December 18th, 2011

cute pokedoll style altaria
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Quick pick ups #3 reminder ! and boring ol' wants

Okay as the tiltle says quick reminder on pick ups ! I would be going to the store less than 12 hours. Oh and there is only one lapras pokedoll remaining so after the one it would be completly out of stock. And I called the store and a lot of plushies including canvases like vulpix and raichu is going out fast.. however I do plan to do another pick but maybe after 1/9 when my winter classes end.. but I do wish to do one before then... but chances will be low.. ;_; anyways click on the pictures or this to go !  

I'm still looking for paki paki entei plush mwt and a dragonite pokedoll mwt if anybody has one I will give you a good deal on pick ups or buy from ya ~ <3

Thanks guys !

Come At Me Bro [Sneasel + Weavile Wants]

I have been looking to expand my sneasel/weavile collection, but such merch has been pretty scarce on the comm lately.  I have some cash to throw around so I thought I'd make a wants post on the comm before I go to buy off of other sites :9 

^ I drew him in a scarf for you to enjoy.

Now Gimme Gimme Cookies Sneasel/Weavile Stuff!!!

WARNING: Image Heavy
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pokemon: mamo!


(NOTE: I [mamoswine] am running this post just to help get a load off Gin/denkimouse's back, with all the shopping lists she has to compile, plus actually getting the charms, and all the packaging and shipping she has to do. She wrote this post, and all the guidelines, so please read it as such!)


These are the rules for claiming charms. Read them ALL. You will need to read all of them and include certain pieces of information in your comment as proof you read and agree to all of these rules. One of the pieces of information is a password. Please include it in your comment (anywhere in your comment and in any sort of sentence or context, or just stand alone).

If you don't include the password or the other required things, your comment will be screened or deleted and your order won't be added! You'll need to repost with the proper information! Please understand! These charms are a wild ride and very popular, so without everyone working together and following rules it would be such a mess.

Continue on to the rules, including information on slots, waves, and prices below!

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Q: Not only am I not on the lists, I can't even find my comment!
A: Your comment was screened or deleted because you didn't include the password or follow the rules. There will be no reminders to read the rules more carefully. Repost it after reading the rules.

Q: Also, *friend* wants *Pokemon*!
A: Sorry, but friend needs to post a comment for themselves. You may take other friends' claims under your own name, but remember it's going to be one transaction and you are limited to 1 claim per set of Pokemon!

Q: Can I combine my charms with ...?
A. If it's in my shop ( then yes you can. Place the order before December 26th, mention you want me to hold it to combine with charms in the note, then include the order number when you pay for your charms, and take 3$ off your total.

Q: Can/will you split up evolutionary sets?
A: No.

Q: Can/will you hold my charms until all the waves are out?
A. No.

Q: How are the Pokemon split up into sets?
A: By their evolutionary group and possibly also with their alternate formes. We are not sure about the latter. That means a set of 4 would be, for example, the Tyrouge line. A single set would be, for example, Zapdos, or Stunfisk, Pokemon that do not evolve. Basically, if they evolve to or from another Pokemon, they will be grouped together.

Q: What do these charms look like? How big are they?
A: You can see some preview shots in this post and the charms are roughly 1.5-2 CM tall not including their metal clasp.

Q: Do you know which Pokemon have different poses from last time? What's up with formes? (I.E. Shaymin and 'Skymin', Giratina Another and Origin formes.)
A. No. But probably most of them. As for formes, we aren't certain of that yet either. Please assume they are basic for now.

Q: If *Pokemon* is the same pose I don't need it. Can/will you only get it for me if it's different?
A: No. Either reserve it or don't. If the pose is the same, you can resell it later.

Q: So if I order 8 sets of charms, it's 25$ for "8 charm set", correct? A: No. An 8 charm set is a set with 8 charms in it (this big a set only includes the Eeveelutions). The prices are per set, each set's size being determined by how many Pokemon are in that evolutionary group.

Q: Can I hoard a bunch of the slots JUST to resell these charms at inflated prices later?
A: Please don't do this. I am doing this so people can get the charms right when they come out and for a cheaper price than most places will offer. Don't take slots from someone who might not be able to afford an inflated price later on. It's just not nice.

Q: I don't like your rules, the commission you charge, etc.
A: Charms will be available from other sources! Thank you though!

If you read down to here, then you can begin preparing your order and post it as a comment below. Remember to include the total cost, and the password, to show you read, understand and agree to all my conditions.


THE POST HAS BECOME TOO BIG FOR LJ TO HANDLE!!! Please GO HERE to check the list! Sorry for the inconvenience!

GEN. 2 AND GEN. 3 CLAIMS ARE CLOSED! WAVE ONE IS OVER AND CHARMS FROM THE WAVE (Kanto) ARE UNAVAILABLE! Gin will post if she will be doing another small run of sorts! Please do not ask for Gen. 1 Pokemon; there is no claims and no waitlist for them anymore.

I have compiled a list of what's gone/unavailable.
If you request charms that are gone, I will add you to a missed/waiting list; Gin is not guaranteeing another run any waves, but if she does, it's first come first served from the waiting list.

Please make a new comment if you wish to claim more charms! This makes it easier to reply to you to confirm you've been added!!

Shinx line, Pachirisu, Buizel line, Drifloon line, Gible line, Riolu line, Giratina, Shaymin.

Victini, Snivy line, Tepig line, Oshawott line, Purrloin line, Blitzle line, Audino, Venipede line, Cottonee line, Scraggy line, Archen line, Zorua line, Minccino line, Emolga, Joltik line, Litwick line, Axew line, Mienfoo line, Rufflet line, Deino line, Cobalion, Virizion, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem.

ampharos: sing

Selling lots of can badges and glow-in-the-dark magnets

Hi guys! Most of the time I cannot be bothered selling things anymore but I've been sitting on a pile of can badges (not literally, they would be dented if I did) since June and hadn't actually opened the box because I was away in June and then I was lazy. Now I have sales for you! I also bought a whole set of Ensky glow-in-the-dark magnets and there were no Cottonees and I was sad, so they are here too. Everything is up for offers under the cut! (AND HEY THESE ARE FLATS THAT MEANS REASONABLE SHIPPING YAY?!)

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Little Self-Introduction Thing

Hey there! I'm Kielara, you can call me Kiel if you want.

I'm a digital artist who simply loves Pokemon and is looking to expand her collection.

I've been playing Pokemon since gen 1 and never stopped! x) I've been collecting the tcg since preschool, and playing the games for just as long. I have a huge love for this franchise! 

Plushies are my favorite thing to collect! Pokedolls more specifically. Porygon-Z and Lapras are my favorite Pokemon.

I can't wait to meet you guys! 

new merch pics!

Don't think anyone else has posted this, but guess I'll post because I'm excited^^ (This is all from AAPF, of course!)

First up: NEW ZUKANS!! It feels like forever since the last batch came out (and they still have ALOT of evo lines to go through!) I'm super excited for the Purrloin line, and even the Tepig line where Emboar is either saying "come at my brah!!" or "are you not entertained?!" (You decide which suits him best :P) These will be out this month!

Next up, is the new Tomy plush coming in Jan. I am really excited for Archen!! So cute!!

New Keshipokes (seems like a while since I've seen any of these too!) These will be out at the end of the month, and are based on the movie.

Also, two new Tomy MC figures coming out in Jan. Small update for Tomys!

Pretty big update, actually :p What are you looking forward to?

Self introducing

Hello all!
I'm Melissar1 you can call me Mel or Melly 

I am new to this community.
I've been a big fan of Pokemon ever since i was a little kid.
I mainly collect piplup and pikachu items. 

I look forward to meeting you guys and expanding my collection! :3
rainbow tyranitar

Plush Identification - Possible Grail

So I was browsing y!j when I came across an auction for a skymin plush.

The seller gives no real description.

They just say its a shaymin plush that is 38cm tall.

It only had a few hours left so I took the plunge and won it...for 510 yen O.o

Is this actually the DX Pokedoll or just another large plush?
(I'm trying not to get my hopes up)

As always, any help is much appreciated.

UPDATE: It's a real DX Pokedoll! Thanks everyone XD

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pon de lion

Pokecen "Dragon Selection" goods campaign

Didn't see this posted on here yet, so I figured I'd put it up here!

The PC website announced a new set of goods being released on January 27th!

From the website: This is a series of collaboration goods from the "Dragon Selection" TCG line being released on the same day! Starting with Rayquaza as a packaging design, the Pokemon appearing in the cards here will be sold in a variety items like stationery with cool illustrations.

The goods list:
Pencil case, pencil sets, erasers, writing mat, ruler, clearfiles (5 kinds), handkerchief, T-shirt (kids), digital watch, shoulder bag, messenger bag, wallet, commuter pass case, TCG covers, TCG deck case.

Mostly school supplies by the looks of it! If there are 5 kinds of CF it seems safe to assume that there will be 5 main dragon pokemon being used for the goods, but there's just the one picture out for now. :O
Florges [pokémon]
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Teeny-weeny sales post!

Hey pkmncollectors!

Hope you're all looking forward to the winter break, and Christmas if you celebrate it. I'm busily preparing for my Christmas contest entry - thank goodness for working in education, where you get nice long holidays!

I, like many posters, bring some sales. Under the cut is a Tirtuga MPC plush and a copy of Pokemon Sapphire - perfect winter gifts, maybe?
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Thanks for having a look, and have a happy Sunday everyone!
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Pokemon update

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So at my mall they had a mini demo games from nintendo. it was to show people the knew games and try them out, as well as buying them for the holidays~

i got to play pokemon rumble for the 3DS which was so awesome. i need that game as well as a 3DS for x-mas!

they had this computer program where you can make your own wish list of the nintendo games you want by sending it through e-mails to other people as well as yourself. after that they gave me free goodies based on telling them what I like.

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(no subject)

Howdy there PKMNCollectors! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays :]

I have a quick question for you guys!
Can any of you tell me anything about this clear Hasbro Latios?
I have one, but have no idea of its origin or what it's all about!

(Found the image on Google, sorry if I stole it from you, let me know if it's yours and you'd like it removed!)
The one on the right is the Latios!
I'm just curious!

Thanks a ton you guys <3
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Wants list - Need help!

My two year anniversary is coming up and I'm going to do a collection update then. I'll show you guys my entire collection =)
But now I'm going to post my wants. The first thing on my wants list right now is this baby:

The I love Pikachu pouch version A
But I've heard it was replaces by these:

Is this true? Is there any change that I can obtain the much cuter Pikachu in the first picture? Or are is all hope lost?
If this is true, I think it is going to be my very first grail... I want it so bad ;_;
Any information is appreciated!

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I know most of these items are really rare, and I have money to spend. But some of these are higher wants then others. So it is possible I reject a offer.
Also, I don't use Yahoo!Japan, I only use the community and Ebay to buy my items =)
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Ridiculous Zukan GA!

We won!

UPDATE: Plusle and Minum are avaliable for claims at $12 (12.67 after fees). If you would like them please let me know!

Hello everyone! Today blackfruitbat and I bring you an awesome Zukan GA! It includes some grail-worthy sets such as Metagross, Loudred, Gardevoir, Tropius, Walrein, Clefairy, Cardlily, and, drumroll... Swimming Milotic!

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i'm not dead!

I haven't posted for a while so I thought I'd have a very small collection update. I still have been lurking around and buying marills and my new love, deerlings! I've just been so busy with starting a new job, and it was my son's birthday this weekend so I was busy celebrating with family! But I wanted to come on before christmas and wish the best of the holidays to everyone ^-^

and as I said, I wanted to share a very small "collection" update with you guys. Here's a few things I got my son for his birthday:

so I got this plate for him, and totally forgot to put his birthday cake on it! but it's still super cute!

and got the most adorable pokemon sweater for him off ebay with bluehyaku's help! it was a steal at $5!

here he is enjoying his sweater! I also just got a Pokemon crib sheet made for his bed. mu ha ha ha... I love being a poke-mom 8D

anyway, that is all for now! I plan on doing some sales eventually but man it's hectic this time of year huh! :D
aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

it. is. TIME.

Hello everyone. I've been nagged about a collection update for a while now, :P
and it's finally ready to be presented, in all its epic, image-heavy glory.

I joined this community in September with little more than a handful of Mewtwo stuff, a $2000 refund from my college, and some high hopes:

Now, 3 months into joining the community and a mere 6 months into collecting, this is my Mewtwo family...

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Christmas Sale!

Hello, community! <3
After adding a bunch of new items to my sales, I decided to throw a quick holiday sale until next Sunday! As a plus, all items bought tonight or tomorrow morning will be shipped tomorrow or Wednesday. Here are the specials:

Free shipping ANYWHERE on any purchase of $15 or more!
There are a lot of items free with purchase as well! Click the picture to be transported.

Tiny late-night reminder

Procrastinating is the best.:)

This is a reminder for my auctions, which include a talking Shaymin plush, huge Regigigas plush, cute Pokepark tins, and a few other plush. Some are at fairly low bids while a couple have no bids at all (nobody here loves Manaphy?:( ). Bidding ends tomorrow night at 9:00 PM EST.
I've also added a few items to the normal sales part, the biggest of which being some playsets and big pog-like flats from way back when.
Click on the picture to be directed to the sales. I'll reply to any posts tomorrow.

  • herar

kids sales! + wants

Hello all~! So last week i got a giant box of kid figures, and lots of extras. I was going to hold off on sales until the new year, but i thought heck, why not do it now. xD
I'm also too lazy to update my permanent sales, so here's a just kids sales post!

under the cut you'll find lots of GEN 3 kids, most of which are $1 or $2!

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I'd like to end this post with a few wants!
Looking for some things~
- Groudon pokeball pillow *HIGHEST WANT*
- Groudon thinkchip figure.
- Groudon pokedoll charm (i'm sure one of these exists?)
- Shiny Groudon kid
- Really, ANYTHING Groudon related.
- Bulbasaur pokedoll!! *HIGHEST WANT*
- Swadloon ensky magnet (or the entire Sewaddle line set if i must)
- Swadloon pan sticker

Price Check!!!

I really didn't think I would be posting again until after Christmas, but I need the community's help on a particular item. I have the opportunity for a personal grail get but I think I may be over-paying. Can anyone with some extensive Pikachu plush knowledge help me with a price check on this 40cm Takara Tomy Pikachu??? Just an average price range will suffice, I don't necessarily need an exact number. I'm just not sure exactly how rare this plush is, but it is the only Pikachu I'm willing to spend my money on considering he isn't part of my main collection.  

Thank you so much for any help you can give!!!

[Pokemon] omgquag
  • zenity

Pokemon of the Week!

OOPS, looks like I forgot pokemon of the week last week! Guess we'll have a double feature this week. :) Fun fun fun!!

This week's pokemon are!


#393 and #491, Piplup and Darkrai!! :) Piplup's full line is included of course. Let's take lots of pictures guys, there's lots of merch of both these lines!! Show us collections, single items, or share stories!
  • shiny_s

Price checks: squirtles, growlithe, gengar, summer deerling, psyduck, marble stuff, and more...

So many things I have obtained recently, but I don't know their worth. Please help me, comm. <3

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Thank you in advance to anybody who helps me with pricing! I greatly appreciate any help you have to offer me! =) <3