December 30th, 2011

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Pick ups for the New years ~ ^_^

Hello community~! I have come again with an another pick ups It seems that my pick ups 3 is starting to arrive so watch your post box for those who participated :D Me and my family will be able to go near the store on the new years day so I would be able to do a pick up some plushies for you guys ~XD So Grab those cuties with a awesome price ! These plushes' prices are all skyrocketing but mine stays the same and open for the all comm members ~ plus will make a good holidays' present for you or your love ones <3

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'A wild bulbasaur appeared' 
Hi, I'm Katie, I thought instead of lurking around like a creeper I'd introduce myself
I'm 20 years old and a University student in England
I'm not a big avid collector like all of you guys your collections amaze me <3
I have a small collection of Pokemon plushies (most bootleg due to them being gifts) but I mostly focus on Bulbasaur (refer to my dp aha) 
I've loved pokemon since I first watched it, it became an obsession til I was 15 then more of a guilty pleasure and now an obsession again.

I have a small want list
- Bulbasaur walky plushie
- I also seen in someones sales post a wooper plush for $7 but can not for the life of me find it (for my best friend)

I'll want much more in the near future, my mind is blank atm it's 2:30am :3

Well that's it, I hope I can make friends with some of you super lovely people :) 

This is my little bulby collection atm (minus my big huge bulbasaur who is in my university room)

Miju get and question (^.^;)

Just a quick post, look what I got in the post! (I got it before Christmas, but kinda forgot to post about it lol)
Rubbish webcam quality fail :L

He's about 10" tall, and he's really lovely and squishy! He's the DX UFO mijumaru and his name is Uteki <3
He's my new cuddle buddy! Thank you soo much tornaderman!

And my question...
If I was to make a plush, which Pokemon should I plush?
I'm going to a fabric shop today and fancy making something (^_^)
Please comment suggestions below :D
Bye for now!  (^.^)/

pokemon christmas art plate 2000

hey guys, anyone here have this plate in their possession and would be willing to sell me theirs as I am trying very hard to find this item at the moment. please comment down below if you know someone selling this item or would like to sell your own. 

much appreciated,

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Gigaaaaantic lot on Ebay! + Emonga PokeCon!

First of all I put a verrrrry big lot of verrrrrry cool stuff onto Ebay. It would be very easy to make a gigantic profit selling these items if you have the time to organize them into a sales post -- which I do not! SO have at this lot o' goodies!

now i got a fun new toy last night.... for myself and to confuse my weasels. my smaller one is rather terrified where as my bigger one is pretty indifferent. either way, i could play with this thing for hours, its so FUN!!!

meet my pokecon emonga!

Farmer's Market Finds!

So we have a local farmer's market that's only open Fridays and they have this one store that has some old Pokémon stationary stuff, like the old pencils with the erasers and some old stickers.

Today we finally bought something there!

Old Pokémon RoseArt Markers~ n__n how cute~~~

Pikachu Yellow, Eevee Brown, Charmander Orange, Jigglypuff Pink, Meowth Red, Bulbasaur Green, Gengar Purple, and Squirtle Blue!

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New Year Eeveelution Auctions!

Auctions have ended! If you're interested in buying something that didn't sell, feel free to contact me!

Hiya, Roll's here once again with more Eeveelution collection weeding! C: I've got some rare stuff for sale, too, like Zukan, Umbreon V-trainer prototype, Leafeon Chupa figure... Check it out under the cut!

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Happy bidding!
Kachiki Sabi

Anyone heard from Glacidea?

Hey guys I'm trying to get a hold of Glacidea as I purchased an Eevee Clearfile folder and two tomys from her on December 18th from her sales post here. I asked her back on December 23rd on if items were shipped and such and still have no response so I PM'd her today as well with again no response. As almost 2 weeks have gone by without any responses I'm getting a little bit nervous :/ On a much more cheerful note, I got my tomys from Jame's GA :) My doggie cards from pikachux ( I hope I got your username right) and thank you for the extra surprises! :D and on the tomy GA, I got a suicune that was supposed to be extra so I could custom paint her shiny...and she ended up being metallic! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? :D Oh and my holy holy grail Jolteon canvas came on December 24th, best Christmas present ever! Except the crazy awesome pikachu hat my boyfriend got for me. Pictures to come in due time :) Thanks everyone! oh and ktmonkeyj, for some reason the Christmas card I sent you got sent back to me in pieces! >:C Soo I'm gonna send you a digital one :) Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!
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ridiculous zukan ga payments needed + wants + possible settei ga

Hi everyone-

First! We still need these people from the ridiculous Zukan GA to pay the first payment. Spreadsheet is here: The original payment deadline is tomorrow night (after which figures might be put up for claims), so please try to pay ASAP! 


Second, some wants of mine under the cut,

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Third, would anyone be interested in GAing a Settei lot with me? The seller reposted it so we have another chance at it. There's also two more Settei lots under the cut which I would be interested in GAing with lots of great pokes and characters as well, so come check them out! I would be doing threads and spreadsheets and would need someone to do bidding and shipping. It's a Y!J lot.

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lugia badass

Custom Bead Sprites and Sales

I have some new, awesome sales and custom bead sprites.

Come check it all out.  It's over here.  Behind this tree.

Smugleaf commands it.

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Additional sales can be found here!!!

I have a red/blue version Mew, a Zorua, and a blue Frillish who i cannot find the addresses for.
If you bought these from me, and have not received them, please Message me so i can send them to you.
dash chill

Sales and keychains?

Name changed back to one of my original names and for the last time. I was lonepichu and touchfuzzybug, but now I'm Glacidea.

Sorry for me not being able to respond much. The holidays are a hard time to get in contact with me, but I believe everyone has been responded to now. Everything has been shipped, save the commission I finished today. That will be shipped tomorrow or Monday. Anyway, I have a brand new sales post. full of really cheap things I just need to get rid of.

And I've been making keychains lately. They're really fun to make. So I'd like to take commissions for them.

Keychains cost 15 to 30 dollars depending on complexity.
shipping is 3 to 6 dollars depending on your location.


Hello community!!

As normal, i have been around the community for quiet a bit now. I had not introduced myself formally yet. I go by lilly most places. And i LOOOOOOVEEEE eevee :3. My collection sadly is not mostly eevee, but things from my childhood. I've been collecting pokemon sense pretty much the very very beginning. I started with cards, to toys, plushies, and then just about anything i could get my hands on. I faded out of it a few years in high school. But quickly got back into it. Im sure i've shopped from a few of you already, and cant wait till the day i have more eevee (and eeveelution) goodies.

The reason i waited to introduce myself, was my collection... it was in boxes, as i was packing/moving/unpacking and hadn't set up a good place for my stuff.

Well now its all set up! So here is it!
(sorry if the images are huge, or this cut is done wrong...i never made a cut before :P)

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Noragami - Punk Yato
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Small Sales

Amazingly enough, the shoppe has reopened, though it is very small. Again, as the title applies, not all my merch are cards but a good chunk is. There are, however, no cards for sale this time, only for auction including some random nice pulls, Noble Victories and my complete Japanese dup collection which some cards I've had for 10+ years. I am also selling some video games and extras from my Gastly/Haunter collection. Please take a look! Click the banner to proceed~
maractus 2, cute

Topps card value question

Hi everyone =]
My boyfriend just gave me his Topps Pokemon cards to sell...seriously, there are so many, he must have close to a complete set *-*

I've only ever sold them in lots, though, so I have some questions about selling individually: what is the range they go for? I was going to sell each evo line together. Also, he has the holo ones and a few with special edges, what do these go for? Finally, he has a holo Jessie...but it's textured, too. Not 100% sure on selling, but what would it go for?

Thank you for all your help, and be on the lookout for my sales post hopefully tomorrow <3

Mini Intro!

Hello! I have probably bought a lot of things from many of you lovely community members but have never made a proper introduction or even a collection post of any sort. I plan on doing one after my packages arrive from being stuck in Xmas limbo, but for now here is a teaser pic of just the pushiest that I own. :)

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