December 28th, 2011


Christmas Post (mini photo story) + pressies + gets

Get anything awesome and Pokemon-y? ;D <3

I'm just doing a post of what some LOVELY friends here on the comm gave me for Christmas, and some bits that i made for them in return ;___; I'm still working on the small drawings/gifts for everyone here! IM SO SLOW. But for now before it gets too late, ENJOY THE CHRISTMAS POST.

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Looking for some things...

Hey there everyone, long time no see! Hope you all have had or are having nice holidays! I know I haven't really been around since the summer (school is kicking my butt), but I promise that a collection update will be on its way as soon as I get back to my apartment in the new year.

Anyway, since I'm thinking of possibly doing paleontology in grad school and as a career, I'd like to honour this by starting up a little collection of FOSSIL POKEMON! My other option is doing conservation work, but I can't figure out what group of Pokemon would symbolize that best :P

Because of this new-found goal, I'm looking to get me some fossil merch! The only thing I have right now is a Shieldon UFO, so anything is fair game. I'm also looking to get my first MC+ and some of those Gekitou diorama things (the ones that have Pikachu vs Tepig and Scraggy vs Servine).

And of course anything electric-type, grass-type, zukan, or detailed figures with dynamic poses (think Kaiyodo) is welcome too. You can find a wishlist on my journal but it needs to be updated badly!

Thanks everyone :)

Joltik Plush?

I've been looking all over for this guy since it came out, and I feel pretty dumb for missing out on them when they were still being sold on Sunyshore... I'm extremely bummed because Joltik has quickly become one of my most favourite Pokemon since the release of B/W.

I could only find two for sale at ridiculous prices considering his size. If anyone has any clue where I could possibly get one for a more reasonable price than $40~$50, I would really, really appreciate it!

Quick Offers

I have a few hand-picked First Gen Starter Canvas plushies.  Their faces are symmetrical and don't look derpy.  They are $24 each shipped to US address.

The rest of the Canvas are available at $21 shipped to US, including the 5th Gen. =)

Also I am also picking up these Super DX-sized "I <3 Pikachu" plush pouch.  Each one is about 10" in size (not counting the tail), and can be opened up through a zipper on the back.  Comes with a button-released hanging strap.  They look just like the ones from the previous release, except for much bigger.  They are not as portable as the smaller ones, but they do make good decorations.  They are $27 each shipped to US if anyone is interested.

Lastly, 3D POKEDEX BW03 (3D ZUKAN) are here as well.

Each set (of 6) is $29 shipped to US.  If you want to worked out a group buy with other members, I can split ship each set for an extra $2.25 to each additional address (has to be a single payment).  Or, just pick up singles from AnimeRaro's ebay store. =P

Just got the new Pokemon 3DS hard covers.  Took a picture of it in stereoscopic 3D. =)


You can see all the designs here, as well as the new touch pens.  The single covers are $13 shipped to US, the swappable ones are $1 more.  The Reshiram/Zekrom mascot touch pens are $13 shipped as well.

Please use this link to find all my older posts.  My shipping rules and paypal info can be found here.

Thanks and please let me know if anyone has any question. ^_^


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Any else think reading all those negative review for Tomy MC figures on Amazon is kind of amusing?
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christmas gets

Hey everyone! I was waiting for a few parcels to arrive before doing my update, but I'm too impatient. D:
Christmas was amazing. My partner won a huge lot of 42 plush a couple months back, I've been aching to get my hands on them ever since.
He and my daughter also spoilt me with some other plush at the top of my wants list. Eeee. ^-^
But enough rambling, it's time for pictures!

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Looking for Jakks Dialga

Hello community!

I have been trying to find a jakks dialga to no success, and was hoping the community could help me out. I originally wanted the 3-figure set of Dialga/Palkia/Giratina-O but never found it in my stores. For Dialga alone, I'm expecting to pay around $5 (somewhere less than $10); I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could help me get the three figure set (for a reasonable price), but I'm really missing Dialga from the set. I'm also looking for the three jakks legendary dogs, same price ($10 max) for each individual dog.

Quick shipping question!

Hey guys! I was wondering wich shipping option you usually use when you send stuff to community members? :O Is "small package" a good one? Even thou it says its not insured or anything, does it usually end up at the buyer anyway? :O
Cause i just won some deoxys erasers on Ebay (thank you fizzycat ;w; <333) And they have 2 shipping options. Small package" is one, it costs $8. And "EMS". and that costs $23 ;___; So guys, what do you think is the best option? :O Thanx!

Quick Wants post!

It's been awhile since i've posted a wants post! 
I've made major updates to my wants, since i got quite a few for christmas...
They're here on the website!
it's not complete but i couldnt think of anything else ATM.. but i'd be interested in checking out some Cyndaquil line items or Fighting type stuff i don't have...

For anyone waiting on items from me, i still have all in my possession.. due to hecktick times at work & xmas i haven't been able to reach the Post Office.. but they'll be out the 1st week in Janurary! Sorry for delays guys! <3

And I got one of my GRAILS for xmas from my best friend Myvampirelust19

Hitmonchan Bell Plush <3 <3 so perfect!, I'll be doing a massive update for new years once im back from my trip for New Years!

I hope you've all had a good festive period & a Happy New Year!!

Bon Voyage

GA#27 by couchpotatonet

GA#27 by couchpotatonet

4 days for this auction

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Bidding is Closed.  We will know by tomorrow (Tuesday Jan 2nd) if we won.

WE WON!!  Huge discounts!

Invoices are going out now.  All payments were received.

Box arrived today Wednesday, January 11th, 5:30pm
Leftovers post:
All Participants plushes have shipped Friday, January 13th, 4:35pm