December 24th, 2011

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Reminder: Rare Auctions - Tomys, Zukans, Jumbo Card

Hey guys, just a reminder of my auctions that will be ending in less than 23 hours time. It includes Milotic and KyogreZukans, MOVIE CLEAR Tomys, magazine with cool metal charms, and a jumbo card. Most of them have no bids or are at their starting bids, so don't miss your chance to get them :)

Also, stuff that has been bought from my sales post or people who have paid promptly for their pickup plushies your items have been shipped out, thank you for your cooperation.

Lastly, I wish all collectors a Merry Christmas (1 day early i know), I hope you enjoy this festive season



I saw a few of these for sale when I first joined here. I was mainly interested in Snivy merch at the time, so I passed on them. I have been kicking myself for it ever since. I am now thoroughly convinced I need this in my life.  XD This is my priority want right now, but I would also be interested in seeing what other Lugia merch you all have to offer.

(I'm pretty sure this photo is from a comm member. =p)

Merry Christmas gets! :D

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday! I'm here with a get and a fun holiday question as well as a serious one. ^^

Click through or click the banner to see.. it's a crazy situation in here! :D

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Happy holidays, everyone <3 To another year of awesome pkmncollecting ^^

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selling some other things

so after trying to get the hyrule historia and problems arising causing me to spend more than was necessary, i have sales! rules on the outside because people don't read them:

- i ship from canada
- shipping starts at $2 for flats, $6 for non-flats (there may be some exceptions for small items)
- i will do holds
- no shipping will be done until the new year


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in other news, merry christmas eve and merry christmas to our friends on the other side of the globe

I think Charmander is a bit scared xD

I hope the LJ Cut works..
Sorry for posting again really recently , Today I got something really special in the mail and wanted to share with you guys.
I also want to say congrats to
For winning the giant Lapras I also bid on C: !!
I also want to say thank you to sui_kune and dewott for being supportive :). You guys are amazing!

Now what is that massive thing behind Charmander you say?

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And here is a picture of my 2 month old nephew on my bed who came and visited us for Christmas . Future Pokemon Master! He is so cute, his eyes got really big anytime I would bring him a Teddiursa Toy. :) I think that's his favorite one!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas too!
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Possible Zukan GA + Ridiculous Zukan GA update

Hi folks, would anyone like to GA this lot with me? I would be doing threads/spreadsheets. It's a Y!J lot and ends in about 3 days. It has the Crobat, Sharpedo, Zangoose/Seviper, Regirock, Dusclops, Spinda, Slakoth, Ninjask, Nosepass, Tentacruel, and Gyarados Zukan sets. 
(Sales perm. granted by Dakajojo in November)


Also! We won the Ridiculous Zukan GA ( ), but are still waiting for Noppin to give us the invoice for it (I'm guessing it will arrive some time next week). Happy holidays everyone!


EDIT: Alternatively, I would love to GA these Settei with someone! Same thing, Y!J lot. It's going for pretty cheap so we could get them at a pretty nice price if there aren't any other bids.




(There's a similar lot for m09 as well).

Decorating my room with some posters.

Earlier this year, I went to the Pokémon Black and White Tour with a few friends of mine. We attended the weekend-long event in Dallas, Texas at the Grape Vine Mills Mall. While we were in town, we decided to stop at our favorite li'l anime shop called Anime Pop, which I suggest you all go to if you ever find yourself in Dallas. One of the purchases I made, besides a small Torterra figurine, was a Japanese calendar with six cute mini posters.

Now that the year is almost over and I've replaced that calendar with a new one, I decided it was time to finally pull the posters out and decorate my room. I know it still needs a little work, but tell me what you guys think. I'd really like to hear your criticism.

Pictures are below the cut!

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Collection Update and a small want

Hello all! Merry Christmas/Yuletide/Saturnalia/Kwanzaa to everyone. I've been planning on doing a collection update for a while now, but kept getting delayed by the sheer amount of items I was receiving. Thankfully, I've stopped buying things for myself momentarily, so my collecting has taken a long enough standstill to accommodate an update!
The following post contains many purchases that I am very proud of :)
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And now for a want: I have an abundance of pika and rai plush, but I only have a single pichu pokedoll. I'm looking for another pokedoll-sized plush to keep him company. Does anyone have one they're looking to sell?
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Two year anniversary =3

Officially my two year anniversary was yesterday. But I was at my boyfriend, so I'm one day late. I'm sure you won't mind! haha =)
Under the cut is my collection with the most recent gets.

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Small sale:

Shiny Gyarados Tomy.
In very good condition.
Asking price: $20.00 including shipping and fees

And for all my other items on sale: 

Pokemon I got For Chirstmas

The Dewott's, Charander and Emolga feel amazing.. Wish I knew what fabric they used I would love a My little pony made with it XDD If anyone knows the fabric please let me know.

also one of the Dewott's is my Boyfriends, I still need to send it to him.

the Zoroark pokedoll is the Japaneses one, so its all minky, hardly any fabric changes like the US one.

Anyway Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas, and if this post is against the rules let me know, and I'll take it down ASAP