December 12th, 2011

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Christmas is around the corner :D

Hi, I am looking so forward to christmas, but just like everyone else, I am looking for a christmas gift for my boyfriend :)  I am trying to find a Growlithe pokecenter canvas plush. I was wondering if anyone might be selling one for a decent price, plz give me offers I would be most appreciative, thanx a bunch!


I am actually looking for almost anything growlithe that is as big or bigger than a DX Tomy Figure. (only refering to both figure and plush)
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Mystery Tropius figure

I come to you today with a figure that wound up in my hands a few months back. I got it at a local anime store for about $5. It was the only one like this there so I was kind of wondering if anyone else had any more info on this figure and what series its from, it's pretty neat.
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Sorry for the webcam quality. If you need more pictures I can take them.
Also collection update coming later this week after finals.

Quick Request

Hey guys, I'm in the middle of a DX Zekrom Pokedoll plush commission, and I'm having a really hard time finding pictures of his back!

If you have a Zekrom Pokedoll, a camera, and some spare time - I'd really appreciate a nice shot of his back details :)
Sorted, thanks!

*Bonus Question;
Have you ever discovered (visual) details you didn't know about a Pokemon when buying a new plush/figure?

I'm not huge on the 5th generation, but finding Joltik's orange stomach was really cool!

Thanks everyone. <3
Tales of the Abyss - Pokabu, Pokemon - cute little Jade
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Stuff For Sale is back!

I've finally taken the time to revise and remake my permanent sales post with up-to-date stock, new prices, new items and plenty of freebies (with purchase)! If you have a pending commission with me (which I have been working on- I've just run into some personal crud that's been keeping me from working on them as frequently as I'd like ;_;) I will combine with no additional shipping charge as long as the weight/bulk doesn't go over. :D

Items include premade custom bell plush, custom Rufflet and Braviary items, figures, kids, zukan, and more!

I've gotten lots of items recently and have plenty more on the way! But until my camera's shutter button is replaced (and I dislike having to use my phone to take pictures), take a gander at the MPC world champions of having big enough wingspans to hug things. :D

BATTY BAT BAT! <3 While Braviary is my favorite of this gen, Swoobat is such a joy that I'm so glad it's a flying type (and owned by Skyla) so I could justify buying things of it here and there- including the adorable MPC!

Is this a bootie?

I found this raichu from an American seller so I am contemplating on buying it, but it is rather pricey. I'd like to know if this plush is official or not. The missing stripes on the back is what is throwing me off and also it has a tag. Hmmm,,,

Also hope you are all doing well! I have just been lurking. XD
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Want to Buy: Jolteon Canvas (With or Without Tag) Ok I'm for Serious Now

Ok I've been putting it off and putting it off and now I really want!!! I'm looking to buy the Jolteon Canvas plush (in a non-loved condition) with or without tag. I'm looking to get him for $120 shipped as that was the price of the BIN on the last one I saw up for auction here. If you're open to a partial trade as well I have a lot of Pokemon Black and White merch I'd gladly give up for him. I also have a Jolteon and Espeon Jakks Figures I'm willing to partial trade for (e.g. $120 shipped PLUS Jolteon and/or Espeon Jakks) You know You want to help complete these guys! Look at those longing faces :C

Reminder for the Little Tokyo Meet-up tomorrow

I will be PMing people who gave an affirmative about going shortly with my contact number and other basic info.

Considering it might be raining tomorrow, remember to dress warmly and bring an umbrella or hoodie jacket. We will be meeting in the center of the Japanese plaza where the stage is (also where the old fountain used to be) around 2PM. Getting there early or after is fine, just make sure to contact me to let me know where you are. If you get lost (for those who haven't been there before), call/text me and I'll either guide you to where we are or meet you wherever you happen to be.

If you can't make it due to the weather or whatever else might occur, that's totally fine. Don't feel bad about it. :)

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! :D
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Pokemon - Jolteon!

Auction Reminder!

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that my eBay lot: 

Ends in less than a day! Items are discounted over $100 dollars :) So don't forget to bid if interested!

Also - anyone waiting for an update on the metal GA kassia9 and I ran, it is being shipped to me! totals will be up as soon as possible once I receive it!

Dragonite has arrived!!!

There's been some talk amongst members about the recent Dragonite pillow plush sightings on ebay, particularly the one in the picture below. Since there was multiples of them, there's been some concern that these could be bootlegs. For the well being of all collectors in this community (and maybe because I just love Dragonite so much XD), I decided to take a gamble and get one of these  plushies even though I have an original pillow plush (he's seen his better days) just to compare the two and see if this is the real deal. Pictures and my thoughts under the cut!!!

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Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

massive collection weeding sales!

Major collection weeding sales ahead! The combination of Christmas and so many new Mudkips has left me in need of some moneys. (: Lots of rare Pokedolls, including Butterfree, Wooper, Chatot and Vaporeon, zukans and Torchic and Treecko Poketime and Canvas stuff!

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Also mentioned underneath (I just wanted it to be on the front page as well) that I'd like to trade the hat that came on the Hoenn canvas keyring for the palette on the Johto one. Although I may consider the others too, I'm open to offers! <3

Last thing: everything in my kids sales post from last week is now HALF PRICE! Or everything for $50 shipped! Also open for offers! :D

Pokemon Bell Plush Search

Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy some Pokemon bell plushes. I recently picked up a Poliwhirl and a Pikachu bell plush. The bells sound so nice! And the plushes are so tiny!
If anyone is willing to part with theirs just let me know:)
Im looking forward to seeing what’s out there.

Oh, Im in the US and don’t mind buying internationally.