Shipping would be to Finland, pleace notify this when giving me a quote. :3

Also sales has been updated with 15 items! Eevee and Pikachu Playfully Yours (European? version of Franco & Sons), super cute Mew and Pikachu pullback figures, Snorlax and Feebas Chou Gets and more!

Display case GA won & need something identified for me

Hey guys! We won the auction! And there were some decent discounts for all~! ^^

I was wondering, does anybody know what this figure is? I got it in the mail today, and I think it was a freebie with a bulba pokedoll I won through SMJ. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
Thanks for the help zorualullaby! Turns out it was a figure that came with a candy box some years ago. ^^

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Parfearie Sabi

Desperately need/want! XD

Ok so I just managed to snag this beauty:

And of course now I'm after her last trio partner:

I don't need the normal colored one as my boyfriend has purchased all 3 of the normal ones from sunyshore (OMG I LOVES HIM) so I'm after the shiny variant. I missed out on an auction for him T-T and he went for $30 plus shipping and so I'm offering $35-$45 shipped PLEASE :)

Finally after this elusive guy (bought the suicune from hardrock...yea I finally caved in to Brian XD) he said he'd inform me if he could find me a Raikou but I'm a legendary dog collector on full throttle so I'd love this guy in my collection to again complete my trio:

Here is also my pokemon lot on eBay (now much cheaper than before): it's way less than what I definitely paid for all the items. I soon will be posting my collection update in which I'm selling my ENTIRE black and white collection and will be advertising the eBay link. Sorry for those who have been waiting for my post on my collection update (my collection's just so big it takes forever to get pictures -_-") So yea! Thanks for looking :3
Reshiram: Fusion Flare

Movie 14 "goodie bags" up for grabs


Ok, I'm letting go of these bags that I got yesterday from seeing the movie (Since it's all Victini stuff and I don't collect him at all. I was hoping for some dragon stuff... and the manga doesn't count). I figured there may be people here that are more interested in these than I am. So yeah, there's two here up for grabs! BTW, the movie was really good (At least I thought so). :D

Sales Permission granted by [info]lineaalba on November 24, 2009

Both bags have everything in them:

Victini Pokedex 3D AR Card
Pokemon The Movie White Sticker
Pokemon BW Manga Sampler
Victini Jumbo Trading Card
And other advertisement sheets

I'm asking $10 shipped for them each ($11 shipped outside of the US). Both have been sold

*I'll delete this post shortly if I'm not supposed to have a post this small*
Brandon - OBJECTION!

Movie Weekend & a couple of wants...

Hey there all!

It's been a while and I still have yet to take a good enough picture of my collection yet [I have to find all of my collection first...], but I do have something to show off -Collapse )Also, did anyone else make something special for the movie screening, or was I the only one?

Now, my current WANTS. Basically, I am seeking out:
- Battle Frontier items [if any exist; Hoenn preference, but any would be excellent~<3 Customs would be nice to see too. Actually, did any company make BF merchandise other than TCG League items?]
- plushes of Swablu, Tepig and Victini [I'm not picky, but I do have price limits. Hope that's ok.]
- any Mesprit items [Eeee, do want. A plush or a charm are high on this list.Again, price limit.]
- Battle Coins [from the official English release of the PKMN Trading Coin Game; any other than these three are what I'm looking for. More pics are located in that same gallery.]

Please show me what you've got and what you'd like to sell [if you want to, that is]. I am interested in buying [for once; whenever I receive approval to sell, then maybe we could trade?]! Thank you for reading and I've missed you all~

- Juuchan ♥

Look what I found + question

Not really sure if I'm allowed to post again today, but my last post has mysteriously disappeared, so yeah.

Look what I bought from Game!

Just an oshawott chillin' with Super Pokemon Rumble <3 His little round belly is so cute! :)
If anyone wants me to pick up any of these Tomy plushes (they had the Unova starters and Pikachu), they would be $23 before shipping :D

And now for the question:
Why did my post get deleted/disappear/decide to run away today? (just for future reference and all that) (・−・)?

Oh and, if I'm not allowed to post again, you can delete this pos too, but please tell me this time D:

Recently hunting for...

I still want Banettes for my collection, so I've seen a Zukan set with Shuppet and Banette, as well as Tomy figures and Kids,

THIS has been on my radar for some time: the Banette charm (someone else's image)

Any idea how much one of those will run for, or where I could find one?

In other news, I still need a gift idea for this >guy< and he likes Blastoise, Tyrannitar, and Gallade. I want to draw him a picture but A little something would be great. If you have any items that would be awesome for him that can get in town in the next week please let me know!

I has no boi skillz
Oooh -awe-

Re intro and some wants!

Wails. Glorious, beautiful wails.

I neeeeeed them.
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So I have a question.. does anyone have a spare one or one they are selling now/soon that I might be able to purchase from you? I would love him and snuggle him and give him a handsome name.

Oh poor skitty.

Wailord time plush - HUGE WANT
Wailord zukan - middle want
Wailord kids - probably best for my wallet

If you guys know of any other merch that has my beloved featured, please let me know!

(Also, you can get in contact with me at if you are still waiting on anything. I still want to make it right so PLEASE contact me.)
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pokedoll 2006 Christmas cloth auction!

It's that time of year again! I have today a beautiful Pokemon christmas cloth! These pics do NOT do it justice. It is gorgeous.
It is 17"x18". The folds can be ironed out.(and the flash makes the shadow really dark, its not that bad) It was stored for its whole life :( Its immaculate! Colors are great!

I'll have some xmas pokemon mugs soon <3 Gotta find 'em again XD

Starts @ $25
BIN $75

BIN overrides starting bid unless the bid is up past $50. Then I think its unfair :/
Shipping in in the USA is $3.50 (shipping $1.71, Package $1, fee $0.75)
BIN gets free delivery confirmation if in the USA

All community rules apply.
Any questions please ask. No sniping please!
Payment is due no longer than 3 days after auction. Please ask before bidding for special arrangements.
Auction ends this Saturday, 12-10-11 at 6PM central time. When Judge Judy is on, the auction is over!

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  • oi_m

Auction / GB reminder + small sales!

Sorry for posting a lot recently  ^_^;

Okay let's start this post with a reminder of the Monthly Pokecen Pikachu Auction.
Auction will end on Wednesday 12 noon GMT +8.    -  Countdown timer here  -

Pika with pom-pons and Pika with fruits still don't have a starting bid D: They are crying so please bring them home!

I have also uploaded some photos of the tags. The pictures on the tags are beautiful!

Let's go to the auction post to have a look on the pictures! :D

Secondly a reminder of the Movie Finger Puppet GB
Deoxys still doesn't have a claim. It's only $8.64 shipped everywhere (including all fees) Go claim it if you love Deoxys! ;D

Click the following link or picture to the original GB post.

Lastly I have a small sales of a few items including zukans and plamo.

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  • pumpki3

*december pkmn sales*

Added a bunch of new items for sale!

All prices include shipping, "shipped prices" available to US only. International shipping is available, but costs more.

I accept Paypal, shipping from Canada.

Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010. Feedback here.

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Pokemon Movie, Major Volcarona update, and an irl Volcarona plus con swag

First off, everyone who bought from me, your items will go out on Wednesday or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I got distracted by a con and beautiful women. Anyway, this post is xbox huge!

First off, I went to see the Pokemon movie with Roxiexcore <3 we had SO MUCH FUN! I actually really liked the movie. It was really weird and melancholy. Golurk is my new favorite thing ever. Also, Victini is freaking adorable. Anyone have any pictures of the merchandise cart from the movie? I want to make everything that was on it!

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Next up is a con I went to! There was a Volcarona gijinka and I literally cried when I saw her >.>; I am a DORK. I ran up to her all "YOU ARE MY FAVORITE POKEMON ;; CAN HAS PHOTO?" (I was casual Chell and carried my companion cube everywhere with me and had GLaDOS potato with me)

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Thanks for looking