December 27th, 2011


Hey everyone i hope your holidays were well. So i have came back to the community for help once more i recently saw the most adorable Dragonite plush i have ever seen so i was wondering if anyone in the community had it and was willing to sell.


Thanks for your help you guys, and hopefully i can soon add this fella to my collection
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Looking to buy: More Croagunk merch! <3

Hey guys! I've actually started to do some serious work on my croagunk collection, and now I can with my christmas money! :D Here's what I've already got:

Jakks Croagunk basic plush

Halloween UFO

And the cheebee.

I was supposed to get the light up cheeks UFO, but Anime N games sent me the regular one instead. So hopefully I'll get that sorted out soon, and maybe I'll be able to keep them both. DX

I'm really looking for the Jakks open mouth plush, but hit me with anything I don't have! I can't go over a budget of 25 dollars, though. ;) Thanks everybody! (I promise I'm going to do a HUGE christmas gets post for my overall collection soon- my room exploded!)

Back from Haitus and January Comission Slots open

Click image above to go to my shop ; )

Hey everyone XD! I am back from my very Looooooonnnnnnnggggg Haitus and it was a very well needed break for my poor little fingers. This month I will only be offering 2 slots because I don't want to get swamped again with super difficult plushies and then take 2 months to get someone there plushie. However if the 2 plush slots that are completed before the end of the month I will probably open up another slot later in the month.
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i've got gadgets and gizmos a plenty! i've got whoozits and whatsits galore!

you want thingamabobs? i've got three hundred and twenty!

Full disclosure. I will admit i have been grouchy about charms. It was memories of the Johto charm time, which was simply not very fun, my worst day at the Center to date. It is also hard to keep organized when handling such a large amount of tiny items, and SOMETIMES we on this community don't tend to FOLLOW RULES when it comes to claiming and payment... I was not looking forward to this at all!

I cried this time too.....from the sheer beauty of how the Pokemon Center staff handled things, from how 95% (only ONE troublemaker!) of all you beautiful beautiful beautiful members have followed rules completely when claiming and paying making it SO EASY to begin packing your charms, I just want to squish you all into my arms in such a big hug of joy and love and admiration!!!

As for how it went at the Center, a friend I went with wrote a bit in her LJ, and I will use her summary since it's just right.

"Today was batch number one's release. Gin was expecting there to be a lot of people so she wanted to get there an hour early to start waiting in line outside the store. When we got there, her two friends (miss_fuu_chan and andyboyh) were already there waiting for us...along with a bunch of other people, some of whom looked like they got there incredibly early because they had blankets to sit on on the ground.

Last year's charms was apparently a big fiasco where the staff were totally not prepared for the amount of people and had grouped all the charms onto one section of shelves, which meant it was impossible to get to the shelves without getting punched in the stomach, which is what happened to Gin. This year, they had the line set up so that small groups of people were let in at a time to keep the over-crowding down. Then on top of that, there were three sections and each sections had the same pokemon, so people could spread out and not have to crowd in one area.

Once the doors opened, we only had to wait a little bit before they let us in and we easily got all the charms that Gin had to pick up as well as the charms that we wanted."

In short... it was beautiful! And here are your charms!

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Now what is this?!?!?!???!!!! A BIG GOODS PROMOTION FOR A MYSTERY POKEMON... On February 11th when I will not be in Japan SOB.... why do I sob? Can't you guess who this Pokemon is? But do not despair, lovers of this BEAUTIFUL creature. I'll be back a week after, so I'll still be picking it all up with just a slight lag... :D

Who can it be.... :D


Roughly 30 payments still needed. Slots for Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova have all been extended to TEN EACH! Please go check which slots are open and which you have claimed for yourself so far. People who were on waitlists have automatically been transferred, so do check!

A few other FAQ: I am currently nottttt really going to do a second big Kanto run, but I will try to get some extras of the more popular charms if possible for you guys. For now, go and add to your heart's content onto the wave 2 and 3 lists, even waitlists, I will try to take care of you. Just remember wave 3 charms will also be sent with a 2-week lag, like anything from MYSTERY CREATURE promo, but will be secured for you on the day of their sale.

Finally, wave 1 charms can be combined with Cheeky Couple Pikachu promo items, but most who want to do this for sure have already asked. Wave 2 will be able to be combined with the new canvas plushies.

[ PAYMENTS for Wave 1 | CLAIM LIST for Waves 2 and 3 ]

(yes, even my banner reflects my changed attitude about charms! hooray! happy weasels!)

Quick want list!

Alright, I have $180 here and I want some POKEMON!! >:D

So here's a list of things I've been searching for...

Kyurem Tomy MC
Volcarona Tomy MC
Hydreigon Tomy MC
Druddigon Tomy MC (not very high on my wants list...)
Salamence Tomy MC
Sewaddle Pokemon Kid OR Plush
Zekrom Zukan (the one with the clear blue plastic on it)
Pikachu figure toy from the 'Johto League Champions' line by Hasbro

I'm also looking to find a shop or sales post that has Pokedolls for the cheapest price.

Thanks in advance everyone! :3
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Found School Supplies and Posters

I was looking through old school stuff and I found a few school folders and a posters. There were pokeballs and cards inside as well. I also found a Pikachu backpack which I think could be cleaned and some used folders that may be able to be used for something else since most of the pictures are still good. I found a charizard binder, but its ripped by the zipper.
I don't think I will be using them since I'm lightening the load for future independent life, so if anyone is interested they are in my new sales post.

Pokemon - Grabby Hands

Doin' that sales thing!

Everyone have a good holidays? Get what you wanted? Get money to buy what you actually wanted?

People like me sure enjoy those of you who got the latter.

I mean, what?

(A few new things added, and prices reduced!)

I, however, have been blessed with a new camera!
As soon as nifty new things come in the mail, expect pics. Plus pics of me playing around with settings. And stuff.

Just look forward to pics, okay? Probably of Dunsparces and Zoroarks.

(Two!) 1:1 Totodile Auctions! & tiny sales

Hello community! I have listed two of the three Totodiles I recently acquired for sale on eBay. A lot of people were interested, so I figured I'd post an update for them! Help them find a good, loving home! :]

EDIT: I am shipping them to ANYWHERE in the world, just ask for a quote! Sorry I messed up on the listing!

You can click through each respective Totodile to get to his eBay auction page!

I also still have these two for sale:

Weavile Pokedoll - Excellent condition - No tush tag - $15
Rayquaza UFO 2004 - Good condition - Tush tag - $10

Thanks for looking everyone, and happy holidays!

Sales permission granted on 9/25/11 by dakajojo!

Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Dark Rush Sales Post and an Update on the December Zukan!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having good winter holidays as of late. I got my boxes of Dark Rush today, and I got a TON of doubles, so I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in them! :D As a small note, I will do a trade on these cards. If you happen to have a RaikouEX Full Art card from this set in Mint Condition, please let me know and maybe I can trade you my EnteiEX Full Art card for it? That is the ONLY trade I will do though!

Anyways, onto the cards!

Umbreon Promo: $3 (2 Available)
EnteiEX (NOT the Full Art variant!!!): $12 (1 Available)
RaikouEX (NOT the Full Art variant!!!): $12 (0 Available) SOLD OUT!
DarkraiEX (NOT the Full Art variant!!!): $11 (1 Available)
EnteiEX Full Art Super Rare Card: $27 (0 Available) SOLD OUT!

Holos: $2.50 EACH

4x Venusaur
2x Blaziken
2x Volcarona
5x Empoleon
5x Eelektross
4x Zoroark
5x Krookodile
5x Klinklang
4x Blissey

Prices do not include shipping! Comment below with your ZIP code/country to get some cards! :D

Also, I have some news about the December Zukan set. It will, actually, be coming in the first-second week of January 2012. Sorry for the delay! People have been asking me about this, however, so I thought I would just clear the air with this notice. Look for the post next year (1-2 weeks from now)!!

Thanks! :D

(Also, just a note, the December Kids will be shipped by the end of 2011. :3)
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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One Day Warning- Prototype Plush and More!


Tis Time for a GB

Edit 2: SMJ made a boo-boo in processing my payment for this Sold Out listing. :/
This update was reflected only on the site; no email was sent to me. I was oblivious until today, hence why I proposed this GB a few days ago.

I will be contacting SMJ about this matter, especially since the listing is still available for purchase despite being sold out. Sorry guys. :( I have also sent a PM to each of you as well as your refunds.

Edit: All slots claimed! Thanks you guys.

I am now taking claims for this lot of 10th Anniversary Movie Figures.

Quick rundown:

There will be three payments.
1 - The item price, which will be asked for as soon as you request a slot.
2 - Fees and shipping to me.
3 - Shipping from me to you.

Each figure is priced at $2.60.
Claims, more photos, and more info can be located under the cut.

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WTB: Bootie Glaceon/Leafeon plush!

Hi everyone!
I'm currently in the market for one of following plush, but I'd like it to be a bootleg! I need one for a little custom project, but I could never mess up an official plush! D: 

  (Image taken from a bootie auction on ebay)  

Yes, I am aware that there are multiple listings on ebay, but I a) do not want to support bootleg sellers, b) do not wish to wait for their insanely slow shipping times, and c) was hoping to spend a little less!

Shipping would be to the US (probably AZ, but if shipping will potentially take some time, to NC or NY)

Searching For...

Hi everyone, it's LegendaryLuna here and I back to ask ya'll for some help :)
Ok in my following post I was looking for the dragonite pokedoll and tomy latias and latios...sadly no luck . BUT I am still looking for them :D! For now though I am looking for the following: (P.S I CAN ONLY DO MONEY ORDERS! SO SORRY!)

1. Lapras Pokedoll
2. Charmander Canvas plush
3. Dragonite Canvas plush
4. Eevee Pokedoll
5. Jolteon Pokedoll

Now any of the following pokemon listed I will buy anything from you (example: figures/plush/kids/exc.)

1.Eevee - (any eeveelutions)
3.Latias and Latios
4.Legendary Dogs- (Entei, Raiku, & Suicune) 
5.Any Legendary Birds-(Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,Ho-oh,exc.)

Also I am willing to trade ^^

(Update for I have bought the following: Raiku Pokedoll, Entie Pokedoll)
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Upcoming TOMY Kyurem and Musketeers Trio merch!!!

I was searching for new Kyurem merchandise and stumbled upon this gem of info! Upcoming TOMY plushies and MC figures of the Musketeers Trio and the Battle Action (remote controlled?) figure of Kyurem!

Terrakion TOMY MC:

Terrakion TOMY Best Wishes plushie:

Cobalion TOMY MC:

Cobalion TOMY Best Wishes plushie:

Virizion TOMY MC:

Virizion TOMY Best Wishes plushie:

Kyurem TOMY Battle Action figure:

The plushies come out early February 2012. MC figures come out mid-Feburary 2012. Battle Action Kyurem figure comes out late March 2012. These are practically around the corner so we can probably expect pictures real soon!