December 23rd, 2011

pokemon stationary set?

Anyone know where I can get some cute pokemon stationary set?

I have this random stationary set i got a long time ago from my friend its non pokemon but i looove it, it had cute little pieces of paper with a cute border, and seperate pink envelopes with them. It also came with stickers and a stamp.
I'm ran out of envelopes, and am slowly running outta these. Would love a new set, something cute themed :)

Also still looking for that grey large shirt with snivy on it. It WAS at my hot topic but not anymore. D:
Parfearie Sabi

Price Check Please

Hi everyone! Happy Holidays and Merry Early Christmas Eve! (ugh work is making this last way longer than it should!) Anyways before I go to work. I recently won this raikou in a GA

The 17cm Branpresto Raikou
Now I'm a dog collector and I know all 3 have a plush to this set and I believe these two are part of the set

all pics are from the PPP.
Now I'd like to know if these are in fact the ones from the same set and also how much they run. Thanks for any help! Off to work! :3
happy Ritsuka

Your one and only reminder~

Whop! I forgot to do this earlier. XD
Anyway, quick reminder of my prime cards auction. All still relatively at starting bids :3, except for meganium and one of the espeons that have no bids. X3 It ends in about 15 hours.


Visual reminder:

Also, is anyone interested in these?

I only got it to get ONE piece out of it. x_x I might keep a couple, but pretty much it's all fair game. I'm still waiting for it to arrive to me (considering it's Xmas in two days, I think it'll arrive after the 25th, but it passed FL already so it's close! SO CLOSE!!), so they're not up for grabs yet.... but just seeing if there's any interest. :3
colbert and his pokemon

december MPC ahoy!

note: set the community's comment settings back to the new one for now. it was too jumbled up with the custom style and not worth having comment subjects back, especially since LJ seems to plan to do away with subjects even if you have a custom style. time to get used to it for now!


WELL! i was going to post this set with the namco D set... but it's not here yet! :( why are you slow japan mail? come to me, MPCs!

maybe tomorrow ;) for now, check out this awesome set:

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  • epicaz

Just a quick wants post

Hey everyone! After what seems like a very successful December (in terms of both school and collecting), I just wanted to post a quick, small wants post. The good thing is, I did find a well priced cyndaquil pokedoll! I'll have to post a picture once I get my other packages within the next month.
Current wants:
  • Jolteon Zukan (No base is fine)
  • The elusive (and expensive) Jolteon canvas plush (Doesn't need to be mint..but not too loved. Tags are preferred, but fine without)

Pokeball Sandshrew

Cyndaquil plush.

Hey everyone.

I haven't posted since the summer really. Sorry for the absence, I've soooo not forgotten about this community, but college and all. Euuugh. Anyway, I would really appreciate being pointed in the direction of some nice Cyndaquil plushs for a friend of mine. Does anyone have any available? All sizes and makes would be considered, since I'm not really sure what I want to get her. I'm not sure how many I want to get her, either. :V I kind of want to shower her with Cyndaquil.

(Quilava and Typhlosion stuff would be nice, too, but I'm mostly interested in Cyndaquil.)

Thanks so much! :3
Galvantula and Joltik
  • hebilea

Aluminium foil charms for sale!

Hi there people!

As some people were interested in me doing charms out of the aluminium foil I have found in a Korean grocery shop, I have taken the time yesterday and today to make them. If you don't know what I am talking about, take a look here:

It was some hard work, since I had to cut them out, then put them with tape from both sides, cut out again, then laminate them and probably know the rest. Never have I tried working with aluminium foil, since it rips very easily. I had very much fun with these, I hope my hard work on these pays out! <3
Talk about weird random merchandise! XD

Notice and Rules!

- Sales permission by  dakajojo on 03/02/11
- I have done so far the first batch only, I have multiples of every Pokemon and I did just the first to know, if there will be any interest in these.
- What you pay for is the laminating, straps and rings I have paid for and some extra for the hard work I have put in.
- The rings around the straps are loose purposefully, so you can manage them yourselves when you get them :)
- I will save you on packaging for these (they will be inside a christmas card, so they won't break), you will just have to pay for the charms, shipping and fees.
Important! I have worked on these as best I could (and will if there will be more interests), but it might happen that you will see some bubbles from the laminating, which I can't control. Almost all of them I did for now have no bubbles (or barely noticeable).
- No haggling please!
- You can see the rest of my rules and combine shipping with other items I sell on my sales page:

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Thank you for taking a look! <3
  • yueyen

Collection update and Wants

Hey guys, I just started to add more plushies to my collection.
I really wanted the large Plusle and Minun pokédolls for my birthday
but that was impossible so my ex-boyfriend gave me these 2:
I took them with me in my bag everywhere ~~<3
Also my brother gave me Entei :3

Thank you fizzycat

Won these 2 adorable pokédolls, thanks espeon_lover

And when I saw this baby I had to get it!

Thank you very much gsc_fanboy
I used some of your pictures, if you want me to change it let me know guys <3
My wants postWants
Thanks for reading guys


Intro (finally) + collection peek

Hello everyone, yes it’s my turn to introduce myself—I haven’t had a chance before, what with all the finals, which lasted for a month for me… But! returning to the main subject, I have been into Pokémon since I was a little kid, since 1998-1999 I think. My first game was Crystal, and of course I immediately loved it! I watched the anime everyday after school (or sometimes it even aired early in the morning at Fox channel if I remember well).

But then after season 3 I stopped watching it, and I told myself I was too old for Pokémon and so I detached myself completely.

Last year though, I suddenly decided to take a look at the new (overgrown) pokédex, and was amazed at how many pokémon had been added—I fell in love with Leafeon and Glaceon when I saw them, and so I decided to buy the Platinum game. Not so long after followed White and HeartGold. I had fallen in love with the ‘mons once again.

A couple of months ago I started my collection, which consisted mostly of cards. Then followed the plushes. Yes, the canvas plushes, specifically the Eeveelutions.

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So that’s that for now guys, I’m really happy I’ve discovered this community, it’s great to know there are people out there sharing the same love for pokémon.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays). :)

The Village People.

In the spirit of Christmas I decided to join the Christmas contest I saw awhile back. So this is my entry for it.  :) 

When I saw the ginger bread village kit, I couldn't resist but buy it. However some of the houses were broken inside so I (my friends and I) made do. (Thnx to my friend Senseidoodles  for taking the pictures while Lemontree11 and I decorate the village and stuff)

Its pretty photo heavy but it was to awesome not to upload. I hope you guys enjoy the photos. 

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  • knoka

So excited!!! Shadow Lugia US version!

As you may or may not know, I'm on a scour for a JP shadow lugia. Well Awlott had a US version, so I had to pounce despite my search.

I have to share! And directly compare him to the bootie!

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I'm so ecstatic to own both pokecenter lugias. And the bootie looks more bootie-fied than I had thought!!!

<3 So thank you! And I am STILL looking for the JP version as well! (Though they will be exactly the same..)

pokemon: mamo!

charms update!

...more like those who are on the waiting list for charms!

Gin has told me she's going to do her best to pick up charms on the waiting list. So what I need people to do is confirm that you do want charms you might have on the wait list! Please let me know ESPECIALLY if you have charms from the first wave. If you want to drop your claims (from the waiting list; you cannot drop out of confirmed slots!!) please tell me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Thanks guys! :3

EDIT: PLEASE ONLY COMMENT IF YOU'RE ON THE WAITLIST FOR A GEN1/GEN2 CHARM. Sorry for not clarifying! Also, please comment on the original post if you want to be added to the waitlist for more charms. ONLY FOR GEN 3+ CHARMS. This makes it easier on me. Please also understand you were automatically placed on the waitlist if you had originally missed out on a line of charms. Thanks!
lol ghosts

De-Lurking post and a Question!

Hello all~ I'm Kiwi and I've been lurking here for a little over a year now o~o; I have no idea why I've waited so long to introduce myself...

I have been a fan of Pokemon (literally) for as long as I can remember! I am a huge electric type enthusiast, Raikou, Rotom, and Jolteon being my favorite sparky'mons~ I also have an a affinity for DRILBUR. Little moley guy with a big nose and derpy eyes and buuuuu <3

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QUESTION TIME: What do you guys use to clean your figures? A mild soap solution? Cleaner?

What about repainting? Acrylic paint? Model paint? Something else?

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I hope to be really active here in the upcoming year! :D Until my next post, happy winter holidays everybody!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Plushie existence question, christmas meme and shop update(massive discounts!)

Hello everyone, first of all, an early merry christmas to you, I hope you'll have lovely holidays :D

Today I rediscovered my love for an old favorite of mine:

Surskit! So I wanted to ask, is there any plushie of this blushing little fella?:O If so, please tell me<3 

As for the christmas meme, if you could dress any Pokemon with a christmas themed outfit, who would it be and what would you dress it as? :3 For my part, I'd love to see Teddiursa and Buneary dressed as gingerbread men/women XD That would be soooo cute x3

And last but not least:

(click the picture or here :3)

Please visit my shop!<3 There's Pokedolls, Pokecen Plushies and more stuff inside, all with special christmas discounts, only for you people~<3 Just see it as my personal christmas gift to you.^^