December 9th, 2011

  • psy_man

Zukan Weeding Sale

well i've decided to cut out some of the zukans in my collection. i do want to thank everyone whose sold zukans to me but i might have to be getting out of this zukan collecting game.

So i'll be taking offers on some specific zukans starting at the lowest i'll accept, and will continue to take offers for a few days, no specific cut off.

so here's some of what i'm weeding out:

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please wait for threads before posting

Update: Weevile, and bibrel lines have been taken off the table. sorry folks.

K folks. We're done here.

(authentic) Pokemon merch in Hong Kong?

Well, had to add the 'authentic' part, cause you know :p But I do know that HK has real merchandise too! I have a friend who's heading there this week and on his last trip he brought back some gashapon cell phone charms based on the Zoroark movie, which got me into collecting again :p So, I was curious if there's any places that does have authentic merch (and if so, what sort of stuff do they carry?)
pokemon:gloom pokedoll
  • emurii

Want? :D

Hi guys! I have more wants!

Does anyone have the Archen card and/or Archen kid? I'd love to take them off your hands. EDIT: Archen cards purchased, just looking for the kid now!

Also, my boyfriend is really into Ferrothorn right now, so if anyone has the MPC or cards available I'd love to have them, too! All set on Ferrothorn! Thanks!

And, as always, please feel free to check my Gloom wants list if you have any Glooms lying around.

If anyone is interested in trades, I have a ton of in-case figures, TOMYs, mini models and metal figures lying around. Just let me know what you like. <3 I am, of course, happy to pay with money too. :P (Sales permission circa 2008 by denkimouse.)

!EDIT!: Also, a quick question -- what hosts do people use for their collection sites? I've been thinking of making one but have no idea who's good these days. I have a fairly good grasp of HTML (can construct from scratch regularly or with frames) and I can do basic CSS editing but have no other coding skills.

maractus 2, cute

WTB: Axew plush

Hi all, today I'm looking for a Christmas present for my brother: an Axew plush!

Preferably NOT the Beanie Baby or the Jakks ...though I'm not sure what else is out there? I'd prefer to spend no more than $20 dollars shipped (I'm in the US), unless you're open to a partial trade for a custom or something.

And like I said, it's a Christmas present, so the sooner you can ship it, the better <3

Also: still on the lookout for Nidoking mini-models. These are also a Christmas present, so any help is appreciated <3

Collection update and revamped sales~

Hey, everyone! I'm still waiting on a lot of packages, but I still wanted to update my collection and show you all how I'm doing in my collecting~ :D

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I've also moved my sales to my journal, complete with new pictures and new merchandise! :D
Please check it out!


Also, is there any interest in perler bead pokemon? I make them and my friend sells them at conventions, but I'd be willing to make them for people on the comm if anyone is interested! Here's my portfolio on photobucket!

i choose you want list

Okie ;o; so haveing a horrible day long story short i lost like 100 bucks in an hour and i didnt get anything out of it ._______.;;;;; so yeah good time to shop worries away!!! so so so im looking for Whismur and Wailord items, for wailord though on the cheap side because i know his merch get pretty expensive ;o;~ maybe some pokemon time stuff though?

Here is my wants list can look at all the goodies on there! i mostly dont have a ton of flats of whismur so if you do have a whismur just let me know ill take a look and see if i have it or not! theres probably tons of his stuff i dont have on there because i couldnt find it on google ^^

Oh! one thing im still looking for is whismur on a pokeball cell phone strap! its out there somewhere just ;o; hope i find it one day

OH! AND if you do customs comment as well id love some whismur customs <3

Thanks so much!!! <3
  • epicaz


Hey everyone!! My name is Erica and I just stumbled upon this community a couple of days ago. I'm overjoyed to know that there are so many poke-fans like myself still out there, so I decided to do a little introduction!
Let me see.. where to start...
I'm 18 years old and have been a fan of the series since 1998. Although my collecting has dwindled down since my early teens, I'm still an avid video gamer and enjoy playing the handheld games. My favorite thing to collect (on occasion) now are plushies (specifically pokedolls). :)
A pokemon fun fact: My favorite pokemon is Jolteon with my favorite type being electric. 

And now a few shots of my collection (it's not much, but I love it!)

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  • donny9

Early Reminder: Lots of Kids for sale + some gets

Hey guys, I know its quite soon (about a day) but a reminder for my sales which consists of lots of kids, plush and zukans. I'll try to reply asap. Also all items sold will be going out tomorrow including the GSC 1 Zukan GA and my display box pickups (Note: All sales from now on will only be shipped after my vacation - 1 half weeks as the PO is closed and im leaving tmr)

All other purchases have been shipped out

Also note I will be away from 12-21st December, and will not have internet access so dont mind if I don't respond to your comments

In summary this is what went into my sales post:

Click the following link or the picture to get there.

To make this post less boring, I'll end off with some gets:

My MIJUMARU Jumbo card all framed up and my new Hoenn Canvas Mug (Look for the rodents XD) thanks to denkimouse for the favour

  • aleyina

Drop everything!

First I want to say super duper thank you to pantherotter who loaned me the money to obtain my grail and is letting me do a payment plan. I am grateful *HUGS* I never would have gotten this any other way. I am a cashier at Lowe's...this cost more than what I make it a week D: (curse you yen rate >:()
I have met so many wonderful and talented people on this site <3 Before I get all teary eyed....
I have been after this item for almost 2 years. I picked a bad time to be too adult for Pokemon and I missed all the awesome toys.

Without further ado *girly squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

What could it be?!
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Is there gonna be another eevee promotion this December?
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Pokemon Time Trade

Uhmm I just wanted to ask whether or not someone would be interested in a trade regarding this years Pokemon Time promotion? More specifically, I'd like to have a MIP Gulpin Phone Charm, and I'd offer a MIP Mudkip Phone charm as trade. If anyone is interested, please let me know, thanks!:D

(small picture of my offering :3)