December 8th, 2011

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Deerling for sell

Evening everyone well a trip to wal-Mart I found a extra spring Deerling I knew some people
here are still looking for her so I decided to put her up for sale.

I'm selling her for $8.50 shipped

I also still have skymin pokedoll for sell $18 shipped

Thanks for viewing

First Sales Post~

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you my first pokemon collectors sales post, complete with lots of fun goodies to be bought~

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Merch question and Holiday wants

My favorite Pokemon villain in Pokemon has got to be Miror B...hands down.

Was wondering if any merchandise exists for him(Colosseum or Gale of Darkness version). Also, if anyone would provide images and names of existing merch for him that'd be great. If you know anyone who has these and is willing to sell please tell me.

On to my wants list....

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Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well!

I am just dropping by with a sales plug! I have went through and lowered prices in my sales. I am also toying with the notion of selling a good chunk of my assorted plush collection... but as of now I guess I am just ready to get rid of one.

SOLD! Thank you for viewing!

SOLD! Thank you for viewing!

Lastly, here is the link to my sales page. =)

Later!  ^.^

Co-host needed! <3

Hello guys, there's this GA that I would like a co-host for please!
I will be doing the threads. I will need someone in the US to do the bidding and shipping, and possibly the spreadsheets, although I could do that, if it's too much of a bother. Here it is!

I will be claiming the cyndaquil plush for $5 and will possibly bid on other stuff too :D Please let me know if you can help (^_^;)
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Canvas GB

'm looking to claim the mudkip and will be bidding and shipping from California.
( They are new with their tags )
The lot is on ebay so there will only be 2 payments.
*Payment will be required within 2 days of purchase
*I will leave negative feedback if you claim something and don't pay.
It would benefit everyone if all of them were claimed but I think 1 or 2 not claimed would be fine.
10 claims makes the price 20 without shipping so it will basicly come out to total gins price.
11 claims makes the price 18.23
12 claims makes the price 16.20
*Shipping split up between us all will be under 2.00 each and shipping from me if you are US should only come out to 2.00 with fees.

hewwo giima

uh oh!

I have...damaged goods for sale!!!

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PS: Check out my sprite figure tower! :D Anyone who ordered one and had it shipped already got the notice that they do not stay in one place in their boxes, and you can see this exemplified here... but man they are so cute!
  • herar

homecoming sales, wants, etc

Hey all~ I have just returned home after a nice long stay with my wonderful boyfriend, whom i miss already. ._.
During my absence, I had done a bit of thinking and decided to sell of a bit of my collection(s) so i can start saving for me and my darling to move out together next year. As heartbreaking as that is, but it's even more heartbreaking being away from him..<3 I'm not tossing out EVERYTHING, but i am slowing winding myself down to my Groudon, Kyogre, Gen3 Kids, and Swadloon collections. Everything else will be going (except for a few random plush and things) ANYWAY! Sales.

I have LOTS of kid figures for sales since i've gathered so many extras.
plus i've dropped prices and lots of things are $1 or less.

Click here or click the banner to go to my sales.

I am willing to trade anything for the gen3 kids I need (which can be seen in this post), and anything from my general wants (here.) as long as you have the proper amount of feedback, so feel free to ask for trades!

Second order of business; as do not plan to make a custom commissions post yet, my etsy shop is also open again. I make lots of cute Pokemon hats, plush and that sort of thing. I will gladly take on custom commissions, but please be aware that I am a simple plush maker at this point and simply cannot handle difficult patterns. So you can ask, but there are things that I just CANNOT do, so if I turn you down please don't be offended, I just suck. D: I am MUCH better at hats and can do nearly anything. 8D You can either purchase from my etsy, or directly through me, just let me know. 8D
OR, feel free to suggest projects for me to do! I need to practice my plush skills and if you give me good suggests I just might try them out (and fail xD). Of course I won't do them any time soon, since the holiday rush is keeping me busy!

That's all for now. My next post will be a post about my grail(s) *.*
ALSO i apologize if i get a tiny bit slow in replying, i'm trying so hard not to be all mopey and sad dljdslkjslgkj.

Jumbo cards? TCG Wishlist and a Question

Hi Everyone! ^^

Since I will be talking about selling and trading things:
-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link and Link

I am going to be making a trip to a local card store this weekend (possibly tomorrow) to pick up a jumbo card for cyritic. I thought I would offer to pick up other jumbo cards if people are looking for them. I would be looking to trade for TCG cards or other jumbo cards (especially Shadow Lugia or the Zorua and Celebi promo)...or possibly other items.

Edit: Called the store and here's what they have in stock:
(photos found through google)-
Dialga and Palkia (unless there's another jumbo card of them I think this is it) - Link
Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres - Link
Jigglypuff, Clefairy, and Pikachu - Link
Pikachu and Pichu Bros. - Link
Entei - Link
Pikachu - Link
Swimming Pikachu w/ Charmander and Psyduck - Link
Pikachu's Vacation w/ Oddish, Zubat, and Jigglypuff - Link
Regigigas - Link
And then one I can't find a pic of: A trainer card with Pikachu, Electabuzz, Marill, Psyduck, an Squirtle.
It has been awhile since I bought from the store, but I think they sold for about $10 each. So...I guess comment if you're interested and we can try to work something out.

Update: I went to the store earlier today and was able to pickup jumbo cards for the three people that asked and four different ones for myself. :D They have a bunch of jumbo cards. They must've had at least 20 of the Pikachu and Pichu Bros one. oO"

Second topic! I'm super excited because I think I found a better way to make my TCG wishlist and available cards for sale/trade. I saw the site Trade Cards Online awhile back. I finally joined a week ago. Since then, I've been working on adding my TCG wishlist. It's mostly done now - I'm currently working on adding the cards I have available. But, that will have to be completed once I got home for winter break (where the cards are). I don't know if I will actually do any trades through the site, but I liked being able to list cards there. They don't have all cards listed on the site so I've had to make a separate system for those. Has anyone used the site before? Edit Oh hey! I just found out that I can get merit points on the site. So, if you decide to join because of this journal, please mention that Risha_moon recommended you. :D Thanks! /edit

Question! Actually...questions. ^^; I was wondering a few things:

1) Does anyone know if there is a list of all the Jumbo cards that were released?
2) Does anyone know if there is a list of trainer cards with Pokemon on them? I was looking for an easier way to find them without having to look through every card in every set.

And...I feel like I had another question, but I can't remember right now. ^^;

~ Risha

Help needed to find Sugimori art from cards and other flat items

Hi, posted that also to Poké arts but I think I need help of Nidoran and evolution collectors mainly here so I post it here as well:

Hi there!
I have a friend who needs Sugimori artwork as references so I thought I ask here at the art community if someone has older Sugimori art of Nidoran male and female and their evolutions from arround the time of Red/Green/Blue or at least a bit after that.

It would be these but I need them in higher resolution(arround 800*800 pixels) for my friend.

If you have a card or book or something else that shows Nidoran artwork from Sugimori it would be awesome if you could scan them for me. I would be very grateful! (-^.=.^-)

multi purose post

All items from my sales have been shipped :) I hope they don't take too long to deliver. The post office was a madhouse today, and I've noticed myself how shipping times are already bogging down. Also, how are you fellow USPS digging this new extended shipping time to First Class? :/

I can haz TY Snivy? I've really wanted one of these guys since they came out, but I was hopping the price would go down. I'm looking to get one for $10-12 shipped. I'd love to have one of these poking its head out of my stocking this Christmas. :)

I can't help but notice since I've been here that some people here have been selling parts of, if not the whole, of some of their collections. It has made me wonder, why do you guys collect? Is it an investment, a hobby, or a love for certain Pokemon? I for one collect the Pokemon I do because I love them and love seeing them in my home, but I do leave tags intact just in case I ever had to part ways with them.

Shameless sales plug :

And finally, I'm hoping to have a collection update posted after the new year. My Lugia collection has had some amazing additions. I've run out of room for both them and my Snivy's but I just can't get enough of them. ^_^
PKMN: Sailingtoed

Clip plush? ;_;

YOU GUYS, THIS IS KILLING ME. I finally have to ask. How many Pokemon were made into those clip plush/zipper pull plush (I forget the company but it may be Hasbro?)? ALL OF GEN 1? BECAUSE THEY KEEP POPPING UP.


(Photos belong to mewtwohavoka and herar, I hope you guys don't mind ♥)

I have four of them from my childhood and I'm really fond of them so I thought hey, it might be nice to have a side collection of them all... But then Charziard popped up, and Eevee, then Meowth, and now even Snorlax. I thought they were only a limited set, but these finds brings the total I know of to 10, but if there's Charmander and Bulbasaur (which there are) then Squirtle has to be there, and if Charizard is there then it logically seems like at least Blastoise and Venusaur would be. If there's many more than that I have to put a stop to this side collection before I get more and then decide I HAVE to finish the set anyway. X'D

I'll be back soon with a tiny (seriously tiny, but super cute!) 'toed update! :D Just waiting on another package, but December mail is... being December mail.


Edit: So it's pretty much confirmed these are by the group Accessory Network, and the known clip plushes are as follows:


But there appear to be another set (or more) of clip plushes by another company. My Togepi differs from pdutogepi's Accessory Network Togepi, but they are both also similar. There's also a Hasbro set of the Hoenn starters. That's... all I've got so far. XD Any info on the company(ies) or what other plush there might be and photos are VERY appreciated! <3
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So I was cleaning my room and I found old drawings from Pokémon!
I made many more but I didn't knew that I kept a few of them haha.
Thought I share this with you guys (:
They are probably 10 years old if not more.

Here is a sad Snorlax  

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  • joshpho

Winter wants/multipurpose post

<edit> Does anyone know the term for lenticular and vs. cards in Japanese?

Hi folks! A few things from me today...

>>> Also, I just wanted to wish any fellow students here good luck on their final exams coming up! It can be stressful but the winter holiday is just around the corner : D

First, does anyone have either of these figures for sale?

Hikari diorama

Seadra Zukan Piece 

Secondly, I was wondering if anyone had any info on Advanced Battle/"episode" lenticular cards. These are the square holographic cards, except instead of individual Pokemon, they display scenes from the Hoenn Anime. Is there a list of all of the somewhere? Anyone have them for sale? Here's a photo of them (credit:rachelled), the two on the bottom right-hand corner being anime cards.

On the subject of flats, I was also wondering if had info on vs. cards? Do any of them feature human characters? Here's an image of one (cred: slothyshroom)
 **I'm also interested in purchasing vs. Cards!
And finally, my Zukan and May/Haruka wants under the cut! Thanks everyone!
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  • knoka

So happy :3 new pokeplush

Ok this seems really lame in comparison to a lot of others updates, however I was so excited I had to share!

I finally received my Lugia plush from New York! We had some USPS issues (They lost my package...) :P But the seller was amazing and sent another right away. <3

This plushie is SOO soft, almost as soft as my canvas Raichu. :)

She came a lot smaller than I had originally thought but still extremely adorable. <3 I'm such a happy poke-owner right now. :3

snivy, heart, cute

The Green Album: Math + N = Dot(promo + 2)

Now for the collection update you've probably not really knew was coming so you couldn't really have waited for it!

Warning: MANY pictures below the cut, which is a spy!

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Thanks for looking! :D If anyone got a Dot Promo 2 figure and doesn't want the base, I'd be more than willing to buy it from you! xD And if anyone has the N pin they're selling, please let me know also! My other wants are here!

Thanks again! :D

aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

coolest/cutest bootleg you own?

Hey guys, Havoka here with a random question I think you guys may enjoy answering.

What's your favorite bootlegged item?

Mine would have to be my 10th Anniversary Mewtwo figure knock-off.  He's totally unofficial (though well-made for a bootleg), and his paint job is actually a whole lot more accurate, color-wise, than the original figure! :O I also like that he doesn't have that gawdy arm-launcher that shoots plastic 'attacks', and his limbs pop out if you pull on 'em XD

Bootie on the left, his legit brother on the right.
Silly Hasbro, Mewtwo doesn't have pink eyes. GET ON THE BOOTLEGGERS' LEVEL.

So, whether's it's a blatant knockoff or a unique, strangely crafted abomination, what is your favorite bootleg? :D

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Christmas Time Sales~

Hello community! Today I bring you some rare Pokedolls and some newer ones as well!

  • I will only accept Paypal as payments. E-checks may be accepted, ask first!
  • Please ask for a quote if you are interested in an item.
  • I ship from Texas, USA.
  • Please allow me up to one week to ship your items out, I am attending university and this takes up time! :P
  • I will only hold an item for 24 hours, after that, it goes on to the next waiting customer.
  • If you would like shipping insurance, please ask!

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Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 9/25/11

EDIT: Also, what the heck are these?! I bought them off eBay because they looked curious..


Pre-Xmas Sales Post =B

Hey Guy's ive done some weeding of my Eeveelu' collection & some more plush weeding!

**UPDATE** The Royal Mail websites "Postage Price Calculator" is currently down, so i can't work out shipping prices until it's working again, I'll get back to everyone once it's working again! but if you asked for an item obviously it's held for you until i get the quote (Unless you asked after someone above, then it goes to you if they pass) also i'll be heading to bed soon so i'll reply in the morning if it's not working until then.. Sorry for this guys, Stupid Post Office XD

So Under the cut we have, Kids, Tomys, Pokedolls, Plush, Eeveelution items, A Mint Pokemon Mini at a very cheap price =B Take a look!

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Okay guys i'm always open to haggling =D and i hope you all have a great holiday season, i can't wait to do a collection update with all my new goodies im getting for xmas (Hitmonchan Bell Plush!!) XDDDD

Bon Voyage

  • donny9

MASSIVE Sales Update and GSC Zukan 1 Payment 3 Due

Hey guys, my Noppin box just arrived so first up is the GSC Zukan 1 Payment. I am doing this instead of herar because of what happened to my box. Well to cut the long story short, I didn't know that packages worth over $400 would be charged GST (Or VAT) , similarly, noppin didn't put an invoice so my package got detained at the customs center. I had to drive across half of Singapore to pay for the customs charge and lug the box back home.

So firstly, my apologies to the members but you will have to pay extra due to the customs charge so I've added that to payment 3, split evenly among all members. On the bright side, everything is minty fresh :) Well that being, here is the payment information:
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Next up, I have added A LOT of items to my sales post including 200+ Kids (At low prices), a few zukans, some banpresto and Pokecenter Plushies (Whimsicott & Entei Pokedoll). Due to the late arrival of my box, I will be delaying my auctions to after my vacation so stay tuned for it :)