December 22nd, 2011

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Let Me Give You Monies!

So I haven't posted a wants in a while...mostly due to being poor xD But I've got a little bit of cash and it's always nice to see if anyone's got something I'm after. Please let me know if anyone's got these for sale or if you own them and have a better picture for me to use ;D

~Steelix Metal Swing Keychain
~Duskull UFO
~Steelix Thinkchip
~Shuppet Pokedex Figure
~Banette Pokedex Figure
~Spiritomb UFO
~Shuppet Metal Figures
~Gold & Copper Giratina Metal Figures
~Giratina Pokedoll Straps
~Shuppet Retsuden Stamp
~Halloween 2009 Stickers
~Banette Hasbro Plush

~Duskull Movie Cap
~Giratina Movie Charms
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AWESOME Auctions - Clear Movie Tomys, Zukans, Jumbo Card, Magazine

Hey guys, I have a whole lot of auctions for you guys and I think you'll really like it. This includes Clear Movie Tomys, Milotic and Kyogre Zukans, Reshiram Jumbo Card and a cool German magazine I found on my trip to Europe (Comes with cool movie gifts and gen V poster).

As people say, a picture paints a thousand words, so let this summarize it :)

In addition, some items have been added into my sales post including bottlecap figures figure in bottle, and a lot of remainding kids.

To get there or to my auctions, click any of the pictures or this link:
Threads will be up in 5min
Threads are UP!!!

pokemon: mamo!


The Pokemon Center Facebook page posted these fine images!

(click for BIGGER)

So it's confirmed the first wave will at least have Kanto! The post promised that *most* of them are new poses... I think I can see that my baby Tangrowth is the same though... Boo hoo hoo! Can you pick out any different ones?

Remember to look for a post on the 26th/late day 25th to pay for your charms ASAP if you claimed anything in the first wave!! :D

PKMN collecting memories!!

just curious, how long have you been collecting and was the a specific store whee you found the best pkmn items?

ive been picking up stuff since i think around '98/'99, and besides the americanized versions available at say toy'r'us and such, there were a few locations that carried actual japanese products..

one place i used to frequent was called "nintendo: world of games" here in artesia, california. they specialized in, you guessed it, video games, but when the pokemon craze hit, i got tp pick up things like official japanese tomy figures (sux they never got the jynx/mr. mime 2-pack,had to order that out of a magazine, would have LOVED to find those in person) , mini figures,  (i died when i found jynx, and bougth all they had,lol), cards, keychains, paper-craft, all of it... i used to LOVE going there all the time, i charish those memories of going with my dad, now that he's passed. (strange how you miss the little things, no one else would think were special). i remember i was heartbroken when it closed, but thats how it is with small business'..

they also had stuff at the local sanrio/hello kitty shops..but nothing as good as "nintendo"..

do you have any fond memories of collecting? any specific place that was your poke-haunt for collecting?

icy winter wishes,
Madame Rougela

Quick Questions

I hate to post again so quickly...

But I was wondering how often do the Giant Pokemon Center Lapras plush show up for sale?

I'm pretty upset since I lost an auction for one.  I just feel like ranting since I'm upset ha!
I just was in a bid war with a Japanese for one and it ended up going for 138,000 yen which is around $1800 USD I think... I bid 137,000 I just couldn't afford anymore :/. I originally had my limit at 80000 but the person kept bidding it up higher.

And how often do the charizards show up? Or are they both pretty scarce :(?

Sorry if this isn't allowed.. If it is please let me know ASAP. I might be heading back to bed really soon.

I do have a collection update for the new year :) So look forward to that.


Some Christmas Wants!

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season!  I am buying myself a couple presents, so if anyone is considering selling these, please let me know!  I can pay immediately with PayPal :)

I would love to have these poseable Tomy Latias and Latios plush (aprox. 12").  I would pay $200 for a set in MINT condition, with or without hang tags.  Picture from techno4tomcats' sale because it's hard to find them together in one picture.  I hope you don't mind, but if you do, let me know and I can remove it ^^
Can't believe it!  FOUND!  Thank you so much feefle!

Next is a Tomy Lucario, 13.5", with SHINY pleather-ish material ^^  This guy is more feasible to get for Christmas, since the Latis are SO hard to find!  I would pay around $30-40 shipped in the US. 
FOUND HIM! Thanks pumpkinstitches!

I guess I got everything I wanted for Christmas!  Thank you pkmncollectors!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Pokemon Christmas, and that you will get some of those items you've been wanting for awhile!

Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas, trainers~

I just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas before I forgot, and, although I've been saying I wanna buy some stuff here for a while now but never did, I will be coming back around here with some Christmas Cash, and I need a few pointers...

Do any of you know some of the best Sales Posts to buy Tomy MCs from?? I've been trying to find some, and here on the comm is always cheapest, but with no luck... I particularly wanna find some of the newer BW Tomys. :D
Help is much appreciated! 

So yeah, me and my Pokemon all wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka and/or Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year~

Up for grabs Jolteon Jakks!

Hello community!

I'm happy to be back from lurking. I was abroad for 2 months which disabled me from buying and selling but now I'm back! Ah and I've seen such pretty stuff pass me by haha

Being abroad sucked dry my wallet so I've decided to sell one of my Jolteon Jakks, something I was contemplating before my departure. My shop is closed because all of my other stuff is boxed and will remain so up untill July ;_;

So without further ado, Jolteon Jakks:

Jolteon JAKKS will be directly for sale for $40,-
It's the price I bought it for and I've seen them go for $60+ so I think it's fair :)
First come, first get!

More pictures and information under the: Collapse )
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Shipping Payment for Pickups + Confirmed April MPCs

Hey guys, look what has arrived
Round head plushies and November MPCs. They're lovely especially the dwebble round head (EPIC DERP).
More importantly, I need payments for shipping :)

Collapse )

What I'm keeping:

My lovelies XD

Lastly, i browsed the banpresto magazines and the April MPC set has been confirmed too with the magazine pictures:

Enjoy XD I'll be completing my ice cream collection hehe. Pre-orders for these will only be open in March (2 months before arrival in May)

Also, all items bought within the last 2 weeks have been shipped off (Sorry for those who bought on the 10th and 11th of December)

Sales Plug:

mewtwo tcg boxset!!

Wow I REALLY want this!! Jumbo eX card AND what looks like a new Kaiyoodo bottlecap?? It's a fuzzy pic, but I wonder if this is the original bottlecap, or a new model? Either way, can't wait for this!! (Found this on PokeBeach). This will hit stores Feb 8th!