December 26th, 2011

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Decorative 3DS!

Hi all! Merry Christmas! Err...well it was just a few hours ago, but it still kinda feels like it to me. =P

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my 3DS! Nothing too fancy (though I did put a pretty vinyl decal skin on it) except I put Pokemon stickers on it! I got them as a Christmas gift. 8D

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Along with the other gifts I got, this was an overall, awesome Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

Aipom Wish List

hi everyone, I have recently been lurking around the community and now have the courage of posting an entry. so I figured for my first entry I would make it based upon my grail want, a pokemon 2009 christmas sweets notebook. if anyone has this notebook ( refer to image as reference- top row, right with donut pichu) and is willing to sell it to me I will happily pay money for it and shower you with aipom love and happiness.

If this photo belongs to you and you would like to have it removed, please tell me to do so.

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Got a little bit of money and looking for Growlithe, Arcanine, legendary beats, and possibly more!

Hey, everyone! If you've seen my collection posts, you'll know I'm a collector of a number of Pokemon lines x3 But, I would like to add to some of them with the money I got from Christmas! :D

I'm looking for Growlithe and Arcanine stuff primarily right now!
Here is what I have(I also have the other Arcanine kid, but I took the picture before he came, haha)

Here is part of my legendary dog collection, I also have the Entei clipping figure, one of the Entei keshipoke, big Banpresto Entei, Suicune retsuden stamp, and a different Suicune phone strap lol x3

And then I might want to add to my Pikachu, Houndour/Houndoom, Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland and Poochyena/Mightyena collection! (Especially if you have the Mightyena running with the berry LOL)
(On a side note.. I have a lot more Pikachu stuff, I'm not going to bother writing it all x3)

... Just realized I collect a lot of puppy pokemon.. Haha x3

I'm hoping not to spend too terribly much, so I apologize in advance if I can't accept your offer!

I do have sale items I would be willing to full or partial trade though! (I haven't taken pictures yet, but I did have a mini-Munna(woah, made me think of Mini Moon LOL) plush, artfolio cards, and a couple other things to add to my sales so if you're interested, please let me know!)

Sales link:

Thanks in advance!
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after christmas commissions!

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas yesterday!
now that i'm officially clear of the christmas rush, i have some custom slots for you all.
over at my journal i have three ~6" plush slots for auction, and 3 miniature teddy bear style plush for straight sale.

auctions here:
more examples of my stuff here:
sales permission granted by former mod lineaalba in i believe 2009
Eevee Collection
  • zoroark

Looking for some Eeveelution trading cards!

Hi everyone! I know that I haven't posted my Eevee and Eeveelution trading card collection yet, but I'm waiting on many packages in the mail so once I receive them and exhaust my holiday gift money I'll put up my collection!

Anyway, I'm looking for the Jungle Vaporeon, Jungle Jolteon, and Jungle Flareon Symbol error cards (they were accidentally printed without a set symbol) in MINT condition. I'm also looking for MINT condition Vaporeon ex, Jolteon ex, Flareon ex, Espeon ex, and Umbreon ex from the Eeveelutions 2006 World Championships deck. Let me know if anyone has any of these. Thanks!

Updates & SpaceGlitter

Hello everyone! Just wanted to an update for the guys whos waiting for clay figures from me. Things have been a bit hectic with holidays and all, and now that its over, I'm finishing them all as soon as i can! I promise ;__; It feels bad to keep people waiting,,, yeah, just wanted to say that to you!

And now, another reason for this post, is that ive finally set up an collection site that im updating over time! Its called, duun duun, SpaceGlitter! Its rather pretty i think :3
So yeah guys, feel free to come take a look!

Please tell me what you think about it! And happy ;late; holidays! ^^ <3

Candice &lt;3
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Buizel Merchandise Wanted,

Hey guys, long time no see! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas or other holidays around this time!

After rewatching the 9th film, I've remembered just how much I love Buizel! So I'm looking for some items of him including:
  • Buizel Pokedoll
  • Any and all kid figures
  • Tomy figure
  • Movie 9 promotional items
  • Id be interested in seeing some other things, I own a few already but I don't know all of what's out there, thanks!
Thanks guys!  I'm also in the UK, just an FYI. :D 
aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

an interesting find

I seem to have stumbled upon something very interesting;

It came from a drink called Guarana Antarctica, a type of soda manufactured in Brazil.
Apparently, in Pokemon's heyday, special edition drinks were released, that came with tiny figures in the caps:

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Update: Apparently a comm member (caterpie) knows all about these figures in-depth. :3
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Pokemon Boosters + Freebies [$40 OBO]

Hey there! Selling my remaining booster packs, but this time, I'm including free holos with your purchase! Eight unopened boosters total.

$40 OBO for the lot, paypal only.
Shipping for USA = $5
Outside USA = To be discussed
Will ship immediately. Keep in mind holidays make the post slower, so it may take a while to reach you. I will put delivery confirmation if necessary.

Photobucket Photobucket

Intro, collection post and a question

Despite the fact that I'm still waiting on a few items, I've decided to finally introduce myself and post my collection (since I've finally gotten my hands on a working camera)! Sooo... Hiya! C: I'm citrusleaf, I've been around the comm for a while, buying stuff and posting here and there, originally stumbling upon it while searching for info on the legitimacy of certain sellers on ebay... I've liked Pokemon ever since the original Red & Blue's release. My interest continued through second gen (which I also loved), fell a bit on 3rd gen throughout 4th, but was rekindled gloriously when I played through and completed Black! Now I can't wait for more~

I've owned plenty of Pokemerch when I was younger (mostly Tomy's from first and second generation, which, regretfully, are now in pretty bad condition due to being used as play things), but I've only recently begun seriously collecting. There are plenty of Pokemon that I adore, but due to it being a pricey hobby, I can only limit myself to a few. Generally, my favorite type is Flying, but I decided to focus on BW's grass-type starter who I fell in love with as soon as she was first introduced. To add to that, a friend and I decided to watch some of the BW anime out of curiosity, and although I went in not expecting too much, I ended up loving Snivy's sassy, yet protective attitude in it.

My secondary collection, which I pick up items for occasionally are Zekrom and Reshiram (the latter, I am a bit more biased towards- I love its feathery and soft look) as I loved the mythos behind them in BW. Lastly, I have a bit of White/Touko and N merch to go along with the dragon duo.

Thus, my collection. It is steadily growing~

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Lastly, a question: Does anyone know the legitimacy of this Snivy pillow? If it's unofficial, it's still adorable so I've been thinking about getting it, although I've read about people buying these types of items and them looking worse than the image once they get them in their hands; sometimes even falling apart.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
Breloom. ^-^
  • zeldana

Sales + looking for Mushrooms. :D

Hey everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas! :D I have a few items for sale since I'm trying to trim my side collection of starter merch, and I'm looking for something as well.

First off, sales:
Here be the items! - A handful of plush (including two recent canvas starters), some older B/W tour goods, kids, figures, dot sprite tins, and cards.

Shroomish and Breloom 'dex figures! They elude me so. ;o;

Thank you!
  • kyraiee

Looking for Reshiram charms

Hey I've been missing for quite a bit, been paying off a credit card T_T;

I noticed there's new 2011 charms, did they release a quilava of that or Reshiram for that matter?

and does anyone have this charm for sale (or the 2011 charm if it exists)? That or the smallest Reshiram plush made (not sure which that is..)

[Pokemon] Derpsire
  • zenity

MPC Set 9 GA - Payment #1

Hello! For those of you who participated in my MPC Set 9 GA, the first totals are in! Everyone will be paying a little less than their actual bid. :)

(Click the picture for the original GA post!)

Please check this Spreadsheet for your totals and send to glowingferret[at]gmail[dot]com! Please pay ASAP!! Also it'll help me in the end if you put your location on the spreadsheet as well. :)