December 21st, 2011

hewwo bachuru

life is so unnerving! for a servant! who's not serving!

in the blink of an eye! i've already managed to obtain my main collection items -- kid, zukan, tomy MC and plush -- for the newest electric legendary, thundurus! thanks to him being added, i also totally redid my entire legendary shelf. :D yay!

come see him, along baby sucky?!?!?!?

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thus everyone living here in gin's apartment was at peace and silent as a mouse, awaiting the onslaught of jingling of a thousand tiny metal charms clinking together! but we are ready! especially thanks to junichi masuda i feel i can do anything, including getting all the charms, and we shall do it, and it will be good for all!

i do plan to even get extras of the most-requested .... so don't feel too disappointed yet! there is some hope for all the charms! i'll try my best!

and before we bring them home... i have a few "leftovers" sales!

this is tympole MPC and a large-size (9 inches tall!) panpour plush. tympole is a namco exclusive MPC, as well! i hope for 22$ shipped for him, and 30$ shipped for panpour. please comment if you have any interest before i pop them on sunyshore!

i also have these doujinshi N postcards i bought at an event long ago. any N fans interested? i'd want about 5$ per -- and i have two of each :)


Mini-Collection update, questions, and a painting! Possible commish~

Hey, everyone! I got some new editions to my crew recently and I wanted to do a couple updates! I will have another big one when the rest of the stuff I have ordered comes in which will hopefully be soon! :D

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And then, unfortuately, when I went to book buy back, the school only needed one of my books because the other three weren't being used next semester so, I'm linking my sales to help try and get money, haha!
Please take a look! :D



I am aware that LJ has just decided to remove subject lines from all comments. If you are running a GA or any sort of auction that depends on these -- that would be all of them -- EDIT: it seems the subjects that already existed have been made into a bold text at the top of the comments. So currently running GA's, auctions, and existing feedback is saved.

EDIT AGAIN: I had fixed it so we had subject lines back, but it looked kind of bad, and LJ is going to do away with the option that you can use custom styles to keep comment subjects anyway. I suppose we should just get used to this, for now. Sorry guys.

The rest of this post was trying to find help making a new feedback system. Help has been found and we are working on it. Thanks to all for your opinions and advice!

Quick Pokedoll and Plush Sales!

  • Got sales permission from dakajojo on 10/15/11 from pkmncollectors.
  • Prices are in US dollars so please make payment in USD.
  • Please ask if you want delivery confirmation, tracking number or a specific method of shipping.
  • Please let me know if you have a deadline for receiving an item. Note that due to holiday mail issues, this may require a more expensive shipping method.
  • I can put an item on hold for 24 hours. After that, it goes back up for sale to everyone.
  • Shipping can be combined with items from my regular sales or card sales
  • I'm willing to haggle but I can't go too low on these!
  • Please let me know if you are going to pass on an item!

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finally made a "wants list"... didnt do that last time, its not super complete, im sure i'll add more sometime, but here it is folks.. let me know if you have anything u might wanna sell!!

by the by, so glad to be back, allready have had such a warm response, hopefully i can help you with your collections when i get selling permission  :)
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WANTS POST. WANTS, EVERYWHERE. And by that I mean only a few things.

Does anybody have any of the following for sale? I need them in my life. ;u;

- Poliwhirl Padlock with key (click for pic)
- Tropius Attack Kid(click for pic, the one on the left)

If any of the pics are yours, tell me if you don't want me using them and I'll take'em down immediately =)

(btw, about to leave for work in 15 mins, but I will see any replies when I get home!<3)
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Worlds 2011 Offers and Sales!!

Hey folks! I haven't talked in a while but here I am alive and well! :D Today(nite) I am bringing you some extra stuff I've gotten for going to regionals and city championships! Auctions include a lot of the items are from worlds this year! :D

I was given Sales Permission by dakajojo on 4/24/2011


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Thanks Everyone!

Quick wants post

I'm on the hunt to re-claim my old venusaur grail:

He doesnt have to have his tags, just so long as hes not stained, ripped, SUPER fabric loved etc. I had to sell mine a few weeks ago to make my boyfriend's christmas special after his dramatic surgery, and im hoping i can find grail again. I know there is one on ebay at the moment, im waiting to see if the seller will tell me how low they will let it go for, but i know the community is a better place to look. I no longer have access to SMJ so i cant use that service. Anyone have one for sale? I'm comfortable with $60 Shipped, but im open to offers from the sellers.
thanks all and have a merry christmas!
Pillow, Eevee


Hey Guys, so there are still a few items still in my store, such as:

Phone Straps


So click on the banner and come have a looksee :) xXX

To all previous orders and upcoming ones, all purchases will be shipped after the holiday period, this is to avoid losing or misplacing shipments.
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yes, a group auction because I was an idiot and FOR SOME REASON thought this lot was a BIN but it in fact, is not. I alerted a mod to my mistake as soon as I caught it and we came to the conclusion a GA would be the best compromise.

- I ship from the USA
- Please bid in appropriate threads, bid to the highest bidder with at least $1 increments, etc.
- Auction ends Saturday, Dec. 24th at 8:00PM EST (5:00 PM PST)
- I will be claiming the Elgyem plush for $7 and will go higher if needed
- Each plush starts at $5.

Happy Bidding! Sorry again for any trouble this has caused. :(


Ok, so, since everybody's doing it.. :P
Just a small wants post. I'm not looking for these items ASAP. If the item is $50 or more, I most likely can't buy it anytime soon (not a whole lot of money left after Christmas gifts and all). For items over $100, I probably can't pay until February unless I can do payment options.. (Praying I get money for my birthday). XD

Also, does anyone have any info on these Pikachus? I saw them on another post here on LJ, but I didn't see any info on them.

Annndd... I can't find the picture... ;.; They're two Pikachus, boy and girl, and their cheeks are touching.. l'm guessing they're for Valentine's Day?

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Quick wants please?!

My husband just recently came into some unexpected money which means even though it won't arrive on time we can finally afford Christmas gifts :D Not looking for much, more or less just curious if anyone even has what I'm after. Currently interested in the following:

Togepi evo line
ALL Jakks plushies

These backpacks!
I'm interested in either to be honest, I'm looking to replace my mini Sailor Moon purse that has done it's best to hold up.

Keep in mind these are just things of interest, I wish I could get them all. I'll update the post once I've reached my limit or got what I've wanted :) I look forward to seeing what is out there! Thanks!
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Prototypes, RemoCon, and Plush Auctions

The prototype plush are up for auction! I also have rare RemoCon figures of 1st and 2nd gen Pokémon, and assorted plushes.

Auction Rules:
-Paypal only, payment due within 24 hours of auction's end
-Ships from USA
-Shipping insurance available at an additional fee, inquire
-No trades on auctions BUT if you think you have something interesting and spiffy for my collection(s) I don't have yet, poke me anyway! My main is Growlithe/Arcanine.
-I can and will combine orders with my non Pokémon sales post here:

Auctions start as soon as the bidding threads are up, and ends next Wednesday, at 11:59 PM EST. EDIT: All bidding threads are up, you may begin bidding!

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Weird Wantslist

Hey guys! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Now; I don't remember the last time I asked about this; but from what I can tell by going back through my posts it was a while (at least over a year).
Does anyone even know if this plush with the accessories exist? Does anyone have a photo? Or even better- does anyone have the complete thing for sale? This image came out of a 2000 collector's 3rd party book.

Well at least someone recalls it! Pikachu was given away by a bank when a (I presume a young person's) new account is opened. I eagerly await more information about this promotion. Thanks tofu256!

The closest I have seen to this plush is this one belonging to rentorar

And the second weirdest request- I'm looking for a Pokemon KFC "Puzzle Island" base.
Only the base. Any colour. I would really like one for poor Charmeleon. Not looking to spend a fortune on it (couple of dollars + shipping max)
They look like this:


collection update timez + bw4 dark rush sales!

Over the past week I've been received a couple of packages, including my boxes of BW4. But it wasn't just the regular booster pack boxes, I ordered two boxes of the BW4 Promo Campaign (eh... someone with good grammar please fix that XD) that contains not just 20, but 24 packs per box and 6 Umbreon promos per box as well... me thinks I should have just ordered two regular boxes and a campaign pack with ONE Umbreon promo for myself, oh, wells. XD You'll see why later. Click below the image for pics, pics and more pics of the latest additions to my collection! =D

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Also, for sales of my extra stuff from BW4 including the Umbreon promos, click below!!!:
(The following link will take you directly to the Japanese TCG page, not the main page)