December 13th, 2011

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Eevee dice help/wants

Ok guys I am lost. I received an Eevee dice today. The image was so adorable! I open the box's hot pink 0__o WHY?! Do they make colored ones? Anyone want to paint it for me XD I hate pink >:P
I am also looking for other eevee dice if anyone has them for sale! I need B, C, D.
Anyone know how to go about finding these? If I find a box its always the same one. I am just utterly confused on pokemon dice :/
Someone explain this to me pwease :(
Pinkie Tee hee!

BW Card Collection Auction, lowered sales prices

Hey all! I've decided to part with the remainder of my Pokemon cards - all of my BW series! I'm putting them up for auction as a set! They are all in amazing condition and come in the Reshiram/Zekrom binder.

There are 440 cards including:
55+ Rares
3 Ultra Rares
13 Promos
4 Unused TCG Online code cards

Pictures and a more detailed breakdown after the cut! Please have a look! :D

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I have also lowered prices on my sales post from earlier this week! Feel free to take a look and haggle. I want this stuff goneee!

Eevee Dangle

Jolteon/Umbreon/Eevee Wants / Weeding Lot / Zukan Price Checks

Hi guys!

This post is going to be very multi-purpose XD

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Just one last note to say that I know some people are waiting on me for replies. My notifications don't always get through to my e-mail account, so I'm having to check for replies manually a lot of the time. =) So I will get back to you, please just be patient <3
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PEKA's #Pokemon Center Now!! + my birthday's get!!

maybe I didn't post from summer? do you remember me? :D
I'm collector from Japan- PokemonCenter Osaka!
Because of my poverty (need to find parttime jobs) and small room, my collection isn't so big.But will show you soon. :) This time is "PokemonCenter Now"!
There are many merchandise anytime and you'll happy when come here.
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if you traveled west Japan, please go to Pokemon Center!!

New year's fun!

(click image!)
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Itty Bitty offers with kyogre plush and a joltik too

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI
EDIT: can anyone confirm if this is legit or not? it has a hangtag and the picture is under the cut.,

it does have the slight piling on the bottom and the spots aren't straight sewn on but he is still very soft and beautiful and i want him to go to a good home!
See more pics, another possible sale and the rules
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
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Seeking random plush/tomys(bootlegs fine), and L Snivy shirt!

Bigger picture for this -
and Snivy shirt-

Yeah so hot topic ran out of my Snivy shirt D: I'm seeking a females large for it.

Also, above those are all the tomy figures, and plushes i want left, almost done collecting then posting a collection update^^
btw that's the 2009 totodile canvas plush.

For tomy figures, im really wanting the ponyta, togekiss, latias,latios,caterpie,houndoom,vulpix,togetic, umbreon, murkrow,spheal, gastly,
lumineon,vaporean, eevee, magikarp, kabuto, and any of the listed black and white figures.
I'd prefer to buy these in a group, and some bootlegs are okay depends on which species it is, and prefered the paint job is okay.

cute pokedoll style altaria
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Pick ups finally open!! ^_^

Hello community finally I will be doing another pick ups since my finals are all over XD So are you missing the old canvas plushies that now new canvas plushies has been released?  Well then you come to the right place get one for a decent price than any other place you could find ! These canvases prices are skyrocketing everywhere ebay and YJ so don't miss your chance :) Not to mention pokdolls like lapras and snorlax and there is also new items added to pick up mostly BW japanese pokedoll so check them out :D !

To reserve a spot you must pay first however If you could let me know when you could pay and work it out I will reserve a spot for you. :)

- Canvas plush in stock : Raichu, Drifloon, Vulpix, pichu. will be $33 SHIPPED 
                                             Growlithe, dragonite, lapras, shaymin (land), Riolu, Jirachi, Ampharos will be $26 SHIPPED

- Japanese re-release Pokedoll : Lapras, snorlax, Tokegkiss,Cresselia,Delibird, Pichu norched ear $36 SHIPPED

Japanese release pokedoll BW : snivy oshawott pokabu victini muna chillarmy axew scraggy litwick emonga 3 monkey tiro pokedoll- $26 SHIPPED
Japanese release big pokedoll BW : Zekrom , Reshiram pokedoll - $52 SHIPPED
Christamas trian plush : Pikachu , Oshawott , Chubchoo Audino - $36 SHIPPED

-All payments go to: don't forget to include your username and what you bought in the memo please <3
-Sales permission 07/20/11 by dakajojo
-Ship from Korea to Worldwide
-Feedbacks as a seller and a trader here
aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

leftover cards + Advanced Generation bobblehead sales

Hey everyone, just a quick sales post! (sorry I've been posting so much lately, I swear I'm just getting it out of my system haha)

This is for the remainder of the Funskool cards, now 1/2 their starting price, and 3 rare Advanced Generation Bobbleheads. Feel free to haggle, I want them gone. Shipping will be $1 for the cards within the US, $2.40 international, $2.40 for anything non-flat.

I was granted sales permission on 11/18/2011 by dakajojo. :3

Anything bought here can be combined with my permanent sales post (where you will also find my rules in-detail):
Prices have been reduced for almost every item in my permanent sales.

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collection update and sales update!!

First off, I finally created a permanent sales page on my LJ and even a banner!! Click the banner and come check it out and all the new stuffs I added!! :D

Alright, some new stuffs in the past couple months, let's check them out shall we??
First, let's say hello to Derpvine! You will see him later in the post, but I had to show off his lop-sided derp eyes! I love him though <3

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Phone charms!

Hey guys~! So I finally got them created~ :D

I have pre-made charms for sale, and custom slots open~! Only 20 slot for custom will be open this time around, and only 55 pre-mades available! So don't miss them while they are around this round! 

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I am also opening up 20 commission slots!! 
The pricing is 10 USD for almost all, but price may vary if it's an exceedingly difficult charm.


So come and grab your own slot of charm~!! See ya~!
pika cap2

Last Holiday sale:Holo Lot

Greetings everyone well Christmas is getting closer and so I decided to have one last sale 
for the year so I'm selling a big holo lot so check em out

Paypal only
I can ship outside US 
Will ship ASAP 
Sales permission granted by gin in 2009

for this lot I'm asking for $13.50 shipped 
Moltres & palkia are rev holos everyone are holos

Shipping update
Everyone who brought or traded from me your item was shipped early Monday morning
Keep me posted when you get your item(s)

Thanks for viewing

collection update + wants

First of I wanna say thanks to the community! I managed to find the Aerodactyl model kit I had been after. He's on his way in the mail now. xD

Second, collection update. My package from Sunyshore Pokemart arrived today. Man was that fast, it arrived in four days. That's the fastest I've gotten anything from Japan! Thanks so much Gin!

Look forward to ordering the new Kyurem plush!

And what did I get? A bunch of Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem items, plus the BW kids Dot Promotion figures. I'm pretty happy with what I got. Hope there is more to the Dot Promotion figure-wise.

On the wants. Basically all Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem.
-The Plamo Figures, I believe Zekrom and Reshiram have two variations of this and Kyurem's is about to come out.
-The Zukan Figures, preferably with the entire sets they come with.
-Attack Scene Diorama (Zekrom and/or Reshiram)
-Remote Control Zekrom & Reshiram
-My Pokemon Collection Reshiram Plush
-Zekrom & Reshiram Small Banpresto Plushies
-Ichiban Kuji Reshiram Prize Plush
-Korottomanmaru Zekrom & Reshiram Plush

Also human character figures that aren't of any of lines of the Ash figures presented here belong to.

I know I'm forgetting alot of stuff. But I'll leave it at that for now. XD If anyone's selling any of that stuff or can point me towards and alternative to Ebay it's highly appreciated.

I'd love to share pictures of my collection..but I'm currently stuck with a very crappy camera at the moment.  So for now, low quality picts of my Zekrom and Reshiram collections.

I should stop buying so many toys and buy a camera.

Thanks for your time!

card wants! and pokédoll rarity/price check?

Hello all! I'm looking to complete some Japanese sets. If you guys have any of these cards, please post with how much you're looking for.
I also have a lot of Japanese and English TCG and other items for trade if we can work a partial trade. =3 sales post here
I am looking for Japanese, 1st ED only (for L1, BW1, BW2, BW3 cards) and mint!

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Also, the Japanese DARK RUSH expansion is coming out this weekend! EEEE!
I am going to be looking for multiple copies of this Darkrai card:

If you get any extra that you would like to trade or sell, please let me knowwww!!!!


Also, I'm actively on the lookout for a Regigigas Pokédoll with tags to place with my Darkrai, Shaymin and Cresselia Pokédolls (I feel like they should be grouped together XD.)
How rare is it to get one/how much would the price for one be? o-o
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Hello! Liepard mpc! (looking)

So!! Todays the big day! The release of the first Liepard MPC plushie! This is only available as a UFO and only in certain places! I was wondering if anyone has won her yet and is wanting to sell her!

If you are let me know how much you want to let go of her for plus shipping and I will post back when I get off work. Thank you! :)
Pokemon - Mama and Child

Sales mini update/reminder

I lowered prices in both sales!

My regular sales has a custom Lumineon plush, Throh MPC, Lucario Banpresto, Victini poster, Victini deck box, and more!
(I know someone out there has to like Victini and that poster!)

My card sales are also awesome, with a full-art Victini, Mew Prime, and much more!

Question regarding NYC pokecen pokedolls? :3

Thank you guys! ^w^

Hi~ ;w; Sorry for not making an intro even though I've bought so many things from here. xD
Christmas is coming up really fast, and I'm heading to the city this weekend to buy some things for friends and such, as well as a set of Minun and Plusle pokedolls. Does anyone know how much they cost (separate and/or together preferably?) Though, I'm assuming that they're still there.. ;o; Can anyone tell me if they're still there also? Thank you~! ^-^
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PKMN // Togepi Line~

Johto and Sinnoh Canvas Plush Comparisons

Hey everyone!
With the recent releases of the Canvas Plush starters, I've seen a few people wondering about the Johto and Sinnoh re-releases and how they differ from their older releases. Canvas plush is one of my main and also one of my most favourite collections. I wasn't sure at first whether to get the re-releases, but I caved and decided to order those too. My Sunyshore package containing them just arrived today, so I thought I'd make a post comparing the old and new of the Johto and Sinnoh plush, for anyone still not quite sure if they want the re-releases or not :)

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But now I need monies for a caaar so I've added some stuff to my sales, plushes, figures, some cards, an alarm cloock and other random stuff. XD <3 Some of the things I'm a little reluctant to sell because I like them but I guess I'd prefer a car. XD;
BUUT if you think a price on something is too high then feel free to haggle O: I need monies. xD <3

Sales are heeere:

:D D

ALSO ~ what are cool pokemon-related stuff that could go in a car when I get one? XD

And I'd also like to see if anyone would be interested in these if I decided to sell them, and also what kinda price would they be worth?

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Alola Vulpix
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Permanent Sales Post

 Sales Policies:
★ I ship from the US and will ship internationally (please allow longer time for international shipping)
★ Paypal only for payment
★ Shipping insurance is available and recommended, I'm not responsible for lost mail
★ I ship once a week, depending on my schedule - if your order is time sensitive, please let me know beforehand (I can't guarantee arrival by Christmas, sorry!)
★ Trades Policy: I collect a lot of Pokemon, if you'd like to trade please direct me to your sales post so I can look around.  Sorry, I'm not collecting customs right now.
★ Sales permission granted ages ago by [info]denkimouse

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Canvas Quality

Hi guys. Sorry for posting again so soon, especially since I've been posting boring things lately. I have a question, though. For those of you who have the new canvas plush, can you tell me what the quality is like? I'm asking because I was browsing Ebay and found a Snivy canvas.

I didn't think anything of it until I saw the photo of the backside. The eyes are so very wonky and the stitching along the back is really bad. The location is Japan and it would be really soon for booties to already be out, but still. Is canvas quality that bad or is this just an oddity?