December 10th, 2011


Meet-up possibility in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I come bearing news of a possible meet up for local community members in SoCal. :)

caffwin and I have been discussing this and think it would be really cool if we could get a group of Pokemon collectors together in Little Tokyo to dork out, shop, eat, and just have a good time.

I recently went to Little Tokyo and can assure people that there are Pokemon goods there, especially in Anime Jungle. They have quite a few new Banpresto plush and kids. I nabbed the movie version of Braviary, of which I don't mind bringing along. :3

It would be cool if people dressed in Pokemon attire (ie. shirts, hats, etc) and/or brought Pokemon items, like plush. They make for fun photo story opportunities. ;) A symbol of your main collection(s) is always a plus. This is entirely optional, btw. You don't need to bring a thing -- except yourself, of course -- if you don't want to.

We're planning the gathering for this coming Tuesday, the 13th, sometime in the early afternoon. We're not dead-set on a time yet, as that can be discussed amongst those who plan on going.

We hope to hear from a lot of you! :D
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larvitarscar's christmas sales (part one) + eeveelution watch auction!

Hi guys!

It's been a busy busy holiday season for me, but I've just enough time to plan two sales posts for the next two weeks. Part 1 will feature MPC and other small plush, Battrios, Retsuden stamps, keychains, badges and miscellaneous items, several from the Pokemon Center! Part 2 will mainly feature Pan stickers and other flats and small items. =D However, I have a set of very specific and special rules governing this post, about compulsory registering of mail for some groups of buyers. Please read the RULES IN RED FONT at the top part of the page.

Also, I am holding an auction for this Eeveelution watch, not available in stores. The auction ends Wednesday, 14 Dec, 10PM PDT.

(Follow the army of Larvys into Larvitarscar's Bazaar!)

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone is having a brilliant holiday so far!

Christmas Sales!

Hi everyone! I've lowered prices on some items that I have (such as my Ash statue) and a couple of things. I have tcgs, worlds promos, pokedolls, patches amongst other cool stuff.
Click here for my sales thread

Also I was wondering if anyone knew what was the going price for this Pichu? I don't plan to sell it but have had no luck finding information about it. Thank you! :)
Eevee Collection
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Pokémon The Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom Gift Bag

Unfortunately I didn't get to see the Zekrom movie in theaters and am very disappointed because I want to see White before I see Black, so it looks like I'll have to wait until they're both out on DVD! >.<

Anyway, a sudden and random item I'm looking for is the Pokémon The Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom gift bag! I heard they gave these out at most theaters if you attended the movie and am even more saddened that I did not get to go, especially after I bought the tickets.

So if anyone has this gift bag, preferably unopened, definitely complete, please let me know! I may even be looking for more than one gift bag, it all depends.


Edit: After continuing to search, it turns out that Cinedigm is sending out gift bags in the mail for those who saw the movie but did not get the gift bag (due to theatre not supplying them, or they ran out) so I sent in a request for them, and hopefully it works because even though I did not physically get to see the movie, I bought the tickets, which is all they asked for in the form.

Anyway, I'll keep this here to let everyone know about this in case they attended the movie and did not get the gift bag!

In case anyone is wondering, this is what the gift bag contains: a sample of the Black and White manga, a jumbo-sized holofoil Victini promo card, a Pokédex 3D Victini AR code, a Pokémon The Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom sticker with Victini on it, a leaflet about the Pokémon Trainer Club and Pokémon TCG online, and what looks like a card on how to get the special movie Victini to your Black or White game.

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Looking for turtles!

Hey there all, I'm looking for a gift for my fiance. I'm gonna get him Skyrim but I also wanted to get him a new turtle for his collection. Wartortle specifically. He likes Squirtle too, but Wartortle is whom he really loves. So this is a shout out to anyone that has any Wartortle or Squirtle things as a backup that they'd like to sell. I'd rather on the cheap side as I'm already getting him a game. But I'm open to look at everything.

Also, no flats. He prefers plush and figures. He already has the Squirtle Walkie, Squirtle Pokedoll, the darker blue/green UFO plush, Wartortle earmuffs, tomys of both, a Squirtle keychain, and a Wartortle kid. Oh and US sellers only as I'd like to get the items in time for Christmas. :X

Thanks so much! ^____^

I also wanted to mention to those waiting on international packages from me. I'm so sorry they aren't out yet. My fiance's been working a lot more (retail) and hes usually gone before I wake up so I can't snag the car. But I promise next week I'll make sure that he lets me take it for a day so I can get the packages out. They are all ready to go, just need to be paid for at the PO. Sorry for that! :c All US packages are out because I get the mail lady to pick them up! :3
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December Kids Are In! Payments DUE! EXTRAS!

The December Kids are in and as usual, payments are due and extras are available! :D

The Google Docs spreadsheet for reservations is here: (CLICK THIS TEXT!)

Please send all payments to jandjsimonenterprises(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject: "December Kids: (LJ NAME)(KIDS BOUGHT)" If you do not have this as your subject, it makes it VERY difficult to process your payment, so please help me out with that! The following people need to pay for their kids!


Also, I have many extra kids. They are:

7 Landorus (reduced to $7)
4 Tornadus (reduced to $7)
4 Thundurus (reduced to $7)
2 Eelektrik
3 Amoonguss
2 Accelgor
0 Deino

They are $9.50 SHIPPED anywhere in the world! Please comment below if interested!

Thanks, and happy holidays!
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WANTS!: Pokemon Zukan Figures (Giratina Origin Form/Gyarados Zukan Figure)

High Wants:
1. Gyarados Zukan Figure (Willing to buy from $30+) 

2. Giratina Origin Form Zukan Figure 

If you have this and willingly to sell it to me, please contact me. 

Medium Wants:
3. Rhyperior Zukan Figure 
4. Rayquaza Zukan from RSE Special Set  
5. Piplup/Prinlup/Empoleon Zukan Figures

Note: Zukan Figures must have a stand and a base if it has already. 
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Charm Commissions!

Hello! I have some more slots open for charm commissions, now that winter break is finally underway. Prices for one pokemon are only $10 plus shipping, so check it out by clicking the image below if you're interested in a shiny and completely custom charm of your own!

Also, I'm selling off my Serperior TOMY and zukan figures, preferably as a lot. The price for both is $15 plus shipping. =)

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More sales and show me your boards!

Hello there!

I have updated my sales with more items, around 20 of them,and also reduced some prices, so go have a look! :)
Up for offers is the Banpresto Meganium plush MWT as well <3

Go here to my sales post:

To not make this post super boring, is here somebody collecting some sheets they get from people when they buy from them? Some people do a little drawing to buyers as a thank you, and I use to keep most of them. Some may not have the drawing, but some come with cute papers. Here's where I keep my most favorite I have gotten (or depending on if I have the space, because now I sure don't :P), including some fanarts I have gotten from people in the community or DA:

That's it! Show me yours, I am very curious to see if you have board like this, or any other place where you keep your sheets! <3

Is this legit?

I found this online on a website in my country and I was wondering if you can see if it's legit from this picture? It's the one that's with the auction so I assume it's the actual pokedoll.

I know it's not a clear picture, especially the tag but maybe some of you hardcore collectors can tell me by the pattern :)

I'm going to ask the seller for more pictures!

Thank you guys!
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Gauging Interest : Jakks Plush

I want to put up a sales post soon-ish, but it's not ready yet. :C However, I did find some newer Jakks plush and figured I'd ask if anyone is interested in any of them? I don't want to buy some that I don't particularly want and get stuck with them...
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Usako Sales~! :D

Collection weeding time! :D Glaceons, other Eeveevolution dudes, Vulpixes, among other treasures~~!

♥ Please take a look! ♥


♥ Will Ship world wide!
♥ Buyer pays all shipping costs~ Mostly everything will go out in a polymailer unless you ask otherwise. Just be aware it costs more to ship in boxes~~~
♥ If you would like to pay for insurance for your package, peep up~ ♥ They don't come with insurance otherwise~~ I am not responsible for the post office derping out on your package.
♥ I accept Paypal and Money Orders~!
♥ Holds will be a case to case basis. I don't like doing them for long periods of time.
♥ Payments in USD only
Trades? YES! But only for the following items →
- Pachirirsu and Emonga Retsudan Stamps or Pan Stickers~!
- Misc things (no flats) that are Pachirisu, Emonga, and Phanpy

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trades for plush

hey everyone. I have decided to stop collecting vaporeon as it is too pricey for me. So i am letting my things go (except my 2 OC plush and paperchildren) I am also letting go of the plush i have that i don't collect.

things i have for trade:
-pikachu jacket/hoodie from hottopic size medium
-vaporeon pokedoll (great condition, no hang tag but has tush tag)
-mini vaporeon plush made by sexualpancake on DA
-sandile jakks plush
-banpresto piplup
-BK oddish plush
-jolteon pokedoll (no hang tag, has a tiny hole i can sew up) ON HOLD
-flareon pokedoll (hang tag and tush tag)
-bootleg lugia ON HOLD

plush i would want:
-any blitzle (except pokedoll)
-any gothita
-ducklett pokedoll (might be getting)
-i would also accept any others you are wanting to get rid of just let me know what you have =]

i will add pictures in a little bit =]
Hoppip friends
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Large plush for sale + last call for December shipping

Hey guys, long time no post! Real life is busy but I'm looking to clear some closet space with some gorgeous giant Pokemon plush for sale and offer :D All plush are as priced, or best offer around that price.

Lifesize Japanese Pokemon Center Snivy plush is for sale! Looking for $180 shipped(insured) in the US; $15 less than the cheapest one on ebay! Mint, kept new in plastic with all tags since its purchase in May 2011. I picked out the prettiest one they had in the Pokemon Center Tokyo.

Airgurumi Drifloon

10% of all sales until Dec 15 go to charity! New items and reduced prices are on Floaroma Pokemart since I advertised here last.
I won't be shipping out packages after the sales on the 15th, so get your orders in early!

i choose you want list v2

Alright so my last wants post wont  for awhile after this :DD XD

Anyway so i fell in love with skiploom ;O; yeah i know its evil my love for bunnys makes me go after bunny type pokemon.... ;___; (ones with floppy ears ;O; )


anyway!! Looking for figures/plush of him also still looking for whismur and wailord :3

i think he is a sqwishy? not sure
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Fluttershy Prettyyyy

Collection sales and hiatus

Hey everyone. Firstly, for everyone that commissioned/set up trades with me for bead sprites, here they are <3

Terribly sorry for the delay. I hope you like them, I loved working on them! I'll be contacting each of you shortly about shipping for our trades.

And now, after many months of tossing the idea around...I'm not going to be collecting much anymore. I'll probably pop in and snag some Pikachu and Mijumaru things here and there, but otherwise I'm not going to be around very much.

I have a pretty large chunk of my side collections up for sale today. Please take a look, lots of Kids and Plush!

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Thanks all~
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Groundbreakers/metal figures auction reminder!

Hey all! Just a quick reminder that there less than 24 hours left on my Groundbreakers and Metal Figures auctions!

Venusaur TFG, Lairon TFG and Lapras TFG still have no bids and at the time of typing many of these incredibly rare figures will go for a steal! I am happy to discuss payment plans!

I recently acquired a new Groundbreaker that I can not wait to show the community. :D 15 more Groundbreaker "grails" to go...phew! 2011, what a crazy year. @_@ Now that we're approaching 2012, how did your collecting fare this year? I got most of my Groundbreakers this year, after years of pining after them - and my Pokemon Time pattern clearfiles and roller stamper collections grew too! I even discovered a couple of items I didn't know existed. ^^

Christmas sales and Mightyena TFG auction!

Hello, community~ <3

With Christmas around the corner, followed by a trip out of state to see my long-distance boyfriend for the first time, I'm in dire need of funds. So I lowered the prices on some items from my massive sales post!

I also have a rare Mightyena trading figure game figure up for a short auction. It ends at 11pm CST on December 18th! This beauty needs a good new home, click the picture to be transported!

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is having a pleasant holiday. <3

Mission briefing: Miju hunt

Good afternoon pkmncollectors. My code name today is Miju on a Mission, and as you may well know it changes daily, so you will recieve a new name for me tomorrow for my own safety.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to find any large mijumaru (oshawott) plushes over 30cm and to sell them to johtofire. This will be easiest by charging under $35 shipped for them, although this could be hard for you due to thinking that it is worth more etc. You are doing this mission because she has recently become obsessed with the little cute fuzzy wuzzy little sad otter <3
She would prefer these models, although any will do in the right size/price range:

She accepts that the giant PC miju is definitely out of the question of this price range, but it's so pretty that IT DESERVES IT'S PICTURE HERE ANYWAYS)
So pkmncollectors, that is your mission for today. Should you choose to decline, you will have to hold in your conscience that thought of a little girl alone in bed at night in the dark with no miju to cuddle. Yes, a very bad sight indeed.

That is your mission brief. johtofire Miju on a Mission, signing out.

Odd Requests

First off, I was wondering that if anyone had the Pokemon 2000 Japanese movie program, if they could share some photos of the inside. Here's a photo of the cover :

Also, earlier today I was watching some product reviews on YouTube. There was one of a girl opening a package that contained a booty Lugia Pokedoll. She was disappointed, but I thought it was interesting. The fins were purple instead of blue. I was wondering if anyone had seen or even owned one of these. I kind of want one. :O

Vulpix/Ninetales Wants

Hello! I haven't made a post in Pokemon Collectors for a while, as pretty shy ^^;

Anyways, I am on the look out for certain Vulpix/Ninetales items which are missing from my collection. If anyone has any of the items pictured below, I may be interested in buying ^_^ If the price is reasonable, of course! I have used images from various people's collections I have found over time, if these belong to you and would like them removed, I shall remove them (:

I shall be posting a piccy of my collection soon~ x3

EDIT: Eee, I won my two grails on eBay- The Vulpix Bell plush and Vulpix/Ninetales Zukan! ^__^