December 7th, 2011

Karps Everywhere!

Hey everyone, today I'm gonna share my Magikarps with you guys, which is my main and most important collection. c: It's still a bit small, but it's defiantly grown significantly since I joined here and I look forward to it flourishing even more! Anyway, click on the picture below to be transported to karp! 

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Shipping update, and a small price check :3c

To those who have brought something from my previous small sales post, I've shipped your items yesterday! According to the post office, it seems that yesterday was the last day for Christmas mails >v>

I've lowered some of the prices a bit in the sales post too, so feel free to check it out again~
Here are what is left after the first wave:

(Click here or the photos to transfer to the sales post!)

Also...a small price check for some glowing items! OwO

Collapse ) is a derp Magikarp to end this boring post:

Found this poor guy on Taobao =v=
Looks like someone was being really careless when making the Magikarp's missing the fins and its tiny mouth! ;w; Let's hope I can figure out how to add them back during the Christmas holidays...

pokemon you weren't fans of, but once you bought their merch love them?

*whew* Long title but had no other way to sum it up :p Anyhow, another round of storytime! So, has there ever been a Pokemon that you just... weren't a big fan of, but once you ended up with their merch (maybe through a compulsion buy, or came in a pack with others you wanted, etc etc) you started to just fall in love with them and start collect them? I know I have a couple I can think of off the top of my head:

-The monkey trio (moreso, Pansage). I just... wasn't a big fan, especially with Pansage I preferred Sear and Pour more. Then... one day I decided to get a Fukuoka exclusive plush (I love the store exclusives!) and decided to go with Pansage, because I didn't own any merch of him. I fell in complete love with that plush, and since then, I've loved Pansage!

-Tepig/Pignite. I really wasn't a fan of the piggies at first either^^ Tepig is cute in the anime (especially because 'Pokabu' is just an adorable name!) but I still wasn't a fan of him... And then I went to the Black and White Tour and the piggie just became more dear to me :) Pignite was in the same category. Then, I saw that the Kiosks started getting in his PokeCen plush. It looked awesome in the pics and when I finally got it, it became my favorite plush of the three secondary evos! His Jakks plush is such an adorable grumpig as well (more than the real Grumpig :p)

-Munchlax. Never a big fan of this Pokemon in general, but after getting ahold of his merch (especially my Tomy plush of him) he's grown to be an awesome addition to my collection! Like a mini Totoro :D

Alright, those are probably my biggest examples, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's had similar situations :p
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First and Final Reminder for Vaporeon Canvas + Walky Bulba

Hello! My auctions for MWT Bulbasaur Walky plush and a MWT Vaporeon Canvas plush end today at 11pm EST! Heres the countdown

Bulbasaur is at $40 and Vaporeon is at $225! Much lower than hardrocks $350 Vapo XD;


And for the MPC Group Buys: it took a long time for Set #2 to get to Noppin, though it finally got there and Noppin sent me the invoice for EMS yesterday. It was only like $30, so I covered it for now so Payment #2 and #3 will be combined. They were shipped out early this morning, so I expect them to arrive either Friday or Saturday.
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New gets

My Oshawott pokedoll arrived a little bit ago. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for me in the contest <3
I am now keeping this victini instead of throwing him away. Has to much history to do that haha.

Oshawott looks so sad about victini's passing or uncomfortable being next to a corpse.
So cute <3

I received an early xmas gift as well! Look at this face! I named her Leona. Leona the Lillipup. She needs a collar with a nametag hehe. <--dork

Thank you pantherotter. I love it so much :D Venom...not so much XD

I also received something from the oh so talenteddripbat! I am totally gonna put this on my grail when it arrives!
I hope you got my PM :) Thank you so much ^_______________^

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Love you guys!

So guys...

I'm planning on starting up making sticker sheets and cell phone charms featuring my Pokemon artwork! Before I invest in the materials though, I want to gauge interest of the people on the community about it! 

EDIT: I've ordered the charms straps so they are on!! I've only ordered 100 straps to see how the sales go, so there will only be 100 keychains sold! I'm making designs now, so what do you guys want?? I'm making one of each starter for sure right now, and then I'm not sure where to go from there. Help!

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So let me know if any of you would want these! If so, sales may start up pretty soon with them~!

EDIT: So it looks like I'm gaining enough interest to be good for making them! I was thinking about 8-20 USD per sticker sheet depending on how man you want on there, and about 3 USD for a cell charm ^o^/ These are fresh and general ideas, so nothing is set in stone quite yet :)

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News Regarding Movie Goodie Bags, and a Sneak Peek at my Next Collection Update!

Hey friends! If you're like me, you went to see the awesome new Pokemon movie and sadly didn't receive a goodie bag :c But worry not! Apparently there was a shipping delay to numerous theaters, so if you didn't get your goodie bag, you can enter the form on here and get one sent to you! (The link I listed links to the main movie page, where you can see the "fill out this form" link)

And just so this post isn't one tiny paragraph, I have a quick little preview for my next collection update!

There's a spy among us...


Last Effort Small Lot Sale!

Before I start, I just want to let people know, that if you have bought anything from me and I haven't notified you that I've shipped it yet, your items will be shipped out this Saturday after my finals are over. Thank you for being patient with me!

This will be my last sales post in a while, and I'm just trying to get rid of everything extra that I have. Unfortunately, there was someone from my auctions who ended up not paying for their item, so I have a few more things to sell. This is a small lot up for sale! Please take these away!

Collapse )
EDIT: I have found out shipping the lot to anywhere in the USA would be $15.00, so I am willing to make a deal on my lot for $55 shipped including fees.

I have a huuuuuge update I am planning to do after finals! I am excited for that! 8D
Eevee Collection
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I'm new here to the community (and LiveJournal itself) and I'd like to introduce myself! I've lurked a bit for a while, but I think it's time I said hello. So hi there! I'm soulhowlx, but I go by Soul.

I collect Eevee & Eeveelution things, mostly official merchandise. While my collection is no where near the size of others that I've seen here, I'm working on it :3 Right now I mostly have trading cards and will be getting some Pokédolls soon!

So yeah! It's great to see all these collections, and happy holidays to everyone.

4th Movie TOMY + 8th Movie Metal Swing Auction Reminder

Hey guys! I just wanted to post a reminder of the auctions I still have underway.  Up for auction are rare movie TOMYs from the 4th movie and a Mew and Lucario metal swing from the 8th movie! The bidding ends tomorrow at 12 PM (countdown here)!!

The TOMY are poised differently than their other TOMY counterparts (such as the howling Suicune, cheek Pikachu, and shy Larvitar) and most are at their starting bids or have no bids at all!  And I believe that I haven't even seen the Mew or Lucario movie metal swings before :3

Don't miss your chance to snag one of these awesome TOMYs/Swings! Come and bid~!! :D

Click the pictures to be transported!

And to make this post less boring, take a look at my newly created wants list!  Be warned beforehand though, that it is pretty image heavy xD; I'm still wanting for my pose-able Weavile figure to arrive [estimated around Monday] before making a collection post. Look forward to it in a post soon~! :3 

Wants for Christmas

Hey all!
Happy Holidays to all you Pokemon fans xD

Just a quick wants to see if anybody has these items and would be willing to sell them.

1) Elekid plush
2) Charizard plush - one that looks like the picture (I missed out on a few on ebay that I should've gotten when I had the chance :( )
3) Pokemon Gale of Darkness (with case and manual)

If anyone is willing to sell please let me know :D

I'll be posting a collection update after a few more items come in.

Stay warm everybody! (hopefully by hugging your pokemon plushes xD )
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Last remaining plushie wants, sales reminder

Why hello there everyone^^ I reached a "kind of " milestone so I thought I might as well do a post on here. I've gotten my hands on every plush I wanted, with the exception of only 3, so let's do a list.^^

- Smoochum Pokedoll (Grail)
- Plusle Canvas Plush
- Mismagius Pokedoll MWT

If anyone finds any of those plushes, or has one of them for sale, please let me know^^ And while we're at it, a little reminder for my sales:

There's still quite a few things on there, mostly Pokedolls and some other plushies. Thanks for looking^^
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Mini update

So I haven't actually been updating my gets lately...
Because I haven't gotten enough stuff to show!

But I decided to gather my newest stuff from last month, since I got a new package today.

So additions to my Hoothoot/Noctowl collection; Noctowl Kid and Hoothoot Pan sticker
And additions to my water monkey collection; Panpour Battrio (I still need the white/blue one) and Panpour Pan sticker.

The Battrio coin was from a GA, but for God's name, I can't remember who held it. xD
Hoothoot Pan sticker was from a GA too, if I remember correctly.
I can't even remember who sold the other items to me lol.

Oh well!
Here, have a sales plug: