December 19th, 2011

It's finally time guys!! Giant Plush GA Invoice 1

Hello everyone!! It's time to finally get invoice 1 paid for the Giant plush GA!! :D

For those of you who don't remember what this GA was, here's the picture!

So we won this thing for an AMAZING price!! Expect to be seeing some EXTREME DISCOUNTS!! :D

We raised almost 300 USD for this thing and won it for 50 after deputy fees and such!! (^o^)ノ

The totals are all for US Residents. If you are international add 1 cent to your total.

Payments will be going to Once you have paid, please put in your country and zip code in the shipping column, and that you have paid on the spreadsheet. Then post a comment here saying you've paid, and then we're all good! 

The spreadsheet can be found here

Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for making this GA happen!!

u mad? maggyo

tohoku REPORT!!! and...junichi masuda?!?!

flatz and me went to tohoku yesterday!!! and what a time we had, we laughed, we cried, we froze our tailfins off!

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if anyone wondered why i so suddenly went to tohoku after saying a few times i probably could not, well. let's just say i got to have a little meeting with one of game freak's founders, the composer of pokemon's music and co-director/director of every single main pokemon game since crystal.

i got to meet, shake hands with, talk to at length!, trade with! and take photos with junichi masuda while in tohoku :D

he clearly remembered my raichu collection on sunyshore from the time he posted it to his twitter, and also my cute lifesize flatz cushion! he signed my raichu canvas plush for me, in return for his kindness of loving my raichus publicly and the signature, i gave him a hasbro raichu i have had for a very long time. like a true pokemon collector, i babbled about how it was never sold in japan, and is a very old toy now, bla bla bla. i am sure he cared so much XD

he later promised me on twitter he would take very good care of my baby raichu. imagine my little hasbro raichu beanie, with such an amazing new papa!! will my raichu get any sneak peeks of new pokemon, new games, new characters? if only i had installed a hidden camera! XD i'm kidding. the fun of such things is waiting to find out what they will be :)

what do you think, does the boss of pokemon having a raichu from the boss of pkmncollectors, make him one of us? i say, yeah! :D

he is not the only amazing pokemon staff (not that he is staff, he's actually THE BOSS... but i digress) that i was able to meet this past week. although not as widely known, TCG collectors should instantly know who midori harada is!

she has illustrated 263!!! pokemon cards, and also has drawn those BEAUTIFUL hand painted maps of all the pokemon regions, the battle frontier, ecruteak city, and more... once you recognize her style you can remember what paintings she has done for the games... :D

we had dinner together, just us and a couple other people, and i was reluctant to make her discuss pokemon the entire time, but she chose to do so herself! :D i brought all the cards i had by her and let her pick her favourites to sign. she also drew a portrait of me!!

thanks to her signatures and dark rush! coming out, i have updated my B/W electrics TCG gallery!

check out my photo with miss harada and the new cards under the cut :D
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finally, only 3 payments are still missing from the tohoku plushies! please check your total!


thanks so much guys!
Brandon/Cyrus - EPIC LOOP

Plush Collection Update~

Okay, so this is my first collection shots on here for the moment. I'm still working on cleaning up some and finding the rest of my older merch in my room. I know it looks small for now, but this is just a fraction of my Pokemon stuff that I've kept for 15 years! More recently, I've gotten more into getting the plush... and I hope to increase this part of my collection real soon!

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But right now, I like my latest gets!
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I hope you enjoy looking!

- Juuchan/Dana

This Post Will Say It All:

This is my intro post as I am a newbie.

While I was watching this particular group I noticed that everyone has one favorite Pokemon that they cling too {yes I have been watching for a while-- that sounds creepy}, but I don't. I love them all.
I know some of you are hardcore fans and have collections, but I don't-- I mean I did have a nice one but some of my stuff was stolen from the move so I have literary nothing.
My reason for joining this group is to find one of two things. My Pokemon collection {Not the one that was stolen from me but the one I want to rebuild} and to find if maybe I can become a dedicated collector as some of you!


My grail item

Hi this is a grail item for me i will pay pretty high and do anything for one it is the the golden victini plamo and i heard only 200 were made

Also i wont be buying till after christmas

just heard the draw wont be till march2012
battle subway
  • kiiyame

Take it away!

Hey everyone, been a while since I last posted. Trying to clean out my room so I can get it organized and perhaps finally make a proper collection post!

SOLD! Shoved some things I don't want anymore in a box and am selling it super cheap.
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Looking to Trade for Scrafty Dot Sprite Can Badge

The five Dot Sprite Can Badges I ordered came in and I didn't get the one I was after! I'm hoping someone may want to do a trade?

These are the five I have to trade and I'm looking for Scrafty? Any takers?

Also, if you REALLY need one of these and I can't find someone to trade, we can work something out. I'm looking to trade for a Scrafty one first.
  • aleyina

Small plush sales and Battrio wants

Hello community! I come wanting Battrios...eevee and umbreon battrios! :D GIMME!

I have some small plush sales too:

Shinx laying beanie NWT-$20 (legit)
Shinx jakks (may be bootleg)-$7

Jakks Pachirisu NWT-$10 (legit)
Happy jakks Pachirisu (may be bootleg)-$7

We won the "there will be plush" GA!!! If internal shipping isn't horrid then we will get amazing discounts!!
Raised $693 and won for under 9000 yen!! Congrats everyone! :) Payment post will be up as soon as we get an invoice. PLEASE pay quickly. My co-host needs her deposit back ASAP for xmas gifts. So lets be nice and not keep her waiting! <3

Hello Pokemon Lovers I'm...

New to community!
Hi everyone! My name is legendaryluna :D! I am a huge fan of pokemon lol thats why I'm here XD! So I was wondering if you guys could help me find a few things I am really wanting :3 Since were all friends and I'm a new member, can you guys tell me if you have any of the following for sale:

1. Dragonite Pokedoll
2. Glacion pokedoll
3. Any eeveelutions canvas plush
4. Latias and Latios tomy plush ( I think)

Also I can only do money orders so sorry about that but if you guys please help me out I will buy multiples from you and recommend you to my other friends o:3!!! Thank you everyone happy collection <3

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Holiday Auctions!

Hey guys! Just a few days to go before Christmas! Things are really getting busy but what's Christmas without some shopping? Got some good stuff like model kits, zukan, figures, and uncommon plushes for auction/offer. Please do check them out!
(I am quite unfamilar with some of these plushes so any info like the proper name for these plushes would be most appreciated. Thanks!)
Sales permission granted by denkimouse on June 13, 2010.

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Well that's all from me for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

Upcoming Birthday wants!

Hello all! I just wanted to say that my birthday is coming up and it's January 4th and I am turning 14! So because my birthday is coming up I just wanted to post my wants list (don't worry I'm not going offtopic xD) well here are my wants list
#1 want: Gastly applause plush (VERY HIGH WANT-this will make my birthday the best one yet ;o; )

#2 want: Ekans applause plush (this will make me very happy!)

#3 maybe some cheap kid figures or anything that is at a low price that's pokemon related :3
( PLEASE forgive me if the pictures don't work or if they are too big. I edited them but they may not work :/ )
Thank you all for everything that you've done for me & being nice to me!
- :) happy holidays my fellow pkmn collectors!

Here I go

Hi I'm new to the community and livejournal but I've been wanting to find other people who share my love for Pokemon and i hope to continue my Pokemon collection it's kinda of small but I'm proud of it <(^0^<) and hope to expand it and make some new friends.